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Paper Bags

Paper bags commonly packing material bend used by textiles and clothes merchant’s, dry cleaner, bakers,
grocers, stationer, and sweat sellers etc. the demand of paper bag has increased because the used of
polythene bags is harmful to environment. The business plan should be well developed as this will be your
way of presenting the current state of our company and detailed strategy of how you plan to carry out your
project. The business plan will need to convey the strength of your idea and how it can be implemented
In this business plan to use totally eco-friendly paper bags. To make the product popular in every small place
of Lahore and gradually cover all nearby small markets.
Now a days a big challenge is dispose of plastic product. For this very reason these shopping bags
contaminate soil if dumped in fields and so on. Now ban on plastic announced in different cities of Pakistan.
Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change has announced plans to make Islamabad a plastic bag-free city by
August 2019. This week, the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar declared a ban on polythene bags across
Punjab, including in Lahore city. That’s why with the expectation of high profitability in paper bags, it is
assumed that it would be the perfect product to be manufactured in today’s environment After all its an
environmentally friendly product.
Today market of paper bags is expanding; demand for the product is increasing day by day. There turn on this
business is also satisfactory.

Our vision is to be a “vertically eco-friendly company”.

We aspire to be done of the major global players in the manufacture of biodegradable paper products to
serve the mankind by saving the environment

Our mission is to completely eco-friendly paper products and emerges as eco-saviors

We strive to maintain ecological balance on this beautiful planet, by manufacturing user friendly
biodegradable quality products.

Values of paper bag

Following are the values of paper bag
 Quality of product
 Eco-friendly
 Current fashion trend

Secret of hygiene life

To offer continuous value-added product to our customer

To make the firm a medium scale industry and then a large scale