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Local Policy Chapter 12.17 DAUPHIN COUNTY PRISON Subject: Notification. Reference: Title 37 Chapter 95 Section 95.247 (1) ACA: 4-ALDF-7F-02; 4-4500-1 POLICY: In the event of the death, serious injury, or diagnosis of critical or terminal illness of a staff member or inmate, the Warden shall ensure that the individual's request regarding notification of next of kin or other designee has been followed. Notification shall be, when possible, handled on a personal level in a dignified and compassionate manner. PENOLOGICAL INTEREST: Itis in the penological interest of Dauphin County Prison to make every available effort to make notification of death or serious injury/illness in person to the individual’s next of kin, as listed, by the Warden or his designee. PROCEDURE: A. All staff members and inmates shall provide the necessary information regarding notification which shall be included in their respective files. B. The Warden, or his designee, shall notify the appropriate authorities of the incident. C. The Warden, or his designee, shall make arrangements to notify the designated person(s). 1. When next of kin or other designee resides outside the local area, notification of the closest available relative may be made. 2. In the event that prison staff members are unable to reach the emergency notification by phone, either the Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Detective or Coroner will be advised to make further attempts at notification. 3. It shall also be the practice to coordinate death notifications with the Coroner's Office. copy Warden RESTRICTED CORRECTIONAL DATA This data is proprietary and shall not be duplicated, disclosed, or discussed, without the written permission of this agency. Data subject to this restriction is contained throughout this publication. Revised September 22, 2015