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Born October 22, 1988
Iliescu Catalin Dumitru
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Congratulations, Iliescu!

You’re now the proud owner of your Deluxe Numerology Report, a simple yet deeply-revealing
review of your personal Numerology chart. We’re so pleased you’ve decided to bring this magical,
fun and insightful tool into your life.

You see, Iliescu, we believe that Numerology is the key that will help you unlock a life filled with
joy, love and prosperity. Once you have the tools to better understand what has been standing
between you and your goals, you'll be able to make better choices, stop repeating destructive or
self-defeating patterns, and move confidently towards a healthy and successful future.

Every part of your Numerology chart has been tailored to you personally. We've accumulated years
of research, published and unpublished, by professional Numerologists and paired this insight
with our precise calculation system to create an insanely powerful and accurate report all about

In the following pages, you’ll uncover personalized Numerology readings that explain your:

Unique name-print, including your full name reading, your first, middle and last name readings, as well as
your personal cornerstone reading...

Soul Urge Number and Challenge...

Personality Number and Challenge...

Expression Number and Challenge...

Life Path Number and Cycles, including your Pinnacles...

And last, but definitely not least, your Achievement Number.

It has been said that you can't control the wind, but you can control your sails. We sincerely hope
this report will to steer your ship of life toward the shores of success and satisfaction.

Numerology is a very powerful and insightful tool and it can also be a lot of fun! As you’ll soon
discover, we’ve done everything in our power to make the study and symbolism of numbers easy
to understand and apply to your own life.

Enjoy learning about who you really are, and the numerous ways in which you can improve your
overall happiness and wellbeing through the enlightening art of Numerology!

Many Blessings,

The Numerology Team

© Copyright Numerologist.com 6
Numerology, as you are likely aware, is the Numerology is an intuitive and reliable way to
study of numbers and their symbolism. This is study your experiences in the world. You can
a fascinating science (and art!), because uncover secrets that lead to self-knowledge,
everything in existence can be broken down and you might even find that underlying cycles
into numbers, including words and the names and patterns start to appear. Understanding
of people, places, and things. these patterns can help you align with the
cycles of nature so you can flow with the
As mathematicians say, “Numbers are the
current of life, instead of against it. Learning
universal language,” and numerology
this tool can also help you read people and
translates this language to reveal an
see what makes them tick. Numerology is an
underlying order and pattern to things we
excellent road map that can show you how to
cannot see or understand at first glance.
navigate the course of daily life.
The term “Numerology” was first coined by Dr.
Numerology emphasizes your strengths and
Julia Seton in a book she published around
helps you to overcome your weaknesses. It
1937. Before this, numerical divination was
can be utilized as a guide to seize
referred to as the Science of Numbers or
opportunities that you might otherwise miss.
Arithmancy. Most ancient sources of divination
Understanding how numbers work in your
involved some type of numerical system. The
life will awaken your inner “soul” or “spirit”
Arabs, Indians, Greeks, Chaldeans, Mayans and
and allow you to get in touch with your sixth
religions such as Taoism, have all relied on
sense. By putting a little time and effort into
different systems and methods of Numerology
studying this fascinating subject, your life will
throughout history and still today, with the
run more smoothly, and it will be easier to
help of a well-rounded and conscientious
create the future you deserve.
practitioner, it can bring profound wisdom into
your life. Continue reading to discover key numerology
terms that will appear throughout your report.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 8
Throughout the upcoming report, you will be introduced to new words and terms that are specific
to the study of Numerology.

In order to make it a little easier for you to understand your personal Numerology Chart, we’ve put
together a glossary of the terms you’ll come across. Feel free to reference this glossary anytime
you come across a term you’re unsure of.

Fadic Numbers:

These are the single digit numbers from one to nine. When a larger number sums to a single
number, the Fadic number of that vibration is the final total.

Example of Fadic Numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Example of Reduced Fadic Numbers:

7 + 8 = 15



Karmic Numbers:

This term describes the numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19, which have special characteristics discrete
from their Fadic number, or the digits that make them up.

Master Numbers:

This term describes all “doubled” numbers, from 11 - 99. They possess characteristics that are
entirely different from either the single digit, Fadic Number. In the case of this report, we consider
11 and 22 Master Numbers worth studying.

Example of Master Numbers:

11 and 22

Compound Numbers:

Any of the numbers from 10 to 98 that are neither Karmic nor Master Numbers. They are usually
defined via a combination of their individual digits and their Fadic Number, and don’t possess
special or individual characteristics.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 9
There is a some debate in Numerology circles about whether "y" and "w" are vowels or
consonants. Most Numerology books count both letters as consonants, but most of these books do
not take into account certain language-specific factors. Some argue that "w" is a consonant on the
grounds that it was adapted from the “double V” letter used in a few European languages; on the
other hand, in English it is called “double U”, where "u" is a vowel. Strictly speaking, w and y are
what are known as “glides” or “semivowels.” These are letters which in pronunciation sound similar
to vowels, but otherwise function as consonants within the word. This is always true for w in
English, where it does not usually appear in the places that vowels are normally found; the same
is generally true for y, with the exception that it can function as a vowel in one context, specifically
at the end of a word. There are a few Numerologists who recognize this, and therefore always use
these two letters as consonants.

We are aware of only one researcher, Kevin Quinn Avery, D.Ms., who provides a functional solution
to this problem. In his incredible textbook, The Numbers of Life, he posits the following rules: first,
y is considered a vowel if it is adjacent to a vowel (as in ‘money’) or if it occupies the vowel slot in a
syllable (as in ‘happy’). w is considered a vowel when it is adjacent to and sounded as part of
another vowel (as in ‘brawl’). These rules are, of course, based on modern English; however, it is a
good working solution to this problem, and by using this method the classification of the
semivowels y and w becomes more straightforward.

Having said all of the above, in Numerology, Astrology and other kinds of esoteric inquiry, there is
only one steadfast rule: that of experience. Indicators should be specific, and applied objectively
to the subject of inquiry. In other words, the information associated with numbers should naturally
describe the character of the person under investigation; it should not be manipulated to make
them fit. In the end, we have found in over 30 years of research and across thousands of case
studies that the information associated with the Soul Urge and Personality Number (as discrete
subjects of inquiry) best align with an individual’s character when y and w are counted as vowels.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 10
Iliescu, your Numerology report is a complete and wide ranging study of various Numerological
methods that are applied to both your birth date and your name.

There are essentially 2 studies involved in creating a thorough study of personal Numerology.
They are the study of your unique Name and the study of the Life Path, which analyzes your day
and date of birth.

Your personal name is used to provide a few key readings in this report, including your Expression,
Soul Urge and Personality numbers. We have also calculated your First, Middle, Last name and
Cornerstone readings. As you’ll soon discover, your name has to do with the ways and reasons
you project what you do into the world. It's all about the choices you make and it's the easiest
aspect of your life that you can use to mold your future.

Your date of birth and the numbers derived from it show what you receive from the world,
which is the result of what you project into it, even if you don't feel like you had any part in
creating the experiences you encounter. In other words, your Life Path and the vibrations that are
subsets of it, are like "magnetic" forces that draw various vibrations, events and circumstances
into your life.

It may seem impossible now, but you'll soon discover how you can make changes to live the life
you want.

Now it’s time for you to dive into your Deluxe Numerology Report where you’ll learn more about
this fascinating science, all while discovering your unique numerological-print.

At Numerologist.com, we use the Pythagorean numerology system to calculate your personal

readings. Pythagoras was a well known philosopher and scientist who believed that “all things are
numbers”. In other words, he tapped into the greater awareness that everyone and everything
vibrates at a certain frequency, and numbers are a method used to measure and communicate
these frequencies.

From his theory, the Pythagorean Alphabet was born and this is the alphabet we use to calculate

your personal readings.

The Pythagorean Alphabet is unique because it assigns a certain numerical value to each number
of the alphabet. Here’s a breakdown of the values assigned to each letter using this system:

© Copyright Numerologist.com 11
Fortunately, we’ve done all of the hard work for you by calculating all of your personal numerology
numbers in this report.

Now it’s time for you to dive into your Deluxe Numerology Report where you’ll learn more about
this fascinating science, all while discovering your unique numerological-print.


© Copyright Numerologist.com 12
According to a number of mystical doctrines, all words have power. In some traditions, words have
the power to create and destroy, and you may have encountered this phenomenon when
interacting with people who possess great personal power. Words identify and describe objects,
actions and states in such a way that the most complex concepts can be explained to those who
haven’t experienced them directly by merely choosing the right words to use. In many traditional
societies, and even in the worlds of modern academics, business and science, the words you use
define your level of knowledge and experience. It might be said that words are keys with which we
create different kinds of experience -- they are keys that open the doors to the life you want.

The most important thing to know about words is that they are something we use consciously
every day - words are a control system for our personal magic. This may seem obvious, but you
may not realize that the most powerful word in your personal universe is your name.

