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Questions Answers

Who is the main character of the game? Ichigo Kurosaki

What is the function of the Hell
All above are correct
Who is the author of the manga? Tite Kudo
Which pill can pull a Soul out of its body? Soul Candy
Who gave Kon its name? Ichigo Kurosaki
Who gave Yachiru Kusajishi her name? Kenpachi Zaraki
Which Kido (Demon Art) can heal? Kaido
Which is the path that connects the
Endless Trial
Human World and Soul Society?
Which is the effect of Kikanshinki? Replace memory
Which Glasses vendor does Renji Abarai
Glasses Silver Dragonfly
often visit?
What does Nemu Kurotsuchi call Mayuri
Mayuri san
What is the identity of Jushiro Ukitake? Captain of the Squad 13
What is the identity of Rangiku
All above are correct
What is the real identity of Uryu Ishida? Quicy
What is the identity of Nemu Kurotsuchi? Lieutenant of the Squad 12
What is the identity of Sajin Komamura? Captain of the Squad 7
What is the identity of Mayuri
Captain of the Squad 12
Which is the TV programme that Don
Spirit Hunter
Kanonji hosts?
What does Ichigo Kurosaki call Kisuke
Mr. Urahara
After Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends
entered Soul Society, who was the first Jidanbo Ikkanzaka
Soul Reaper that they defeated?
When Ichigo Kurosaki save Rukia from
execution, which item did he use?
Where was Rukia executed? Sokyoku Hill
Which food did Gin Ichimaru give when
he met Rangiku Matsumoto for the first Dried persimmon
Kukaku Shiba’s brother said he hated
Ganju Shiba
Soul Reaper the most, who is he?
What is the school for training for Soul
Spiritual Arts Academy
Who is the director of Male Soul Reaper
Jushiro Ukitake
Who is granted the title of the Soul
Ichigo Kurosaki
Reaper Agent?
Where are Soul Reapers from? Soul Society
Which item can coordinate Soul Reaper’s
Soul and Gigai?
Which is not a Soul Reaper’s combat
What is the path through which Soul
Reapers travel from Soul Society to the Senkaimon
Human World?
What pass is needed for Spirit in Soul
Order Token
Society to go to Rukon District?
Which Zanpakuto is said to be the most
beautiful one in Soul Society?
Which is the body for Soul Reaper to
stay in The Human World for a long Gigai
Who is the founder of Soul Reaper
Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto
Which was not invented by Kisuke
Portable Gigai
Which is the founder and first director of
Department of Research & Kisuke Urahara
Which is the subsidiary of Department of
All above are correct.
Research & Development?
Which one is not part of the Soul
Investigate Phantom
Reapers’ work?
Which is the supreme judiciary
Central 46
organization of the Soul Society?
How many persons are there in the
Kurosaki Family?
How many times per day can you claim
3 times
How many gear slots does a character
Which item can refine gear? Gear Refine Stone
Which item can reset weapon trait? Mod Spray
How many traits can a weapon have at
Which item can upgrade weapon level? Hogyoku Experiment
What is the effect of Accessory? All above are correct
Which is not the function of Accessory? Polish
Which is not part of the Shunshurikka
(Six Princess Shielding Flowers) skill?
Which item can block Spiritual Power? Sekkiseki
Which item can recruit SSR? Advanced Character Recruit Coupon
Which materials cannot be used to
advance characters?
What is called the action when Arrancar
releases its power?
Who is the soul in the parrot that is saved
Yuichi Shibata
by Yasutora Sado?
Orihime Inoue

Who is not a member of the Women’s
Retsu Unohana, Yachiru Kusajishi, Nanao Ise, Nemu
Soul Reaper Association?
Kurtosuchi, Soi Fon, Kiyone Kotetsu, Isane Kotetsu,
Rangiku Matsumoto, Momo Hinamori, Rukia Kuchiki,
Yoruichi Shihoin
Which currency cannot be used in Mart? Jade
Which item cannot be bought in the
Which is Nanao Ise’s favorite food? Yokan
Choppy the bunny
What is Rukia Kuchiki’s favorite image?
What is the relationship between Kuchiki
Hisana and Rukia Kuchiki?

