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Page 1 (No. of pages:- 2) MINISTRY OF SUPPLY (S.R DE, Dated:~ 3.7046 ffo be read in conjunction with K1001 ignoring clauses:~ 5-2 ant 5.8, (Specification MOS/OV5/5/issue & SECURTTY, YALVE ELECTRONIC CV575 (5046) Specification Valve Restricted Restricted |< Directly heated Glass-unmetallised Filament voltage Wominal filament current Max, applied RMS, * voltage Max. working peak inverse voltage . Max. no load peck inverse voltage Max, mean D.Sc, reotified current a 225 Max. peak anode current {mA)| 675 Max. xveservoir condenser (uF)! 16 win, limiting resistance | per anode introduced | externally (ohms)| 5 (Ratings apply to condenser input filter and 50 c.ep.s. supply) | L —— > indicates a change free OF VALVE: High Vacuum full wave rectifier MARKING See K1001/y . + No connection Filament Pin anitted Anode Pin omitted Anode Pin omitted | Pilament ON DUE Wo 4 DIMENSION See K1001 /aT/D1 Page 2 CV575 masts To be performed in addition to those applicable in K1001. atts —] [_ | Pest consi tions [ret ee ee ae AC. | Te af La elem ee A Note 1 Input voltage = eee Boone. Output voltage, 420 100% D.C. load 225 mA Reservoir condenser 4. uP. Effective resistance | Persist per anode introduced | flushover. externally 75 ohms. : NOTES 1. ‘Test to be applied to each anode, FULL-WAVE vatve mzorrontoe( VV 875 RECTIFIER DATA SHEET Bie Data given for information of equipment designers and not subject to acceptance testing. Issue No.b. Dated 16.12.44. No. of Pages:~ 2. vf = 5.0V. If = 3.04. See specification for dimensions, connections and main ratings (with condensed input-filter). Bottom View TYPICAL OPHRATING CONDITI A.C. Anode Voltage Per Anode (V. R.M.S.) 550 Max. Input-Choke Inductance (Henrie 3.0 Min. D.C. Output Current (mA) 225 Max. NOTES: 4. Valve may be operated horizontally if pins 1 and 4 are in vertical plane. 2. When a filter input condenser larger than 40 mF. is used, it may be nécessary to use more limiting resistance per anode than the minimun value shewn in specification. TYPICAL OHOKE-INPUT FILTER. INPUT To OUTPUT, FUTER. Ove SA.