Your name is the first gift you received after birth, and it was chosen specifically for you.
Sometimes we choose our own names. Through the laws of correspondence, a name contains
within it the power of choice. Your name, when analyzed using arithmetic methods, can help you
understand how to best empower your actions so that they result in what you want. In order to
use your name properly as a tool, you need to understand the powers, or symbols, from which it is

If you aren’t conscious of the potential inherent in your name, you’ll tend to make too many
choices based on the ideas and opinions of others, some of which may be in direct conflict with
your own best interest. However, when you become conscious of this hidden power, you can
make changes in your behavior and the world around you that are favorable to you, because
you now have the “right tools for the right job” and know how to access them.

It can’t be emphasized often enough that the power to create the future you want lies within you;
through an understanding of the power in your name, you’ll acquire some keys that can help you
unlock your inner treasures and bring some real magic into the world.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 14
Your Everyday Name is the name you’re usually called, and sometimes the name by which you are
known in business. It represents the general aspects of yourself that you choose to project to
others. In doing so, you set an agenda for your interactions with them and with the world at large.

The most important thing about the Everyday Name is that it involves your choice as to which
aspects of your personality are put on display, and which you decide to keep to yourself, whether
consciously or unconsciously. It also acts as an energetic barrier, primarily to buffer things that
may harm the inner self.

In most cases, the Everyday Name is the one that is changed or adopted so that we seem more
personable and sociable to others. Sometimes the Everyday Name and the Full Name are the
same, but more often than not, they aren’t. So let’s explore your Everyday Name a bit to see what
it is about yourself that you have chosen to reveal to others.

We’ve calculated the meaning of your Everyday Name by calculating the reduced sum of the letters
in your first and last name. Continue reading below for your personalized reading.

Your Everyday Name Number

Iliescu, your Everyday Name Number is 3.

Since you have chosen an Everyday Name vibration of Three, Iliescu, you’re likely be known as
someone filled with contagious enthusiasm. Others are likely to make sure you have a full and
interesting social life; it’s sometimes said that anyone who has this vibration as an Everyday Name
seldom meets someone who doesn’t like them. Most people may think of you as being lucky,
although you might not believe them, because you may not consider the positive aspects of your
life as especially fortunate.

Some may expect you to commit your time or effort to them regardless of whether or not they’re
distracting you from what you should be doing. You may put a lot of effort into the way you
present yourself, and may be disappointed when you don’t get the recognition that you deserve.

Others consider you cheerful and creative, much to your advantage.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 15
As you may have guessed, your First Name is your social name – the name which you use in social
or public situations. Your situation at work, with friends, at parties and almost all social or casual
situations is influenced strongly by what you project through your First Name vibration. In other
words, it’s a lot like your face – it’s the first impression that others get about you in most cases.

Your First Name may sometimes be used as a shield to protect you, or as a mask behind which to
hide something going on within you; this shield, or mask, is like an “interface” that makes it easier
to interact with others and which keeps simple aspects of social life from becoming “too

The First Name is one of the primary choices made for you in life by others; whether or not you
choose to use it as it was given to you is also a choice – it’s all about what, and how, you choose to
give of yourself to others, whether they happen to be close to you or merely members of the
general public.

We’ve calculated the meaning of your First Name by calculating the reduced sum of the letters in
your first name. Continue reading below for your personalized reading.

Your First Name Number

Iliescu, your First Name Number is 6

Because you have chosen to use a first name of the vibration Six, Iliescu, you’ll find that, more
often than not, people see you in a positive way. They believe you to be a person of strong values
and an ability to quickly find the right thing to say or do in most situations. It’s likely that others
think you’re more optimistic than you are, and will often come to you for advice or insight, because
they naturally expect you to be responsible and compassionate toward them.

Sometimes people may want more than advice on how to deal with their own situations; they
might come to you with the unrealistic expectation of you taking on whatever problems they have
and dealing with them as if they are your own. Helping others is good, but it’s too easy to neglect

yourself by giving unhealthy attention to others, so you need to have strong boundaries, and be
clear with people about what you can and cannot do. At the same time, people see you as loyal
and responsible, and as a good partner in both professional and private life.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 16
Some Numerologists consider the Middle Name as the most important of the names that make up
your Expression, or Total Name. This is because the Middle Name represents the inner you; it may
reveal hidden talents, or it can involve the goals toward which you are striving or the path that
your (usually unconscious) choices are leading you toward.

The Middle Name can help you to understand the desires or motivations which may sometimes
puzzle you; it can explain not only why you have them, but can also tell you how to honor them in
such a way that you increase your level of self-knowledge dramatically. It represents your inner
place of refuge, not just in the sense of the ideas or thoughts that you are comfortable with, but
the actions that resonate fully with your inner state of being. It can be a mode of expression for
your inner guidance system and let you know if the path you are pursuing is the right one for you
on all levels of existence.

Your Middle Name can also outline your weaknesses and make you aware of the areas in which
you doubt yourself the most. Understanding these gives you a key with which you can unlock true
inner healing and release your inner self, which achieves its purpose through its ability to express
itself in the actions and activities you perform every day – from the smallest and seemingly least
important to big decisions that can lead to life-changing experiences.

It’s also important to realize that the inner self is not just the ego. There is a big difference
between the conscious awareness of the mind and the inner being that you are in essence. Almost
all spiritual teachings discuss letting go of the ego so that the true self can come through; learning
to tune in to the true, inner self and its power is made easier by understanding the vibrational
state of your Middle Name.

We’ve calculated the meaning of your Middle Name by calculating the reduced sum of the letters in
your first and last name. Continue reading below for your personalized reading.

Your Middle Name Number


Iliescu, your Middle Name Number is 6.

Iliescu, your Middle Name is of the vibration Six. Although Six is generally considered to be a
number associated with love and domestic harmony, there is more to this vibration when seen in
the light of the inner life that your Middle Name represents. Whereas loyalty and domestic/social

© Copyright Numerologist.com 17
harmony are “outer” expressions of this vibration, these behaviors are motivated by a deep inner
sense of responsibility, not only for yourself, but for others and the fabric that holds human
society together.

You’ll discover that this sense of deep responsibility for other beings can be a great advantage,
because in every relationship, whether personal or professional, people will sense this
unexpressed desire for balance and want to reciprocate. You may also expect this appreciation
from them, and may all too often say “yes” to others’ requests and only regret having done so later.

Because of others may not return your favors in kind, you need to start thinking of your own
priorities before you give in to this inner urge to follow the “Golden Rule”, and remember that
sometimes the best thing you can do is to let others know that they cannot always depend on your
good nature to satisfy their needs or wants. By keeping this in mind, the natural force of harmony
will re-task itself, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of others as well. As you make this
adjustment to the imbalances in these daily exchanges of psychic energy, you may find that many
small miracles happen without your having to wish for them, or to consciously work toward them.
Your suggestions will become more effective, your insights will be more helpful, and you’ll find
that your own happiness, security and prosperity will increase, just by giving yourself a little more


© Copyright Numerologist.com 18
Your Last Name represents that part of you that is already present when you are born. It can be
the point of origin for major life lessons, but what’s most important is to realize is that it is directly
related to the societal energy that lays the groundwork for your beliefs and the way you behave in
society as an adult. This is similar to the function of the birth year vibration, sometimes called the
Maturity Number, which comes into effect later in life.

If the Last Name you use has been changed through marriage or some other circumstance, it
carries a special significance. If you adopt a name from outside of the family from which your
genetic heritage originates, you also adopt the vibrational quality of that lineage. One way or
another, though, your Last Name involves the history of your life that existed before you were

Your Last Name involves your relationship with your family. In some cases, where the Last Name is
not directly related to the vibrational quality inherited from the male parent, it is related to the
position in society that one holds. It also involves qualities which are passed on to the family that
you build as an adult. What follows logically, then, is that your Last Name will relate by way of its
Numerological value to important relationships that you develop with any relatives, and especially
with your partner. That being said, the Last Name vibration is something you inherit by way of
societal rules, and is not something that was chosen for you or that you chose yourself.

Your Last Name is thus clearly less important than your First Name, because it is not nearly as
representative of your choices, but it should also be noted that many decisions are made due to
the influence of one’s parents or society’s conventions. In some modern societies, in which there
are fewer obligations to the family or the social group, it has barely any influence on one’s choices
at all. Nevertheless, it can still be of potentially great importance in terms of your relationship with
the society in which you live, so it should never be excluded from a study of personal Numerology,
where name analysis is of tremendous value.

We’ve calculated the meaning of your Last Name by calculating the reduced sum of the letters in
your first and last name. Continue reading below for your personalized reading.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 19
Your Last Name Number
Iliescu, your Last Name Number is 7.

Iliescu, your Last Name is of the vibration Seven, which is usually read as a mentally-oriented
vibration that analyzes and thinks things through. In the context of the “background” that your
Last Name represents, it’s likely that you were born into a family, tradition or culture that was
oriented toward mental exploration and creative, philosophical or critical thinking.

