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DAY: Wednesday

9:45- 1. Read an Use Literacy

10.45am increasing summative
range of test to 1. Introduction: Guided imagery
different types assess what  Outdoor visualisation/guided imagery using all of their  Guided
of texts by … students sense. I will utilise a poem, rather than the text to give imagery/visu
using text proce understand students a fresh text for a new visualisation experience alisation
ssing of the three script/poem
 Line by line they will do before reading, during reading, and
strategies. (ACE reading
LY1679) strategies we
after reading pictures to show how their visualisation changes
 Paper to be
have focused (or just have them listen and discuss depending on whether we
folded into 3
on: do this inside or outside)
Complete a prediction, during,
summative test inference 2. Reading Strategies Summative Test after)
assessing their and  Give students a predicting/inferring/visualisation test
understanding of visualisation. including multiple choice and short answer questions.  Summative
 This will be my opportunity to show a summative test:
inference and
assessment I have implemented as well as see where the Reading
students are at with all of our strategies that we have learnt Strategies
this term.

3. Conclusion  Inference
pass the
 Students can choose our final activity for the lesson out of:
- Inference Pass the Parcel
- Visualisation story telling in a circle
- Visualisation drawing on white boards  Inference
- Read them a book from my library cards
- Any other fun activities we have done related to reading
 Books
12- 1. Circumstances that No PATHS / INSIDE OUT
1.20pm can influence the assessment  Inside Out
level of emotional
response to for this 1. Introduction on Stan or
situations lesson apart  Congratulate students on how sensibly they have worked Netflix
from throughout our PATHS unit on friendship and feelings.
View the film “Inside questioning  Remind/question students of the main points we learnt throughout  Popcorn
Out” with the
understanding that they
to ensure the term, especially regarding feelings
can handle emotions as students can
the main character relate to the 2. Main
Riley does. film.  Hand out bags of popcorn to each student
 Put Inside Out on the Interactive Whiteboard (Netflix/Stan) and
enjoy the film 

3. Conclusion
 Finish off the film and if time allows question students on the most
important parts of the film that we can take away.
 Final word: Tell students we all have a “Feelings Headquarters” just
like Riley and we can choose to feel all our emotions without shutting
any down, as she did.