Which one is not needed to perform the Meryle


Which is the hospital that Uryu Ishida’s Karakura Town General Hospital
father runs?
What quality of gear can be refined?
Kuchiki Hisana
Who is Rukia Kuchiki’s sister?
Which currency cannot be used in Mart?

Who is the captain of the Shuno

Who is the captain of the Exequias? Rudobon
When is the birthday of Toshiro
Which is Shuhei Hisagi’s hobby? Music
Which is Gin Ichimaru’s hobby? Observe others
Which is Byakuya Kuchiki’s hobby? Evening stroll
Which is Shigekuni Genryusai
Monthly tea party
Yamamoto’s hobby?
Which is Sajin Komamura’s hobby? Look after dogs
Which is Shunsui Kyoraku’s hobby? Drinking in hotel
Which is Kaname Tosen’s hobby? Cooking
Which is Jushiro Ukitake’s hobby? Pot culture
Which is Momo Hinamori’s hobby? Read books
Which is Sosuke Aizen’s hobby? Read books
Which is Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s hobby? Experiment
Which is Nemu Kurotsuchi’s hobby? Experiment
Which is Toshiro Hitsugaya’s hobby? Afternoon Break
Which is Rangiku Matsumoto’s hobby? Afternoon Break
Which is Kenpachi Zaraki’s hobby? Afternoon Break
Which is Retsu Unohana’s hobby? Flower Arrangement
Which is Isane Kotetsu’s hobby? Flower Arrangement
Which is Rukia Kuchiki’s hobby? Going high
Which is Yachiru Kusajishi’s hobby? Have pastry
Which is Orihime Inoue’s hobby? Going high
Which is Renji Abarai’s hobby? Collecting mirrors
Which is Soi Fon’s hobby? Collect items from the kitten
Which is Nanao Ise’s hobby? Reading
Who is not a clerk in Urahara Shop? Mashiro Kuna
What is the condition for a Zanpakuto to
Zanpakuto enters yielding status
be able to awaken his Bankai?
Which Zanpakuto can release flame? Ryujinjakka
What is the Bankai of Zangetsu? Tensazagentsu
What is the symbol of Squad 1? Chrysanthemum
What is the symbol of Squad 2? Pasque flower
What is the symbol of Squad 3? Marigold
What is the symbol of Squad 4? Bellflower
What is the symbol of Squad 5? Lily of the Valley
What is the symbol of Squad 6? Toon / Camellia
What is the symbol of Squad 7? Iris
What is the symbol of Squad 8? Bird of paradise
What is the symbol of Squad 9? White poppy
What is the symbol of Squad 10? Daffodil
What is the symbol of Squad 11? Yarrow
What is the symbol of Squad 12? Thistle
What is the symbol of Squad 13? Snowdrop
Who is Orihime Inoue’s best friend? Tatsuki Arisawa
Which clan protects the Imperial Soldier
Shihoin Clan
Which is not one of the Four Great Noble
Kurosaki Clan
What is the pass for the Seireimon? Palace Pass
Urahara opened a gate to Soul Society,
4 min
how long could the gate hold?
Which one is not four of the Seireimon? Shuwai Gate
Which gate does Jidanbo defend? Hakuto Gate
Which is Isane Kotetsu’s Zanpakuto? Itegumo
Which is Byakuya Kuchiki’s Zanpakuto? Senbonzakura
Which is Shinji Hirako’s Zanpakuto? Sakanade
Which is Hanataro Yamada’s
Which is Orihime Inoue’s Zanpakuto? Shunshunrikka
Which is Rukia Kuchiki’s Zanpakuto? Sodenoshirayuki
Which is Ikkaku Madarame’s Zanpakuto? Hozukimaru
Which is Renji Abarai’s Zanpakuto? Zabimaru
Which is Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s Zanpakuto? Ashisogi Jizo
Which is Rangiku Matsumoto’s
Which is Kisuke Urahara’s Zanpakuto? Benihime
Which is Grimmjow’s Zanpakuto? Pantera
