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Proposal for

(GPS & RFID Based Bus Tracking Solution, Smart
Communication, RFID Based Student Attendance Management
Solution and ERP School Management)
Have you heard about Trace School Bus (TRAKOM)!

It is the flagship product offering from Asti Infotech - one of the fastest growing wireless mobile
technology companies in India. Trace School Bus is a revolutionary end-to-end safety solution
catered to commuters using varied modes of transportation. It is being deployed for several
business segments – enterprises and educational institutions to name a few.

Trace School Bus (TRAKOM) is designed for school transport and dedicated to assuring the safety
of students. It is integrated with transport information systems and enables passenger protection
via tracking by providing real-time information of the vehicle such as location, route information,
timings – boarding and disembarking.

Asti Infotech’s Trakom integrates software, hardware and communication components to
provide 360o safety to both buses and Passengers.

GPS, GSM, GPRS, and hardware technologies work together to continuously send safety data to
Trakom. Sophisticated self-learning algorithms compile the data, calculate accurate ETA’s for
each stop, and send out SMS alerts to the parents, school authorities and fleet owners.

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GPS and RFID Based School Bus Monitoring System
Safe & Secure Bus Tracking

• A web & mobile application-based bus tracking solution

• School Admin Login into the website
• Driver has an android device with no logout option available
• User access is defined on the basis of
• School
• Driver App
• Parents App
• Parent App where parents can see the bus on move real time
• Privacy & Security maintained through verified parents number

Administrative Controls - School

• To manage the updating or creation of the data at the front as well as the backend.
Following are the functionality:
• Configure Route and Stoppages
• Map Student to the Route and Stoppage
• Map Driver to the Route
• Admin is allowed to Modify/Delete the same
• Parents will be notified on following events
• Student board the bus (With RFID) (Additional Feature)
• Bus reaches the School
• Bus started from school
• Student leaves the bus at designated stop (With RFID) (Additional Feature)
• Reports required by the school

Smart Communication (Additional Feature)

• Notice Board
Communication to all students of the School
• Bi-direction Messaging between Mentors/Educators and Parents
• Group Messages (One to Many Interaction) – Individual Mentors to different class
group/ primary section etc.
(Group e.g. Class, Particular students group going for trip, Primary Section etc.)
• Individual Messages (One to One Interaction) - Mentors to Parent
• Admin Control Panel
Admin can broadcast notice to all student/staff etc.
Amendments in rights and roles
• Mentor/Educator App
Mentor can share homework, assignments etc. for particular class/section etc.
Bi-directional Messages
Individual Messages
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• Parents App
Notice Board
• Bi-directional Messages
Individual Messages
Events, etc.

• Improve efficiency & productivity
• Real-time visibility -Know the location of your fleet at the click of a button
• Reduce operational cost
• Fuel cost is minimized by identifying the most efficient route
• Labour cost is reduced by keeping track on the actual number of working hours
• Reduces telephone bills by eliminating the need to make calls to drivers
• Speed up logistic activity
• Transparency
• Optimization of fleet - Detailed reports to optimize the business
• Alerts for any deviations
• Diagnostic Analytics
• Fuel Usage and Perforation
• Customized reports

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Platform Details
Parent Mobile Application (Android/IOS based):
Parents App is the perfect solution for ensuring peace of mind of worried parents:

 The parents can easily track their kids to school and way back home

 Get notified about your child safety in transit.

 Real time running information about the scheduled routes of the school bus.

Continuous tracking and positioning of the school bus is easy with GPS enabled buses.

Driver Application (Only Android based):

 If new driver/ replacement of driver in emergency takes place, app can help the driver to
easily know the route and stoppages of the bus.

 In case an emergency related to road closures, etc, arises, the GPS help the driver to
immediately re-route the bus with minimum diversions.

Parent App

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RFID Based Attendance Management System
Solution & Benefits
 Know where each student is in real time
 Helps teachers to record exact attendance
 Alarm or Alert authorities by providing whereabouts of a student in real time in case a
student trying to enter restricted area by mistake or on purpose
 No manual maintenance of attendance registers. Removes chances of manipulation of
attendance records
 Time saving in taking attendance
 More accuracy
 Digital data available to do an analysis later in time
 A timely alert can help avoiding wrong doings by a student or authority

Alerts and Monitoring

 School authority can define the un-authorized/ restricted areas in school premises
 School authority will be notified or alarmed if any student:
 Enters an un-authorized/restricted area
 Enters any authorized area in restricted timing, like canteen in class hours
 Missing from the class during class hours for more than defined limit
 Remains in the school after scheduled time
 School authority will be able to track and monitor attendance of students at school
automatically and notify parents for un-informed absence from school
 Parents/guardians can be notified instantly and automatically in case his/her child gets out
of school before scheduled time

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for School
Description for the home page (under the icon): Ensures smooth management of various school
systems and activities, improved performance and greater efficiency.

Most modern schools and educational institutions focus on offering the best infrastructure and
advanced teaching methodologies to ensure all-round development of students. However many
of these schools still rely on manual and outdated methods for managing attendance, exams, fees
and other such essential day-to-day administrative activities.