This vibration also represents the realm of hidden information - all that needs to be examined and
studied in order to be understood, including the realm of the mysterious and baffling events that
all human beings encounter. The mysteries of life often create a bridge between the realm of
spirituality and the realm of science. It’s possible that you’ve used logical thinking to avoid many
problems in life, but it’s also possible that you use the intuitive aspects of your consciousness to
solve problems that the logical aspects of thought cannot.

Actually, the goal of this vibration is to grasp both logic and spirit, and bring them together in such
a way that they open a door to new possibilities. You may have some kind of societal or domestic
connection with the wisdom-seeking nature of this vibration, even if the wisdom you seek is only
about what makes you tick, or why things are as they are. A major life lesson for you is to learn
that it doesn’t really matter whether you are guided by facts or faith; they are dependent on one
another. This is why some philosophers say that the pursuit of knowledge reveals more questions
than it does answers.

You may have grown up with trust issues, but learning to trust is an important key to happiness for
you. Start by trusting your intuition, and you’ll soon see that it will expand to embrace the world.


© Copyright Numerologist.com 20
You may not be aware of how much information you can acquire about yourself, or any other
individual, merely from one’s name. Your Full Name is an element in your Numerology Chart that
can be explored in depth by identifying its arithmetic values and utilizing these as autonomous
elements on their own. The categories which are based on this information are known by names
such as the Soul Urge, the Personality or Quiet Self and the Expression. Almost all name-based
analytical methods are derived from these.

Since the Expression is the same thing as your Full Name number, and is fully explored later in
your report, we won’t go into it in detail here. What we will do, however, is explore the basic
factors of your name by examining the one you use in most settings - your Everyday Name.

Also, in order to provide you with some useful generalities for self-understanding, we’ll explore the
whole names that make up your full name -- a very old and insightful method of arithmetic or
numerological analysis.


© Copyright Numerologist.com 21
The Soul is the essence of who we are. The Tibetans say that it is the subtle part of us that
coordinates the five elements on all planes; the Greeks believed that it is a mixture of the material
components of the world and the Nous, or spirit.

The Soul has an agenda; it is the part of us that seeks experience, expression and growth. Much
has been written about how health, prosperity, love and fulfillment result from living the life of the
Soul, and an equal amount has been said about what happens to us when we deny the Soul its

Author, shaman, healer and teacher Robert Moss has said:

“When we pursue goals at the expense of our dreams and the urgings of the Soul, its participation in
our lives may diminish or disappear. This can also happen when one experiences extreme pain, loss or
other traumas; psychologists call this dissociation. ‘Soul Loss’ affects every aspect of our lives; our
relationships, our work and our state of wellness.”

Through Numerology, we have a way of glimpsing the urgings of the Soul by reading and honoring
the Soul Urge Number, which is defined as the longing of the inner self. We may know what this
longing is, but we may not end up expressing it, either by choice or because of our circumstances.
That’s why it’s so important to know more about the Soul Urge; it becomes much easier to express
it if you have guidelines that help you follow its lead.

The Soul Urge Number is also called “The Heart’s Desire”, and some Numerologists use it to
understand your relationship style and the challenges you may experience in fulfilling your
relationships. Either way, the art of honoring the Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire is about achieving a
sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in all aspects of life, and this is a goal worthy of all efforts one
can make.

How It’s Calculated

Your Soul Urge is derived from assigning numerical values to certain letters of your full birth name

using the Pythagorean Alphabet. Specifically, to calculate your Soul Urge Number, you use only the

Vowels are pronounced from free-flowing breath and have soft edges. They represent the true,

© Copyright Numerologist.com 23
tender, and often hidden you and they reveal your deepest soul urges.

Interesting Fact: The famous Renaissance Doctor, translator and Astrologer, Marsilio Ficino,
devoted much of his life to studying the incredible ways one’s life improves when he or she follows
the promptings of the soul. The benefits he encountered were undeniable.

The Pythagorean Alphabet:

Here is an example of how to calculate your Soul Urge Number using the Pythagorean Alphabet:

Someone was given the full name of James Frank Holmes at birth, will have a Soul Urge Number of 9.

To calculate, we look at the vowels in the name only.

So, A, E, A, O, E.

Next, using the Pythagorean Alphabet table above, we assign a numerical value to each letter.

So, A = 1




And, E = 5

Next, we sum all of these digits together and reduce to a single digit.

So, 1+5+1+6+5=18, and 1+8=9

In this example, James has a Soul Urge of 9.

The Master Number Exception:

If your final calculation sums to total 11 or 22, there’s no need to continue reducing. The
calculation stops there. 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and they have a unique meaning that
require stand-alone readings.

For example:

Johnny Depp has an 11 Soul Urge.

He has only 2 vowels in his name, O and E.




So, 6 + 5 = 11

© Copyright Numerologist.com 24
Iliescu, your Soul Urge Number is 7.

Iliescu, your Soul Urge, or Heart’s Desire, is of the vibration Seven. This vibration amplifies both
your likes and dislikes.This means that your choices in foods, people or career paths tend to be
very selective. Others probably think of you as being quite intense or some may see you as being
too critical, but that is their perception of the fact that you are not “lukewarm” about anything in
your life. You know what you like and you’re not afraid to share to it. If you try to ignore your Soul
Urge, you could easily develop an unhealthy perfectionist attitude that isolates you from others.

Some people may accuse you of living with your head in the clouds or needing to come down to
earth, but your Soul’s Urge pushes you to follow the path of the thinker or the mystic, who acts on
knowledge and experience rather than at random. You’ll probably notice that there are times
during your life when you need to be alone and it’s likely that you do your best work or are at your
most creative during these times. Because of your ability to deal with the abstract and the
conceptual, you are likely to become interested in the sciences, or the world of the uncanny or the
supernatural. This is a great gift to have and it’s important to “pay it forward” by sharing your
findings and thoughts with those around you.

Chances are good that you tend to be pretty choosy about romantic partners, and even friends,
because you desire a quiet lifestyle. People may find you hard to get to know because you’re not
overly open about your inner thoughts. As your social circle widens, you are likely to find someone
of like mind, and when you do, you will be surprised at your (and their) emotional depth. Menial
chores and following a lifestyle based on work, rather than your own interests, is not an easy way
for you to go, and it is likely that you will find a way to support yourself through your interests,
your knowledge or your intuition early on in life.

© Copyright Numerologist.com 25
In a numerology chart, a challenge of any type is not considered the retribution of a vengeful
universe, but rather a tool provided by nature to help you overcome personal weaknesses. Like
other challenges in your chart, it is nature's way of giving us "bonus points" for doing something
special that may be off the beaten track in terms of the patterns that emerge more readily from
our many chart elements. No human being exists in a state of perfect balance, but is usually
strong in some areas and weak in others.

H. H. Tenzin Gyatso, the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet once said, "To be aware of a single shortcoming
within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else." The challenge to
the Soul Urge describes a special method you can use in order to reveal and work with these
shortcomings, so that you can ultimately achieve the balance and fulfillment you seek.

Your Soul Urge Challenge Number

Iliescu, your Soul Urge Challenge is 6.

Iliescu, the vibration Six is your Soul Urge Challenge, and the pursuit of its bonus points is likely to
be daunting. This challenge is about adjusting to, and sometimes making sacrifices, in order to
fulfill your responsibilities.

Because of the relationship between your Soul Urge and its Challenge, you may, from time to time,
feel like the social and professional demands on you are overwhelming. You may even develop
resentments that can push you in the direction of being an outsider, in appearance, demeanor or
some other way. This can be a way of creating boundaries, or rather, establishing your comfort
zone, but it can be problematic as far as your Soul Urge is concerned. In fact, this type of strategy
usually elicits greater demands on your time and energy, eating away at your serenity. The way to
gain the gift of this challenge is to put yourself at the top of your list of priorities and be
responsible for your own well-being. When you do so, and set your boundaries externally, you’ll
begin to express your worth, and others will honor that, resulting in respect and improved

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The Personality Number, which some refer to as the Persona, is one of the two main factors
derived from your full name. While the Soul Urge is calculated by summing the vowels, or the ‘soul’
of words, the Personality Number is calculated by summing the consonants, which dictate how
the soul of these words is manifested in the material world.

In other words, the Persona compliments the inner aspect of the self. The consonants in any word
help us make sense of the vowels by providing context; they give form (or in some cases, meaning)
to the substance of the name, just as either spices or fire can contextualize, and thus give form, to
the word “hot.”

Many Indian Numerologists use the Personality Number as an indication of personal style, and
along with it, the type of dress that works best for you, following the line of thought that “the first
impression is the last impression” - they use it to define how your personal style and behavior
affects others.

