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1- What is your view about career development?

In personal, my view about career development can be:-

1. A tool to become professional in a specific field of my own interest and knowledge

2. Success is to be achieved in every stage of my professional development

3. An educational level achievement in every stage of my professional development.

4. Advancement in my communication skills

5. At last understanding the concept of career development and can navigate myself to become
more professional in future.

At the same time in an organizational view point the career development is a process which can make
the employees “best” in their field of work and to adapt the working environment for a better output.

2- Do you think that career development is important?

Yes, it’s an important process needed both personally and professionally to make a person more fit to
his profession. This can more precisely point as:-

 This will make an employee to cop up with the changing trend in the working environments.

 Supports as a tool for manpower development.

3- What does career development involve?

Career development involves the following process such as:-

1. Self-assessment of the present performance

2. Identification of the new advances in the present career.

3. Development of new skills to maintain the career in a positive way

4. Setting new goals in accordance with the company goals

4- What are the benefits of career development?

Career development helps an employee to make confident in his/her profession. The other benefits

1. Top-up our talent

2. Boost up our capacity to a maximum output

3. Strengthens our talent

4. Impose our skills and competency to attain our goal

5. Creates a strong bond in between an employ and employer