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COLETTE 1540 E Cedar St

Anaheim CA 92085

HAMMER (909) 859- 9309


Seasoned and dependable teacher with twenty-five years of experience delivering educational assistance and
instruction to various levels of learners. Committed to providing students with necessary tools to achieve academic
goals, instilling love of learning and cooperative teamwork. Adept and resilient in communicating complex
information in effective formats.

Teacher / Red Hill Lutheran Church and School, Tustin
Collaborated with other teachers to coordinate social activities and field trips in alignment with curriculum. Enhanced student
learning by optimizing wide range of instructional approaches and innovative classroom activities. Reviewed curriculum and
devised alternate approaches to presenting lessons to increase student understanding. Collaborated with other faculty
members to review data and develop instructional strategies to address student learning objectives. Assisted struggling
students to maintain progress levels by designing individualized lesson plans focused on areas for improvement. Developed
and taught lessons on relevant children's books, poems, movies and themes to promote student interest of Children's
Literature as avenue of study.

AUGUST 1999 – JUNE 2001

Assistant Director / La Petite Academy, Diamond Bar
Collaborated with staff, teachers, and fellow supervisors to organize efficient daily operations and achieve demanding
schedule targets amongst students, parents and teachers. Performed various administrative functions. Reviewed curriculum
and devised alternate approaches to presenting lessons to increase student understanding.

SEPTEMBER 1994 – JUNE 1999

Early Childhood Educator Director / Treasure Island School, Yorba Linda
Consulted with parents to build and maintain positive support networks and support continuing education strategies.
Promoted physical, academic and social development by implementing diverse classroom and outside activities. Coordinated
schedules of activities, events and field trips.

MAY 1990 – AUGUST 1994

Sales Associate / Sears, Brea
Organized racks and shelves to maintain store visual appeal, engage customers and promote specific merchandise.

Psychology / California State University Fullerton
Elementary School Teacher / California State University

► Certified Multi-Subject Teacher ► Elementary Education ► Teacher Collaboration
► Certified Preschool Teacher ► AED and CPR Certified ► GATE Certified