Some modern Numerologists refer to this as the “Quiet Self ”, and do not use it as an indicator of
outward behavior, but as a clue to what you may dream of doing in the outer world. In reality, this
vibration describes both how you imagine yourself and how you present your best self. On both
conscious and unconscious (collective and personal) levels, it describes your learned behaviors
and how you use them to express your essential self. One thing is certain: your Personality
Number is very important in the analysis of how present you are in the process of creating your
destiny through your choices.

Your Personality Number can tell you a lot about both those you meet as well as yourself, so it
should not be ignored. As you progress in your journey into your personal Numerology chart, you’ll
find out just how useful the Persona vibration -- and the tips you get from learning to understand
it -- can be.

How It’s Calculated

Much like your Soul Urge and Expression Numbers, your Personality Number is derived from

assigning numerical values to certain letters in your full birth name using the Pythagorean
Alphabet. Except in this case, we use only the consonants.

Consonants are pronounced with sharp edges and have a definitive beginning or end. They

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represent your public personality and the traits you outwardly share with the world.

Here is an example of how to calculate your Personality Number using the Pythagorean Alphabet.

The Pythagorean Alphabet:

Here is an example of how to calculate your Personality Number using the Pythagorean Alphabet:

Someone given the full name of Victoria Mae Smith at birth will have a Personality Number of 1.

To calculate, we look at the consonants in the name only.

So, V, C, T, R, M, S, M, T, H.

Next, using the Pythagorean Alphabet table above, we assign a numerical value to each letter.

So, V = 4 M=4

C=3 S=1

T=2 M=4

R=9 T=2

And, H = 8

Next, we sum all of these digits together and reduce to a single digit.

So, 4+3+2+9+4+1+4+2+8=37


And, 1+0=1

In this example, Victoria has a Personality Number of 1.

The Master Number Exception:

If your final calculation sums to total 11 or 22, there’s no need to continue reducing. The
calculation stops there. 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and they have a unique meaning that
require stand-alone readings.

For example:

Albert Einstein has an 11 Personality.


Let’s look at the consonants only, L, B, R, T, N, S, T, N.

L=3 S=1

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B=2 T=2

R=9 N=5

T=2 So, 3+2+9+2+5+1+2+5=47

N=5 And, 4+7=11


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Iliescu, your Personality Number is 3.

Iliescu, your Personality Number, or Persona, holds the value of the Numerological vibration
“Three.” This is the most self-expressive of the Persona vibrations, and other people appreciate
your being the kind of individual that likes others to know what kind of person they are. You tend
to be more talkative and friendly than most of your peers, and chances are good that your
personal style is more artistic than practical. Generally people with this Persona vibration like
jewelry and are good storytellers, narrators or comedians. If you present yourself as being open
and honest without being sarcastic or moody, others will enjoy your company so much that your
social life will be full due to the invitations you receive.


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As mentioned earlier, some writings on the subject of Numerology treat the Personality Number
(Persona) as associated only with visible aspects of the self, while others treat it as a hidden yet
driving aspect of the personality, referring to it as the Quiet Self. But both of these views of the
Persona and what its Challenge means are superficial at best.

Anyone’s thoughts and attitude about the self affect health, prosperity, relationships, and all other
matters connected with our well-being. Your Persona is derived from experience, which is the
feedback the universe gives us about our choices, thoughts, words and deeds. When you are
unhappy with your circumstances, it is the Persona that interprets how the Soul perceives them
and integrates this perception into the conscious mind - it may generate a constructive action plan
in line with its Numerological value, or it may generate angry, self-critical, defensive or defeatist
thoughts and attitudes.

These thoughts and emotions may sabotage your plans or slow their momentum; if no plans have
been made, they may suppress the psychic energy generated by your inner self, which can result in
disturbances to your well-being, both in body and mind.

It should be mentioned again that in Numerology, a Challenge is not a threat. The Challenges in
Numerology, especially those derived from your name, are about choices available to you that can
improve your overall circumstances.

Your Personality Challenge Number

Iliescu, your Personality Challenge Number is 6.

Iliescu, your Personality Challenge is of the vibration Six. This is a challenge that requires you to
fulfill your responsibilities. Your number one responsibility is to yourself and your well being – this
includes keeping your word, especially to your loved ones. Don’t think it means being a
perfectionist, because that’s an impossibly frustrating state of mind. It does, however, mean that
you should always assess opportunities to help in terms of how it benefits you or your

relationships; if you take on too many tasks, you’re likely to avoid fulfilling some and leaving
others half done. If you follow through on all your commitments, the reward is a happy and
prosperous life.

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The Expression, or Total Name Number, describes the magic that you bring into the world; it is
the number that provides an overview of what you send out into your surroundings. People don’t
usually realize that they create chains of cause and effect through their actions which open the
door to new experiences. Essentially, everyone is constantly shaping the future in their own way.

Learning about your Expression and its challenge gives you the opportunity to make adjustments
in your actions through which you can engineer a future that is more in line with your gifts and
talents, and which you can therefore share with others.

One reason that the Expression is such an important part of your chart is that it represents
your power of choice. Even though your name was given to you, this was a choice on someone’s
part, one which transferred to you this wonderful human power. This ability to choose may not
always be a blessing, however, because every vibration has its upside and downside. No one
makes perfectly correct decisions all the time, and it takes a great deal of understanding and self-
knowledge to tune your decisions and actions to move in the direction that best suits you and
reflects the most favorable qualities of your Expression Number.

Unlike the Life Path Number, the Expression is not permanent. It can be changed, thereby
altering the quality of your choices. Even though it is possible to change your name to enhance or
suppress certain aspects of your character (and therefore your lifestyle), this has to be done very
carefully - many facets of one’s Numerology chart must be thoroughly examined in order to make
sure that you are not fixing one thing but breaking another.

A famous teacher once said: “What you send out into the world is what you get back.” This is a perfect
description of the Expression, and also why some refer to it as the Destiny Number.

How It’s Calculated

Your Expression Number is calculated much like your Soul Urge, by assigning numerical values to
the letters in your name using the Pythagorean Alphabet. Except in this case, we use ALL the

letters in your name because each letter, and its corresponding number and vibration, combine to
form the complete picture of who you are and how you express yourself.

Here is an example of how to calculate your Expression Number using the Pythagorean Alphabet.

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The Pythagorean Alphabet:

Here is an example of how to calculate your Expression Number using the Pythagorean Alphabet:

Someone given the full name of Kathy Anne Franklin at birth, will have an Expression Number of 4.

We’ll start by assigning a numerical value to every letter using the Pythagorean Alphabet table above.

So, K = 2 N=5 N=5

A=1 N=5 K=2

T=2 E=5 L=3

H=8 F=6 I=9

Y=7 R=9 And, N = 5

A=1 A=1

Next, we sum all of these digits together and reduce to a single digit.

So, 2+1+2+8+7+1+5+5+5+6+9+1+5+2+3+9+5=76


And, 1+3=4

In this example, Kathy has an Expression Number of 4.

The Master Number Exception:

If your final calculation sums to total 11 or 22, there’s no need to continue reducing. The
calculation stops there. 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and they have a unique meaning that
require stand-alone readings.

For example:

Kim Kardashian has an 11 Expression.

K=2 A=1

I=9 S=1

M=4 H=8

K=2 I=9

A=1 A=1

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R=9 N=5

D=4 So, 2+9+4+2+1+9+4+1+1+8+9+1+5=56

And, 5+6=11


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Iliescu, your Expression Number is 1.

Iliescu, your Expression number is One. You are likely to take the lead in almost everything you do,
and at the very least, will want to. Because your success is dependent on your ambition and
courage, you’ll find that you must rely on your own abilities and your intuition. Being bold and
forthright will keep most obstacles from slowing you down.

People will look to you for guidance and direction, and this is something you should be prepared
for. You must learn to keep a steady hand, and to react to others with forethought and
compassion. You also need to allow others their right to self-determination without surrendering
your own. Both will help you to defuse the moods that cause some to think of you as arrogant or

You do, however, need to avoid the negative aspects of your vibrational type. The negative path of
vibration One leads to selfishness and egotism, which turns small problems into big ones, instead
of resolving them while they are still small. The desire for achievement, although an important
asset, could be your downfall. The most negative thought you can have is that considering only
your self-interest is natural and the “law of the jungle“. If you should go to that extreme, the
actions you perform under that philosophy will return to you as difficult experiences almost

Over time, you will find that failure only knocks at your door when you do not rely on your own
abilities. You should do your best to keep on your path and stick with what you have chosen as
your ultimate goal, no matter what immediate challenges present themselves. You are a rare
individual, because it is easy for you to realize that your success brings many others up with you.
Never fall for the old cliché that “it’s lonely at the top.” The truth is that it’s just more crowded at
the bottom.

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Like other major elements of your Numerology chart, the Expression provides its own challenge.
It’s actually the numerological or arithmetic sum of the Soul Urge and Personality Number
challenges. This does not mean, however, that it can be described by combining the two
challenges. The Expression Challenge is synergetic - which means that it is a whole vibration that is
greater than the sum of its parts.