To add value to the overall management and smooth functioning of school activities, Asti
Infotech has developed a comprehensive School ERP Solution. This simple yet powerful tool
connects various departments within the school like office, finance, etc. The solution aims to
simplify and manage the following important tasks:

Admission Management
This eases out the registration process for new admissions and helps the administration keep a
track of all the details. It also ensures that old and new student registrations are handled
separately. Minimizes the chances of error and duplication of effort, thereby reducing the burden
on teachers and administrative staff.

Student Information System

This module helps to keep a comprehensive record of each and every student including their
photographs, documents, background and other personal details. It also keeps a track of each
student’s class, section, special needs, etc.

Course Management

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This is really helpful for teachers as it helps them plan the course structure for the entire year.
Instead of managing and planning the curriculum of so many subjects manually, they can use the
ERP for chalking out the no of classes required as well as distribution of chapters. It even helps
in planning for the class tests and examinations beforehand.

Fee Management
Managing the fee schedule for a large number of students can be a herculean task for the
administrative staff. The School ERP solution makes it completely error-free and easy to
manage. It helps in generation of timely reminders, keeps track of pending fees or advance
payments. In certain cases, if concessions and scholarship etc are applicable then the module also
ensures they are duly applied for those students. User defined fee structures can also be
maintained. Automated bill and receipt generation further enhance its utility. It also includes
transport and other fee management as well as due fee & fine calculation. The complete fee
report and reminder report can also be generated.

Exam/Result Management
The module helps in managing group wise and term wise examinations along with preparation
and e-mailing marksheets. Once the grading structure has been defined by the user, the
examination module allows for automatic grading of students based on the marks. Based on that
the performance of each student can be analysed, and their progress over the entire session can
be examined. It also helps in preparing and printing the report cards for each student.

Attendance Management
Helps in date and month wise attendance management, keeping track of each student.

Notice Board
A smart communication App for parents, teachers and students ensures smooth communication
and exchange of information between all parties. Teachers can send messages on the notice
board of the app to share updates on homework, tests and other important activities

This shows all the modules of ERP Solution on a single screen and helps in better management
and control.

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Commercial Offer
Solution Type Of Service Description of service Costing

Hardware AIS 140 GPS Conventional Rs.6345/- per device

*one time investment
GPS *1-year warranty

Panic Button
Rs 350/- Per Button
VAHAAN Registration
Rs 1424/- Per Year*
Embedded Sim Charges
Rs 2100/- Per Year*
RFID Device
Rs 4000/- Per device

Software Monthly Service Charges (for Rs.65/- per Student per

GPS/SMS/APP notification Month

Hardware NA NA

Smart Software Monthly Service Charges (for APP Rs.10/- per Student per
Communication notification services) Month

Hardware RFID Automatic Reader 32,000 INR Per Device

RFID Based //OR// RFID Chips 35 INR Per chip/per

Attendance student
Solution Software Monthly Service Charges (for SMS Rs.45/- per Student per
notification services) Month

Hardware NA NA

ERP Software Monthly Service Charges Rs.15/- per Student per


Miscellaneous Expenses

Miscellaneous Installation & GPS + RFID in School Bus 2000 INR Per Device
Expenses Training Per (Including material & wiring)
RFID Attendance in School
Premises (Including material & 1000 INR Per Device

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• GPS + RFID - 5 App notifications to parents per day
• * Are the govt. applicable charges, subjected to change as per govt.

• Android and IOS App for parents will be available to download on google play store

• Any additional features/services like In-Bus Attendance or Communication App

comes with extra cost and is not included in the above quotation

• All electric, electronic and civil work required at the client site need to be borne by
the Client needs.

• One PC, Power Supply and Internet connectivity at the location needs to be provided
by the client.

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Terms and Conditions
The quoted pricing is exclusive of government tax. All applicable levies and taxes, if any,
will be charged to client.

Any Hardware charges should be paid up-front with the order. First Quarter service
charges to be collected in advance. Next quarter onwards, the invoice payment should be done
within 15 days from the date of invoice, on a Quarterly postpaid payment cycle.

This proposal is valid for one-month period.

TAT for Replacement of the GPS device: Replacement will be done free of cost in case of mal-
functioning of the GPS Device within 3-5 working days in order to ensure minimal disruption in
services to the parents. Any physical damage or tampering or any electrical/electronic/water
damage or loss of device shall be borne by the Institute. Device replacement warranted on
account of any manufacturing defect shall be borne by the Service Provider.

Device replacement by Service Provider shall be applicable only during the Warranty period
(Three year from the date of delivery).

The above quoted device is Non-AIS 140

Swapping and Re-installation request from institutes would be chargeable.

Holidays, if any, shall be excluded from the TAT/SLA calculation

Any changes to scope will follow the change request process.

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Account Details
Payable to Asti Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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Account No. 004883800004755

IFSC YESB0000048

Branch 80 feet road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

VAT / TIN No. 29341279449


S. Tax No. AALCA4451HSD002

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