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‘Name: Connor Mt. Pernice Age: 2 CuyrTownVitage | Norfolk States | NY o7rons| Charge Uncegstered Motor Vehicle Time: | 12:15am Pierrepont Avenue ReleasefReturn: | Potsdam Town Court, August 14°, 2029 10:00 AM "The above listed subject was led a Uniform Traffic Ticket after patrolobsened Narrative: subject traveling on Pierrepont Avenue, Patra conducted a routine DMV check ‘on subject's vehicle and found thatthe eegistration had expire. ‘Name: Brian A. Cole Ate 2 CuyTown/Vilage | Potsdam state: | NY [Date: | 07/20/19 Driving While Irtowcated Coane Driving With 08 of 1% or More of Alcohol et (eee Location: Maple Street Reeaseeturn: | Potsdam Town Cour, August 7, 2019 10000 AM ‘The above Tisted subject was issued the Isted Hekets aftr Potsdam Police Department received a complain of a suspicious vehicle parked on the Maple Narrative: Street bridge. Patrols responded and made contact withthe lited operator who \was found tobe intoxicated, Subject was transported to Potsdam Police partment for processing where it was determined his BAC wa.17%, Name ‘Amber 1 Woods ‘Ase 0 CityTownVilage | Hewvelion sue: | NY [Date | 07/20/19 ‘Charge: Speedin Zone 49/30 time: | 9:21pm Location: ‘Maple street [ReleasefReturn: | Potsdam Town Court August 14%, 2019 20:00 AM “The above listed subject was sed a Uniform Traffic Ticket after patrol observed Narrative: subject traveling at high ate of speed on Maple Steet, RADAR confirmed speed of 49 MPH ina 30 MPH zone. Page 2084 Name: Ryan L McLean ge: a Ciy/Town/Vilage | Potsdam sate: | WY [Dawe | 07/20/19 ‘riminal Contempt 7 Oiobey Court Order Unlawful Possession of Marihuana Criminal Mischief Intent to Damage Property | Obstrvct Governmental Administration 2 Lactions Walnut Steet eleasefeturn: | Arraigned in Potsdam Town Court, Held on $1000 cash/S2000 Bond “The above listed subject wat avested onthe above charges after Potedam Poles Department responded toa complain of an axder of protection violation in Narrative: Progress. MeLean was taken into custody and found tobe in possession of ‘marihuane. While at PPD MLean refuse tobe processed on the arrest and attempted to damage police department property ois 0136 0235 0240 0409 0822 1022 1046 112s 1259 uss 1801 1809 1822 2121 203 “Trai Sop on Main Steet ‘Trac Stop on Market Street “TalficStp on Sandstone Drive TeffeStop on Maple Set Disorderly Conduct Complaint Maple Steet. Potsdam Rescue dispatched toa cll Potsdam Reseue dispatched toa cll Assist Chien at 38 Main Sret Vehicle escort on Pine Stet Vehicle & Trafic complaint on Maret Steet Domestic on Walnut Stet ‘Teale Stop on Clarkson Avene Traffic Stop on Pierepont Avenue Potsdam Reseve dispatched toa cll ‘Trafic Stop Fall sland Potsdam Fie Dispatched toa call, Page 208 4 211 2207 2 ons ‘Trafic Stop Markt Street Traffic Stop Maple Steet Onder of Protection Violation Walnut Steet Potsdam Rescue dispatched ta call Page 30f4