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‘CAUSE No. NT00926834 [STATE OF TEXAS. 5 IW THE MUNICIPAL COURT: 3 vs. 5 CITY oF conPus CHRISTE 5 GUY CONNOR WILLIAMS 5 NUECES COUNTY, TEXAS: AGREED MOTION TO DISMISS WITHOUT PREJUDICE Now comes the State, in the above entitled and numbered causes and makes this ‘Agreed Motion to Dismiss without Prejudice Med on July 25. 2019, and for good cause shows the following: ‘The State requests that the prosecution of the abeve-entitied and numbered cause be dismissed for the following reason 1 Both parties would like the Court to dismiss this ease without prejudice. Wherefore, Promises Considered, the State prays that tie Court dismiss all cases or set ths motion for 2 hearing, Zr subpfted, ch a) Lie 4 om State Bar No. 24095861 Assistant Cly Attorney 120 N. Chaparral Corpus Christ, Texas 78401 (361) 886-2530 ~ Telephone (361) 886-2557 - Telecopier Email: EreS3@cctexas.com Chasteper 9, Gabe (CHRISTOPHER. GALE ‘Texas Bar No 00793766 Attorney at Law TAIN. Carancahua, Ste. 514 Corpus Christ, Texas 76401 si) 808-4444 ~ Telephone (361) 232-4139 - Teletopler Email: Chris®@GaleLanGroup.com vet 12008 CAUSE NO, NTOO926854 STATE OF TEXAS INTHE MUNICIPAL ouRT vs CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI GUY CONNOR WILLIAMS NUECES COUNTY, TEXAS JOINT MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE NOW COMES Defendant, Guy Connor Wiliams, and the State of Texas collectively “the panics) fling this, heir Joint Motion for @ Continuance respectily showing. follows 1 1. This ease is curently set f trial on July 25,2019, 2 Ondonday, July22, 2019, the tate of Texas ied a Motion fo Dismiss, sing the Cour to approve ‘dismiss of ll charges inthe instant cass. Defendant didnot object o sid motion and jointly aks this CCourtto approve a dismiss. As uch, the pris anticipated a dismisal 3. On Tuesday, July 23,2019, a hearing was held but the Court didnot approve a dismiss or make a ruling onthe State's motion. Instead the Cour st “public hearing” onthe State's Motion to Dismiss for “Thursday, July 25,2019, a 8:30 am. 4. Also on Monday, July 2, 2019, counsel for Defendant began jury tial in the 148" Judi Dist Cou, Nuss County, Texas in Cause No, LTFC-2693E, Sat of Tera v Charles Lope. Said ‘vial was itll preted to end no later than the moming of Wednesday, July 24,2019 (his morning). That al took much longer than antieipate, and as ofthe timeldate ofthe iting ofthis motion that wa ‘snot ended and isnot prot to end until sometime on Thursday, uly 28,2019 5. Even if the wal in the L48 Distt Coun were to end on July 24, 2019 (ody, counsel fr Desndant could not be ready for ial in instant case om July 26,2019, because counsel isnot, end wi ot, have enough ime todo the preparation necessary to begin trial that quickly, afer bsing ina iret tall wek 6. The State of Texas and Defendant both anticipated dismissal inthis case~ upon the State's fing (of its Motion to Dismiss ~ in lieu ofa “public hearing.” Based on such, and for & motitude of reasons, CAUSE NO. NT00926834 STATE OF TEXAS YS. GUY CONNOR WILLIAMS, INTHE MUNICIPAL COURT CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI NUECES COUNTY, TEXAS ORDER GRANTING MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE (On the 25th day of July, 2019, the Cour considered the Joint Motion fle by te Sate by and through her attomey, Ere Simonton, and the sttomey forthe Defendant, Christopher Gale, inthe above-entitled and ‘numbered cause; namely, Motion for Continuance — Jury Trial scheduled to commence on July 25,2019, (Me. Gale is presently representing a criminal defendant in an ongoing jury tris in eause # 17FC-2693-E, in Nuoees County, Texas. He is therefore unavailable the 148 Distt Cour, Ina proposed Onder prepared by Mr. Gale, fr this Cour to sign, it states that. subpoenas previously issued in this ease shall cominve in ul fore and effect.” This i nat the law and wil not be s0 Ordered, See CCP 24.061) and Genty v State, 70 8.W, 780, Ct Crim. App. (1988), ITIS THEREFORE, ORDERED thatthe sting forthe Jury Til be continued. The atorneys ae ORDERED to contact the Court by $ pn.on uly 25,2019 with avilable dates for rescheduling. [ MoTION FOR CONTINUANCE OF JURY TRIAL SET ON JULY 25, 201915 GRANTED. Signed this the 24h day of July, 2019. Judge, Municipal Court Cay of Cops Chris Revie 4/10/2019: Motos ae