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thursday, november 11, 2010

veterans Dedicated to
lives of service
Veteran comes to
UNC as a student

ar leaves a mark.
by Caitlin McCabe It scars the landscapes of war-torn battle-
staff writer grounds.
Veterans Day comes with mixed It leaves soldiers and citizens with haunting memories that
emotions for Zach Johnson.
He remembers four and a half can last a lifetime.
years of some of the best glimpses of And though it makes for enemies in the present, war can
humanity he’s seen in his 23-year old bring people together through the most trying of experiences,
building lifelong friendships from the rubble.
He remembers some of the worst.
And he remembers the kinship No war is quite the same, and neither are the stories
he formed on the battlegrounds of one takes from it.
Afghanistan and Iraq. But the themes of duty, patriotism and hardship
“When I was overseas I lived both
my highest and lowest points,” he said.
persist through generations.
“I saw all of the worst humanity has to On this 91st annual Veterans Day, The Daily
offer but was also able to see glimpses Tar Heel salutes veterans young and
of goodness shine through.” old.
In the fall of 2010, Johnson decid-
ed to leave behind the family and the
life he had formed overseas to enroll
as a freshman at UNC.
Up o n h i s g r a d u a t i o n f r o m
Broughton High School five years
ago, Johnson joined the armed ser-
vices as an infantryman with the
82nd Airborne Division. He went on
to serve for 15 months in Afghanistan
with the Bravo Company 1-508
Parachute Infantry Regiment.
While in Afghanistan, Johnson’s
battalion was responsible for
air assaults across southern
From there, Johnson moved to
Iraq with the scout platoon of the
1-505 PIR, also serving in southern
Baghdad and Salman Pak.
He said daily life in the Middle
East came with a persistent fear.
“While I was there in Afghanistan,
whenever we were on mission, I was
loaded down with 130 pounds of
body armor, weapons and gear, trek-
king miles into unknown territory,”
he said. “And while I was in Iraq, we
pretty much drove around doing mis-
sions and hoping we didn’t blow up.
“We lived like animals.”
Over time, dead bodies and his

See student, Page 9

Veterans Day ceremony
Time: 11 a.m.
Location: Cameron Avenue between dth/allison russell
Phillips and Memorial halls Freshman Zach Johnson served in Afghanistan for 15 months and in Iraq for a year. He is a peace, war and defense major and wants to attend nursing school. “My time overseas truly
made me appreciate stuff more. You really take so much for granted. Being back here made me realize that,” Johnson said. He returned home from service on Veterans Day 2009.

Veteran professor inspires

‘Uncle Joe’ provides mentor has made a career out of his devotion to country and
parlayed it into one of education.
role for military students He wears a pocketed tan or green military shirt on
most days, a constant reminder of the profound way his
service has molded his life.
By Caitlin McCabe “I never intended to make a career out of it,” Caddell
Staff Writer said of his time in the military. “But I wanted to study
Waiting outside professor Joe Caddell’s office in it. I wanted firsthand experience.
Hamilton Hall, Ross Oldham zipped open his green “But I always knew I enjoyed academic life more than
canvas bag Wednesday in search of materials for an anything.”
upcoming make-up exam. From courses on the history of intelligence operations
But Oldham, a peace, war and defense major and for- to air or sea power, students said Caddell’s passion —
mer Marine, doesn’t just visit Caddell out of necessity. and experience — defy the age-old phrase of “those who
As a fellow veteran himself, Caddell has taken a can’t do teach.”
mentor role for students like Oldham, providing a com- On a typical afternoon, Caddell can be found in his
fortable environment to reminisce on days of battle. dth/stephen kirsch
A former intelligence officer for the Air Force, Caddell See professor, Page 9 Professor Joe Caddell of the peace, war and defense department in his office.

Signature increase bill is law, without Medlin support

By Andy Thomason didates to get on the ballot from 1,000 to 1,250. executive action, the bill automatically becomes the signature increase.”
Assistant University Editor This measure was the most controversial law, under the Code. The new signature total was decreased from
The controversial bill that would increase the in the bill, with Medlin and other members of Members of Student Congress said the body 1,500 initially to 1,250 in the Oct. 26 meeting of
number of signatures required to run for student Student Congress voicing strong opposition. would probably have overridden a veto. Student Congress.
office became law Wednesday night — without “I don’t agree with it, and I don’t want my name Student Congress passed the law by a near- Student Congress member Kristen Johnson said
the endorsement of Student Body President on it,” said Medlin, who added that he mostly liked unanimous vote. she advocated a signature increase to reduce the
Hogan Medlin. the bill, and that Student Congress’ effort at com- Representative Lee Storrow said he agreed candidate pool and save the student body money.
Medlin didn’t sign the bill but didn’t veto promise from the original 500-signature increase with Medlin in opposing the law. The Board of Elections will pay each certified
it either, an action which allows its passage, discouraged him from vetoing the bill. “I wish Hogan had vetoed the bill,” he said, candidate $250 for campaigning, as a provision
Hogan Medlin according to the Student Code. “It is not enough to veto the whole thing any- adding that he opposed the signature increase. of the newly passed bill.
didn’t sign the The bill is a reworking of Title VI of the Code, more,” he said. “None of us in (Student) Congress have run Greg Strompolos, who ran for student body
bill or veto it, which governs student elections law. It contains Title II, Article VIII, Section 206 of the for student body president,” he added. “Hogan president last year, said he didn’t think the legis-
which allowed an amendment that increases the number of sig- Student Code gives the student body president knows how much effort goes into that. It’s a little
it to pass. natures required for student body president can- 10 school days to sign or veto the bill. Without foolish to superimpose our beliefs in increasing See signature law, Page 9

this day in history diversions | page 5 sports| page 8 Today’s weather

NOV. 11, 1931 … TACO TRADITIONS GEARING UP Should I be wearing
During a ceremony at Kenan Join the Dive crew this UNC shifted into sunscreen?
H 61, L 36
Memorial Stadium, UNC week as they give the top gear Wednesday
celebrated the inauguration lowdown on one of the night in its ACC Friday’s weather
of Frank Porter Graham as cheapest and tastiest Tournament The weather:
president. Graham served in dining traditions in the quarterfinal victory Kvetch about it.
H 64, L 34
this office until 1932. area — the taco truck. over N.C. State.
2 thursday, november 11, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

pit beliefs
The Daily Tar Heel DAILY
ta ke
www.dailytarheel.com dai l y

Established 1893
117 years of
editorial freedom Do you like civilization? Thank beer.
SARAH FRIER jonathan

From staff and wire reports
EDITOR-in-chief jones
act: Beer is amazing. In fact, it may even be responsible for the rise of
office hours: T, TH
sports@unc.edu civilization. .
2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. emily evans, Some archaeologists argue that when Stone Age farmers first began to
STEVEN NORTON jenny smith
Managing editor copy co-EDITORs domesticate cereals, they had beer on their minds, not food. The evidence
962-0372 dailytarheelcopy@
scnorton@email. gmail.com supporting this idea lies in the great lengths that farmers would have taken to grow
Carter McCall the grain, as well as the importance of alcohol in community ceremonies.
C. Ryan barber
cfmcall@email. “Beer is sacred stuff in most traditional societies,” Brian Hayden, an archaeologist
university EDITOR
843-4529 at Simon Fraser University in Canada, said.
udesk@unc.edu kelly mchugh
design editor Even though drunken parties can seem uncivilized nowadays, beer’s ability to
VICTORIA kbmchugh@email. bring people together could be what laid the groundwork for society.
STILWELL unc.edu
962-4103 Ryan NOTED. Sorry, boys. A species of cricket has QUOTED. “Nothing good happens online
citydesk@unc.edu kurtzman broken the world record for largest testicles in after 1 a.m.”
graphics editor
Tarini Parti dthgraphics@ relation to body weight. — The home page of the Social Media
STATE & NATIONAL gmail.com The bushcricket, also known as a katydid, has Sobriety Test, a free Firefox plug-in that allows
EDITOR, 962-4103 testicles that account for 14 percent of its body
users to name sites where they might cause
Nushmia khan
multimedia editor
weight. For a human to compare, a 200-pound potential damage to their reputation after too
Nick Andersen nushmia@unc.edu man would have to have 28-pound testicles. much to drink. During a range of time set by
Arts Editor The bushcricket edged out the competition, the user, the plug-in gives them a simple sobri-
843-4529 allyson
artsdesk@unc.edu- the fruit fly by 3.4 percent. ety test to pass in order to log in.
linnie greene special sections
diversions editor EDITOr
dth/beth niegelsky

BJ Dworak, sara gregory
lauren mccay community
rother Ross speaks to students and community
photo co-editors manager today Time: 5 p.m. Gallery opening: Come cel- members in Polk Place on Wednesday afternoon.
dthphoto@gmail. gsara@email.unc. Location: Gardner Hall, Room 105 ebrate the opening of the Artery’s
com edu Book discussion: Michael November exhibition “Two Point He discussed his beliefs with passersby about sin-
Chitwood, a lecturer in the English Interest meeting: Are you ready Oh.” There will be live music and ning and homosexuality. Ross is known as one of the Pit
➤ The Daily Tar Heel reports department, will share from his lat- to make the change to a healthier refreshments will be provided. Preachers at UNC.
any inaccurate information est book of poetry, “Poor-Mouth lifestyle but need an extra push? Time: 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
published as soon as the error Jubilee.” This event is free and open Come learn more about the Get Location: The Artery, 136 E.
is discovered. to the public.
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Fit from Head to Heel program,
designed to help students achieve a
Rosemary St.
Police log
➤ Corrections for front-page Location: Bull’s Head Bookshop more active lifestyle. Music performance: UNC Opera n Someone damaged a residence state.
errors will be printed on the Time: 5 p.m. will perform scenes from Verdi using eggs and fecal matter between
front page. Any other incorrect Guest speaker: Lawrence Location: Fetzer Gym, Room 109 operas. This event is free. 1:30 a.m. Nov. 1 and 5 p.m. Tuesday n A sleeping subject trespassed
information will be corrected Summers, assistant to President Time: 8 p.m. at 303 McDade St., according to at 11:13 p.m. Monday at Time Out
Barack Obama for economic Panel discussion: The Minority Location: Hill Hall annex Chapel Hill police reports. Restaurant on Franklin Street,
on page 3. Errors committed
policy and director of the National Association of Pre-Health Students Damage to the structure of the according to Chapel Hill police
on the Opinion Page have cor- Economic Council, will answer ques- invites students to its “Ask All Health Play production: Pauper Players, house was valued at $5, reports reports.
rections printed on that page. tions from William B. Harrison Jr., Professions Panel,” where physi- UNC’s student-run musical theater state.
Corrections also are noted in retired chairman and chief executive cians, nurses, dentists and pharma- group, will open its fall production n Someone reported a dog run-
the online versions of our sto- officer of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Free cists will talk about the struggles “Sweet Charity,” about a woman in n Someone broke a back window ning at large at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday
ries. tickets will be available 90 minutes they faced on the journey to success. search of true love. The show will run and entered a residence between at the intersection of West Poplar
before the event, and live video of Time: 6:30 p.m. until Nov. 16 and tickets will be $5 for 8:30 a.m. and 7:26 p.m. Tuesday at Avenue and Gary Road, according
➤ Contact Managing Editor the event will be displayed else- Location: Student Union, Room students and $10 general admission. 207 Elderberry Drive, according to to Carrboro police reports.
Steven Norton at scnorton@ where in the building. 3205 Time: 8 p.m. Chapel Hill police reports. The complainant described the
email.unc.edu with issues Time: Tickets distribution at 4:30 Location: Student Union Cabaret The person stole a $1,000 gold dog as a black German Shepherd
about this policy. p.m. and doors open at 5:30 p.m. Friday Movado watch and $300 Taylor mix, reports state.
Location: FedEx Global Education Performance: The performance Made golf clubs. Damage to the
Mail: P.O. Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium Benefit dinner: Come the of “Vertigo” is based upon the film window was valued at $200, n Someone reported suspicious
Office: 151 E. Rosemary St. Barbecue and Bluegrass Benefit masterpiece, turned upside down. reports state. conduct at 1:01 p.m. Tuesday
Sarah Frier, Editor-in-Chief, 962-4086 Movie night: Come out to see Dinner sponsored by the Chi Psi fra- This performance was adapted by at 200 James St., according to
Advertising & Business, 962-1163 “Memories of Murder,” a popular ternity and Chi Omega sorority. The Lucious Robinson and directed by n Someone reported alleged Carrboro police reports.
News, Features, Sports, 962-0245
Korean film based on the true story event will include a barbecue dinner Joseph Megal. Tickets are $5 for stu- wrestling or a large dog walking The victim reported that she
One copy per person; additional copies may be of the country’s first known serial and live music from the Mipso Trio. dents and $10 for general admission. causing noise at 11:11 p.m. Tuesday received a strange phone call on
purchased at The Daily Tar Heel for $.25 each.
murders. Young Eun Chae will give a Tickets are $7. Time: 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 1402 Oak Tree Drive, according her cell phone from an irritated
Please report suspicious activity at our
distribution racks by e-mailing dth@unc.edu. lecture and answer questions about Time: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Location: Swain Hall, Studio 6 to Chapel Hill police reports. male caller that seemed to have
the film as well, and light refresh- Location: Chi Psi Fraternity, 321 W. come from inside her residence,
© 2010 DTH Media Corp.
ments will be served. Cameron Ave. n Someone was involved in a reports state.
All rights reserved To make a calendar submission,
traffic collision and left the scene at
e-mail dthcalendar@gmail.com.
Events will be published in the
1:39 a.m. Wednesday at 101 Legacy n A suspicious person was look-
newspaper on either the day or the Terrace, according to Chapel Hill ing at houses between 4:30 p.m.
day before they take place. police reports. and 5 p.m. Friday at 106 Bluefield
Submissions must be sent in by The person was driving a bur- Road, according to Chapel Hill
noon the preceding publication date. gundy 2005 Ford Mustang, reports police reports.