The Expression Challenge is thus distinct from its two component challenges, and has a unique
meaning. You can work with this challenge without affecting the Soul Urge or the Personal
challenges, or you can work with all of them at once. It is often recommended to work with the
Expression first, because it has a larger overall effect on one’s life - people are usually able to
learn more about the real you by using the Expression than by using its separate components.

Once again, a challenge in Numerology is not some kind of counter-force that works against your
happiness, success or well-being. It is rather a way of gaining “extra credit” or “bonus points” in the
game of life, and in so doing you can accelerate the learning which you are here to accomplish.

Your Expression Challenge Number

Iliescu, your Expression Challenge Number is 3.

Iliescu, your Expression Challenge is described by vibration Three. Chances are good that you tend
to withdraw when you are under stress. This may be necessary from time to time, but in the long
run, it develops an antisocial attitude. In order to gain the bonus points necessary to achieve the
gift of this challenge, you need to get out more, travel, and take a chance on getting to know new
people. If you follow it up, you’ll find that it brings many wonderful advantages and great
happiness to you.

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There are many factors and calculations that make up a complete Numerology report or forecast,
but of all the elements in your chart, one stands alone when it comes to describing your
cumulative circumstances throughout life.

This element is your Life Path, sometimes also called the Birth Path or the Destiny Number. It
represents the situations and opportunities that you attract as the result of your actions, and
thus the landscape of the world through which you navigate. It is a central number, or core
element, in the hierarchy of vibrations that make up your Numerology chart, and is used in almost
every school of Numerology known to exist.

Your Life Path Number is found by adding together the month and day of birth, adding them to the
year, and then finding the final arithmetic sum. This number is so important because one’s date of
birth cannot be changed; in the Eastern world it is often said to represent "non-negotiable Karma.”

The physical and psychic environment leading up to your birth (and for some time after) is also
part of the unchangeable aspect of your present experiences. The seed determines the type of
tree: although the tree can be trimmed or altered in other ways, its basic type cannot be changed.

Most forecasting cycles and time periods are established by examining the Life Path components
as well. The timing of the unique event of your birth, when examined through the lens of
Numerology, gives us the key to unlocking the essential patterns that present themselves to
you throughout your life experience.

How It’s Calculated

Your Life Path Number is calculated by reducing the sum of your entire date of birth to a single

You start by reducing your month of birth, your day of birth, and your year of birth to a single
digit. You then add those 3 numbers together and reduce the sum to a single digit to get your final
Life Path Number.

The Pythagorean Alphabet:

Here’s an example:

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Someone born December 15, 1987 will have a Life Path of 7.

We start by reducing the month of birth to a single digit. December is the 12th month of the year.

So, 1+2= 3

We then reduce the day of birth, the 15th, to a single digit.

So, 1+5=6

Next, we reduce the year of birth, 1987, to a single digit.

So, 1+9+8+7=25, and 2+5=7

Last, we add these 3 numbers together and reduce to a single digit to find the Life Path Number.

So, 3+6+7=16, and 1+6=7

In this example, the Life Path Number is 7.

The Master Number Exception:

If your final calculation sums to total 11 or 22, there’s no need to continue reducing. The
calculation stops there. 11 and 22 are Master Numbers and they have a unique meaning that
require stand-alone readings.

For example:

Someone born on May 10, 1985 will have a Life Path Number of 11.

May is the 5th month of the year and does not need to be reduced further.

Then we reduce the day of birth, the 10th, to a single digit.

So, 1+0=1

Next, we reduce the year of birth, 1985, to a single digit.

So, 1+9+8+5=23, and 2+3=5

Last, we add these 3 numbers together to find the Life Path Number.

So, 5+1+5=11, we do not reduce further.

In this example, the Life Path Number is an 11.


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Iliescu, your Life Path Number is 4.

Iliescu your Life Path is of the vibration Four. It’s likely that you’ll experience a life of working to
succeed, and to overcome obstacles. For some this is a difficult way of life, but the true vibration
of this Life Path holds within it a satisfaction that is very deep and lasting. You have the ability to
establish a solid business or a happy home, due to your perseverance, reliability and
organizational skills.

Your success in life will not be due to luck, privilege, or good connections with others, it comes
from your honesty and effort. Sometimes these advantages may even be a problem in the life of
someone with Life Path Four. Steadfast and enduring, you are like a rock to most people that you
know, and if you aren’t now, you will eventually fill that role. You are usually successful in work or
business, especially if you can start small and build from there – you may create something
magnificent within your lifetime.

Projects and work based on solid facts, or those that show tangible results are the kinds of efforts
that appeal to you, regardless of what you are involved in. You may not be at the center of the
artistic or creative end of your craft or profession, but you are likely to be the one who is
depended upon to bring these ideas into manifestation. It’s often up to you to finish what others
start. You are probably a pragmatist and not a theorist, and enjoy seeing the fruits of your labors;
someone whose capacity for work is only exceeded by your need for security

Iliescu, others recognize your devotion, loyalty and trustworthiness, and your sense of
responsibility is also apparent in your character, but often people will take advantage of your good
nature and saddle you with unwanted burdens. Your standards are high, and you are usually
unhappy if there is no work to do. It may be a little more difficult for you to understand others,
especially those who are free-spirited and enjoy a lot of variety in their lives.

You are comfortable doing anything that requires hands-on effort. As a positive and practical
person, you may occupy time that is not already taken by work and chores with working on
committees or doing volunteer work. This type of activity is very favorable for you, because it gives
you the opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, and is also a practical way to give of
yourself in a constructive fashion, which is something that can cause great happiness. It’s possible

that your dependability may attract people who expect you do things for them they should do for

Most of the problems you experience in life will be the result of shouldering other’s burdens,

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Iliescu. You may also experience difficulties as a result of your defensiveness and
argumentativeness. When you are under a lot of stress, you may become inflexible and biased -
thinking that your way of doing things is the only right way. Some people think of you as stubborn
and way too serious. It is important for you to put some energy into learning to understand
others, because doing so will attract people who are forthright and not deceptive in their ways.

The natural sincerity and helpfulness that marks your character works well for you in all your
relationships, but these traits do not inspire much passion or romance in personal ones, unless
you work hard to find someone of a similar nature. The dilemma is that you may be attracted to
individuals you find exciting, but have trouble expressing your desires to them. Not liking sudden
changes or drama, you may find it difficult to get along with some personality types who believe
that happiness is all about fun, and having fun is all about taking risks.


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The Life Path number is made up of the vibrations of the month, day and year of birth. These three
vibrations define the major stages along the Life Path, and help us understand how we change
over time. One of the ways it helps us to navigate the tides of change we all face is to offer us Life
Challenges. These Challenges will increase and decrease in prominence at different times in life,
but that's not a bad thing.

Challenges in Numerology are not contentious; the old tradition described them as though they
were harsh lessons we have to learn. In modern times, we have discovered that this is not so. The
various types of Challenges that we have are more like "extra credit” questions on a test, or a make-
up exam which can stand in for one you missed. If you are able to attain the best possible
expression of your vibration, it will empower other aspects of your chart, so that together they can
attract or express the best qualities of your vibration.

Sometimes the Challenges might offer one or more of those "now why did I do that?" moments.
When they do, it’s a signal that you've allowed yourself to go off course a bit - they are offering you
the opportunity to take the "high road" inherent in their vibrations. If we ignore them altogether,
then the "low road" of the Challenges will manifest as persistent issues related to their vibration
and will bring out the less positive qualities of the key elements in your chart.

There are three Life Challenges in your Numerology chart: the first and second Minor Challenges
and the Major Challenge. The first Minor Challenge is felt more strongly during your early years,
and the second Minor Challenge will manifest more in later life. The Major Challenge is
experienced throughout your lifetime.

So when you are considering what you can do to improve your situation, need a quick and effective
strategy for handling an issue that has presented itself, or feel as if you are off-track when it
comes to attracting positive experiences, study this section of your chart and think about how to
meet your Challenges - the extra credit you accumulate will increase your total score!

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The first Minor Challenge, as stated earlier, is active during your early years. These early years
generally run through the mid 30's and sometimes into the 40's. The Challenges are established by
locating the numbers along your Life Path which connect its various components -- they thus
interact with the individual vibrations of the Life Path Cycles, and provide us the opportunity of
resonating with a vibration that affects more than one of them simultaneously.

If we can successfully make use of this element, mastering the quality of the first Minor Challenge
allows us to link the Formative and Productive Cycles, which can help us use the experiences of
our early lives to make the most out of the circumstances which arise during our Cycle of

Your First Minor Challenge Number

Iliescu, your First Minor Challenge Number is 3.

