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Glass bottles with red caps perched on kitchen shelves are evidence that Mother’s Recipe has been and is here. Mother’s
Recipe is India’s favourite pickle brand; indeed, such a favourite that from its factory more than 350,000 bottles and
pouches are shipped out each day – around the week, around the year. What makes this brand special is the work that
has gone into making the products authentic, traditional and as close to made-by-grandma recipes as possible. Today,
Mother’s Recipe is set to embark on another ambitious journey – the launch of several categories of convenience
products: ready-to-eat foods, gravy- and instant- mixes, pastes and chutneys; each 100% natural and preservative free.
Mother’s Recipe believes it’s the way grandmas would have liked.

Market was sown with development and reforms in is the fact that its socially-conscious parent –
For sheer zing almost nothing can compare with India. Out of these, nuclear families emerged and Desai Brothers Limited – has developed a strong
Indian cuisine. And if the word be allowed, adding house wives stepped out of homes into offices CSR initiative. The company believes that the key
a little pickle would almost certainly make it the and found less time for the hearth; but while this to India’s tomorrow is education. In pursuance
zingiest in the world. For millions of people a was happening the craving for delicious pickles of this, it set up the H V Desai College 31 years
pickle just adds up nicely, imparting to even a of yesteryears never really left people. Mother’s ago with the intent of imparting education to the
frugal meal, a warm fulsome character. Recipe tapped on this hunger for traditional local Gujarati trading community. Today, this small
So how did pickles come about? No one knows pickle and foods across India, serving people initiative has turned into a sprawling campus in
but one thing is certain: the humble pickle cuts their regional traditional delicacies across states Pune offering first-rate infrastructure and excellent
and boundaries. faculty to 3000 students.
Today, the brand is Another cause close to the company’s heart
synonymous with is health. At the turn of the century, Desai
pickles made in Brothers Limited inaugurated the H V Desai Eye
the traditional Hospital with the goal of providing eye care at
mould or rephrased, an affordable price. In the fifteen years since, it
in the way has treated more than 1.40 million patients and
grandmother made. performed in excess of a quarter of a million
surgeries. More than 60% of these were carried
Achievements out free of charge. Soon after, the Kantalaxmi
Mother’s Recipe Shah Eye hospital was set up to especially
pickles have been treat the poor tribal people of this region.
rated as the best Since inception it has performed over 28,500
pickle available in operations free of cost and established an eye
the Delhi NCR bank that has collected over 2500 corneas to give
region on the vision to the needy.
parameters of value- Two other priorities have found support with
for-money, taste, the company: Vanarai – a people’s movement
across cultures, languages and socio-economic microbiological and other sensory factors. This that aims to provide sanitation facilities
barriers. Every class of people – be it the table of independent evaluation of pickles was carried in villages in general and for female
kings or the floor of the less privileged – is happy out by the Voluntary Organisation in the students in village schools in
with a bit of it on the side. While no authentic Interest of Consumer Education (VOICE), particular. The other is Janaseva
data can ever be available as to how much pickle an NGO that works for the benefit of Foundation – a charitable
is consumed each year, there is complete clarity consumers. VOICE communicates to the institution founded on the ideals
that the organised sector is beginning to flex its consumers through its monthly magazine of love and compassion for
muscles. Much of this has to do with the increased called Consumer Voice which empowers the elderly, the disabled, the
migration of people and globalisation. As jobs consumers by informing them destitute and the disaster-
take people from region to region and country about the concept of comparative affected. The Haribhai Desai
to country, they carry with them some ingrained testing and how consumers can Old Age Home constructed
habits which are hard to change. One of these is use it to make the right buying by Desai Brothers provides
the lust for the tangy pickle. decisions. free housing for over a
Pickles come in literally thousands of bases Mother’s Recipe has also hundred elderly persons.
and as many flavours. So Mother’s Recipe is been awarded the One Star
confronted with a task that is both humongous as Export House ranking by History
well as traditionally complex. the Ministry of Commerce Desai Brothers
Pickles have been a part of Indian cuisine and Industry for excellence Limited, the owners
since time immemorial. Ancient Vedic scriptures in taste and authenticity. of Mother’s
mention pickles in detail. In the period since, So it’s not a surprise Recipe, is now a
every region has developed its own special pickle that the brand commands 4th generation
and every home has a well-guarded, made-by- a strong presence family-owned
grandma recipe. especially in the Middle business house
Today, in millions of homes across India, glass East, Far East, Australia, with interests in
bottles with bright red caps sit perched on kitchen the UK, Europe, the US, food processing,
shelves. These are Mother’s Recipe pickles and Canada and Africa where tobacco, finance,
are as authentic and as traditional as pickles will a large Indian contingent logistics, specialty
ever become. resides. chemicals, health-
The seed for the success of Mother’s Recipe But what comes as a surprise care and hospitality.

