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Besides the following mentioned:-

free friendly facebook-like interface service--"LIKES"

Group Workspaces (Collaboration)- 'student/teacher profiles'
Student Information System (SIS)Student information system with -'teacher grade book,
parent/community portal'
WIKI PROJECTS- "Student self-service (e.g., self-registration on instructor-led training)";
"Student's My home page"
API System for Integrations Multilanguage--"Tablet CompliantRoll-out Products and Services"

Group Workspaces
1. SAKAI- Preferences - allows setting of preferences, Message Of The Day

2. Kenexa Learning Suite 3.0- complete networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing
capabilities, as well as interactive elements that allow users to rate learning content and share
their experiences with other users. Other components of the suite include a Learning Content
Management System (LCMS) and Mobile Learning capabilities.

3. Schoology's- Unique Course Webpages, Aggregated Calendars

4. Canvas- Speed Grader Annotations( Preview students submission & provide feedback)

5. Edvantage group- Learning Gateway v5.1 (to create Communities within Learning Gateway for
end users to connect with each other and share resources for learning activities and to
communicate through forums)

API System for Integrations Multilanguage1 Other Features (Included)

1. Digital Chalk
 Cloud-based, Hosted Solution
 iPad and Tablet Compatibility
 Low Start-up Cost
 Branding – Easily match your company’s color scheme & logo
 Free Telephone Support
 Single Sign-On
 Detailed, Customizable Tracking and Reporting
 Optional Shopping Cart w/ coupon discounting capabilities
 HD Streaming Video Capabilities

 Groups

Digital Chalk works in your Web browser, as well as on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

2. Docebo
 User Activity Tracking and Reporting
 API System for Integrations
 Multi-language
 Tablet Compliant
 User Management
 Off-The-Shelf integrations via API
 Single-page Interface
 White-Labeling
 Cloud-based

Docebo works in your Web browser and on your Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows Phone mobile

3. Litmos LMS
 Create online courses
 Surveys
 Custom branding / White Label
 Assessment / Quiz
 Sell Online Courses
 Video
 eCommerce Shopping Cart
 SCORM Certified
 Schedule live courses – ILT
 PowerPoint
 Real-time Reporting
 Developer API
 Mobile ready – iPhone, iPad, Android
 Self Signup.

Litmos LMS works in your Web browser, as well as on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

4. Talent LMS
 Create Assessments and Surveys
 Share courses even with non-registered users
 Issue your own Certifications
 Customize to any depth
 Use it from a PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device
 Integrate with WordPress
 Simple reports about everything
 Create learning paths
 Sell your courses through Paypal
 Super easy and user friendly
 Start immediately, nothing to download and install

Talent LMS works on the Web and your iOS or Android mobile devices.

5. Grovo
 Course Authoring
 Tin Can/xAPI Compliant
 SCORM Compliant
 Upload PowerPoint, Documents, PDFs, and Videos
 Integrated Assesments
 6x the data of a traditional LMS
 Single Sign-On (SAML-LDAP)
 Customizable Reporting
 White Labeling
 Strategic Account Manager
 Grovo API integrates with popular HR Software
 24/7 email and phone support

Grovo works on the Web, as well as on Android and iOS.

6. Administrate
 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 Automated Email Triggers and Templates
 Learning Resource Management
 Easy Certificate Creation
 Easy Evaluation Forms Creation
 Shared staff calendar
 Marketing campaign tracking
 Increase Bookings using our Sales Pipeline Management tools
 Easily conduct Course Profitability Analysis

Administrate works in your Web browser, on iOS, and Android devices.

7. Paradiso LMS
 Salesforce CRM support
 SCORM Certified
 Peoplesoft
 Drupal Atrium
 eCommerce
 Virtual classroom
 WooCommerce
 Gotomeeting
 Google Aps
 Social Learning
 Real-time reporting
 Developer API
 Gamification

Paradiso LMS works on the Web, as well as your iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone

Other companies include:-Absorb LMS, Learning.Net, Learn Share, Moodle, Open Sesame.