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Volume 137 Issue 19 Friday, July 19, 2019 www.minnedosatribune.com 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE With Heartfelt Appreciation

this week

Weeds Taking
Over North
End of Lake

Rodeo Action
Returns Photo by Darryl Holyk

8 (L-R) Cpl. Graeme Kingdon and Cst. Mitch Thompson are pictured with Prairie Mountain EMS - Erickson Paramedics
Amanda Cornish, Amy Kingdon, Callum Melvin and Jodi Lynn Woychyshyn. Missing - Linde MacDiarmid.
Paramedics risked their own safety to aid Cpl. Kingdon after being wounded by gunshot near Onanole last August.

By DARRYL HOLYK community involvement Thompson, who has since bitt and Dauphin-Swan Staff Sergeant Dave Porter,
and support the RCMP been transferred to Nova River-Neepawa MP Robert Yellowhead Area Com-
If your label reads

19/07/31 T
he Royal Canadian received during and after Scotia, were both in atten- Sopuck. mander. “The outpouring
Mounted Police host- the incident in which Cpl. dance as honoured guests. “This community of support shown to the
ed a special Community Graeme Kingdon and Cst. Other special guests in- was diligent in calling RCMP and the Kingdon
time to renew Appreciation event at the Mitch Thompson were in- cluded RCMP Superinten- the RCMP with tips and and Thompson families
your subscription! Onanole Rec Centre last volved in a shooting while dent Darcy Fleury, RCMP information which as- was nothing short of re-
Thursday, July 5th. The responding to a Break and Assistance Commissioner sisted RCMP in the quick markable and much ap-
204-867-3816 event was hosted to rec- Enter on August 29th, 2018. Jane MacLatchy, Riding apprehension of two-of- preciated.”
ognize the outstanding Cpl. Kingdon and Cst. Mountain MLA Greg Nes- the-three suspects,” stated Continued on Page 6

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