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quiz quizz wish wish

brush brush bush bush

box box fox fox

address address guess guess

kiss kiss watch watch

glass glass class class

church church lunch lunch

bench bench dish dish

dress dress cross cross

princess princess peach peach

witch witch bus bus

 Write the plural of the words below:

Example: dog+s=dogs Example: peach+s=peaches

cat dress

house fox

room wish

bicycle lunch

hat box

rabbit quiz

robot matrass
 Fill in the missing letter s,ss,sh,ch,x. Change the noun into plural form:

qui wi

bru bo

addre wat

chur prince

gla gue

pea wit
 Change the underlined noun into plural form. Re-write the sentence.

I sat on a bench in the church.

The princess had a beautiful dress on.

There was a glass in the box.

 Write the plural of each noun to complete the sentence: You may need to cross out

1. I have many (wish) for Christmas.

2. We have lots of (bush) growing in our garden.
3. There are lots of (bench) in a park.
4. There are four, fourth grade (class) in our
5. I saw two (fox) on the road today.
6. I had to wash up lots of dirty (dish) .
7. All good fairy tales have a (prince) and
(princess) .
8. After the party we found three broken (glass) .
9. Some people have lovely, long (eyelash) .
 Write the singular form of each noun.

minuses minus bosses

buzzes itches

lunches beaches

classes crosses

foxes boxes
Write each plural three times and LEARN.

quiz quizzes
prefix prefixes
complex complexes
index indexes
box boxes
fox foxes
bush bushes
brush brushes
dish dishes
wish wishes
address addresses
guess guesses
princess princesses
dress dresses
kiss kisses
watch watches
witch witches
crutch crutches
peach peaches
bench benches
lunch lunches
coach coaches
minus minuses