206 West Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC 919-932-7734 kildarespub.com

Are you currently experiencing

around one or both of your lower
UNC School of Dentistry is presently enrolling healthy subjects who:
are non-smokers between the ages of 18 and 35
have pain and signs of inflammation (pericoronitis)
around a lower wisdom tooth (3rd molar)

Participation requires three visits. Benefits for participating include:

Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center free initial treatment of painful problem
a free dental cleaning
up to $50.00 payment for your time
free consult regarding options for 3rd molar treatment
If interested, please contact: Tiffany V. Hambright, RDH
Clinical Research Coordinator • Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
919-966-8376 or Tiffany_Hambright@dentistry.unc.edu
you will be contacted within 24 hours.
The Daily Tar Heel Top News thursday, november 11, 2010 3

Campus Briefs
Astrophysicist to research
galaxy evolution with grant County foreclosure rates up Birth
A UNC astrophysicist has
received a $795,000 grant from
the National Science Foundation
Banks foreclose as stimulus ends to ensure homeownership ended.
Still, the amount of foreclosed
homes is not driving down demand
from that,” Zimmerman said.
He said he credits better per-
formance in Orange County to the
to analyze the components and by Katherine Burton receiving stimulus funds were for purchases — the county has smaller supply of housing and the
structures of galaxies and the larg- staff writer encouraged to exhaust all avenues, seen a rise in aggregate home sales low unemployment rate, which
er cosmic environment in which People in the county are losing like refinancing loans, before as it recovers from the slowdown, he attributed to the presence of
they exist. ownership of their properties at a resorting to foreclosure. said Mark Zimmerman, owner of University and hospital jobs.
Sheila Kannappan, an assistant

be free
higher rate but not just because of a But she said the recent move away RE/MAX Winning Edge. As of September, Orange County
professor of physics and astrono- dismal economic climate. from stimulus funds might account “We are nowhere near the kind has an unemployment rate of 5.7
my, obtained the grant through the In the fiscal year that ended in for the increase in foreclosures. of levels of foreclosures where it’s percent, compared with the state’s
Faculty Early Career Development June, foreclosures in the county “You have a period of time affecting non-foreclosure sales,” he 9.1 percent.
Award, an honor given to junior jumped 64 percent as cash flows where lenders were strongly urged said. “Is it surprising that they’ve Zimmerman said traditional
teacher-scholars who show prom- from the federal stimulus package to work things out with folks,” she continued to rise for a while? No.” reasons, like overextended borrow-
ise for lifelong achievement in
building research and education
dwindled and no longer kept banks
from foreclosing homes.
said. “Many foreclosures went on
hold, and all that ended in the mid
As the area recovers from a slow-
down, yearly home sales through the
ing or unexpected unemployment,
are driving this recent upswing in
Insurance might
Kannappan’s work will pro-
Since July 1, there have been
62 foreclosures — already almost
part of 2010.”
In the six months ending in
end of September were up 5.3 per-
cent in Orange County and 1.1 per-
home foreclosures.
Joe Phelps, owner and broker
cover the drug
duce an unprecedented view double the number from June to December 2009, there were 35 cent for the entire Triangle region. of Phelps Realty in Hillsborough,
of gas, dark matter and stars December 2009.
by elizabeth johnson
foreclosures. “Last year was a horrible year in said decreased property values staff writer
in the universe through the Jo Roberson, county director of The next six months brought 83 the real estate market across the
RESOLVE Survey. She will draw Birth control could soon be free
tax administration, said programs foreclosures as incentives for banks market, and we weren’t immune See foreclosures, Page 11
on the resources provided by the for women who are insured by the
University’s partnership with UNC system or any other health
the Southern Observatory for care provider.
Astrophysical Research and the According to the system’s insur-
South African Large Telescope, ance policy, women who want birth
which are in Chile and South control must pay full price for it,
Africa, respectively. but this could soon change based
She will also partner with Teach on an amendment in the national
for America and other UNC orga- health care reform bill passed ear-
nizations to develop an astronomy lier this year.
enrichment curriculum. A federal government advisory
board is expected to meet this
month to decide whether birth
Scientists find ‘Trojan Horse’ control falls under the category of
cancer cell progression women’s preventive health care,
which the amendment addresses.
UNC researchers discovered that The amendment requires insur-
cells infected by a certain virus can ance companies to cover mammo-
cause their growth to switch from grams and other forms of preven-
being benign to cancerous. tive health care for women.
The Epstein-Barr virus makes Patricia Huff, direc tor of
cells grow small sacs, called exo- administration for UNC Campus
somes, which then change the pro- Health Services, said the cost of
teins and RNA inside the cell. birth control for women is par-
The infected cells can then go on tially covered under most insur-
to become cancerous and can even ance policies.
manipulate other, non-infected “Since birth control is covered
cells. by most insurance plans now, I
One of the researchers, professor would say it’s already considered to
Nancy Raab-Traub, called the exo- be part of preventive health care,”
somes the “Trojan Horse,” which Huff said.
the virus uses to gain control over “I think a lot of things have to
nearby cells. be considered before the govern-
Nearly everyone who is infected ment decides on a plan like this,
with the virus is infected for life as like where the revenue is coming
the immune system cannot elimi- from and a lot of other things,” she
nate it. said.
It can be transmitted through Many health care providers for
saliva but rarely causes diseases. women are advocating for the ben-
However, it is often found in can- efits of the proposed plan.
cers like lymphoma and nose and “This really is a game-changer
throat cancer. for women,” said Paige Johnson,
Researchers said that now that spokeswoman for Planned
they know how the virus works, Parenthood of Central North
the next stop is figuring out how to Carolina.
stop it, or at least slow it down. “Right now there are still finan-
cial barriers that prevent some
Researcher earns UNC award women from having access to some
for her work in therapy of the more reliable forms of birth
control,” she said.
Mary Relling, chairwoman of Johnson said the price of stan-
pharmaceutical sciences at St. dard birth control methods, such
Jude Children’s Research Hospital as the pill, are usually around $30
in Memphis, Tenn., was recently per prescription.
named winner of the Award for About 93 million prescriptions
Clinical Service from the Institute for contraceptives were filled in
for Pharmacogenomics and 2009 alone.
Individualized Therapy at UNC. Many think the coverage of birth
Relling won the award for her control, if passed, could start a shift
research on individualizing drug toward more reliable and expen-
therapy for childhood leukemia. sive forms of birth control, such
Relling’s work over the past 20 as intrauterine devices, which are
years has led to the discovery of not used by as many women in
new genes that can be targeted dur- dth/ashley andersen the United States because of their
ing therapy, said Howard McLeod, A Buddhist Shaolin monk from China performs as a part of “Sutra,” a combination of Kung-Fu, Tai Chi and other ancient arts, in Memorial Hall. higher cost.
director of the UNC institute. The proposed plan would also


allow women with different types
UNC collaborates on project of coverage to receive the same
for electronic record storage benefits, at least for birth control.
“Most North Carolinians would
UNC has collaborated with agree that if you pay for health
insurance, it ought to cover what you
National Archives and Records
Administration and the National Visual performance Performancereview
need,” said Adam Searing, director of
the N.C. Health Access Coalition.
Science Foundation to create a new
electronic record storage system. captivates and inspires MEMORIAL HALL “If it’s a family planning method
T he projec t is called the WEDNESDAY, NOV. 10 generally covered by private health
by Tariq Luthun care, then it should be covered
Cyberinfrastructure for Billions
staff writer under the new health care system,”
of Electronic Records project, or
Patrons at Memorial Hall’s Wednesday he said.
CI-BER, and was funded with IF YOU GO
evening presentation of “Sutra” were for- But some conservative religious
$395,000 in seed money.
tunate to witness a controlled explosion of Time: 7:30 p.m. tonight groups are opposed to drugs like
both discipline and chaos. Location: Memorial Hall the morning-after pill — which is
City Briefs Flemish-Moroccan choreographer Sidi Tickets: $10 students, $30-$85 general seats classified as birth control by the
Orange County reports Larbi Cherkaoui performed with an ensem- Info: www.carolinaperformingarts.org Food and Drug Administration —
seventh rabies case of year ble of 17 Shaolin monks in a what was a truly being covered.
thought-provoking experience. midst of an intimate exchange. “In terms of the moral compo-
The N.C. Rabies Laboratory An athletic, visually stimulating ode to As the child monk watched and traded nent, we’re talking about person-
reported a positive rabies result for the extreme possibilities of modern dance, signs with Cherkaoui, the first of the 16 al views, and individuals should
a skunk to Orange County Animal the performance captivated as it inspired practiced monks came out on stage. A make their own decisions about
Services Wednesday. the assembled audience. monk leapt to the center of the stage, stand- whether or not to have kids,”
The show started off slow and simple, ing among 16 hollow wooden boxes laid out dth/ashley andersen
This result marks the county’s Searing said.
seventh positive case this year. as the curtains opened on Cherkaoui and a The group used 21 wooden boxes to create
The skunk was submitted for child monk off to the side of the stage in the See sutra, Page 11 an ever-changing set on the stage. Contact the State & National
testing Monday after potential Editor at stntdesk@unc.edu.
exposure it may have had with pets

Congress declares CAA autonomous organization

at a residence in Hillsborough.
Two household cats and a dog
may have come in contact with the
skunk before a neighbor shot it.
All three animals recently
received rabies vaccinations. Repeals Title VII the rules and judiciary committee
of Congress, said the change was
“To my knowledge, we weren’t
aware of Title VII and its applica- “We’re just trying to make the Student
Express shuttle will run for of Student Code expected since many of the poli-
cies were not being followed, such
tions,” Goforth said.
Goforth said neither she nor
Code a better document because it’s been
men’s basketball game as swearing in cabinet members. CAA President Brandon Finch neglected. … It’s gotten messy.”
By Colleen Volz “ The Student Code should were sworn into their positions.
Chapel Hill Transit’s Tar Heel Staff Writer reflect current policy,” said De La The bill removing Title VII was Deanna Santoro, Speaker of student congress
Express shuttle will service Friday’s The Carolina Athletic Rosa. “Current policy suggests proposed by De La Rosa at the
7 p.m. men’s basketball game Association is now an autonomous they are autonomous and should Oct. 26 Congress meeting, but it will be limited to spending $250 — important because it clarifies con-
against the Lipscomb Bisons. organization. be treated as such.” was tabled when one representa- rather than last year’s $400 — on fusing policies.
Service to the Smith Center will Student Congress members He said he believed this to be the tive suggested that the CAA should campaigns in the spring elections, “We’re just trying to make
begin at 5:30 p.m. from the park- voted Tuesday to repeal Title VII first time an entire title has been no longer receive funding for CAA according to the new legislation. the Student Code a better docu-
and-ride lots at the Friday Center,from the Student Code, citing it as removed from the Code. presidential candidates. “It keeps everyone on the same ment because it’s been neglected,”
Southern Village, University Mall redundant. The decision formally Congress Speaker Deanna Goforth, who was asked by playing field,” Goforth said. “The Santoro said.
and Jones Ferry Road and will run removed the CAA from student Santoro said having laws for the Congress to appear and defend whole point is that everyone has “We’ve just been adding without
continuously until 45 minutes aftergovernment rules and bylaws. CAA is redundant, since the orga- funding candidates at Tuesday’s an equal opportunity to run. looking at how it affects the whole
the game ends. The removal does away with nization functions on its own code. meeting, said she argued the “Obviously our independence was document,” she said. “It’s gotten
Round-trip rides will cost $5, policies that include the right for Caitlin Goforth, CAA campus Residence Hall Association receives a big issue, but we didn’t know it was messy.”
and one-way trips will cost $3. Congress to swear in and impeach relations co-chairwoman, said CAA election reimbursement but func- in effect,” Goforth said. “Taking fund-
CAA cabinet members. leaders were unaware of many Title tions autonomously. ing away would have been huge.” Contact the University Editor
-From staff and wire reports Zach De La Rosa, chairman of VII policies. CAA presidential candidates Santoro said editing the Code is at udesk@unc.edu.
4 thursday, november 11, 2010 Campus The Daily Tar Heel

