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Other important Things to be taken from

Citations/References Main Ideas Findings and recommendation Limitations/Implications/Gap the Materials Abstract
Methods/Variables/Questions, In this study, Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior is used as
Syed Shah Like other empirical studies, this study is not without its etc a theoretical framework with the aim of extending prior
Alam, Nazura The multiple regression analysis limitations. The sample size itself is relatively small. The study research examining halal food purchasing behavior in
Mohamed Sayuti, results indicate that all factors have can be strengthened by increasing the sample size and Malaysia.
(2011) "Applying the
positive and significant influence including participants in other geographical areas. This study
Theory of Planned
Behavior (TPB) in on halal food purchasing intention. also considered only three antecedents of halal food purchasing
halal food among consumers in Malaysia. As Malaysia is actually trying to
Emphasized the TPB in Halal play for a bigger role in the halal industry, more research is
purchasing", Internation
al Journal of Commerce Food Purchasing needed to identify and address problematic aspects of
and Management, Vol. consumption of halal food. Potential correlations between some
21 Issue: 1, pp.8- of the independent variables (e.g. trust, moral obligation, habit,
20, https://doi.org/10.1 and self‐identity) need to be reported in a future study