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To Be Printed and signed by Employer's/ Mentor's


January 2019 to April 2019
Employer's / Mentor's
Student's Name
Akash Goyal Name Richa Gadia

Semester (IA / EP ) Company Name

IA Junior (2018-2021) GCEC
Employer's / Mentor's
Rating By Employers
"On a scale of 10 : 9 ★★★★★★★★★☆
10 being Highest"
Employer's or Mentor's
Feedback Developed Overall Personality & Communication skills.
Prepared Excel sheets analysing Jet
Analysed the Jet Airways cash crunch (FY Airways current financial position using
17th January, 2019 to 31st January, 2019 18-19) Financial Analysis & Research Ratio Analysis
Prepared Powerpoint Presentation and
Prepared and Presented findings in Reports Presentation Skills One pager sheet presenting findings

Developed a habit of keeping upto date Gathered data from various articles,
Further Research on Jet Airways current with news articles related to fianancial magazines and newspapers and analysed
position taking help of news articles news the situation
1st Feb 2019 to 15th Feb 2019
Had an overview of diifferent perspectives
Group Discussions relating to recent news Taking part in Group discussions and doing and their impact on the Q3 results of Jet
before Q3 results work Airways

16th Feb 2019 to 28th Feb 2020 Excel Chart Preparartion Learnt how to prepare charts on Excel Prepared various charts presenting data
Gained Excel skills and learnt how to make
Acquired Excel knowledge (Diagrams, various Diagrams, Charts and Figures in
Microsoft Excel Class by Paresh Gupta Charts and Figures) Excel

Microsoft Word Class by Paresh Gupta Acquired Word knowledge Replicated EY global view report on Word

1st March 2019 to 15th March 2019 Gathered data relating to "MIrah Belle"
Research work on "Mirah Belle" a Gurgram company and summarised all the
based Organic products company Research skills information in a sheet
Prepared a full report on "MIrah Belle"
Preparation of report on "Mirah Belle" in descrbing its product features,
group Teamwork geographical operations etc.

16th March 2019 to 31st March 2019 Acquired Presentation skills and knowledge Gathered information related to ABC and
Prepared a Powerpoint Presentation on of application of ABC method in a prepared a Presentation giving all the
Activity based Costing company required information
Analysed the Activity Baed Costing as a Solved Numerical Illuatrations on ABC
method of costing using various Numerical Acquired knowlege on how to study method and found its merits, demerits and
Illustrations financial data and draw an outcome suitability

1st April 2019 to 20th April 2019

Finded out details regarding Private Sector
providing funding for Incubators taking
Research on Private Sector providing help of Internet, News articles and
funding for Incubators Research skills blogposts
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