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Western Mindanao State University

College of Teacher Education

Normal Road, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City, 7000 Philippines

Progress Report

Experiences of General Education Teachers Teaching in Self-Contained Classes

by: Zoraida F. Angeles and Yuri Harris S. Pamaran

On the Study Protocol

Comments/Suggestions Page and Paragraph where Remarks

the revisions are found
1. Code the name of the  Page 3, paragraph 7  Under “Background of
school for confidentiality the study”
purposes.  Page 6  Can be seen in Chapter
 Page 24  See chapter 4:
Research Locale
 Page 24  Check “Respondents”
under Chapter 4
2. Follow APA format and All statements that has  Proper citations was
observe proper citations. footnote especially in review observed and checked
of literature. from Chapter 1 to
Chapter 3
 Bibliography for
references were being
added and arranged.
3. Add “Assumption” after Page 4 Found in Chapter 1
Statement of the Problem.
4. “Theoretical and Page 18 and Page 22 Both found under Chapter 2
Conceptual Framework” has
been simplified.
5. Explain the samples only. Page 24 Reason was explained why
purposive sampling is being
used in the study; less lecture
or definitions about purposive
6. Add ethical consideration. Page 27 Ethical consider was being
added under Chapter 3 after
Data Analysis Procedure.