Potter enthusiasts gather

as final film release nears
Trivia, costumes
spur excitement
by Christina Austin
staff writer
Courtney Canipe grew up with
Harry Potter.
“I was 11 when I started reading
the books and so was Harry,” said
Canipe, one of the coordinators of
Wednesday night’s Potterpalooza.
She sees the release of Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 1 as the end of an era, but with
an event Wednesday that drew
more than 100 Potter enthusiasts
to the Great Hall of the Student
dth/mary-alice warren Union, Canipe said she hoped to
Beckee Garris and Caroleen Sanders conduct a pottery-making demonstration in Wilson Library. The program send the popular children’s novel
was part of an event to showcase “Unearthing Native History: The UNC Catawba Archaeological Project.” out with a bang.
The event, sponsored by the film

Panel helps NC tribes

and pop culture committees of the
Carolina Union Activities Board,
transformed the Great Hall into
the Hogwarts dining hall, complete

work to save culture

with house tables and pins.
Committee members said they
hoped to spur excitement about the
upcoming release of Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,
which debuts in theaters on Nov.
By Amelia Nitz serves as a liaison between natives a cultural level, said Tom Belt, who 19.
Staff Writer and the University. teaches the Cherokee language at Avid Harry Potter fans snacked
They want to hold on to their “We have an obligation to the Western Carolina University. on Potter-themed foods that includ-
culture. native and non-native people of Belt said that in the Eastern ed jelly beans (for Bertie Bott’s Every
In a panel discussion Wednesday the state to make sure that native Band of Cherokee Indians there Flavor Beans), chocolate galleons,
night, experts in North Carolina people and their experiences are are 130,000 members, but only caramels, and “muggle foods” such
American Indian culture voiced part of UNC,” she said. 290 can speak the language. as chips and crackers.
the need for federal recognition for Greg Richardson, executive “You can build as many casinos “It’s something that stuck with
these tribes in order to keep their director of the N.C. Commission as you want if you think it takes me through childhood,” Canipe
histories alive. on Indian Affairs, said he believes money to save a culture, but you said. “This is the end of Harry’s
North Carolina is home to the one issue facing native tribes, such can’t buy culture,” Belt said. “It has journey, and it ends many of our
largest number of American Indian as the Lumbee Tribe, is the lack of to be something that comes from childhood journeys.”
communities east of the Mississippi federal recognition that keeps them within.” After students sat down with
dth/jessie lowe
River, but many do not receive the from acquiring resources to address Freshman Mackenzie Neighbors their food, four enthusiastic seniors
same federal recognition and bene- the needs of the community. attended the panel after hear- took the stage for a mini-perfor- Sophomore Ella Marie Sullivan, dressed as Dobby, sits at the Slytherin
fits that other minority groups do. Edward Brooks, legal counsel to ing about it through her Native mance. table for the trivia part of the Potterpalooza event in the Great Hall.
The panel, led by Clara Kidwell, and member of the Lumbee
VeteransDayGAA_DTHad:Layout Tribe,
1 11/5/10 2:38American
PM Page 1Studies class. They were dressed as the
direc tor of the University ’s said he has been working to pass a “In class you learn history, marauder’s map, which details the night at Player’s on Friday. given away, which can purchase
American Indian Center, included bill granting federal recognition to but not a lot of current issues,” secret passageways of Hogwarts. The map was modeled on four student movie passes.
commentary from those who work the tribe. Neighbors said. “It was really inter- They asked the audience to say Franklin Street. The Bank of After the marauder’s map skit, 30
with the American Indian com- “Because the Lumbee do not esting to have the opportunity to the correct phrase to open the map. America, for example, represented students’ names were chosen from
munity. It is part of the center’s have a reservation and are not fed- hear native tribal members speak “I solemnly swear that I am up Gringotts Wizarding Bank. a vase, labeled the Goblet of Fire, to
American Indian Heritage Month erally recognized, we have had to on what they believe are the big- to no good,” the crowd recited in “I support the underlying mes- participate in a round of trivia.
activities. assimilate to stay in North Carolina gest problems in their communi- unison and without hesitation. sages of the books — friendship, Questions ranged from “What
Theda Perdue, a history pro- and have lost part of our identity,” ties today.” The costume doubled as the love and good over evil,” said Andrea do Hermione’s parents do for a liv-
fessor, said the American Indian Brooks said. quartet’s Halloween costume, and Ramos, who was part of the map. ing?” to “What date did Voldemort
Center not only increases the intel- The tribes are trying to survive Contact the University Editor members said they plan on also Each of the four women said kill Harry’s parents?”
lectual capacity on campus but also not only on a legal level, but also on at udesk@unc.edu. wearing it to a Harry Potter-themed they have read all of the Harry Most participants knew the
Potter books at least once, with answers instantly, but others strug-
some claiming to have read the gled. The audience gasped when a
complete series three times. participant missed a question, and


The group won the costume
contest, walking away with a Harry
Potter-themed throw blanket as a
some even booed.
Rebekah Goff, who was part of
the marauder’s map, enjoyed her-

4 bedrooms
thanks our veterans Ella Marie Sullivan, dressed as
Dobby the elf, won an honorable
“Nerding it up is always OK.”

Contact the University Editor

The Carolina Alumni Memorial in Memory of A $30 movie gift card was also at udesk@unc.edu.
3.5 Baths
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Great floor plan between Phillips and Memorial halls, was dedicated
in April 2007. The GAA constructed an online
edition of this memorial. It includes a biographical
page for each of the 715 alumni lost in war.
• Large front yards • Convenient Locations Honor these lives and learn more about
• Ample parking • Over 1800 sq ft those alumni who died in the line of duty.
• Washer and Dryers Visit alumni.unc.edu/veterans.

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page 5 thursday, november 11, 2010


In this week’s Dive, we take a look at one of the finest dining traditions in the area — taco trucks. While these providers of meals on four
wheels aren’t typically revered with the same respect as restaurants, we thought it was high time these paragons of cheap and tasty tortilla-
wrapped fare received their due. Staff writers Rachel Arnett, Joe Faile and Jonathan Pattishall sampled various fare from Carrboro’s Captain
Poncho’s, Taqueria Jalisco and Costa Azul. As patron Ryan Mills put it, “I want to spend my whole paycheck here, but I can’t because it’s so
cheap.” As impoverished and constantly hungry college students, we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Captain Poncho’s Taqueria de Jalisco Costa Azul

The chicharrón taco is soft, fleshy fried The borrego taco is lamb with veggies, The pork filling taco had more potential
pork skin and a curious shade of radioac- wrapped in a tortilla. The tortilla provides than was realized. Similar to the lengua, the
tive orange to boot, but it’s also fresh and a vortex for the juicy-greasy goodness that bland meat relied too heavily on the fresh
defied all my expectations for non-stomach flows after the first bite. This one definitely accoutrement of cilantro and onion. Not
destroying tastiness. I give it two and a half needs some spices — otherwise it tastes like the cream of the proverbial taco, but enjoy-
thumbs up. Just don’t forget to smother it, something from Lenoir Dining Hall. Despite able. If anything, a bit of salsa verde and the
and everything else at this truck, in their its cheap price, the money is better spent to atmosphere surrounding the trucks makes
delicious salsa verde. — JP help pay late night cab fare. — JF each cheap, filling taco worth a try. —RA

The best of my three tacos, the filling in While it was not the most unusual filling The cashier at Azul laughed at my gringo-
Poncho’s chorizo taco was the perfect match on the menus, the lengua (cow tongue) taco ness when I asked if I was supposed to eat
for the fresh cilantro and onion topping. The was better than it sounds, but ultimately the husk on my chicken tamale. That was
combo delivers the right amount of flavor the cilantro-onion topping overpowered the ok, because I was so absorbed in the steamy
with a spicy kick. Not only was the filling mild flavor of the lengua. However, a driz- cornmeal and chicken that I was impervi-
best balanced by the topping, but the tortilla zling of salsa verde provided another layer ous to her taunts. The salsa verde inside was
had the best consistency — not too thick and of texture to the simple style of preparation sharp, and at $2 it was a little pricey, but it
not too thin. — RA used for the lengua. — RA definitely made for good eating. — JP

The al pastor taco is a mixture of meat, I was suspicious of Jalisco for not listing its It may take a minute to warm up to the
pineapple and chile accompanied by veg- prices, and sated my suspicions by trying two idea of some tongue-on-tongue action, but
gies inside a handmade tortilla. The tradi- tacos instead of one. The tripe taco was fatty, the lengua (cow tongue) taco is well worth
tional meat flavor and tangy fruit provide rubbery and a bit nauseating, but also full the risk and potential gross factor. But that
for a delicious contrast of flavors that isn’t of workingman’s flavor. The azada taco was won’t last long — it is chewy with a lighter
too spicy, a great reason to add homemade a nice follow-up from a part of the cow that meat taste and the homemade tomatilla
salsas. For the price, it’s no investment, but doesn’t carry fecal matter. It was moister and sauce makes for a great combination of taste
it’s more of a snack than a meal. — JF more chewable than the first. — JP and texture. — JF

Catch Captain Poncho’s at: 100 S. Merritt Catch Taqueria de Jalisco at: E. Main St. Catch Costa Azul near: Harris Teeter (310
Mill Rd. (near Jiffy Lube), Carrboro (near Cat’s Cradle), Carrboro N. Greensboro St., Carrboro)

online | dailytarheel.com/dive feature movies music more music

REVIEWS Check the Diversions blog for our take on the new music NOT RUN OF THE MILL MEGALOMANIAC THAR SHE BLOWS REV YOUR ENGINE
that wouldn’t fit in the print edition, from rap to jazz to punk rock. Carrboro’s Milltown diner and A 3D kids movie turns out to be Freelance Whales spin a ver- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. isn’t a North
NEWS Curious about what all the indie music crazies are up to? bar will host a record swap this less terrible than it sounds in satile take on electro-pop that Carolina band as its name might
Want to know about what’s coming to theaters? Head to the blog. weekend, and Dive takes a look “Megamind 3D,” narrated by Will goes from mellow to energetic imply, but its new remix record
FESTIVAL REHASH If you missed Troika or Moogfest, Dive’s got at what’s going down. Ferrell and Brad Pitt. psychedelia on Weathervanes. should get your motor running.
the photos and the write-ups to prove it was a smashing good time. PAGE 6 PAGE 7 PAGE 6 PAGE 6
6 thursday, november 11, 2010 Diversions The Daily Tar Heel

