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New Era in Testing

Introducing Telerik Automated Testing Tools

Radically Better
Revolutionary Interface Cross-Browser Test Execution
Record your tests with just a few clicks. Record tests once and run against multiple browsers.

Support for AJAX, Silverlight, MVC Effortless team collaboration

Cover even the most intricate test scenarios. Specialized tools for QAs and Developers who can finally work
together as a team.
Superior test maintenance
Abstraction and reuse of UI elements across multiple tests. Highly attractive licensing
Fit for any company budget.

For QAs/TESTERS • Test complex AJAX, Silverlight, and MVC applications
Automate AJAX, Silverlight, and MVC, cover elaborate
scenarios like dynamic page synchronization, client-side
WebUI Test Studio QA Edition behaviors, JavaScript validation, etc. Telerik WebUI Test
Studio is the industry’s first product to offer scriptless test
automation for Silverlight applications.
Record your tests with just a few mouse clicks. Save time by reusing tests
and executing on multiple browsers. Automate more scenarios in less time. • Native support for Telerik controls
If you are developing rich applications with the Telerik
Get up and running in a few minutes! controls for ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight, make sure to take
advantage from WebUI Test Studio’s control translators.
• Record tests with point-and-clicks • No hardcoded coordinates - superior testcase maintenance Now you can quickly build functional tests even for very
Record cross-browser tests with ease and forget about writing Test maintenance is now times faster and easier. Forget about complex applications built with the Telerik web controls.
script. Navigate, point and click is all it takes to generate hardcoded coordinates! All web page elements are abstracted
even the most complex of your automated tests. The robust out - update an element once to have the change applied to
GUI Web Recorder saves these actions as test steps, and the all your tests. What’s more, you don’t have to duplicate your
unique visual storyboard gives you a visual flow of how your tests for different browsers any more – record and play on IE, The recorder automatically
test has progressed. FF, and Safari at the same time. detects the Telerik controls,
helping you select precisely the
• Revolutionary UI – now anyone can do testing control element which you need
Whether you are a QA professional or just started testing, to test. Testcase execution,
you’ll find WebUI Test Studio intuitive and enjoyable. management, and source control
The recorder interface is inspired by consumer handheld are done within Visual Studio.
devices so all you need to get started is watch a couple of
short videos - it’s that easy! For MANAGERS
Productivity through automation is key for achieving sustainable quality in
software development projects. Telerik Testing Tools set a new benchmark
for automated testing thanks to breakthrough functionality, usability and
attractive pricing model.
• Low entry costs, high lifetime value regression testing is guaranteed by a number of test
Implementing automated testing technology across your maintenance techniques – web element abstraction,
team does not cost a fortune with WebUI Test Studio. on-the-spot validation, DOM.
And unlike the value from manual testing, which is lost after
The powerful yet intuitive UI • Improved team collaboration
helps you record a test through a each iteration, the benefit of automated regression testing
only grows as you add new tests. No manual testing shop can Telerik WebUI Test Studio comes in two specialized editions:
number of simple wizards.
beat the results and ROI of Telerik’s Automated Testing Tools. a standalone version for QAs, and a Visual Studio Plug-in
You can record, execute, and
edit your tests straight within the
for developers doing functional testing themselves. Both
standalone QA edition. • Dramatic productivity gains tools use the same repositories and file formats, making
Make your team times more productive by arming them collaboration seamless even between geographically
with Telerik Testing Tools. Thanks to WebUI Test Studio’s dispersed teams. In addition, teammates can quickly get an
cross-browser testing support and independence of screen idea what their colleagues have already recorded through the
coordinates, users don’t have to re-do tests over and built-in Visual Storyboard tool.
over again if the application changes. Moreover, efficient

For DEVELOPERS Deliver Quality Software. On time. Every time.

WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition Low entry cost,

high lifetime value
over manual
Little or no
Reuse of tests Cross-browser
execution of
Improved collaboration

Build great software, and then test it with ease. Record cross-browser tests, testing
customize them in code within Visual Studio or convert them to unit tests.
Ensuring software quality has never been easier even when missing QA
professionals on staff.
• A Visual Studio plug-in built for developers • Powerful test recorder for tremendous productivity
WebUI Test Studio is a robust, developer-focused solution that Don’t code your tests from scratch – record them first and
gives you maximum control over your code and tests. tweak them in code if needed. With WebUI Test Studio you’ll
It’s where you need it most – tightly integrated in Visual be many times more productive than writing the complete
Studio. Generate coded unit tests and add them to the build tests in code. The output is C# or VB.NET so you can program
server. Ship quality code with every release. more complex verifications.
Pricing & Licensing:


WebUI Test Studio WebUI Test Studio
QA Edition Developer Edition Bundle Offer:
WebUI Test Studio QA Edition + Developer Edition
Per machine with 1 year of Per machine with 1 year of
updates and priority support updates and priority support $2,999

$2,499 $1,499 Ultimate Collection for Developers:

Includes all Telerik UI suites (ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC,
Silverlight, WPF, WinForms), developer productivity tools
(Reporting, JustCode, JustMock, OpenAccess ORM), and
WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition.

About Telerik
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