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RE: Meeting with Phil Barton [Bridge Settlement]

Aasma Khan
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 7:34 PM
To: Mansour Al Kharboush; Abdullah Al Rajhi; Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi

Cc: Nazir Ahmed; Paul Obrien (p.obrien@theland-me.com); Aasma Khan; Hgaze Mohammed; Yousif Naji

Re: Al Arrab;

Dear Mansour,

I write to update you on what has happened on my end. I had Danny (Al Misnad Lawyer) introduce me to the
person (Donald Jordan) and allow him to directly contact me. It has been 2 days and I have had no contact with
him and I have not tried to contact him.

After reviewing Ziad’s email and Donald Jordan’s email, I am very concerned about the way/ style in which Ziad
is talking to Phil of Bridge.

1. Ziad say he sees they case from the Bridge perspective. He seems to have become an advocate
for them. He says “Phil believe that he has a very comfortable position (I share his view
on this) and was not happy to make any concession.”

He is not our advocate nor is he mediator. He seems to be talking from their viewpoint completely.
It seems he is trying to convince you that Al Rajhi have no case and we should cave in to Phil’s

2. I thought we had agreed on 20 Feb that Ziad would not continue talking to Bridge. Did you have
a chance to advise him after our call with Deborah on 23 Feb that he was not to continue talking
to Phil?

3. Ziad says that what he has achieved is “What I have succeeded in achieving is that today,
Phil agreed that both, BT and Al Rajhi were put in this tricky situation”

Please note that Phil accepted a penthouse *for free*. He is a cheat and/or bribe taker and Ziad is
interpreting that as a “tricky situation”?

4. Please also note that the this Donald person wrote a very aggressive email to Danny (see
attached) saying “Your clients have deliberately hidden certain facts in the larger
deal, such as they accepted deposits of US $145 million and signed contracts
related to certain plots on the Pearl, UDC informed me that those contracts were
terminated in July 2013, and Al Arrab deliberately hid these facts from Bridge
House. The most generous assessment is breach of contract”

Can you please advise if you think UDC would inform Bridge that the contracts were terminated
when they (i) have no direct relationship with Bridge, (ii) do not acknowledge the sale to Bridge? I
would like to understand this so that we can make an educate guess what role UDC is playing to
complicate our situation and whether our conversations with them have become friendly enough
that we can ask about this alleged information being given to Bridge. Please can you let me know?

5. This Donald Jordan (rep of Bridge in attached email) goes on to say: As part of the larger
deal Al Arrab sold two penthouse apartments on the Pearl and two berths to Mr.
Barton and Mr. Ruhan, and now has filed an unknown suit to get out of those

I spoke to Danny (our lawyer on the penthouse litigations) about this email. He thought this was a
tricky way to make it sound like Phil/Andy are innocent by alleging the penthouse sale is part of
“larger deal” – nowhere is he alleging they *paid* for it. I wonder how Bridge investors would feel
if they knew Andy and Phil personally benefitted as part of a “larger deal”.

6. This Donald Jordan (rep of Bridge) goes on to say: Please confirm back by the end of this
week if Al Arrab will suspend this litigation pending the larger negotiation, or Mr.
Barton will just assume Al Arrab wants to handle this in an adversarial manner.

To me it seems that we have made them nervous on personal level. Now that this Donald Jordan
has access to me within the time frame stipulated, he has not said a word.

My recommendation, please call Ziad and tell him to stop talking to Phil, that we appreciate his support but
that we are not going to take forward discussions through him. It is my opinion that Ziad should just stop
taking the calls.

In the mean time, if shut down Phil Barton’s perceived channel/access to Al Rajhi decisionmakers through Ziad
(who seems to be compromised to Bridge’s viewpoint), maybe they will push for contact through Donald.

Please let me know your thoughts so that we can keep the pressure on Bridge. To me it sounds like they are
stressed out by all the cases we have filed.

Best regards,


From: Mansour Al Kharboush

Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 10:08 AM
To: Abdullah Al Rajhi; Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi
Cc: Aasma Khan; Nazir Ahmed; Paul Obrien (p.obrien@theland-me.com)
Subject: FW: Meeting with Phil Barton

Mansour Saleh AL Kharboush,
Group CEO

From: ziad TOUMA [mailto:toumaz@hotmail.com]

Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 8:58 AM
To: Mansour Al Kharboush
Cc: Nehme Abi Saad
Subject: Meeting with Phil Barton
Dear Mansour,

I had calls with Phil during the last couple of weeks to try to find a ground for the settlement that
would be acceptable to both the parties, but without success. Phil believe that he has a very
comfortable position (I share his view on this) and was not happy to make any concession.

I have to admit also that after he explained the deal for me in detail and covered the background of
the whole transaction, now I am seeing things clearer.

What I have succeeded in achieving is that today, Phil agreed that both, BT and Al Rajhi were put in
this tricky situation and that they need to sit at very high level to try to find an amicable solution. He
acknowledged that in a settlement (amicable) BT might not get whatever it was hoping to get and
AL Rajhi should know that they will not also get whatever they have in mind.

During my last call with him yesterday evening, Phil told me that he is willing to sit with Eng. Ahmed
and to discuss with him openly. he will not put any pre-condition to such meeting because he will be
going to this meeting in total good faith (as always)and for the sake to reaching an amicable
settlement and avoid further damages to the parties.

The following are the contact information of Phil, bearing in mind that he is happy to make the
meeting anywhere in Europe.

Phone: +34 636477447 +34 636477447

e-mail: philipbarton@me.com

can you please let me know your decision at the earliest so I can inform him.

I hope that both BT and Al Rajhi will be wise enough to close the deal that is beneficiary and to their
respective satisfaction.