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Form Meaning - Usage and Relationship * Causative, Intransitive to Transitive “tn the OF Ba SF 9B BE ow SN 1 got down fot the carton tok dow the hi Transitive to double transitive Howie (WS Houde WS | Bla Ls Eph a Os | Haught you Arai. studied Arabi * Strengthening of meaning. * Intensive ~ an action done on large scale oF = | repeatedly He massacred Herilst Bates tS Se baeth FY) aw Bipd Be Se padis “Te criminal masnered the The criminal killed people of th village. an * Extensive ~ an action done thoroughly and L _ | with great force. Hesmashed Ga | Heth pa” ghee cgies smashed the ss 1 broke te gis . = Ae ~ zg | * Collective action. Fesioespont SSW Tove GS” Wire tn oF more people juin togethers — * Infransiive to transitive Heseaed pet | Hesse ple | te lah Genie, JS a 1 Satin a ows seat he tld by my sd * Transitive to double transitive Hemale . | Gy hina ata. somebody Gated | Hetinened ace | AAAS AE OTA Gah ge sen The students read out Qu’ The ache listened tothe each. tothe Quran "Reflexive of form 2. Transitive to intransitive «| also impersonal. He learned Hct oe | eu be Learnt sieving, Bilal taught ne shining © Reflexive of form 3. A group action, Tosskone —“pyeg “e me, A Brow pe Sets toa SS Opel Ae | Aout whit are hey asking one another? | * Pretension He pretended SE fae fo tae 598 tobe asleep He slept PD GIS ey et Thespy pretended ein slept e el theta of he en © Passive of form Togerbroken SI To beak Thetumbler broke. __Ihroke the tumble = Transitive and intransitive To assemble Toesher gam Tobecome red © Indicating colors and defects Asked frkelp Helped © Scoking/asking Rezarded good ~~ 3+ | Was good ‘or beaut Norte © Regarding/judging