Iliescu, your First Minor Challenge is of the vibration 3. Three is considered to be a pleasant,
creative and social vibration, but it holds a big Challenge for many people. In order to get the
“extra credit” from vibration 3, you will need to be more expressive and spend more time
socializing. You never know what, or how much, you have to share unless you do it. Especially
during the younger years, local social life may not have the kind of appeal to you personally, so
you have to do it on your own. It is not hard to make the kind of connections you need to fulfill the
requirements of this challenge; in fact, you will attract the opportunity to do so. All you need to do
is realize that life becomes far more difficult for you when you isolate yourself from others, and
withdraw into private life.

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The Second Minor Challenge picks up during midlife and continues until your later years. This
Challenge links the Formative Cycle to the Harvest Cycle, effectively blending youthful enthusiasm
with the wisdom of one’s later years. It forms a balance between innocence and maturity, helping
us to avoid the kinds of mistakes we all make before we gain enough experience to recognize our
vulnerabilities and learn how to balance them.

When we work with this Challenge, we are able to attain a level of experiential knowledge without
losing our joie de vivre; we become able to make sober decisions without losing our sense of
humor. But like every vibration in your chart, this too matches the quality of your consciousness. If
you are open to the possibility of gaining the "extra credit" of this Challenge, the positive side of
its vibration will continue throughout your life; conversely, if the opportunity to use it is ignored,
the latter half of life will be more difficult to navigate.

Your Second Minor Challenge Number

Iliescu, your Second Minor Challenge Number is 4.

Iliescu, your Second Minor Challenge carries the vibration 4. Four is usually called the number of
work, but in truth, as a Challenge, it applies to all practical and immediate concerns. Attaining the
“extra credit” for this vibration demands that you pay close attention to details and make serious
and sober judgments about whether or not your activities are adding to or taking away from your
“bottom line” in all phases of life. Sometimes this vibration appearing as a Second Minor Challenge
shows a person who puts too much of their time into work, and sometimes it shows people who
pay too little attention to it; the same thing is true for the amount of time and attention one
spends on their health, property and so on. The real key to attaining the gift of this vibration is the
constant application of practicality and judgment. Refusing to do so could mean toil and unwanted
burdens, but by accepting this Challenge, you can enjoy stable and steady conditions throughout
the second half of life.

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Your Major Challenge works in a different way than the two Minor Challenges. While the latter link
elements of the Life Path to attract more positive circumstances, the Major Challenge bridges the
two Minor Challenges in such a way as to provide an opportunity to work with a Challenge that is
active throughout the lifetime. Some people find that working with the Major Challenge alone
improves their overall quality of life, and that it helps to identify and work with deep, underlying
issues, through which they can make breakthroughs regarding the obstacles they may face.

Working with this Challenge can be extremely rewarding, because where the Minor Challenges
allow us to do the equivalent of getting extra credit in a course, the Major Challenge is more like a
single test that lets us skip the course completely. Like the Minor Challenges, whatever the Major
Challenge attracts to help you reach your potential will depend on your consciousness. If you view
your various shortcomings as something to overcome and thereby live a more fulfilling life, you
will. On the other hand, if you see them only as a cruel, fatalistic joke, then they will only intensify
until you learn to change your perspective.

Your Major Challenge Number

Iliescu, your Major Challenge Number is 1.

Your Major Challenge carries the vibration1, Iliescu, and this means that you need to achieve
balance as far as your individuality and drive are concerned. There may be times when you fall
into “whatever” mode and comply with others’ demands to keep the peace, whereas at others, it
may be hard for you to figure out how to work together with others without forcing them to do
what you want. Sometimes this Challenge has to do with drive – ambition and courage may be
something you are not used to, but these vigorous, creative and innovative qualities are the key to
opening the door to success. Engage in some kind of activity where winning or losing matters, even
if it’s chess or video games as a passive way to channel this powerful energy, and soon you’ll begin
to cultivate it. When you begin to pass this vibration’s tests, you’ll find that you are attracting more
opportunities in which others want you to take the lead, and your whole life will be the better for

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Your Life Path is dynamic; it is a specific combination of universal energies that are present at the
time of your birth, and has a great deal of impact on your life. It is the sum of three distinct
vibrations that you attract through the incident of birth: the vibrations of the month, the day
and the year in which you enter this plane.

Although most books on Numerology articulate the Life Path as a singular vibration that operates
throughout life, the vibrations of the month, day and year also act independently. They are called
Sub-Paths, Sub-Cycles or Life Path Cycles. They operate sequentially, and are roughly
representative of the periods of youth, adulthood and maturity. They are calculated in a way that
brings them close to two of the predictive cycles used by astrologers: the cycle of the progressed
Moon, and the orbital cycle of Saturn, commonly referred to as the Saturn Return.

The first of these Sub-Cycles is called the Formative Cycle, and is of the same vibration as the
month of birth. It begins at birth, and ends at the beginning of your second cycle.

The second cycle is the Cycle of Productivity, which covers the years during which you are at
your most productive in terms of building for the future and establishing yourself in society. The
Productive Cycle holds the same vibration as the date of birth, and begins on January 1st of the
year in which you celebrate your 28th birthday. The third, or Harvest Cycle, is what you reap from
the efforts of the previous two cycles. It begins on January 1st of the year in which you celebrate
your 55th birthday. It is represented by the vibration of the year of birth, which some
numerologists refer to as the Maturity Number.

These sub-paths can provide important opportunities to increase success and happiness if you
tune in to their positive aspects; however, if you instead resonate with their negative aspects,
they can be very troublesome. They represent the circumstances and individuals you attract to
yourself, and, as you can imagine, if you are focused on the negative aspects of any vibration, this
is what you will attract to yourself in ways you can’t see and may not consciously understand.

These Life Cycles are very important elements along the Path of Life. They are of such long
duration that they are easy to forget about, but they are always there, contributing to the matrix of
forces in which you live, move and experience your being. Almost all forecasting techniques of
Numerology begin with them. They are like the sets for the three main acts of a play or film, while

the various vibrations of shorter cycles, such as the Personal Years or the Transit Cycles, are like
the scenes within each of the three acts. Included in all of this is the character development and
plot twists that combine them into a story - but all of this happens within the context of the
settings, costumes and the plotline itself.

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Now it's time to discuss your three Life Path Cycles in order. They are discussed in reference to
your overall Life Path, to give you a sense of how these vibrations fit into the context of your life
as a whole.


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Your Formative Cycle outlines your growth and the groundwork laid for the individuation process.
It also defines the circumstances which you attract at the moment of birth, through your actions
during your early years, and how these interact to prepare you for adulthood.

On the one hand, the Formative Cycle provides context for positive and constructive situations
which, even if difficult, build character. On the other, it addresses troublesome experiences which
plant the seeds of self-defeating thoughts that can grow into unconscious obstacles which act as
saboteurs during your Cycle of Productivity.

In short, your response to the vibrational combination of the Formative Cycle and the Life Path
becomes the foundation for either success and happiness in your life, or the lack of it.

Your Formative Cycle Number

Iliescu, your Formative Cycle Number is 1.

Iliescu, your Formative Cycle carries the vibration One, the vibration that signals “new beginnings”
- making this an almost perfect 1st cycle for a young person. Some people with this Life Path cycle
are left to fend for themselves or are allowed too much independence as children. There may have
been quite a bit of authoritarian imprinting in the early years, which promotes a view of life based
on personal accomplishment.

Until you’ve nearing the beginning of your Cycle of Productivity, the vibration 1 may attract
situations that require immediate responses, and, since no one is perfect, those responses don’t
always get the results you’d like to see. Therefore, it’s likely that you may develop a fear of making
mistakes, and prefer final over tentative solutions. If you have trouble expressing your feelings, it
may be due to natural talents (or an abundance of enthusiasm) of yours that were suppressed as a
child. You may have learned to believe that you need to do things yourself in order to get proper
credit for them being done right. As you move into your adult years, however, these ideas will
develop into an independent attitude, and you’ll develop a reputation for independence and

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Some Numerologists consider the Cycle of Productivity to be the most important of the three Life
Path Cycles, because it is during this period of life that you build the infrastructure that will
determine the quality of your Harvest cycle, and therefore the rest of your life.

The Productive Cycle represents your career and interaction with the world. It represents your
greatest achievements, but is, more importantly, about the contribution that you make to the lives
of others for good or ill. The vibration of this cycle describes how you approach life as an adult, in
whatever culture and society you happen to live. This sub-cycle is the period of time when your
Birthday Vibration is being expressed most strongly, and is therefore the most personal of the Life
Path Cycles. It shows how you attract opportunities to express your personal gifts and talents, and
says something about the kind of feedback you will receive from the world at large. You may want
to take a look at your Birthday Vibration if you want to learn more about how you can engage the
positive aspects of this cycle's vibration - since it is the most personal sub-cycle, it is actually the
easiest to work with.

Your Productive Cycle Number

Iliescu, your Productive Cycle Number is 22.