Local music collectors

freelance whales North Carolinian with a need for of Wilco), has been in operation
weathervanes speed, Detroit’s electronic duo nearly as long as its more famous
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. embodies counterpart, but it’s never gotten

swap wax at Milltown

the same twists, turns and riveting
the same recognition. On Once
Folk pop energy of NASCAR. Around, the band’s latest, The
On its newest release, My Love
Autumn Defense steps up in an
Versatility is a key attribute free- Is Easy: Remixes Pt. 1, which bor-
attempt to claim its share of the alt-
lancers need to survive in the world. row’s from the band’s EP, Horse country-pop spotlight, but it finds
by joseph chapman said. ATTEND THE SWAP The Freelance Whales showcase Power, two tracks make a come- only limited success.
Assistant diversions editor The combination of experienced Time: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday versatility through an amalgama- back, this time with different driv-For the most part, the new
Hipsters aren’t the only ones collectors, local bands and labels tion of folk and electro-pop on its ers taking turns at the wheel andrecord elicits few complaints. It’s
Location: Milltown Bar & Diner
who love vinyl. makes Milltown’s record swap one debut album. Earnhardt Jr. Jr. merely along for
a mild and happy romp built on
307 E. Main St.
Aimed at nurturing the area’s of a kind. Weathervanes is chock full of the ride. chorus-heavy tracks and earworm
growing interest in vinyl collecting, Carrboro, NC 27510
“Usually when you go to these happy-go-lucky folk music that On My Love Is Easy, the concept
Carrboro’s Milltown restaurant will things, it’s just used records — will surely put a pep in your step behind the group’s EP is extended But the comparisons between
be hosting its second annual record which is great,” Blomquist said. “I the 12” plastic disk it conceals, and smile on your face. The array — two songs, “Nothing But Our Wilco and its members’ side proj-
swap this Saturday. love to flip through old records and there is something wholly incon- of instruments, from banjo to key- Love” and “Vocal Cords,” are eachect are inevitable, if only because
Tor Hansen, owner of Milltown collect them, but having the extra venient about a vinyl album. board to music box, make for a dis- mixed twice by different people. there are so many parallels between
and co-founder of Yep Roc Records, angle with local bands and labels is Like automobile enthusiasts tinct blend of pop that leans more The distinctly different mesh of the two. Stirratt’s voice often has
got the idea to host his own record what sets our event apart.” and manual transmission, it’s the toward indie than mainstream. styles separate each song from one
uncanny similarities to Tweedy’s —
swap after participating in similar The Milltown record swap plans periodic disruption coupled with The group has the ability to another, transforming them into the nasally lilt at the end of lines,
events around the Triangle. to be more of a chance to meet peo- a sense of dexterity that levies a cater to a song’s pace with its deli- tracks with new identities. certain soft, almost whispered
“I thought, ‘We’ve got this great ple with a shared interest in music more intimate experience with cate voices and collective talents. A On “Nothing But Our Love” phrases, and lyrics that reek of
patio space,’” Hansen said. “‘Why than an esoteric library battle. your hobby. few of the songs drag on while they (Kasper Bjørke Remix), the Danishearnest, weary heartache.
not use it?’” “It’s really a social thing,” “It’s a very soulful thing to do, to find a sense of direction, an adverse producer’s electronic layers scin- But where Tweedy’s voice rang-
Carrying out Hansen’s plan is Hansen said. “There were some play a record on a record player,” result of an otherwise youthful tillate over the band’s slow and es from soft and introspective to
Milltown bar waiter and booking serious collectors last year, but for Hansen said. “You’re more commit- product. dreamy lyrics, resulting in a track
bold and brassy, Stirratt’s has less
manager Clarque Blomquist. people that are just getting into it, ted to that music and the listening The band’s versatility is refresh- that tempts the listener with sweet
“One of the things we’re trying it’s more just a time to get out and experience.” ing, but it often means that many synth, like a beckoning to the danceThe song-writing might be a fac-
to emphasize with this is to let talk about music and flip through “You’re watching the record spin, of the songs sound as if they were floor. tor — whether intentionally or not,
bands know they can pretty much other people’s collections.” you’re looking at the cover, pulling culled from several projects. There However, the track’s lengthiness
Stirratt and Sansone have penned
set up merchandise tables almost What is it about vinyl records out some poster or inner sleeve — are chilled-out, acoustic songs that lends itself to a humdrum recep- tunes with few moments of feverish
like they would at one of their that seems to attract a certain type there’s a lot going on. And then half compete with illustrious, up-tempo tion by the end. Although the elec-
intensity. Instead, like the singer’s
shows,” Blomquist said. “So if any of music lover? way through, you have to stop and tracks. tronic swirls are fun and upbeat,one-dimensional voice, the tracks
band comes and has buttons, CDs, “It’s a different experience of turn it over.” Airy sounds and minimal gui- it becomes repetitive when Dale all float along on mid-tempo melo-
or maybe they’ve pressed up some listening to music than just down- Whether your preferred method tar playing create nostalgic ripples Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s vocals fade and
dies and lovesick prose.
vinyl or they have T-shirts — we’re loading something,” Blomquist of cueing comes with a careful eye comparable to Sufjan Stevens in Bjørke lingers a little too long. It’s nothing new, and that’s
letting local bands know they can said. and a steady hand or a swift dou- “Broken Horse” and “The Great The record’s transitions are the largest divide between The
come and set up a table.” Indeed it is. Modern day music ble-click, there’s something to be Estates.” Rapid banjo plucking on impeccable, despite the change inAutumn Defense and its other,
Anyone interested in putting players sit idly in taskbars, using said about the re-emerging popu- “Hannah” and oscillating keyboards pace and overall approach. Flowing
better-known counterpart. Where
their own collection up for trade algorithms to determine the next larity of vinyl. on “Starring” initiate toe-tapping, like a nonstop night on the danceWilco dares to veer into dark, noisy
or sale simply needs to show up — track in your queue. Rarely are “I just read that the new Taylor and their addictive choruses cycle floor, the duo’s songs are fresh territory on songs like “Muzzle of
the organizers will provide tables these digital media players running Swift record is going to come out through your head on a permanent transformations that aim to infuse
Bees” off 2004’s A Ghost is Born,
at no charge. alone. While browsing the Internet on vinyl,” Blomquist said. “It made loop. effervescence and dance-worthy Stirratt and Sansone’s project rests
“There are a lot of local collec- or grinding away at homework, the me laugh a little bit.” Twitter and HGTV commercials, rhythms into the music. on middle-of-the-road emotion-
tors in the area that will come out convenience of the digital format as well as NBC show “Chuck,” have For a part one, Dale Earnhardt
alism and melodies that take few
to these things with crates of great, puts music into the background. Contact Diversions Editor featured the charming “Generator Jr. Jr. leaves the listener anticipat-
old vintage records,” Blomquist From the 12”x12” album art to at dive@unc.edu. 1st Floor” for its easy-to-love, ing the next volume. The occasion- While Once Around isn’t break-
dreamy vocals and inviting chant- al lengthiness may not be ideal, but
ing any new ground, there are still
ing. The band knows how to make it’s apparent that despite its allusion
several tracks that feature solid
good music, but there is a sizable to a member of the South’s long- songwriting and hints of novelty.
difference between its great songs treasured pastime, Dale Earnhardt Album opener “Back of My
and its less impressive ones. Jr. Jr. knows how to crank up theMind” blends sunny harmonies
The group’s unique sound is audible vitality without the rev of
with smooth, glossy production
indicative of the expansion of indie an engine or the screech of rubber
and a Wilco-esque sense of cow-
music to new and unforeseen fron- on a track. boy pensiveness. It trots along at a
tiers. Weathervanes is a great start- relatively quick pace, and Sansone
ing point with its flexibility, but a -Elizabeth Byrum and Stirratt’s vocals pair as effort-
band-aid or two could help with its lessly as a pack of wolves howling
lack of cohesion. the autumn defense at the moon.
once around With a few exceptions, The
-Joe Faile Autumn Defense’s latest is a pleas-
ant stroll through a set of breezy
dale earnhardt jr. jr. pop pop tunes. But like any walk
my love is easy: Remixes pt. 1 through flat terrain, the landscape
In many ways, The Autumn is hardly thrilling, and ultimately,
Defense is like Wilco’s more there are few moments that really
electro-pop obscure twin. raise your heart rate.
The side project, led by John
Borrowing a name from a Stirratt and Pat Sansone (also -Linnie Greene
The Daily Tar Heel Diversions thursday, november 11, 2010 7
movieshorts diverecommends
troika festival flashback
MEGAMIND 3D communist Stieg Larsson or seen Album from the Vaults: friday
the first two films, that doesn’t Morrissey, Your Arsenal: In 1992, the Mount Moriah
really matter. glittery, gilded wave that was glam
If Superman were too timid to A quick online summary is all Cat’s Cradle | The band’s not head-
rock had been resigned to another lining, but if you missed Mount
use his superpowers, he’d forever one needs for the back story on facet of musical history. Several
be a dreadfully average news writer Lisbeth Salander, Larsson’s defi- Moriah at Troika or The Layabout,
years after The Smiths’ breakup, you owe it to yourself to check out
named Clark Kent. ant hacker-punk heroine who is Morrissey was three records into
Cowering behind a façade of determined to kick lots of ass and an amazing local band. There are
his solo career, and Your Arsenal few voices as powerful and potent
PG-friendliness, “Megamind” hides let every one else take their sweet was the singer’s definitive state-
the uniquely funny elements of its time figuring out why. as Heather McEntire’s, and there are
ment that he was more than the few frontpeople with such swagger
storyline behind the fare of a sub- The plot-driven trilogy is enor- band he once fronted.
par family film. mously complicated, so suffice and poise. Amy Ray headlines. 9
But with stellar voice talents it to say for “Hornet’s Nest” that Movie from the Vaults: p.m., $15
tapping the film’s wellspring of Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace) is paying “Cruel Intentions”: Dive’s never been saturday
originality, the animated feature the price for the revenge that she accused of being too high-brow, and Alcazar Hotel
rids itself of its “Kent”-ness just took on her father in the last movie. we’re honoring our love of guilty
enough to rescue itself from come- After being mistreated by her dad, pleasures with this week’s movie Local 506 | Local outfit Alcazar
dic peril. her doctor, her legal guardian and pick. But before you underestimate Hotel might fit in at one of those
When a bumbling supervillain the state, a veritable conspiracy of this 1999 film, note that it’s based rock ‘n’ roll joints with chicken
named Megamind (Will Ferrell) dirty old men, Lisbeth struck back on Choderlos de Laclos’“Dangerous wire between the audience
finally defeats Metro City’s adored but wound up with a bullet in her Liaisons,” a classic French novel. Take and the band. But we think the
Metro Man (Brad Pitt), he slumps skull. that, movie snobs. group will be mighty fine at
into purposelessness. Luckily, she pulls through sur- the 506 as well — expect some
While forging a false identity to gery, and the perfunctory follow- Events: raunchy, catchy rock and plenty
romance a TV reporter (Tina Fey), up assassination attempt, to get thursday of debauchery care of open-
he genetically implants superpow- her day in court. ers Katharine Whalen & Her
The Dynamite Brothers Fascinators and Those Eno River
ers into a nerdy loser (Jonah Hill) With the help of investigative jour-
who calls himself Tighten. But nalist Mikael Blomkvist (Michael The Cave | The Dynamite Brothers Boys. 9 p.m., $7
when Tighten decides to be vil- Nyqvist), she then seeks to bring have a throne at the crossroads Tuesday
lainous, Megamind must somehow down the group of security state between old school blues and con-
temporary rock, and Dive’s content Horse Feathers dth/joseph chapman

