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12th international conference on Agriculture & Horticulture July9-10

2018, Sydney, Australia

Theme: Emerging trends in Agriculture and Horticulture

Title: Agriculture and Horticulture are the major tool for the development of health, basic
need of life, reduction in Poverty and hunger in the world.

The aim of presentation consist of agriculture, horticulture, health, References
poverty and hunger were studied to find out that Agriculture and
1. Berdegu, J. A. & G. Escobar.
Horticulture are the major tool for the development of health, basic
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need of life, reduction in Poverty and hunger in the Information Systems and Poverty
world.Agriculture is the science, art and occupation of cultivating the Reduction. World Bank, AKIS
soil, producing crops,raisinglivestock etc. It is the food we eat, the Discussion Paper. Washington, DC.
clothing we wear, the materials of our homes, the garden around us 2. Birkhaeuser, D., Evenson, R. E.,
etc. In other words, agricultural is the cultivation of animals, plants, &Feder, G. 1988. The Economic Impact
fungi and other life forms for food, fibers, biofuels and other of Agricultural Extension: A Review. The
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products used to sustain human life. It is not only the basic need of University, Economic Growth Center.
food but also fulfills all the basic requirements of human beings in Washington, DC.
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the form of the following integrated agricultural products/industries Ministry for Food Security and the Fight
including Livestock and Dairy Development like beef, mutton, milk Against Hunger. Capacity Building
and milk product, Poultry like broiler, table eggs, etc. Aquaculture Approaches to Improving the Food
Security of Poor People in the North
the rearing of fish.Apiculture the rearing or keeping bees, Crop East. TCP/BRA/2904
production like different type of crops.Seed industry like wheat rice, 4. Buttel, F. 1991. The Restructuring of
the American Public Agricultural
maize etc.The word horticulture comes from two Latin words which Research and Technology Transfer
mean “garden” and “culture”. Horticulture is the area of System: Implications for Agricultural
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further reported that the different industries of agricultural and Neuchatel Initiative 2000. Uppsala,
horticultural absorbing millions of technical and non-technical Sweden.

peoples, create employment, generate income, improve the health,

reduce poverty and hunger in the world.

Biography:Mr. Muhammad Usman, Former Director General

of Agricultural Research System, Government of Pakistan who
retired from service after a spotless career of about 35 years
with senior level experience on research and development of
integrated agricultural production, industries, Agriculture &
Horticulture and bioenergy on a sustainable way.

Mr. Usman is basically an agricultural scientist with

specialization of agricultural, food and biochemistry Muhammad Usman, Moderator
of Biochemistry 2017 Felicitate
Presenting paper in FCF, Geneva, Prof. Jaleel K Ahmed with
Switzerland on 31st Oct, 2012
Mr. Usman is consider as the senior most scientist in the world, Keynote Certificate on Sept, 29
at Dubai
always participated in the international conferences as a
keynote speech, renowned speaker, organizing committee member as well as moderator of the conferences around the
Mr. Usman established “Prominent Agro Based Industries, Agro Based Industries and Consultancy SDN BHD” in
Malaysia and “Foundation for Rural Development in Pakistan”, with primarily aims to work on integrated agricultural
project for Rural Development through improvement in agriculture and consultancy services to the formers at Malaysia.