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San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish

Music Ministry Meeting for the month of March

March 10, 2019 / Formation Center

1. Mayette Marella (ROL) 7. Ysabel Dela Cruz (Children’s Choir)
2. Linda Duritan (AP) 8. Sylvia Tan (AP)
3. Pam del Mundo (Enzo) 9. Hazzelyn de Ocampo (Enzo)
4. Sharon Samson (Himig SanLo) 10. Paul Apo (Himig SanLo)
5. EJ Cruz (Children’s Choir) 11. Ferdie Queyquep (CFL)
6. Fr. Nino Etulle 12. Ricci and Andrew Dela Cruz


1. Short Orientation about Music Ministry

 Music Ministry is under the Worship Team which is headed by tita Josie
 Worship Team is composed of six (6) ministries.

2. Duties and Responsibilities of Music Ministry Officers

 Updated roster of officers:

Coordinator- Hazzelyn de Ocampo Enzo Choir Coordinator- Pam del Mundo

Assistant Coordinator- EJ Cruz Himig SanLo Coordinator- Ian Yadao
Secretary- Paul Apo AP Choir Coordinator- Sylvia Tan Ng Gui
Treasurer- Mayette Marella ROL Choir Coordinator- Mayette Marella
PRO Internal- Ysabel Dela Cruz CFL Choir Coordinator- Ferdie Queyquep
PRO External- Ian Yadao Children’s Choir Coordinator- EJ Cruz
3. Parish Activities for the Month of March


March 16-18 Blessing of Fathers and St. All 6 AM masses at SLRP
Joseph Images
March 16 (Saturday) Vicariate-wide Music Ministry 8 AM- 12 PM at Our Lady of
Renewal the Annunciation Parish
March 20 (Wednesday) BEC Mass 6:30 PM, SLRP
Visita Iglesia Orientation After BEC Mass, SLRP
4:30 AM Assembly Time at
March 23 (Saturday) Visita Iglesia
10 PM Estimated time of
arrival at SLRP
March 23 (Saturday) Diocesan Activity: Seminar for 7 AM- 12:30 PM
Holy Week/Liturgical Music San Bartolome Parish
Rehearsal for Lent
All Music Ministry members are encouraged to attend the Vicariate-Wide
Music Ministry Renewal on March 16 at OLAP. As per Father Nino, if the choir
fails to send their respective representatives, they will not be allowed to sing in
the Parish.

4. Parish Activities for the Month of April


Lenten Recollection 2 PM
April 6 (Saturday) Confession San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish
Charismatic Mass
April 14 (Palm Sunday) Palm Sunday Procession 5:45 AM at the Grotto
6 AM at SLRP
April 15-17 Regular Mass
Choir: Religious
BEC Mass 6:30 PM at SLRP
April 17
Choir: BEC Ensemble
6 PM at SLRP
April 18 (Maundy Thursday) Washing of the Feet
Choir: Himig and Enzo
Grand Way of the Cross 5 AM, starts at SLRP
Choir: ROL and CFL
Song: Were You There?
April 19 (Good Friday)
Seven Last Words 1 PM at SLRP
Choir: AP with kuya EJ Cruz

Veneration of the Cross 3 PM at SLRP

Choir: Himig and Enzo
Sto. Entierro Procession After 3 PM mass
Choir: Himig, Enzo,
Liturgy of the Hour 6 AM, SLRP
Easter Vigil Mass 7 PM, SLRP
April 20 (Black Saturday)
Choir: Grand Choir with Tita
4:30 AM
April 21 (Easter Sunday) Salubong
Choir: Children’s Choir
1. All Music Ministry Members are required to attend the Lenten Recollection.
2. All church workers are encouraged to attend the Grand Way of the Cross.

5. Discussion during General Assembly Open Forum

 Unified Mass Songs
Ian and Kuya EJ will take charge in choosing the roster of songs. They will
meet with the instrumentalists of each choir. The songs should be aligned
with the Sunday Readings. Should start after Lent.
Proposed entrance song for Lent: Buksan ang Aming Puso
Proposed recessional song for Lent: Pananagutan

 Choir Area
The choir will transfer at the left side of the church (facing the altar) after

 Collection of Monthly Dues

- All choirs are already paid.
- Tito Joi and Tita Linda will take charge in transferring the Music
Ministry Fund to SLRP Fund.
- As per FNE, requests for funds should be signed by concerned priests
before submitting to him.

 Choir Reliever/ Schedule Concerns

Talk directly to the choir that will replace the absence then inform the
Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator.

 Treasurer’s Update and Turnover

The Parish Finance Council will still discuss the mechanics of the turnover
and disbursements of funds of each ministry. The funds of the Music
Ministry is already turned over to the new Music Ministry Treasurer (Ate

6. FNE’s Concerns/ Updates

 All Music Ministry Members are required to attend the Vicariate-Wide
Music Ministry Renewal or else they won’t be allowed to sing in the parish.
 There will only be five (5) readings in the Easter Vigil so it means there will
only be five (5) cantors only.
 If possible next year, the Litany of Saints should be the Entrance Song at
the First Sunday of Lent.
 All are encouraged to attend BEC Activities and Parish Activities.

7. Other Matters
 General uniform of Music Ministry.
 Microphone for choirs not singing at the choir loft.