reconcile the good and evil inside officials that shielded her abusive
of him. father in the first place. And it turns to worship at the altar of cool. It’s Local 506 | As ethereal and other- osadi Music (alongside Birds & Arrows) kicked
Due to Ferrell’s peculiar cin- out they could just be incriminated the kind of music that makes you wordly as the creature this band’s
ematic powers, the film’s tone is in white slavery and child pornogra- want to prance across a room like off Troika last week at Durham’s Central Park.
name evokes, expect plenty of
almost unrecognizable. As always, phy as well. How convenient. the cool hero in an old movie. That, folk-pop magic from Portland’s The weekend had an impressive turnout with
Ferrell substitutes his character What could have been simple or tap your feet feverishly — take Horse Feathers this Tuesday night. Chatham County Line’s Motorco performance being a festi-
with a sarcastically obnoxious ver- feminist revenge fantasy becomes your pick. Weisstronauts also play. Anais Mitchell opens. 9:30 p.m.,
sion of himself. moderate-to-highly affecting femi- 10 p.m., $5 val highlight. Check out the blog for a write-up and photos.
The odd result here is a quixotic, nist revenge fantasy thanks to its
cartoonishly hapless, endearingly persistently coordinated art direc-
conceited stooge. Try as he might, tion. Garish lighting and darkly
this fickle protagonist doesn’t elicit toned sets lend the film an expres-
sympathy, but he compensates with sionistic gothic mood that goes
belly laughs. unbroken during its brutal two and
The self-reflexive, genre-flip- a half hour running time.
ping spirit of the movie makes Rapace’s wickedly minimalist
those moments so hilarious. performance doesn’t hurt either.
Awkwardness and real-life deprav- Despite the distractions of a couple
ity burst through the film’s sugar- of comical characters and the lilt-
coat of frivolous ironies and hack- ing Swedish language, this movie
neyed faux pas. If only the film belongs to Lisbeth from beginning
refused to redress itself in its Clark to end.
Kent outfit. -Jonathan Pattishall
Fey and Hill quench the modern
moviegoer’s thirst for thematic fun- Due Date
poking and virtuous debauchery.
Sore thumbs in an animated nev-
erland of superhero conventions, In much of the same vein as
they pull our Apatow and SNL the classic “Planes, Trains and
heartstrings and graciously step Automobiles,” “Due Date” borrows
out of the family-film formula. its source material heavily from its
The film is so three-dimension- 1987 counterpart. Fall 2010 Class
ally flat, it’s mind-blowing. Thus, if However, this modern rendition
saving money is your prerogative, of the classic road comedy cannot
don’t see “Megamind” in its gim- capture the same charm and wit
micky 3D version. that made the previous movie so
Just understand that underneath successful.
its dreadfully average exterior is a Hastily boarding a plane to Los
wholly original movie that evinces Angeles for the birth of his child,
itself from time to time, but never Peter Highman (Robert Downey
dares to kick major ass. Jr.) is denied and placed on the
“no fly” list due to a rambunc-
-Rocco Giamatteo tious encounter at the airport with Rachel Arnett, Sigma Sigma Sigma
the odd Ethan Tremblay (Zach
Nowhere Boy Galifianakis). Stripped of cash and Elizabeth Bates, Phi Mu
resources, Highman begrudgingly Curtis Blaine, Sigma Nu
accepts Tremblay’s offer to drive Hampton Hunter Bruton, Zeta Beta Tau
When telling the story of a rock across the country to LA.
‘n’ roll icon, it can be easy to focus Directed by Todd Phillips, “Due Amber Murai Clifford, Delta Sigma Theta
only on the mythos of their legend- Date” has a predictably simple Caroline Cook, Kappa Kappa Gamma
ary exploits and ground-breaking formula: get from point A to Emily Evans, Alpha Delta Pi
music. “Nowhere Boy” takes a dif- point B and add ridiculous antics
ferent road in its presentation of in between. The story breaks no Andrew Faircloth, Zeta Psi
John Lennon’s early years, mostly comedic molds, and as a result, Olumbunmi Fashusi, Delta Sigma Theta
ignoring the celebrity and instead the film’s value lies in the middle Alexis Gainey, Chi Omega
centering on the impression- comedic bits.
able and fragile young man in his With a masturbating dog as Anirudh Gowd, Delta Sigma Iota
youth. one of the highlights, the com- Jessica Hannigan, Phi Beta Chi
Set in the 1950’s in Liverpool, edy is crude in the same manner Bethany Harris, Alpha Chi Omega
the movie follows a teenaged as Phillips’ previous blockbuster
Lennon (Aaron Johnson) and his film, “The Hangover,” but it does Alexandra (Allie) Harrison, Kappa Delta
friends Paul McCartney (Thomas not quite capture the same light- Emily Horton, Alpha Delta Pi
Brodie Sangster) and Pete Shotton heartedness as its successful pre- Justin Huang, Delta Sigma Phi
(Josh Bolt) as they develop their decessor.
love for rock. This is in large part due to Melanie Hurtt, Alpha Pi Omega
Their influence, as well as that the chemistry of the two costars. Caroline Jones, Phi Mu
of Lennon’s estranged mother Individually, each actor puts on a Rebecca Ladd, Sigma Sigma Sigma
Julia (Anne-Marie Duff ), puts solid performance. Downey exudes
into motion a series of events that his trademark suaveness while Ann Mills Lassiter, Kappa Delta
eventually leads to the creation of Galifianakis once again plays the Antoinette Lecky, Zeta Phi Beta
The Beatles. awkward screwball that has gotten Harrison McCaskill, Delta Kappa Epsilon
Viewers hoping for a feel-good him so much recent attention.
film featuring endless Beatles Still, the characters’ combina- Laura McNamara, Alpha Chi Omega
tracks will be sorely disappointed. tion of the archetypal conserva- Sarah Murphy, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Director Sam Taylor-Wood opts tive businessperson and carefree Carter Norbo, Kappa Kappa Gamma
for a more grounded tone, and oddity does not flourish. The pair’s
Johnson’s portrayal of Lennon chemistry seems contrived and the Kelly O’Shaughnessy, Kappa Kappa Gamma
shows a young man whose natural unlikely friendship that is inevi- Traci Parnell, Phi Beta Chi
appeal and cocksure swagger masks tably created fails to compel the Courtney Peters, Sigma Sigma Sigma
a great deal of emotional vulner- viewer.
ability and need for approval. With its few bright moments, Caroline Peterson, Kappa Delta
The movie does give in to the the film will entertain the casual Diana Rabstejnek, Sigma Sigma Sigma
temptations for popular appeal weekend crowd. Yet with such a Lindsay Ross, Alpha Chi Omega
and there are a handful of “learn- strong number of names behind
ing to play” montages set to swell- the movie, “Due Date” disappoints Lindsey Stephens, Alpha Delta Pi
ing music, which are inconsistent and runs out of gas before it ever Stephanie Thomas, Zeta Tau Alpha
with the pitch of the rest of the film. reaches a satisfying point B. Jenna Tomalski, Sigma Sigma Sigma
Taylor-Wood also heavily suggests
an oedipal relationship between -Lam Chau Charles Walsh, Sigma Nu
John and Julia, but pushes it on Shani Watson, Delta Sigma Theta
the audience with such vigor that Taylor Watt, Sigma Chi
it seems forced and creepy rather starSystem
than representative of the often- Elizabeth Weisner, Kappa Kappa Gamma
negative impact Julia had on her Poor Katie Wintermeier, Zeta Tau Alpha
son. Fair
All in all, “Nowhere Boy” stir-
ringly presents the makings of a good
troubled star. Though not flawless,
it does a good job of cutting a larg- Excellent
er-than-life figure down to size. Classic
-Mark Niegelsky
The Girl Who Kicked the
HOrnet’s Nest Linnie Greene, Editor
843-4529 | dive@unc.edu
Joseph Chapman, Assistant Editor
The final segment of the men-
Joe Faile, Rocco Giamatteo, Mark
acing “Millennium” trilogy is here,
Niegelsky, Elizabeth Byrum, Anna
and it couldn’t have found a more
Norris, Jonathan Pattishall, staff writers
inappropriate venue than the gray-
haired Chelsea Theater. Kelly McHugh, Design Editor
If you haven’t read the bestsell- Cover Design: Carolann Belk
ing novels by deceased Swedish Map by Bliss Pierce 405117.CRTR
8 thursday, november 11, 2010 Sports The Daily Tar Heel

Rematch takes di≠erent

dynamic at neutral site
Tar Heels handle
Wolfpack in Cary
by Grant Fitzgerald
staff writer
CARY — North Carolina was not
taking its matchup with rival N.C.
State lightly.
Not after the Wolfpack upset
UNC in the ACC Tournament
last season. Not after the Red and
White gave the Tar Heels all they
could handle in their September
regular-season matchup.
But from the beginning,
Wednesday’s game didn’t have the
dth/jankee shah feel of a rivalry game.
The North Carolina men’s soccer team celebrates one of their four goals against the N.C. State Wolfpack at “They had to play a game yester-
WakeMed Soccer Park. Wednesday’s win was the largest margin of victory in tournament history for UNC. day, and that game was 3-3 until

UNC tops N.C. State

fifteen minutes to go when they put
it out of reach, and so they had to
exert a lot of energy,” UNC coach
Elmar Bolowich said. “I think it
showed today, we felt like we can

in ACC Tournament
always shift into another gear, but
I don’t think N.C. State could shift
into another gear.”
Another difference between
UNC’s 4-0 blowout and regular
season nail-biter was the energy,
by Aaron Taube Urso’s right foot struck its third the momentum doesn’t drop.” or lack thereof, surrounding the
Assistant Sports Editor short-corner victim of the season. The Wolfpack ratcheted up the match.
CARY — Having captured Urso tapped a left-side corner kick pressure in the second half and cre- In the regular-season matchup,
the ACC regular-season title last to Farfan, who stopped the ball for ated several scoring opportunities, the atmosphere was electric. The
Friday, the North Carolina men’s Urso. He swung the ball into the but Farfan put the game on ice with stands at Raleigh’s Dail Soccer
soccer team began its quest for the box toward the near post and a an impressive 66th-minute tally. Stadium were packed. And those dth/jankee shah
ACC double in style Wednesday few seconds and a Martin Murphy The All-America midfielder who were turned away at the gate Senior midfielder Michael Farfan had a goal and an assist in UNC’s win
evening. header later, the Tar Heels had the received a pass across the box from watched from the refuge of a near- against N.C. State in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals Wednesday.
The Tar Heels welcomed back only goal they would need. forward Alex Dixon, nudged it with by parking garage.
holding “We are getting scouted every his left foot and quickly blasted the Maybe it was the cold weather, After the Tar Heels’ two early Following North Carolina’s
MEN’S midfielder week so people know we are play- ball with his right. It was his second or maybe it was the neutral site. first-half goals, North Carolina third goal of the game, N.C. State
SOCCER Stephen ing a short corner,” Bolowich said. goal in as many games since return- Whatever the reason, Wednesday’s could have put the game on cruise defender David Brown picked up
N.C. State 0 McCarthy “But still, the defender has to be 10 ing from an ankle sprain Friday. game didn’t have the same crowd control. a red card after taking down North
UNC  4 from a jaw yards away. It’s just a matter of how “When Michael hit this beautiful or buildup. Instead, the Tar Heels continued Carolina forward Martin Murphy.
injur y and quickly can you execute it.” shot, that really broke the ice and “It was a lot different tonight to score, taking 13 of their 21 shots From that point, the game was well
cruised to a 4-0 ACC quarterfi- McCarthy’s return forced the that gave us the confidence that because I didn’t have that con- in the second half. in hand.
nal victory against N.C. State at team’s leading scorer, sophomore we’d bring this home,” Bolowich stant chatter from behind the Forced to move up more men on N.C. State senior captain Chris
WakeMed Soccer Park. Enzo Martinez, to the bench. But said. “N.C. State probably knew at goal,” sophomore goalkeeper Scott the attack, the N.C. State defense Zuerner said that the neutral field
“Having the two guys back that Martinez didn’t let that stop him that point that it would be a tough Goodwin said. opened up even more — allowing certainly factored into the lack of
were out for a while in Michael from leaving his impression on the road to climb.” “The first time we played them two second-half goals with many energy.
Farfan and Stephen McCarthy game. Martinez doubled UNC’s lead Martinez scored again with nine it was a really good game, a very shots just missing their mark. “Whenever you are at home,
helped us tremendously not only 12 minutes before halftime with his minutes remaining to close the physical game and very intense. It did not help the Wolfpack that you feel like you have a man up,”
with their individual performance, first goal coming off a stellar cross Tar Heels’ scoring. It was UNC’s They always get up to play us as it was playing without starting goal- Zuerner said.
but also in the depth of our team,” from defender Matt Rose. highest-scoring game of the season we do them. I definitely think we ie Will Mackvick. In his place was “The game plan was the same.
UNC coach Elmar Bolowich said. “I’d like to thank coach for that against ACC competition and the were pumped up for this game, and true freshman Carlos Villa, who was The first two goals came off set
“Everybody bought in and the opportunity, for letting me come off largest margin of victory in tourna- I think it showed.” granted no margin for error against pieces … and I think that was the
guys had an outstanding perfor- the bench and do what I could for ment history for the Tar Heels. But unlike the last contest the North Carolina attack. turning point right there and the
mance.” the team,” Martinez said. “I think between the two teams, the out- The Tar Heels’ dominance rest was the game.”
The Tar Heels started with an that says a lot about our team that Contact the Sports Editor come of this game was almost showed not only on the scoreboard
early lead 16 minutes in when Kirk you can put anyone out there and at sports@unc.edu. never in doubt. but also in the body language of the Contact the Sports Editor
players. at sports@unc.edu.

