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The President/G. Secretary / All Executive Members of the KVTO&PDA J&K Srinagar Kashmir.

Assalamu-Alykum, We intend to inform our Association regarding the unexpected developments of Transportation of
Petrol from Srinagar depot to leh Depot. Two TTs of our members were loaded with Petrol on 8th of July 2019 afternoon
from Srinagar Depot for Leh Depot. These TTs reported to Leh Depot on 10th of July 2019.Owners of the two TTs were
informed through a letter that density variation in the product beyond permissible limits has been observed and
directed the owners to send their authorized representative for sampling of the product to be sent to Bathinda for
checking of adulteration if any. These TTs stand now locked in the depot premises while drivers left stranded on the
road with the result the drivers left for home leaving owners high & dry. The locking system is INTACT and no complaint
of tampering is reported. As per the Transport Guidelines the responsibility lies with the Transporter for the
consequences if sample fails the test and the TT gets black listed and the cost of the product has to be recovered from
the owner .This loss for the transporter exceeds rupees ten lakhs in this particular case for each TT owner.

Now we want to discuss with our esteemed Office bearers /Executive members of the association as what can be
explored in such cases to minimize the liability for the owner and where the fault in the system lies and to what extent a
TT owner is justifiably responsible and what can be suggested to improve the system to prevent such incidents in future.
In this case if TT driver is culprit does he go scot free? And if TT drivers go scot-free despite stabbing the owner in the
back then how can these acts be prevented in future?

If the Oil Companies have a robust locking system then how are these systems being penetrated without being detected
.Does the Oil Company absolve itself of its responsibility from these pilferages by simply fixing the responsibility on the
TT owner. These TTs are fitted with Vehicle tracking system and charges are being deducted monthly on regular basis
from the contractors .TTs having suspicious moments /halts around suspected places should have been identified and
reported to the Owners/authorities concerned for prevention of such malpractices and if these points of suspected
adulteration are located in the vicinity of depots. Then is not complacency on part of the Oil Company questionable?

We want a thorough debate for fixing the responsibility in such cases and arriving at solutions in the interests of the
members so that if the two TT owners in question at present face heavy financial liabilities for no fault of theirs it
shouldn’t become precedence for other Transporters also. As we believe that a solution lies in the problem if
approached and tackled intelligently and sincerely.

This is in larger interest of our association to look out in to the causes of this unfortunate development and to fix the
responsibility in the most justifiable manner. The association should openly also explore if the Transporter has been
found complicit towards his responsibility in this matter. Prima face it is the TT driver who is responsible for all this mess
and if these TT drivers can go scot free then no body dealing with this trade can sleep peacefully as such we invite the
attention of our fraternity to explore how we can prevent such incidents .As such we request the President/General
Secretary etc to call a meeting in this behalf in the interest of members.


1. Nazir Ahmed

2. M.Shafi Khanday