Because your Cycle of Productivity is of the vibration Twenty-Two, Iliescu, it could very well be a
period of leadership and major achievements, but it’s not likely that the path to these rewards will
be easy. You’ll find that you are attracting opportunities to accomplish great things in a big way,
but you’ll have to climb the ladder of success without knocking others off. If you don’t make a
decision to cultivate empathy, mindfulness and compassion, it’s likely that you’ll come upon
limitations and resistance at every turn. Many people on this path miss their opportunities
because of not knowing when to relax and enjoy life, or when to let others do the hard work.
Relaxation, stress management and other pleasant activities are the keys to enjoyment and
prosperity during these high-energy times.

This cycle is likely to be emotionally stressful and you can expect almost every development to be
covered in a layer of drama. You will profit from expressing drive, ambition and authority, but
under stressful conditions, you are likely to bury yourself in work, which will only creates an

emotional bottleneck that works against you. It’s important that you find a way to vent the
emotional pressure that results from the situations you attract; if you try to suppress it, you’ll be
on a path that can lead to anger, mistrust and ruthlessness. Simple things like asking others for
help with manifesting your dreams can work. If you are not used to being in charge, you’ll have to

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“fake it ’till you make it.“

You’ll need the support of stress reduction and time-management methods, because your personal
relationships and your emotional self cannot handle this energy if you direct it at them. This is a
period of time during which you need to think big, because authority and ambition are the only
emotional stances that will properly vent this powerful energy.

This does not mean that you can’t react emotionally to difficult situations, it does mean, however,
that you need to find a way to express rage or anger without “acting out.“ Cultivating loving
relationships will not only give you the space to share, but it will help you gain a sense of security
that will last for the rest of your life. In other words, it doesn’t take a tyrant to become a Master
Builder, all it takes is a compassionate attitude and the desire to do the best you can to for
everyone you care about.


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This cycle, which includes the rewards reaped from your efforts and actions during the previous
two cycles, lasts from its beginning until the end of your lifetime. In other words, during this part
of your life, you don’t necessarily attract anything new; you rather attract all of the unused
"karma" from your actions earlier in life. This is therefore a period during which you can
experience life in two ways. You can either work with your various challenges to make sure you get
the best from the vibrations which have remained underused; or you can sit back and randomly
accept whatever comes from the "upside" or "downside" of the vibration it carries.

As you might guess, this portion of your Life Path provides opportunities, but by now you should
have a good idea of how you can bring what you want into manifestation; if not, you should be
gaining the experience that enables you to recognize which actions you take attract what you don’t
want. Many people treat the latter part of life as a period in which they live out of habit and are
driven by the momentum of the past. This is not a good practice - in fact, it may be the worst
possible approach to enjoying a happy life in your later years.

Some people choose to give something back to the world by sharing the wisdom they have
accumulated in some way with others, usually as a parent, mentor, teacher, or guide. Others
choose to continue what they have been doing, often accepting whichever opportunities or offers
they receive as recognition for their earlier contributions. Numerology shows, however, that one
does not have to choose between the different patterns which lay out a roadmap for the future; to
the contrary, you can choose the future that you want, as long as you first know what you want
and then make an effort to attract it.

Because the possibilities of the Harvest Cycle are open-ended, the only thing that you need to
decide is whether you want to shoulder the negative aspects of the vibration it bears, or whether
you want to align your experience with the best possible aspects of the vibration. Even after you
enter this cycle, you can change its course. All you have to do is recognize whether or not you are
experiencing the results of focusing on what you don't want, as opposed to reaping the benefits of
what you do. With enough awareness, you can always change your mind.

The explanation of your Harvest Cycle that follows will therefore concentrate on both the positive
and negative aspects of the vibration, so that you can see not only where to concentrate your

energies in the present, but can also diagnose which of the possible downsides you need to work
on so that you can build up the "momentum of mindfulness" which will create the kind of Harvest
Cycle you truly desire.

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Your Harvest Cycle Number
Iliescu, your Harvest Cycle Number is 8.

Since you have a Harvest Cycle of vibration Eight, Iliescu, you are likely to be more concerned
about the “bottom line” than you ever have been. Most people of this harvest vibration either build
a business or trade in a job in order to establish a private business. Some turn a private pursuit
into an occupation, while others rise to positions of power in order to express the power of
command and organizational skill this vibration attracts through creative or other forms of
pursuits. It’s a vibration that attracts a more materialistic view of the world to you, and, even for
spiritual practitioners, it has the potential of bringing one’s dreams, ideals or accomplishments
into physical manifestation. Plan on doing something you really enjoy in such a way that it could
profitable, no matter how small the profit may be. Once it gets underway, you’ll see how it can
snowball into something substantial. Sometimes this vibration marks a period during which one
realizes that almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

This won’t be a time to sit still and wait for your ship to come in; almost every day will have some
concern about money or some type of opportunity to get engaged in the process of manifesting
either authority or prosperity. The possibility of a second career or business may be driven by
necessity, but chances are just as good that you’ll be doing so out of the sheer enjoyment of the
activity involved. Of course what you do with your time is up to you, but if you aren’t engaged in
anything profitable, no matter how small the profit is, the quality of this cycle will bottleneck and
probably cause some difficulties.

At the same time, there is another way to create problems for yourself during this cycle. That’s to
put all of your energy and effort into material goals. Unless you give yourself plenty of time for
companionship and social activity, you can easily alienate others, and the flow of abundance will
diminish. It will be important for you to develop compassion for others, because a loving,
cooperative and empathetic attitude can work the real miracles hidden within this cycle.

This could the most productive period of your life - the more engaged you are, the better your
energy will flow. Anytime you become disinterested in achieving your goals, things will begin to fall
apart, but as long as you maintain your courage, the happier and more prosperous you will be.

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Your Life Path Cycles should never be ignored, and later in this report, we will show you simple
ways to compare them to other key numbers in your Numerology Chart. These comparisons will
help you to develop strategies and tactics that are easy to use in order to get the best out of your


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The Pinnacles are periods of time during which you will attract various opportunities based on
the numeric vibrations that they carry, but they happen to be very potent manifestations of those
particular vibrations. Since getting the best out of your Pinnacles is not always easy, some writers
refer to them as Attainments.

Each Pinnacle is like a distant point on the landscape that you will eventually reach, and, according
to the choices you make, what you will receive when you get there. In other words, your Pinnacles
usually describe the "reward" you earn for working with the vibration that you attract during
their cycle. Psychologists of the Jungian School have a term that is well suited to this idea: they
use "integration" to describe how concepts, feelings and strategies that aid in the relationship with
the self, others and the world become a part of us as we grow and experience life. This is almost
exactly what the scholars who developed the modern system of Numerology described when they
discovered the Pinnacles.

Since they are part of your Life Path, these four vibrations cannot be changed, but your choices
and actions determine whether or not you experience their more favorable aspects. If you do
not choose to consciously direct your own destiny through your own efforts, it will be nearly
impossible to attain the potential of each Pinnacle, which will lead to the more negative aspects of
its vibration manifesting through your circumstances and environment.

As mentioned above, there are four Pinnacles which occur in your lifetime, each having one of the
numerical vibrations that you attract during their years of operation. These can be seen as
"Attainments", the idea being that you must strive to reach the highest quality of these vibrations
that you can. We realize today that these vibrations can generate either their lowest or their
highest qualities whenever they manifest; all that we have to do is to "tune in” to the quality that
we want to attract with our choices and behaviors.

Most good numerologists place the most emphasis on Pinnacles 2 and 3, because during the 18

years they are in power, you can use their particular qualities to establish yourself in the world
and lay the groundwork for your future.

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How they are calculated:
The four Pinnacles end on specific birthdays which are specific to your Life Path vibration. Your
First Pinnacle, or Pinnacle of Attainment, lasts from birth until your 27th birthday. The Second
Pinnacle, or the Pinnacle of Obligation, lasts until your 36th birthday. Your Third Pinnacle, known
as the Pinnacle of Foundation, lasts through your 45th birthday when your Fourth Pinnacle, or
Pinnacle of Retrospection, begins. This final Pinnacle lasts for the remainder of your lifetime.

It should be mentioned here that the Pinnacles are considered by some authors to be the second-
most important aspects of the Numerology chart after your Life Path.


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The first Pinnacle is of great importance in the study of your character, because it describes the
developmental experiences of your life, your attitudes about achievement, and the development of
your sense of self. It is about your beginnings and which primary formative forces influence your
early life the most. This can involve childhood or early adult trauma, but can also be about victory
and early accomplishments. In many ways, this is the vibration that sets your life in motion. By the
time it is over, you're likely to have "found yourself " and set the direction for much of the rest of
your life.

Your Pinnacle Of Attainment Number

Iliescu, your First Pinnacle Number is 5.

Having the vibration “Five” during the first pinnacle has an upside and a downside, Iliescu. It is
usually a time during which you’ll attract travel or some other form of frequent change, and almost
certainly a good deal of personal freedom. Of course, it is very easy to give a child too much
freedom, and it may be that you were looking for structure, but were unsure as to where to look to
get what you needed. This is a sign of a somewhat unstable early environment, even if the family
life is rock-solid. Sometimes this occurs because of the parent’s work situations or because of
strong influences from others that make it difficult for you to feel comfortable sticking with one
thing for long.

