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Problem/Effect : Unemployment

Root Cause : Terrorism – Local and Foreign

Underlying Factors:

1. Human
a. Fear – when there are terroristic activities, it elicits panic
i. Residents – they tend to refrain from any personal or familial efforts
ii. Investors – when there is a foreseen threat, investors become wary of coming
into the community and starting a business. This is true for both local and foreign
b. Gender – terrorism has massive effects both for male and female locals. With rampant
chaotic activities, there is a tendency for the people to either clam up in their shells or
join the band altogether for survival
c. Education – lack of education means lack of comprehension, there is a confusion on the
means and ends of terrorism and its effects in humanity
d. Religion – a large chunk of terrorists has declared that conflicts of religion account for
e. Political Affiliation – terrorism is also about political inclinations of individuals and
2. Materials
a. Equipment vs. Arms – when equipment for jobs are scarce while arms and artillery are
more accessible to the public, mostly with the support of external extremists.
b. Black Propaganda – everything is about publicity, whatever is made known to the general
public will significantly affect their reception of negative information which may lead to
misunderstanding of societal issues
c. Basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) – when people’s necessities are compromised, they
will be forced to embrace a belief even when the results are detrimental to himself and
to the society
d. Raw Materials – this is true for home workers who rely on the materials needed to
produce their jobs. If the raw materials are inaccessible due to terrorist risk, then people
in livelihood programs will have no choice but to submit to terrorism.
3. Procedures
a. Skills – due to lack or no education, skills tend to be mismatched for available employment
in general while no qualifications are provided for terrorism except for strong will
b. Application for jobs – applicants are often plagued by different modes of job applications,
often resulting to apprehensions
c. Candidate selection – relative to application, there is a tendency for anxiety when the
shortlisting of candidates is unclear.
d. Discrimination – there are still some companies who have preferences with regard to
accepting applicants with specific qualities and qualification. This discrimination results in
negative views on employment
e. Training – because of costs, not all employers provide extensive training, thus, when these
new hires come on day 1, they seem ill-equipped or unskilled.
4. Resources
a. Local Investors – the resources from in-house/in-country investors are main bases for
peaceful economics in a community. When there exists terrorism, even the
entrepreneurial spirit of the locals is affected
b. Foreign Investors – when local entrepreneurs create an economic environment conducive
to business, it also attracts outside financiers but when threat is widespread, no amount
of attractions will bring forth external business
c. Technology – the growing need to transact using technology is also affected by the
terrorism risks because communication is also barred by terror activities
d. Communication – this is traditional communication not brought by technology but inter-
and intra-personal interaction between and among the people. When terror is evident,
the power and ability to transfer information is hampered