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OIOT IBL Chairman’s Cup 2010

Teams in the Tournament:

1) IBL Business
2) IBL World
3) IBL Finance
4) Abbott (1)
5) Abbott (2)
6) Friends XI

Group: A
1) IBL Business
2) Abbott (1)
3) IBL World

Group: B
1) IBL Finance
2) Abbott (2)
3) Friends XI
Draws of the Tournament:
Match: 01
IBL Finance V/S Friends XI
Match: 02
IBL Business V/S IBL World
Match: 03
Abbott (2) V/S Friends XI
Match: 04
IBL World V/S Abbott (1)
Match: 05
IBL Finance V/S Abbott (2)
Match: 06
IBL Business V/S Abbott (1)
Final Match:

Teams will be decided on the Group match basis.

Top: 01 team of each Group will qualify for the Final of

OIOT IBL Chairman’s Cup-2010.

Jewry for Man of the Match & Player of the Tournament

1) Mr. Munis Abdullah

2) Mr. Masroor Hussain

3) Mr. Shakil Khan


Neutral scorer will be provided by the ground management.

Match Referee of the Tournament:

• Mr. Munis Abdullah

Umpires for the Tournament

Neutral umpires will be provided by the ground


Commentary Team of the Tournament:

1) Mr. Iqbal Jaffry
2) Mr. Javed Iqbal Butt
3) Mr. Shakil Khan

Expert Opinion:

1) Masroor Jaffry
2) Rehman Afzal ( Special Invitation)
Rule of the Tournament
1) Match will be supervised by the neutral umpires.

2) Each League match will be played 5 over per side.

3) Bowling Rule in League Match:

a) 1 bowler will be allowed to bowl 2 overs in match.

b) 3 bowlers will be allowed to bowl 1 over in match.

2) Final of the tournament will be played 6 over per side.

3) Bowling Rule in Final Match:

a) 2 bowlers will be allowed to bowl 2 overs in match.

b) 2 bowlers will be allowed to bowl 1 over in match.

4) There will be a 5 minutes break between the matches. In that

break toss of the next match will be held.

5) No objection on umpiring or protest will be entertained during

or after the match / Tournament.

6) In Case any team does not reach in the ground at their match
schedule time opponent team will be awarded walk over.
7) One player will play from one team only. In case of protest for
violation by any team one over will deducted as penalty from the
innings of team committing the violation.

8) If there are not full members of any team available at the start
of the match; team will not be allowed to borrow any outsider
rather than the team member. Match will be played by the team
with the available members in the ground.

9)In case match is resulted in a tie between the teams, there will
be a super over to be bowled out. Each team will play one over
for the decision

a) Only 3 batsmen will be available for batting.

b) One bowler will bowl the complete over.
c) In case match will still remain tie between the teams, than
there is a super-super over of 3 balls. Points a & b will remain same for
the super-super over.

12) If there are more than two teams qualifying for the final of the
tournament; decision will be made on the league match played
between them. Winner of the league match will qualify for the
position of final of the Tournament.

13) If all three teams of a group win one match each, than final
decision of top on the group will be made on the basis of run rate.

14) In case of any confusion / dispute the decision of match referee

will be firm & final.