Which is Toshiro Hitsugaya’s
Which is Shunsui Kyoraku’s Zanpakuto? Kantenkyokotsu
Which is Kaname Tosen’s Zanpakuto? Suzumushi
Which is Jushiro’s Ukitake’s Zanpakuto? Sogyonokotowari
Which is Ulquiorra’s Zanpakuto? Murcielago
Which is Sajin Komamura’s Zanpakuto? Tenken
Which is Ichigo Kurosaki’s mother? Masaki Kurosaki
Which is Hollow Ichigo’s Zanpakuto? Zangetsu
Which is Ichigo Kurosaki’s Zanpakuto? Zangetsu
Which is Yasutora Sado’s Zanpakuto? Changing Hands
Which is Uryu Ishida’s Zanpakuto? Reishi Weapon
Which is Sosuke Aizen’s Zanpakuto? Kyokasuigetsu
Which is Shuhei Hisagi’s Zanpakuto? Kazeshini
Which is Momo Hinamori’s Zanpakuto? Tobiume
Which is Gin Ichimaru’s Zanpakuto? Shinso
Which is Soi Fon Zanpakuto? Suzumebachi
Which is Isshin Kurosaki’s Zanpakuto? Engetsu
Which is Retsu Unohana’s Zanpakuto? Minazuki
Which is Izuru Kira’s Zanpakuto? Wabisuke
Which is Shigekuni Genryusai
Yamamoto’s Zanpakuto?
Which is Soi Fon Zanpakuto? Suzumebachi
Which is Yumichika Ayasegawa’s
Which is Isane Kotetsu’s favorite food? Porridge
Which is Toshiro Hitsugaya’s favorite
Sweet natto
Which is Soi Fon’s favorite food? Fish
Which is Sosuke Aizen’s favorite food? Tofu
Which is Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s favorite
Which is Sajin Komamura’s favorite
Which is Renji Abarai’s favorite food? Taiyaki
Which is Gin Ichimaru’s favorite food? Dried persimmon
Which is Momo Hinamori’s favorite food? Peach
Which is Rangiku Matsumoto’s favorite
Dried persimmon
Which is Shuhei Hisagi’s favorite food? Sausage
Which is Shunsui Kyoraku’s favorite
Sake Buns
Which is Retsu Unohana’s favorite food? Strong flavors
Which is Kenpachi Zaraki’s favorite food? Null
Which is Yachiru Kusajishi’s favorite
Which is Kaname Tosen’s favorite food? Mountain Stew
Which item can reset weapon trait? Mod Spray
What is Orihime Inoue’s skill? Shunshunrikka
Which one is the skill of Ulquiorra? All-Eyes World
Mod Soul is produced by a plan of Soul
Society, which is the plan?
When Rukia Kuchiki decided to leave
Ichigo Kurosaki’s house, where did she Behind the toilet tank
tie Kon?
Which item is needed to upgrade
Which item can upgrade weapon level? Hogyoku Experiment
Who is Ichigo Kurosaki’s classmate? Orihime Inoue
Which character’s best skill is Senka? Byakuya Kuchiki
Who is the president of Women’s Soul
Yachiru Kusajishi
Reaper Association?
Where is the secret base of the Women’s
Byakuya Kuchiki house
Soul Reaper Association?
Which operation is not part of Women’s
Soul Reaper Association system?
Who is the Head captain of the 13 Court
Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto
Guard Squads?
Who is the lieutenant of Squad 11? Yachiru Kusajishi
Which one cannot offer a Buff (granting
Bonus attributes) for players?
What is Sora Inoue’s birthday present for
Orihime Inoue?
What is the machine where Soul
Soul Phone
Reapers take order?
Who is not a Soul Reaper? Yasutora Sado
Which Squad captain is Soi Fon? Squad 2
Which is Squad captain is Gin Ichimaru? Squad 3
Who is a Quincy? Uryu Ishida
Which one is not a Quincy’s skill? Teleport
What is Uryu Ishida’s weapon? All above are correct
From whom did Ichigo Kurosaki got Soul
Rukia Kuchiki
Reaper Power?
Which one is not an Association event? Challenge