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The Daily Tar Heel News thursday, november 11, 2010 9

Fire department finds site for education

Fire Place will ‘reach more people’ “We’re all working toward the same
by Ian Ager fire safety education requirements
thing — a safer and more fire-conscious
staff writer that students must complete in society.”
After losing its original venue, elementary school.
the Chapel Hill Fire Department The department originally ran Ernest Grant, outreach clinician for the N.C. jaycee burn center
has found a new site to host its fire its programs out of the Chapel Hill
safety programs. Museum, which closed in June. The department rents the site Safe Kids N.C., another one of
Located at 301 Meadowmont Kelly said the department looked at from UNC Hospitals and requires The Fire Place’s seven sponsors,
Village Circle, The Fire Place pro- many possible spaces before decid- no funding from the town because partners with the fire department
vides fire safety courses to residents ing on the Meadowmont location. the center operates mainly on every October to participate in Fire
with a special focus on educating Last year, the department sponsor donations. Prevention Week.
children. reached more than 1,000 children One of the center’s major spon- “We like that the fire depart-
“It’s important that we allow with its fire safety programs. sors is the N.C. Jaycee Burn Center, ment is trying to think outside
citizens to participate in safety pro- “We were fortunate enough to which donates between $3,000 the box and come up with innova-
grams,” Assistant Fire Marshal Doug be able to get most of our historical and $5,000 to the fire department tive ways to reach the public,” said
Kelly said. “You don’t have to be a collection into the new space,” he annually. Kerry Hall, spokeswoman for Safe
child to go out and participate.” said. “Everything from the museum Ernest Grant, an outreach clini- Kids N.C.
The center’s programming except for the Model-T fire truck is cian for the burn center, said teach- “Having this outreach center
includes a puppet musical on fire here now.” ing children safety early helps them where they’re going out into the
safety for children as well as CPR The Fire Place will operate at its become prepared for emergencies. community means they can reach
classes for adults. The center is new location until Nov. 18, when “We’re really trying to work more people, and the more people
open Tuesdays, Thursdays and building renovations will force the ourselves out of a job,” Grant said. they reach, the better.”
Sundays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. center to close temporarily. Kelly “We’re all working toward the same dth/jankee shah
Area schools are encouraged to said he hopes to have the facility thing — a safer and more fire-con- Contact the City Editor Assistant Fire Marshal Dace Bergen prepares a puppet show designed
send students to the center to fulfill open again by the spring. scious society.” at citydesk@unc.edu. to educate children on fire safety at The Fire Place in Meadowmont.

student “I remember watching a mother and a jrotc salutes fallen heroes

from page 1

friends’ bullet wounds became

child fleeing a village during one of our
a common, accepted aspect of raids. …I felt guilty.”
Johnson’s life.
Though frequent, Johnson said Zach Johnson, student and veteran
those instances weren’t the most
memorable. Nine years after watching the gent, but he really knows his mili-
“I remember watching a mother Sept. 11 attacks on television and tary stuff.”
and child fleeing a village during deciding as a high school freshman Kianna Wood said she could
one of our raids,” he said. to join the armed forces, Johnson immediately sense a higher matu-
“Knowing that we had made arrived this semester with a few rity level in Johnson, her biology
refugees, and knowing that these readjustment struggles — and the lab partner.
innocent people were having to goal of becoming a nurse. “Zach is so friendly and always
leave their homes because of what “The transition was difficult, just so respectful,” she said. “He’s also
we were doing really struck me. because I’ve seen so much that most mature beyond his years. I think
“I felt guilty, and it personally students can’t relate to,” he said. he’s so selfless for basically giving
hurt my feelings to have the people “But everyone is still so nice and up his youth to go fight. I really
I’m trying to help look at me in fear accepting.” respect him for it.”
that I might hurt them.” Nick Koeher, a student at Ohio Today, one year after leaving the
Despite the hardship he wit- University who served alongside armed forces, Johnson remains
nessed, Johnson said he hopes to Johnson, said some of the attributes emotional about his service.
one day return to the Middle East his fellow soldier showed in battle “It’s important to remember the
to help refugees. could transfer to college life. people that are still serving,” he
It was with that goal in mind that “Whenever there was a lot going said. “They continue to give their
Johnson turned down an oppor- on, Zach could always be counted lives for us every day.”
tunity to attend the U.S. Military on to raise your morale,” Koeher
Academy to enroll in a school he said. “Zach is such a relaxed guy. Contact the University Editor
instantly fell in love with — UNC. He is very easygoing and intelli- at udesk@unc.edu.

professor “Veterans Day is signature law

from page 1

office with stacks of books and the

a day to stop and from page 1

lation was useful because, although

company of eager students. thank folks for his campaign barely achieved the
“He’s an awesome teacher,” 1,000-signature threshold, he said
Oldham said. “So many of us their service to he would have gotten more if it had
called him ‘Uncle Joe.’ He’s really
their country.” been required. mct/joe rimkus jr.

able to connect with all his stu- “Two-hundred fifty more signa-
dents. tures is just that much more a pain unior ROTC member Alexis Ritchie salutes during a ceremony to honor the fallen heroes
Joe Caddell, professor of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at Pompano Beach High School in Pompano Beach, Fla.,
“The perspective he brings as in the ass,” he said.
a former military server and the “It was an interesting experi- Deanna Santoro, speaker of on Wednesday. The JROTC constructed a display of 5,733 American flags to honor the
insider knowledge of the workings ence,” he said. “It was fascinat- Student Congress, said she thought
of the military and intelligence offi- ing to be around people who the signature increase was a rea- soldiers. Each of the flags had the name of a fallen soldier attached to it. Many schools across
cers is amazing.” are dedicated on a level that you sonable compromise, and that Title the country are honoring those who have contributed to the service on Veterans Day.
That respect has also been don’t encounter in civilian life. VI badly needed reform.
appreciated by Caddell’s peers, who Dedication is probably one of the “The other Title VI was not
say Caddell’s firsthand knowledge most important things for people usable,” she said. “It caused a lot of
proves to be invaluable in the class- to have when serving.” problems.”
room. With the approach of Veterans The old law contradicted itself
“Professor Caddell is a tremen- Day, Caddell said he can’t help but regarding definitions of different
dous resource for students to have get sentimental. types of campaigning, she said.
because he is academically trained, “You always seem to remem- Santoro added that she has
but also because he has a long pro- ber the good things,” he said. encouraged Medlin to sponsor
fessional career in the military,” “Veterans Day is a day to stop legislation to change the law if he
said Wayne Lee, chairman of the and thank folks for their service believes it is necessary.
PWAD curriculum. to their country.
“It’s interesting that he can com- “People often don’t realize that Contact the University Editor
bine these two things and make it the people in the armed forces at udesk@unc.edu.
so successful.” are doing what they’re doing so
Lee added that Caddell often that everyone can go on doing
shares war stories with his col- what they need to with their own
leagues. lives.”
After attending the University as
an undergraduate, where Caddell Contact the University Editor
was a member of the ROTC, he at udesk@unc.edu.
entered the Air Force during the
Cold War as a lieutenant colonel
intelligence officer.
Following his service on active
duty, Caddell spent 20 years in the
reserves, where he said he gained Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro
Exit Market St. / Southern Village
valuable insight into life as a mem-
ber of the armed forces. MEGAMIND I ..................................12:45-2:50-4:55-7:15-9:25
Caddell said he never faced DUE DATE K .........................................12:50-2:55-5:00-7:25-9:40
extreme danger while serving HEREAFTER J .........................................1:15-4:05-7:20-9:50
RED J ...............................................................1:25-4:15-7:25-9:45
because he was an intelligence
officer, but said he still witnessed THE SOCIAL NETWORK J ............1:20-4:15-7:10-9:35

Go Tar He
both the good and bad aspects
of life as a member of the armed
HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 Thurs. (11/18/10) @ Midnight
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forces. Matinees




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10 thursday, november 11, 2010 State & National The Daily Tar Heel

Health care reform plan National and World News N&W

uncertain after midterm Know more on Intercepted bomb was set to explode
today’s top story:
Viviana Bonilla Lopez
staff writer
“I know a lot of the Republicans
say they are going to repeal it,”
Two packages contain-
over East Coast of the US, report says
The newly gained Republican Purcell said. “I don’t think they
ing bombs were addressed WASHINGTON, D.C. (MCT) said they believe the devices indicated that if the device had
majority in the N.C. General have the votes to override a veto.”
to a synagogue in Chicago : — One of the bombs hidden last were intended to detonate in activated it would have been at
Assembly and U.S. House of Purcell said he challenges
http://aol.it/cTmRpo month in two U.S.-bound pack- flight. 10:30 hrs BST (9:30 a.m. British
Representatives could mean an Republicans to present their plan. Police removed the bomb ages from Yemen was timed to The near-miss, which was time) on Friday, 29 October 2010,”
uncertain future for health care “My question is: What is their from the printer three hours explode over the East Coast of the thwarted after a tip from Saudi Scotland Yard said in a statement.
reform. alternative for the poor folks who before it was set to go off: United States, British authorities intelligence, has led the Obama That would’ve been 5:30 a.m. in
The state created a health care don’t have coverage?,” he said. http://bit.ly/9Yxo9r said Wednesday. administration to consider step- New York.
panel to evaluate the reform and But N.C. Sen. Harris Blake, See a picture of where Al-Qaida’s Yemen-based wing ping up its covert campaign “If the device had not been
work on implementing it in North R-Harnett, member of the sen- the packages containing the has claimed responsibility for against the al-Qaida faction based removed from the aircraft, the
Carolina. But with Republicans ate’s health care committee, said bomb were hidden inside the sending two parcel bombs con- on the Arabian Peninsula, includ- activation could have occurred
announcing their plans to repeal Republicans get a bad reputation ink cartridge: http://bit.ly/ cealed in printer cartridges that ing the potential for strikes from over the eastern seaboard of the
health care overhaul, the panel’s that they don’t deserve. bPN039 were intercepted last month in aerial drones. U.S.,” Scotland Yard’s statement
work could no longer be needed. “Republicans that I know and
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, One of the two bombs was said.
“It’s really up to them if they certainly myself get that notion of Go to dailytarheel.com/ and East Midlands, England. taken off a cargo plane at East The bomb was defused by
want to go a different route,” said being mean-spirited and not caring index.php/section/state Both package bombs were Midlands Airport north of explosives officers less than three
Pam Silberman, project director of about people who need help.” to discuss the intercepted addressed to Jewish groups in London on Oct. 29. hours before it was set to explode,
the advisory panel and president Blake said President Barack bomb. Chicago, though officials have “Forensic examination has British police said.
and CEO of the N.C. Institute of Obama’s bill is not an adequate
Medicine. solution for the health care issue.
“At this point we are still going
forward and looking at the bill and
“I think that health care bill in
Washington is an absolute disaster,”
Cigarette packages to have new labels China and Germany slam US policy
seeing what it means for North he said. “Hardly anybody knows LOS ANGELES (MCT) — In and to strengthen the will of those S E O U L ( M C T ) — Fo r that the infusion of cash would
Carolina,” she said. what’s in that bill. It’s like a battle the first major change to ciga- who are attempting to quit. President Barack Obama to gain devalue the dollar — essentially
The review began after a request ship that’s lost its rudder.” rette packaging in a quarter- “We want to make sure every traction with world leaders on manipulating currency to give
from the N.C. Department of But Democrats say the health century, the Food and Drug person who picks up a pack of trade and other issues widely U.S. exporters a leg up — raise
Health and Human Services and care bill is reducing costs. Administration said Wednesday cigarettes knows exactly what seen as a key to America’s eco- prices for commodities like oil,
the N.C. Department of Insurance, “By covering a broad base of it will require graphic warning the risk is they are taking,” Health nomic health, he’ll need coop- and risk creating an overflow of
Silberman said. people, that’s the way you are able labels that cover half a package’s and Human Services Secretary eration at the talks starting cash that could create invest-
“A lot of it is looking at the dif- to keep the cost down,” Purcell front and rear and the top 20 per- Kathleen Sebelius said at a news Thursday from the world’s two ment bubbles in developing
ferent provisions to see how to said. cent of all cigarette ads. conference. biggest exporters — China and nations.
best implement the law and look- Blake said the N.C. Senate’s The labels will feature either Current regulations require only Germany. That’s not going to Chinese state media carried
ing for opportunities for funding,” only connection to the bill is that drawings or photos illustrating a written warning on the edge of the happen soon, if the past few days an editorial Wednesday with
Silberman said. it’s funding part of the cost of graphically the dangers associated cigarette pack and a similar, small are any guide. the headline: “Dollar bonanza
As health care continues to be Medicaid. with smoking and will be accom- warning at the bottom of ads. Both China and Germany have may cripple delicate global
contested on the federal level, “The state of North Carolina has panied by text stating that smok- The FDA is currently looking publicly slammed the U.S. Federal economy.”
state legislators await a decision an obligation to pay for 25 cents ing is addictive or that it kills. The at 36 different potential labels. Reserve’s recent decision to buy Those tensions are tamp-
as well. on the dollar cost of Medicaid. The pictures are not quite as grim as The agency will select nine of $600 billion of Treasury bonds, a ing down expec tations for
N.C. Sen. William Purcell, federal government pays the other some used in other countries, but them by June 22, 2011, and ciga- move Washington maintains will major progress during meetings
D-Anson, co-chairman of the sen- 75 cents.” regulators hope they will be suffi- rette manufacturers must begin jump-start the American econo- between leaders from the Group
ate’s health care committee, said he
ciently frightening to keep young putting them on packages and my and fuel employment. of 20 major and developing econ-
expects changes to be made to the Contact the State & National people from beginning to smoke advertising by Sept. 22, 2011. Both governments argued omies.
bill but not a repeal. Editor at stntdesk@unc.edu.

