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Critique Paper
English for Academic and Professional Purpose

Submitted by:
ABM-11 St. Bernadette

Submitted to:
English Instructor
A Review on Action Research on Classroom Teaching in English Medium


The need to be proficient in the use of English among non-native speakers has become a global

phenomenon. English learning has gained a momentum considering its notable role and status

worldwide; therefore, the widespread view is that the medium of education is to be English, as

higher education in this era aims at preparing students for an international career. Some opponents,

however, claim that English medium instruction (EMI) puts certain burden on learners’ as well as

teachers’ shoulders. Accessing to a wide range of resources easily, employment opportunities, and

contribution to academic success have been mostly appreciated upsides of EMI. Conversely, a high

number of participants noted that EMI prevents being involved in the subject matter and

comprehending it fully. In language learning contexts, the path to follow might be to help learners

to be highly proficient to be equipped well enough to follow the content in their majors during

their studies. This can be best achieved by a great collaboration between content and language

specialists while exploiting such gaining of EMI as accessing to different resources and finding

jobs as global citizens.

In addition, students were attracted towards teaching and learning and their course as audio-

visual aids were also applied in the class. They felt easy to understand the gist and morale of the

documentary as the dialogue was in Hindi and captions were given in English. In the first year of

the course students were not paying attention in the class as only lecture method was followed.

The use of audio-visual aid in the following year attracted students towards teaching.
The involvement of students in class work and providing them home assignment helped

increase their knowledge on particular field. This also further increased their writing skill in


The class presentation of each student on the selected topic within the course helped develop

their public speaking ability in English as they were allowed to make use of Nepali vocabulary

whenever they felt uncomfortable to explain in English. Moreover, it also contributed in

developing their English skill for paper writing. They finalized the paper once their classmates and

the teacher commented and made suggestions on their presentation.

Teachers and students prefer the use of English as a medium of instruction, as the teachers

find English as the more comfortable language to explain concepts and ideas. Teachers further

noted that English is an “intellectual language” and a valuable tool of information.

Concept Key Words

1. Action research
2. Classroom teaching
3. English medium
4. Gender and community development
5. Class Interaction
6. Mother Tongue
7. Students
8. Language Style
9. Nepal (Country)
10. Language Anxiety
Gained Insights
1. Effective teaching and learning are today’s need and in order to make it effective and relevant.
2. Motivation, encouragement and interaction are more decisive to a successful teacher than
excellent spoken English and intensive knowledge.
3. Classroom interaction is crucial to the classroom atmosphere; therefore, teachers must engage
in an exciting and participative activities.
4. It is not in every subject force a student to interact in English to be able to gain self-esteem
among students.
5. Along with English, as a medium of instruction, the national or local language could be used
to make the teaching and learning motivating and effective.
6. Technology gives more teaching and learning process more attractive to use along with English
as a medium of instruction.
7. Group activities that teachers provide engage students to learn to love English as a medium of
8. English Medium of instruction gives the students a global opportunity.
9. Different Activities must be presented in each day in order to have an English Medium of
Instruction effective.
10. Students must learn the importance of English Medium of Instruction for them to be able to
value it.

1. How will the English language help people to get a job if the language itself makes them
2. How will they improve their teaching skills to make the students be active and interested
to the English language?
3. Why are the teacher not making the students to learn and speak English language instead,
they are letting them to do unnecessary stuffs?
4. What are the solutions to the students who doesn’t have confidence in making presentations
and speaking English language?
5. Why do they need to study our universal language?

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