People with this vibration during the first pinnacle are noted for a degree of “sex appeal”, even
when they are children. At the very least, the initiation into this aspect of life comes earlier than it
does for most of your peers. Because of the variety and change that this vibration attracts, it may
be difficult to build lasting relationships during this Pinnacle.

Most things begun during this time will not last long or come to completion, or will have many
unforeseen complications. For instance, changes of major in college may cause the time of
graduation to be delayed, or a job may require you to relocate. But in general, these changes will
have favorable results, because through them you learn flexibility and adaptability, and gain the

ability to coordinate efforts and activities around you despite the chaos that reigns.

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During the nine year period of your Pinnacle of Obligation, you will attract -- according to the
nature of its vibration -- circumstances that engage you in the fulfillment of your obligations to
society, no matter what culture you may be a part of. You are likely to begin participating more
fully in community life, and spending time reinforcing the social bonds between yourself and
others; or, you may focus entirely on fulfilling your basic need for contribution to, and
participation in, the world at large.

Your Pinnacle Of Obligation Number

Iliescu, your Second Pinnacle Number is 3.

People who have vibration Three during the Pinnacle of Obligation are said to be quite fortunate,
and more often than not, experience tremendous gains in popularity and/or the respect of others,
Iliescu. Despite how shy or “low key” you may have been so far, you may find that your stage fright
or performance anxiety is disappearing and that you can show off a bit without feeling like you’re
risking anything. In order to attract the most enjoyable aspects of this vibration, it would be good
to get involved in some form of creative activity, especially one that gives you the opportunity to
be personally expressive.

When you’re not hard at work or dealing with crises, you are probably easy to please during these
years. It’s likely that you’ll discover a talent for making your enthusiasm contagious during this 9
years. Self-expression is very important for you now, and there will be tangible evidence of that.
Renovations or changes of residence are not uncommon during this vibration, because it is one of
many avenues through which you can “find yourself ” creatively. It’s possible that at some point
there may be a major change in your personal style or way of life that helps you feel a greater
sense of personal satisfaction. In other words, sharing of yourself in positive ways attracts the luck
and good fortune usually associated with vibration Three.

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Some numerologists consider this to be the most important of the Pinnacles, because during these
9 years you will be constructing a foundation for the remainder of your life. Working with this
Pinnacle can increase both the length and quality of your life, because your actions at this stage
can help to attract the supportive and healthy biological and psychological conditions that are so
important for developing energy and resilience as you age. Working against this Pinnacle by
denying the opportunities that are attracted to you will only increase the kind of baggage that will
slow you down on the road to happiness. A positive attitude toward yourself during this Pinnacle
can go a long way in making your future quite pleasant.

Your Pinnacle Of Foundation Number

Iliescu, your Third Pinnacle Number is 8.

Because the Pinnacle of Foundation is focuses on building for the future, the vibration Eight,
becomes even more powerful than it normally is. This Pinnacle signals a time of tremendous
ambition and drive to success, but you have to be careful, because these drives may push you in a
fruitless direction as easily as it can attract opportunities to follow a fruitful path. In order to
secure your position, you may be unrelenting in your efforts to gain power and influence, but if
you can avoid arrogance and a contentious emotional stance, you’re likely to be surprised at how
many of your goals will be achieved, and how you become more organized in the process of
achieving them. Determination and focus will bring you success, not luck.

It’s crucial for you to learn that during this nine-year period, success will gravitates to what you
enjoy doing, not how intense your efforts to accumulate money are. If gaining money is your only
goal, you are likely to be disappointed – however if you are focused on personal achievement and
securing supportive relationships, you’ll draw money like a magnet. If you put 110% into following
your bliss, and cultivate a strong and caring support system, you can be an unstoppable
juggernaut of success. It’s all basically a matter of choice; take the time to choose wisely.

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The Fourth Pinnacle begins at the conclusion of the Third Pinnacle and lasts for the remainder of
your lifetime. It is therefore not only a time for reflection, but also for harvesting all the benefits,
knowledge, experience, well-being and prosperity which you've acquired so far into a coherent and
self-sustaining whole that provides energy to fuel your inner life, your physical body, your drive
and your motivation.

If you're lucky, this won't be a time laden with regret, but will rather be filled with opportunities to
be who you really are, the sum total of everything you have gathered into your life and the things
and circumstances that you've projected into the future. Your personal efforts will then be directed
towards having the best quality of life possible. Many people become deeply involved in spiritual
practices or philosophical interests during this part of their life.

Your Pinnacle Of Retrospection Number

Iliescu, your Fourth Pinnacle Number is 9.

Some may think that the vibration Nine during the Pinnacle of Retrospection makes for too much
excitement or business, Iliescu, but nothing could be less true. You can expect successful ventures
and enjoyable adventures, as your last Pinnacle is one of expansion, during which your boundaries
are steadily expanded. This can be a time of moving beyond previous limitations and opening into
a whole new perspective on life – one that is more fluid and balanced and almost unlimited in

You might be surprised by the opportunities you attract, because they can offer you the chance to
enjoy previously unavailable travels or other mind-expanding activities of either a material or
spiritual nature. At the very least, it will bring success in things you have been working toward, as
long as you can let go of your self-imposed limits or the attitudes that anchor you in the past. This
Pinnacle can attract the circumstances or people that will help you let go of whatever no longer
serves your growth and the expression of your potential. You may even decide to let go of the past
by using it as a vehicle to help others in some way or another. As long as you know the difference

between loss and sacrifice, this Pinnacle can be brilliant.

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You should recognize by now how important your Pinnacles are. Being able to act in such a way
that brings out the best aspects of these time periods can raise your life to a whole new level, one
that is fulfilling and successful.

Further along in your report, we'll discuss easy ways to work with your Pinnacles, and how to get
the most out of them. It doesn't matter whether you're in your 1st or your 4th Pinnacle -- there are
always ways to turn things around so you that can enjoy the gifts you were given at birth.

But now we’ll move on to a very interesting part of your chart, the Life Challenges; these are
important keys to self-understanding and to developing fundamental strategies for improving your
life that you can begin using today.


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The Achievement Number represents an extremely important vibrational pattern in your
Numerology Chart. It acts in such a way that it provides certain challenges and their solutions for
every other number.

Kevin Quinn Avery, D.Ms. was the first modern author to write at length about this chart element.
He said:

“The Achievement is what must be accomplished in life... Until the Achievement is obtained, there will be
tension in the life causing negativity.”

He was not the only numerologist to place great importance on this number; some practitioners of
the Chaldean school refer to this number as the ‘Life Path’, and only consider what we call the Life
Path today as the first Personal Year.

When one attains the fullest expression of this number, obstacles to a prosperous and happy
life become less difficult to work around or overcome. This truly exemplifies achievement in both
the material and spiritual sense.

How To Calculate Your Achievement Number:

To calculate your Achievement Number, we used the formula below. Note: Achievement Numbers
follow the standard 9 numbers used in Numerology (1-9), the Master Numbers (11, 22 and 33) and
the Karmic Numbers (13, 14, 16 and 19).

Steps To Calculating Your Achievement Number:

1. Start by writing down the number of your day of birth.

2. Then, write the number of your month of birth.

3. Now we add them together.

If the sum of your birth month and birthday is between 1-9, you have found your Achievement

1. If the sum of your birth month and birth day is a double digit number, continue to sum the digits until you
arrive at a single-digit number between 1 and 9. Unless the resulting number is the Master Number 11, 22,
or 33… or Karmic Numbers 13, 14, 16, or 19.

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Iliescu, your Achievement Number is 5.

Iliescu, your Achievement Number is 5. Five is considered the most flexible and adaptable of
numbers; that’s because, when it is found as an important number along the Life Path, it attracts
change to its bearer. As an Achievement Number, 5 can act in two different ways – either you bend
over backwards or don’t bend at all.

Although you love the freedom to do as you please, one of your life lessons is to be moderate in all
things, because the opportunities to follow your impulses and desires are rampant, but following
up on them can take you places you don’t want to go. You see, 5 is in the middle of all the numbers
from 1 – 9, and you need to be able to hold to your center, and choose which direction leads you
toward the advancement of your best interests. Others are likely to look to you as a person who
can lead them to freedom and fun; you need to make sure that you act as responsibly as possible.

Generally, people with an Achievement Number of vibration 5 tend to be more physical in their
orientation than most, but also tend to be less committed. You may always be aware of your
options, Iliescu, but it’s important that you choose the one that will benefit you the most. Never let
your curiosity get the best of you, because it’s likely that you’ll attract every temptation in the
book. It would be a good idea for you to choose travel, career and other major activities on the
basis of how much variety of experience they offer, because if you find yourself in a rut, the
opportunities you attract are more likely to be invitation to complications, rather than benefits.


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