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cordance with federal law, can state a prefer- 3133, merbear1437@aol.com or Caldwell nors. $2,500 compensation for company trials. These clinical trials usually if you love dogs and are interested please agreement. light touch and a broad stroke.
ence based on sex, race, creed, color, religion, 404-606-1938. COMplETED cycle. All visits and pro- involve a large meeting of investigators and email nancy_sparrow@med.unc.edu. 919- Gemini (May 21-June 21) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
national origin, handicap, marital status. cedures to be done local to campus. testers who require certification. Travel to US 933-0064. Today is a 6 - Other people offer sug- Today is a 6 - A previously steadfast
STUDENT HOUSiNg $750/MO. Amaz- For written information, please call or international meetings is expected. The gestions that come from three different female changes her mind dramatically
Child Care Wanted ing house available at 308 West
Cameron Avenue. We need a room-
919-966-1150 ext. 5 and leave your
current mailing address.
person filling the position should be profi-
cient in Excel, SpSS and/or SAS. Expertise Travel/Vacation
places, yet all indicate how much they
care about you. There’s love in each
now. it could be fun to just see what hap-
pens. let it roll, unless others get singed.
mate starting NOW or second se- in visual design, presentation and software communication.
BiliNgUAl CHilD CARE. Seeking bilingual development is a plus. The starting salary will Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
(Spanish) child care provider for 2 children
mester. parking included. Everything DEDiCATED RUNS NOW AvAilABlE! imme- be competitive with pharmaceutical industry BAHAMAS Cancer (June 22-July 22) Today is a 6 - An array of choices lie
you need. 10 minute walk from the
(ages 10, 7) after school 2:45-6pm M/Tu/W pit. Call Sarah for more information.
diate openings for dedicated route drivers
in your area. Weekly home time, regional
standards with medical benefits. Manage- SpRINg BREAk Today is a 6 - An associate wishes you’d before you. When addressing a friend’s
and 2:45-9pm Thursday. interested in a play- ment skills are essential. Additional require-
$189 for 5 DAYS or $239 for 7 DAYS. All
get to practical details early. You like to question, don’t let your practicality sound
919-741-0629. routes, great pay ($35,000-$39,000 annu-
ful, energetic, person who can help with ments: phD in psychology, neurosciences or check the big picture, but the work goes insensitive. listen well before offering
ally). good family benefits, industry’s leading prices include: Round trip luxury cruise with
homework and transportation to after school related field, experience with neuropsycho- faster if you focus on the task at hand. advice.
equipment. Solo drivers wanted, no reloca- food. Accommodations on the island at your
activities. live in Carrboro. $13/hr. Contact: 3BR/1BA HOME 4 MilES SOUTH of campus. logical or cognitive data collection and analy-
tion required. Stable employment with 90 sis; ability to travel on limited basis (average
choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
nc_soco@mac.com. Beautiful hardwood floors, central heat and www. BahamaSun.com, 800-867-5018.
air, W/D hookups, nice yard, no pets. Avail- years in the business. No CDl? No problem. of 3-5 days/mo), large group presentation Today is a 7 - Take time to revise your Today is a 7 - You have a beautiful plan
able immediately. $750/mo. leave message Fast on the job training. Minimum age 21. skills. Experience with schizophrenia, bipolar thinking about household changes. You brewing. Take a deep breath, and move
For Rent at 919-933-1162. Call today! 866-917-7594. disorder and dementia is a plus. Contact: Dr.
Richard keefe. Email: phDpsych@neurocog- Wheels for Sale
have the chance now to refine the plan
and choose better materials. Be sure to
into action. You won’t see results until
later. Still, you make visible progress.
WAlk TO UNC, FRANkliN. 4BR/2BA HOUSE, SAVE A TREE, RECYCLE ME! trials.com. phone: 919-401-4642. use the right tools.
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pets, no smoking. 919-414-9863. seems like an obstacle to practical actions
Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal ties relating to romance and recreation.
to advertise “any preference, limitation, or turns out to mask an opportunity.
MOBilE HOME FOR RENT: 1BR/1BA mobile (c) 2010 TRiBUNE MEDiA SERviCES, iNC.
discrimination based on race, color, religion, home for rent. Has additional room for of-
sex, handicap, familial status, or national
origin, or an intention to make any such
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The Daily Tar Heel News thursday, november 11, 2010 11

Panelists talk sutra

from page 3

in a cohesive block.
Eventually, the monk disap-
from page 3

have prevented many people from

making their payments.
“We are nowhere near the level of
foreclosures that it’s a≠ecting
non-foreclosure sales.”

about nature,
peared into the boxes and the child “A lot of people owe more than
monk was released by Cherkaoui to their house, so they foreclose,” he Mark Zimmerman, Local realtor who owns Re/Max Winning Edge
explore the stage. said.
This introductory portion of the Though traditional foreclo- closures, as there’s always been “The majority of foreclosed
show set the tone for what was to sures continue to be somewhat of some,” he said. “It affects the prices homes need work,” he said. “The

ethical issues
come as the audience was treated an issue for the local real estate of homes that are out there, but if investors are people who are will-
to a show that went far deeper than industry, Phelps said the increased people don’t have the sale, they’re ing to put a little sweat into fixing
the on-stage actions. number of foreclosures has not not changing their price.” them up.”
In a post-performance discus- impacted his business any more Phelps has worked on the sale of
sion, Cherkaoui expressed his than in previous years. several foreclosed homes and said Contact the City Editor

6 share views on “Many use the love for the cyclical relationship
between mind and body in the
“I’ve seen some increase in fore- the majority of buyers are investors. at citydesk@unc.edu.

the environment Christian religion to Shaolin tradition and how the two
aspects feed on one another.
Military memories
rationalize the rape This phenomenon was clear Professor Joe Caddell shares his
military experience with veteran
By Caroline corrigan
Staff writer
A panel of environmental experts
of the environment.”
throughout as Cherkaoui served as
composer to an orchestra of kung-
fu experts and moving boxes.
games students. See pg. 1 for story.

magnified the link between nature Marilyn Adam, philosophy As the show progressed, the © 2009 The Mepham Group. All rights reserved. Independent CAA
and human rights Wednesday professor and episcopalian priest monks began to rebel, combining Level: 1 2 3 4 The CAA is now an autonomous
night. their disciplined nature with more organization after a vote in Student
In a public discussion about Adams, a philosophy professor at intense motions and defiant reac- Congress. See pg. 3 for story.
environmental responsibility UNC and an Episcopalian priest, tions to the choreographer. Complete the grid
held in the Sonja Haynes Stone framed the issue with a religious All the while, the child monk so each row, column
Center, an expert panel expressed viewpoint. continued to observe a visual rep- and 3-by-3 box (in
Birth control reform
the importance of environmental “Many use the Christian religion resentation of growth and time. bold borders) con- Forms of birth control might
issues in the public consciousness. to rationalize the rape of the envi- The performance was backed tains every digit 1 soon be free for women with health
Jeanette Boxill, director of the ronment, but this is a misrepresen- by a powerfully melancholic score, to 9. care coverage. See pg. 3 for story.
Parr Center, said environmental tation of context,” she said. “The composed and played by Szymon
Solution to
issues were chosen to be discussed theology of life is the idea that God Brzoska and a small ensemble.
Wednesday’s puzzle
Voices heard
for their universal importance. is the source of all life. Nature isn’t The show played on the pull American Indians voiced their
“The Earth is what we all have in ours to use however we want to — between personal identity and opinions in a panel discussion
common,” she said. “Taking care of we must be courteous consumers.” group security as the child monk Wednesday. See pg. 4 for story.
it is our responsibility.” Senior Alexander Gillon said he was caught in a tug of war between
The discussion consisted of six was able to relate to the meeting’s Cherkaoui and the monks.
panelists, each of whom shared message. With a beautifully smooth pro- Learn about fire
their perspectives on the ethical “I appreciated Bartram’s eco- gression that lulled the audience The Fire Place allows the Chapel
issues associated with environmen- nomic perspective because I am into a constant state of interpreta- Hill Fire Department to educate
tal responsibilities. in a class about that, and it was tion, the evening still offered plenty residents again. See pg. 9 for story.
Jamie Bartram, professor of interesting to hear his take on the of intense moments.
environmental science and engi- current debate on environmental This artistic spectacle stuns both
neering, noted that the United policy,” he said. visually and mentally. Masterfully

19 95
Nations has declared drinking The panel was sponsored by the blending traditions and cultures
water and sanitation as basic Parr Center for Ethics, an organi- of disparate parts of the world on BASIC OIL CARRBORO
407 E. Main Street
human rights.
“The government is respecting
zation that sponsors and supports
events that address ethical issues.
a small stage, “Sutra” is not to be
Plus Tax
CHANGE (Across from Domino’s)

the right of drinking water and My money. My choice. My Meineke. ™

sanitation, protecting the right, Contact the University Editor Contact the Arts Editor Includes up to 5 qts of standard motor oil and a standard filter. Additional disposal and shop supply fees may apply. Special oils and filters are available at additional cost. **Rotation service for vehicles with TPM system

available at additional cost. Most cars & light trucks. Valid at participating locations. Not valid with any other offers or warranty work. Must present coupon at time of estimate. One offer per service per vehicle. No cash value.
and most importantly, fulfilling at udesk@unc.edu. at artsdesk@unc.edu.
the right.”
Bill Ross, an environmental
science and policy professor from (C)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
Duke University, said relinquish- Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle All rights reserved.

ing preconceived notions about the

environment is critical to sustain- Across 62 “Woe __!” device used in surveying equipment fame
ing its future. 1 U.S. dept. with a Race to 63 Some shooters, briefly 24 Bite 43 Overwhelms
“The environment’s old story are the Top reform prog. 64 Mythical animal kingdom 25 “Count me in!” 44 Rollercoaster ride, e.g.
5 Iconic rings ennead 26 Mineral with basal 45 Former Disney chief
the notions that our resources are 10 Lock style 65 Peter or Paul, but not Mary cleavage 46 Rainforest rodent
inexhaustible and that man has 14 JV team member, perhaps 27 Writer Rand 47 Part of a conspiracy
dominion over nature,” he said. 15 Warning Down 28 Routing word 49 Kind of salad dressing
16 Back in the day 1 Gas acronym 32 __ Hop: bouncing ball 50 Charged particle
“We must work towards a sustain- 17 Battle of the Bulge air 2 Holliday and others brand 54 Columnist Bombeck
able future in which people have assault division 3 Revolting situation 33 Time-measuring device 55 Nieuwpoort’s river
a fighting chance at a healthy and 20 Willows for weavers 4 Nest chorus 35 Feds 57 Courtroom VIPs
21 Cause to suffer 5 Target of pre-race 36 “__ go bragh!” 58 Test, as an engine
prosperous life.” 22 Word with meal or cake stretching 37 Kitten’s quality 59 Sra.’s neighboring
Victor Flatt, professor of envi- 23 Doppelgänger 6 “__ Baba Bunny”: classic 38 Retail posting: Abbr. counterpart
ronmental law at UNC, brought 27 Name on an airport shuttle Bugs cartoon 39 Callaway of golf
attention to the limitations of 29 Incarnation of Vishnu 7 Hall of Fame quarterback
30 Alice’s workplace Dawson
common law in relation to envi- 31 Yang’s partner 8 Leia’s last name
ronmental concerns. 32 Clue 9 “Shrek!” author William
“Even though this could provide 33 Cul-de-__ 10 Minor player
34 It’s hard to get romantic 11 Checked out, as a book
a framework that would maximize with one 12 Cooling-off period?
the health of individuals, as far 40 Important no. to most car 13 Uncle at 0001 Cemetery
as the environment is concerned, buyers Lane, in ’60s TV
41 Coastal raptor 18 First name in shipping
common law hasn’t been able 42 It starts with “http” 19 Angular measurement
to keep pace with technological 43 Sheer
changes,” he said. 46 Desertlike
47 Teeny
Contrary to the governmental 48 Reason to see a
focus of most panelists, Marilyn mechanic
51 Reservoir borders?
52 Besides
53 __ Tunes
56 Admonition to one
acting out the starts of
17-, 23-, 34- and
60 Court entry
61 Shopping list entries

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12 thursday, november 11, 2010 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel


The Daily Tar Heel EDITOR, 962-4086
EDITorial BOARD members
“In Iraq, we pretty much drove
Cameron Parker callie bost Sam Jacobson
Established 1893,
117 years
Opinion EDITOR
Robert Fleming
Taylor Holgate
Mark Laichena
Maggie Zellner
around doing missions and
Pat ryan
of editorial freedom
associate opinion EDITOR
hoping we didn’t blow up. We
lived like animals.”
EDITORIAL CARTOON By Connor Sullivan, cpsully@email.unc.edu Zach Johnson, student and veteran

Featured online reader comment:

“No one gave a flip about political
Perry Tsai
Sexual Health Columnist or economic systems. The joy on
Second year medical student from
New Orleans, La . that day came from families and
E-mail: perrytsai@gmail.com
friends being reunited.”
This MP, on the fall of the actual berlin wall


Say ‘thank you’ to veterans Sports writer insensitive

brain on
who have sacrificed much to women’s soccer player
Classes are not canceled. The article regarding the

love Businesses are not closed. Many

do not even acknowledge the day
that it is. It is not just a date on a
UNC soccer team’s ACC loss
(“Klingenberg triumphs and
falls,” Nov. 10) was complete-
calendar. It is a day to reflect and ly insensitive and distasteful

hat is love? to thank those in uniform who regarding Meghan Klingenberg.

