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Application form: South Asia Researcher & Representative (2.5 days per week)
• based in India
• closing date: 4 May 2010
Applicants must have:
• excellent English language skills;
• the right to work in India; and
• previous work or volunteer experience in a non-profit organization addressing human rights, labour
rights, development, environment, or other social issues.
Please answer all questions, and do not attach a CV.
Please return the completed form to us, preferably by email:
put “South Asia Researcher” in subject line, and send to:
westby@business-humanrights.org with Cc to contact@business-humanrights.org
You will receive an email response within 7 days confirming receipt of your application. If it is not
possible for you to send this form by email, please FAX to our London office: +44-20-7636-7775.
Personal details
Surname: Visave
Home address: 601, ‘C’ wing, Swami Prasad Building, Shellar Park, Opp. Flower Valley, Khadakpada,
Kalyan (W), Maharashtra, India.

Telephone – home: +91 09967769151

Telephone – work: +91 09967769151
May we contact you at work by telephone? Yes

If we need to telephone you between 10 May and 31 May, what phone number(s) should we use?

+91 09967769151
Email address: jaideepv1234@gmail.com

May we contact you via this e-mail address?


Will you be checking this e-mail address during May (when we will be informing candidates about our
shortlisting decision)?

General information
Present nationality: Indian
Nationality at birth: Indian
Do you already have the right to work in India?

If you are shortlisted, will you be available for an interview in India in June? (Please provide any dates
when you would not be available)

Yes. You can call at any time.

If appointed, when would you be able to start?
As early as possible.

Where did you first learn about this job?

On the website- www.devnetjobsindia.org

Do you have any criminal convictions? A conviction will not necessarily exclude you from this post, but
will be taken into consideration when assessing your suitability for this position.

Please indicate level (Fluent, very good, good, intermediate, basic). Start with first language (“mother tongue”)
Language read write understand speak
Marathi Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent

Hindi Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent

English Fluent Fluent Fluent Fluent

Present or most recent employer

Employer’s name & address:
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Opp. Deonar Bus depot, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Date of commencement:1 June 2009

Date of completion (if employment has finished): It’s not finished.
Salary: Rs. 300000 Per Annual
Period of notice required:
Post held: Program Officer

Reason for leaving: Not quite yet.

Please give a brief description of your duties and responsibilities:

The current job is of the nature of researcher.

1) Development of research tool (for household level and for village level also)

2) Given training on questionnaire (for research) to 90 field investigators for 15 days (In the
current job).
3) Also training was given on data entry process to 20 people for 8 days. (In current job).

4) Monitoring and Evaluation of data collection and data entry process for 6 months in the
field (In current job).

5) Currently engaged in analyzing the data and report writing process (In current job).
6) Done all kind of administrative work for data collection teams (Like, making route map
for data collection team, financial management of the team etc, in current job).
Previous employment & work experience (most recent first)
Date Date Name & address of Job title & brief description of Pay and reason for
started finished employer your responsibilities leaving
(month/ (month/
year) year)

1 June, Not yet Tata Institute of Social Program Officer. Rs. 300000 per
2009 Sciences, Opp. Deonar Development of survey tools, annual.
Bus Depot, Chembur, monitoring and evaluation of the And no quit yet.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, data collection and data entry
India. process, report writing and also
done all the administrative work
for the survey teams.

Private Doctor. 250000 per annual.

Sep June Self Employed. I was running my private clinic for I quit because I
2005 2006 Private Clinical Practise. near about 1 year. want to do the
master course in
Public health from

Aug June Phadke Hospital, RMO (Residential Medical 180000 per annual.
2003 2005 parnaka, Kalyan (W). Officer). Handling all the patients I quit because i
in the hospital. want to start my
own clinical

Please explain any gaps in employment history:

Education and training (most recent first)
Please give details of educational institutions and courses you have attended and (if applicable) qualifications
gained. Include specialist in-house training, short courses, etc.
Date Date Name & address of Details of course attended Qualification
started finished institution gained (if any)

June May Tata Institute of Social MSc in Disaster Management.

2007 2009 Sciences, Opp. Deonar (Management about the disasters, B Grade.
Bus Depot, Chembur, including manmade and natural
Mumbai. disasters and their mitigation etc.)

BAMS (Bachelor Ayurvedic

June Aug 2005 K. G. Mittal Ayurvedic medicines and surgery) It has 59 %
19999 College, Charni Road, medicine, surgery, gynaecology etc
Mumbai. subjects.

June May M.J. college, Jalgaon. HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate. 65 %

1998 1999 Nashik Board Biology, Maths, Physics etc

June May LANA, School, Jalgaon, SSC (Secondary Certificate). 68 %

1997 1998 Maharashtra Physics, Maths etc

Please give details of two people, not related to you, who may be approached for references as to your suitability
for the post. The first should be your present (or most recent) employer, or course tutor/professor if you are a
student. The second should be a referee who is able to comment on your work abilities.
Reference 1 Reference 2
Name: Prof. T. Rajaretnam (Current Supervisor ) Name: Mr. Mahesh Kamble

Address:Tata Institute of Social Sciences, opp. Address:Tata Institute of Social Sciences, opp.
Deonar bus depot, Chembur, Mumbai. Deonar bus depot, Chembur, Mumbai.

Position: Project Director Position: Asst. Professor

Telephone number: +91 9987672794 Telephone number: +91 9821911081

Email address: trajaretnam@gmail.com E-mail address: mahestiss.edu

May we contact this referee prior to the interview? May we contact this referee prior to the interview?

Additional information
Please use this section to explain why you believe you are a suitable candidate for this post, in particular
how you meet its requirements and the experience you have that is relevant. Please give examples of
particular achievements. Before completing this section, please read carefully the Job announcement,
Job/task description and Person Specification for this post. Continue on a separate page if necessary.

I am Dr. Jaideep K. Visave, currently working as Program Officer in “Vidarbha Baseline

Survey” project by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai from last 1 year.

During the current project I had managed 45 people in 5 teams, including monitoring,
evaluation of the data collection and data entry process in the field (in 6 districts of Vidarbha
region). Also I have developed he survey tools for household and for village level. I have given
training to 90 field investigators about the questionnaire for 15 days at TISS, tuljapur campus.
After that I have also given the training to data entry operators for 8 days. Management of all
teams including financial management, program management, administrative work etc I have
handled properly and correctly. The current survey is at state level work. I also know the research
software called SPSS (For data cleaning and mainly for the data analysis).

I have also done the research for my master’s degree. Research is on, Social exclusion and
post disaster rehabilitation- comparative study of children of one to six years of age from
different castes. Research talks about how recovery is helpful to increase the nutritional status
of the children of 1 to 6 ages of years of the village called Jawali (rehabilitated village).it also talks
about the fruits of recovery process reaches, or not, to every caste in this village.
I am currently working as program officer in baseline survey, this gives me the experience of the
good researcher and hence I think I am the most suitable person for this post, because I got the
relevant experience in research field.


Dr. Jaideep K. Visave,

Program Officer,
Vidarbha Baseline Survey,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

I confirm that the details in this form and any other information relating to my formal application are correct.

Signature of applicant: Jaideep K. Visave Date:20 Apr. 2010