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Diez, Michael Jay L.

/BSN 3 –Q/Group 65

Family Nursing Care Plan

Family name: Ramos Family

Health Family Goal of Care Objectives of Care Interventions/Measu Method of Resources Evaluation
Problem Nursing res nurse- client required
Problem interaction

- Poor Inability to After 1-2 hours After 1-2 hours of 1) Reinforce the Home Visit Time and effort
environmental provide a of student nurse- student nurse-client schedule for the Lectures of student nurse
sanitation as home client interaction, the cleaning activity and family.
health threat. environment interaction, the family will be able w/c was made
conducive to family will be to: during the last
S:”Manglimpy health able to 1) Demonstrate home visit.
o man mi og maintenance & effectively effective 2) Encourage the
kaduha kada personal promote and cleaning, if not family to
simana pero development maintain an sanitizing the reinforce the
naa lay usahay due to: environment different parts house if ever
na lisod conducive to of both their spare money
limpyohon ang 1.) Lack of / health. house & their should be
uban parte sa inadequate environment. available or
balay o kung di knowledge of 2) Know the through
malimtan the importance correct basis for alternative
namo” as of hygiene & cleanliness. means such as
verbalized by sanitation. 3) Give the wood and hard
the mother. importance of a plastic.
clean 3) Emphasize the
O: Dusty walls environment importance of a
& sleeping clean & healthy
quarters, environment.
Pooling water
beneath the
wooden floor 4) Discuss w/
of the house techniques &
methods used in
cleaning &
5) Monitor for
places that are
prone to soiling
and dirt.