A cluster … mess
The question has are fighting for the United States. Writing two articles about
been contemplated It is a day to thank the men and the loss, one just focusing on
throughout the ages by authors, women who not only fought, the missed PK by Meghan, was
philosophers and Haddaway but also died as a sacrifice for completely heartless. Student-
alike. But now science is entering
the conversation. Through the The Interdisciplinary Cluster Program won’t your freedom. It is a day to show
these veterans our appreciation.
athletes work up to 50 hour
weeks and to highlight one mis-
use of functional magnetic reso-
nance imaging, or fMRI, neuro- be missed if new curriculum is approved 365 days each year, they are pro-
tecting our freedom, our liberty.
take out of a hundred successes
undermines the hard work that

scientists have finally begun to What do they get in return? One they put in to represent the
uncover what’s going on inside upplemental Education needed for a solid liberal arts option has gone largely unused day of thanks. University of North Carolina.
the brain of somebody in love. courses provide the defin- background. throughout its tenure here. To This day we set aside for them Next time you write a sports
Developed in the early 1990’s ing component of what To address this, the Faculty it we say: “Good riddance.” is so insignificant compared to article, think if you would want
by Seiji Ogawa, fMRI is the comprises a liberal arts educa- Council is expected to vote When the Faculty Council what they give for us. your picture and a title calling
method by which one measures tion. The notion that students at next month on a recommen- votes next month on whether I ask you now to think about you a failure blown up on a page
activity in areas of the brain UNC are required to study sub- dation that would eliminate or not to continue the cluster and take the time to thank all vet- of the DTH.
through increased blood flow, jects not integral to their career the Supplemental Education course track, they would do erans for their dedication to this Meghan Klingenberg is a
and correlates it with a subject’s plans serves as a reminder that requirement for all students well to effectively eliminate country. Thank them for having many time All-American, All-
thoughts prompted by stimuli. the courage to leave their fami- ACC, All-ACC academic honor
liberal arts lies at the heart of not pursuing a single B.A. or a the option.
Stephanie Ortigue, Ph.D., lies and risk their lives. Thank roll, has made the Dean’s List,
and her colleagues at Syracuse our campus’ spirit. But the clus- B.S. in psychology. The proposed changes are a
them for everything they do. Any 2-time national champion, a
University reviewed the results ter program introduced at UNC This new Supplemental solid start for revamping the world champion, ACC Player of
simple act of thanks can make a
of six different fMRI studies four years ago is too complicat- Education requirement pro- Supplemental Education cur- world of difference to veterans the Week, member of the U-23
regarding love from the past ed to be helpful. gram hasn’t been introduced riculum. While a good idea who may feel forgotten. On this National Team, and the list goes
decade, and they published some While the dis tributive yet. But, assuming it will be, in theory, clusters constitute Veterans Day, thousands will on.
interesting trends in this month’s Supplemental Education placing the cluster option out- another aspect of that curricu- send a card, wear the nation’s col- Before you decide to highlight
Journal of Sexual Medicine. requirement option is bet- side the requirement is a wel- lum that just didn’t work out ors proud, and thank all those in one mistake of such a talented
Subjects who scored high on ter than the Interdisciplinary come change. in practice. uniform. What will you do? The and decorated soccer player, take
the Passionate Love Scale (yes, Cluster Program, neither At UNC, we are required to Removing the cluster day after Veteran’s Day, they will into consideration her enormous
that’s an actual scale) were asked currently serve to effectively take a broad range of classes option from the curriculum is still be veterans; they will still be contributions to the success of
to view photos or the names of provide the appropriate level that are not necessarily related the right move. They won’t be dedicating their time to serving UNC soccer and the prestige of
their romantic partners. Their this nation for your freedom. this University.
brain responses were then mea-
of supplemental education to our major. But the cluster missed.
Recognize and say thanks.
sured by fMRI, as compared to Marisa Dobbins

their responses to non-romantic Cadet 3rd Class Michelle Sophomore
friends or to strangers. VanVliet Exercise and Sport Science
The studies found that Air Force ROTC
thoughts of love resulted in Veterans and cadets make
increased activity in the sub- Davis should be trusted us proud to be Americans
cortical dopaminergic-related
brain areas. Don’t worry about
Duke fumbles response to near-toilet tragedy and kept until he retires

the jargon: These are just areas n suspending pre-foot- By likely pushing pre-gaming unhealthy quantities, by said TO THE EDITOR: Today marks a day to cel-
strongly associated with euphoria ball game tailgates, Duke elsewhere and essentially under- students. I’m a UNC employee, fan, and ebrate and give thanks to our
and reward, and with euphoria- University officials chose ground, Duke has forfeited its But what Duke officials a Carolina Dad. I don’t know veterans. I have had the tremen-
inducing drugs, such as cocaine. Butch Davis, but I know two dous privilege to work with both
the wrong solution to what they power to supervise — a power should be asking themselves
On the other hand, the studies men who do. living veterans and the families
also found decreased activity in have come to agree is a problem that may very well have saved right now is how they can best
Dr. Goldstein knows Butch of the fallen and I promise that
other parts of the brain — like with their Saturday ritual. the unconscious teenager’s life. mitigate the negative aspects of
Davis from his Cleveland days. I I have never met such a group
the amygdala — associated with While it’s true that the inci- What is needed, rather this tradition while maintaining recently talked to Dr. Goldstein. of extraordinary people. I have
anxiety, fear, and grieving. dent that precipitated the than a reactionary response the spirit it fosters. Their cur- He was unquestioningly positive never felt the pride I felt as I
Does this mean that love is just decision — the discovery of an to appease concerned parents, rent answer does little to pro- about Coach Davis: his family and stood in Arlington, or walked
a neural response to a personified unconscious teenage sibling of is a circumspect and realistic tect the safety of their students home life, how children behave the beaches of Normandy, or
drug? a Duke student in a portable approach to tailgating. Parents and much to inhibit their zeal. and interact with others, their own sat in the houses of heroes lis-
It’s a little more complicated toilet at the tailgate — is alarm- who see its elimination as a Rather than administra- sons’ long-standing friendship. Dr. tening.
than that. Increased activity was ing, the university’s solution is viable solution are not only tors at our University looking Goldstein trusts Butch Davis. From the depths of Valley
also found in the hippocam- neither comprehensive nor naive but dangerously unaware to Duke as a model of pru- Roy Wall is a member of our Forge, to the seas of the Pacific,
pus, involved in memory and entirely rational. of the drinking culture at the dence, we hope Duke looks to church and I know him well. Roy to the mountains of Afghanistan,
mental associations, and in the knows about Coach Davis from the our fellow Americans have
insula, important for emotion.
If their immediate goal is to school their children attend. schools like ours for guidance
faith side of his life. Coach Davis is answered the call of duty.
Additionally, Ortigue found activ- prevent a similar incident from Yes, tailgating occurs before — schools that, on the whole,
a man of faith, as are many people Whether you are in support of
ity in higher-order cortical areas occurring in the future, then football games. Yes, alcohol successfully balance spirit with or against a particular conflict,
in this community and at UNC.
used in social cognition, attention, they have failed. is consumed, sometimes in safety. He may not talk about it publicly, we must always remember to
and self-representation. but everything he has done in separate the warrior from the
She told Syracuse University response to the inquiry is a tribute war.

News, “the complex concept of to his bedrock of faith. He hasn’t We can never forget that our
love is formed by both bottom-up blamed, made excuses, or hidden: military members don’t sign up
and top-down processes from the he has spoken the truth, cooperat- for the great pay, or the safety,
brain to the heart and vice versa.” ed, and found solutions. Roy Wall or the terrific lifestyles, or the
So what’s the point? These believes in Coach Davis. vacation days; they sign up to
findings shed light on what most Elected at 21 Kleinschmidt Dance Marathon What I have seen of Coach Davis defend our nation and make sure
of us already know: We want love. is the drive to keep a football pro- that freedom and democracy are
The increased reward and An N.C. State student was The ACLU honored Chapel Such a great cause was never gram together during a drawn-out preserved.
decreased anxiety present a poten- elected to pub- Hill’s mayor with publicized so spas- investigation. I have seen the team To our fellow Tar Heels cur-
tial neural mechanism to explain lic office at the the Finlator Award tically. We just play every game — and improve; rently enrolled in ROTC, you
the human motivation for love. tender age of l a s t T h u r s d a y. recovered from I’ve seen Coach Davis coach, hire are the next greatest genera-
And while love is not required 21. Good for her; I t ’s o n l y f i t - pushy people new coaches, and plug holes with tion, and although we may not
for sex, studies have shown posi- ting that one of asking us to reg- inexperienced players. express it often enough, we
that’s very impres-
tive correlations between love Based on my two friends and appreciate you and respect you.
sive. Maybe she can help America’s most liberal orga- ister to vote. Now we have
and sexual function. This new what I have seen, keep Coach While no quantity of marble,
knowledge could prove useful rally State’s morale after we nizations bestowed an honor obnoxious people asking us
Davis until he retires from coach- or parades, or words will ever
for clinicians and therapists to shellack them in football. on Chapel Hill’s mayor. to register “for the kids.“
ing. He has cooperated with the measure up to the sacrifice of
improve patients’ sexual health, investigation and been the ulti- all of the men and women who
maybe even in the form of drug Networking events Berlin Wall stolen Alcoholism gene have served our country, please
mate coach: keeping together
therapies targeted to the implied 100 men who could easily have know that we are forever grate-
Seriously. It’s just a struc- Ronald Reagan must be spin- A UNC research team has
brain areas. given up on themselves before ful.
These studies could also begin tured setting for ning in his grave. been studying the
the first snap of the season. Thank you for making me
to explain how pharmaceuti- snarky BSBAs to Unknown vil- effects of a “tipsy
proud to be an American.
cal drugs can affect love. For brag about their lains — probably gene.” The gene,
John A. van Aalst, MD, MA,
example, antidepressants like resumes and drop subversive Soviet which is present in FACS Joshua Ford
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We can’t really say anything Writing guidelines: clarity, accuracy and vulgarity.
for sure until more research is ➤ Please type: Handwritten Limit letters to 250 words.
done, so don’t expect a new pill JOin us: The Daily Tar Heel is hiring for the spring semester. letters will not be accepted.
for lovesickness any time soon. ➤ Sign and date: No more than
We’re looking for about eight columnists who will produce hard-hitting, insightful, well-written and well-researched two people should sign letters. ➤ Drop-off: at our office at 151 E.
Nevertheless, we now know Rosemary Street.
columns with local relevance centered around a theme of their own choosing on a biweekly basis. ➤ Students: Include your year,
a little more about love, and, ➤ E-mail: to dthedit@gmail.com
We’re looking for about eight to 10 board members who will write unsigned editorials on behalf of the DTH. Members major and phone number.
according to Ortigue, it’s “more ➤ Send: to P.O. Box 3257, Chapel
must attend a one-hour meeting on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each week to brainstorm and pitch ideas. Each board ➤ Faculty/staff: Include your
scientific than you think.” Hill, N.C., 27515.
member can expect to write several editorials a week.
Friday: We’re looking for cartoonists who will produce creative, original editorial cartoons weekly. Submit three work samples to apply. EDITOR’S NOTE: Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily represent the opinions
Student Body President Hogan of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel edito-
Please visit 151 E. Rosemary Street or www.DailyTarHeel.com under “Opinion” for an application.
Medlin discusses the October Report. rial board. The board consists of eight board members, the associate opinion editor, the
Applications are due at 5 p.m. Dec. 8. Contact Opinion Editor Cameron Parker at cdp@unc.edu with questions. opinion editor and the editor.