mothersrecipe.com Mother’s Recipe

facility at Sarole on the foods but find little time to expend in the kitchen,
Pune-Bangalore highway. Mother’s Recipe has developed a wide variety of
The plant has been certified instant mixes. These offer convenience, diversity
under ISO 9001-2008 and and taste. The range currently includes poha mix,
ISO 22000-2005 (HACCP), upma mix, dhokla mix and vermicelli payasam mix.
and has been registered Being launched soon are on-the-go instant mixes
with the US FDA, the Spice for the traveller and a fine, healthy, tasty lunch
Board of India and the Export box for the student.
Inspection Council.
Recent Developments Most brands would require aggressive marketing
Mother’s Recipe is on the and large budgets to sell such a wide range.
move. Supported by a All that Mother’s Recipe requires is product
strong distribution network placement and shelf space. Because the brand
and an even stronger brand moves rapidly off the shelves, shop keepers are
pull the company is ready happy to accommodate them and shift off other
to launch new product brands to make way for Mother’s Recipe.
Keeping its experience of authentic Indian categories. In the ready-to-eat segment which
cuisine as a motivator, quality as a non-negotiable had suffered a slow beginning because consumers
aim and customer satisfaction as the end goal, then preferred freshly cooked foods, Mother’s
Mother’s Recipe began a deliberate expansion. Recipe is set to launch ten exciting dishes. The
New researched recipes and professional brand draws away from competitors on many
expertise was acquired and was supplemented counts: it is microwavable, 100% natural and has
with distribution strength. With involvement of neither added preservatives nor artificial colours.
aggressive media promotions, the brand was re- The category, thanks to changing lifestyles, a
launched as a trusted and traditional Indian food growing youth population, the dissolution of joint
brand. As a sequel to the launch – and success – families, working women, increasing workload,
Mother’s Recipe introduced whole new product declining culinary skills, surging disposable incomes
categories to include many of the components and clever marketing techniques has shown
that complete a traditional Indian meal. tremendous growth potential.
Another area Mother’s Recipe is exploring
Product is the cooking pastes category. What is feeding
Mother’s Recipe is now an entire cooking and this segment is the increasing need families have Brand Values
culinary experience. It includes twelve categories for convenience. Tired and fatigued at the end Because it is the taste of love, a mother’s
of products – pickles, cooking and condiment of a hard day’s work, one of the things that the touch to food is inimitable, irreplaceable
pastes, curry and gravy pastes, chutneys, blended working woman doesn’t want is to grind and chop and unsurpassable. It is the taste through
spices, ready-to-cook mixes, ready-to-eat, instant and churn. She is happy if she can get a ready- which age-old traditions express themselves.
breakfast mixes, papads, curry powders, mango made paste that helps take some of the drudgery Everything that Mother’s Recipe does is a tribute
pulp and canned foods in 150 different variants. out of cooking. Mother’s Recipe has developed a to this truth and is guided by a deep respect for
There is Andhra Avakaya, Karnataka Cut mothers and a genuine love
Mango, Madras Thokku, Kerala Mango, Bengali for the time-honoured
Mango, Punjabi Pancharanga, Gujarati Methia culinary traditions that
Mango, Maharashtra Mango, Gujarati Gorkeri, it strives to keep alive.
Choondo and Red Stuffed Chillies amongst Mother’s Recipe cherishes
59 distinct recipes from virtually every the trust millions of
corner of the country. Indians place on it.
These offerings have expanded It’s a good enough reason
the brands’ portfolio of products to not compromise
to now include nine variants of on quality and
papads, four variants of curry pastes wide range of ready- endeavour to make
and twenty different spice mixes. to-cook pastes that do just that: ginger, what mothers
These contain no added monosodium garlic, ginger-garlic and tamarind pastes. What would approve of.
glutamate (MSG), no preservatives and no makes them special is the way they are made –
hydrogenated oils – just 100% natural and 100% completely natural, preservative-free and as close
fresh ingredients. To complete the offerings there to homemade as homemade can get.
are fifteen classic Indian heat-and-eat dishes. Ready-to-cook spices and gravy mixes are yet
The company has a state-of-the-art processing another dimension that has been added to the
repertoire Mother’s Recipe has on
Things you didn’t know about
offer. Available in eight vegetarian Mother’s Recipe
and twelve non-vegetarian variants
these food bases provide a new,
Everyday 350,000 bottles and pouches

invigorating and tangy twist to

meals. of pickle are processed at the brand’s
An integral part of traditional Pune production facility
palates is chutneys. Most Indians
miss their presence at meal It’s the first Indian pickle brand to have

times and foods somehow seem

researched and perfected 59 regional
incomplete without them. Chutneys
are usually consumed with snacks favourite pickle recipes
in restaurants or from street side
vendors; they are only occasionally No pickle brand – Mother’s Recipe

made at home, restricted in the apart – is available in every Indian

main by a short shelf life. Mother’s state and union territory
Recipe has filled this need gap by
introducing its range of chutneys More than 3000 suppliers provide

for both the export as well as the

Indian market. Mother’s Recipe with fresh spices,
Furthering the conviction that fruits – even packaging material
most people seek variety in their