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When I go on a trip that is very frequent, I always carry a towel with me, it is very

appreciated by me. It was given to me by my wife more than 10 years ago. I

always wear it in all my trips It is very dear to me because it was embroidered
with his own hands and delicate strokes of thread that specially designed my
name. She did it in our house on a summer vacation we had, she did it on a
piece of cloth towel and the embroidery was done with a cross stitch style. When
I was embroidering it, she told me that every time I took her in my clothes it
would be for me to remember her even more with all the love I felt for her. On
some occasion they asked me where I had acquired it, which I answered that it
was a unique and very special item and I told them the story of it. Whenever I
return home, it is washed very carefully and I keep it in a special place in my
wardrobe, with very delicate clothes. When I go on a trip, the first thing I do is
take it from the wardrobe and put it in my suitcase so that I do not forget and
always accompany me on my trips. As if she were with me. This towel reminds
me of my wife every time, since we practically spent little time together, but in it I
feel her love and company, even if it is not with me. Her love is so great that she
does not fail to show me in these small but significant details how much she
loves me and how much she wants me to always remember her and be in my
thoughts when we are not together.