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July 22, 2019

To: Interested Parties

From: Kevin Akins & John Anzalone
Re: Polling Summary in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Senator Dan Bishop are tied in a recent poll
conducted roughly seven weeks before the NC-09 special election for Congress. McCready
is in a competitive position to pick up another seat for Democrats in the special election,
which the state elections board is holding after it threw out the November election results
because of flagrant Republican election fraud.

Key Findings
1. This race for NC-09 is again very close. McCready and Bishop are deadlocked
(46% McCready / 46% Bishop / 8% undecided). McCready is consolidating
Democratic support, and also leads by +4 points among Independent voters.

McCready Bishop Undecided

46 46
NC-09 Current Vote

2. NC-09 voters think McCready is the more likeable Dan. McCready boasts a 47%
favorable / 29% unfavorable rating from likely special election voters. Sen. Bishop is
more polarizing, at 33% favorable / 26% unfavorable districtwide.

3. McCready overperforms the partisan DNA of this seat. McCready is tied in a seat
where the generic ballot for Congress is currently +9 points Republican (39% generic
Dem / 48% generic GOP / 13% persuadable). McCready’s background as a Marine,
small businessman, and person of faith are strong pillars in this moderate-to-
conservative district.

4. Voters are concerned about Senator Bishop’s record on healthcare and

prescription drugs. The race shifts significantly when voters hear about Bishop
being the only Senator to vote against a bipartisan bill to lower prescription drug
costs. This small amount of information quickly shifts the race to an 8-point
McCready advantage (51% McCready / 43% Bishop / 6% und).

NC-09 is an opportunity for Democrats to expand their margin in Congress by winning a

hard-fought election in a district carried by Donald Trump. With sufficient resources to
communicate in the expensive Charlotte media market, McCready can win this special
election – the most competitive race since the 2018 midterm election.
ALG Research conducted a poll of n=450 likely September 2019 special election voters in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional
District, between July 15-18, 2019. The survey was conducted with live interviewers and 63% of all interviews were completed via
cell phone. The expected margin of sampling error is +4.6% at the 95% confidence level.