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From My Cupboard

Early Reader No. 40

Story by Jennifer Cooper-Trent © The Early Reading Company.
Illustrations by Anthony Mitchell www.early-reading.com
No part of this Publication can be reproduced without a license
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Multi - Syllables
Help the child to decode the syllables as discussed in Story 31.

Phonic Decoding

Explain how ‘head’, ‘bread’ share a common Sound of ‘..ead ’

Explain how ‘plain’, ‘again’ share a common Sound of ‘..ain ’

Carefully Explain Sight Word : ‘some’

Try These New Words

head bread instead spread

plain again where looked
forget some cupboard
Page 2

From the cupboard I got the bread.

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I looked up. Then, I hit my head.

Page 3

"Oh silly cupboard,

where is the spread?"
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I got the plum jam down instead.

Page 4

I looked up again and hit my head.

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Forget the jam, forget the spread.

Page 5

I'll put some ice on my head.

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And I'll just have the plain

bread instead.
Page 6

Extra Words

lead dead dread read


1. Where did she get the bread from?
2. What happened when she looked up?
3. What did she want for the bread?
4. What did she get down instead?
5. What did she put on her head?
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Complete the sentences with these words.

cupboard, looked, bread, head

From the ________ I got the

_____. Then I ______ up and
hit my ____.