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 Section –B


1 Topic – Socio Cultural Centre

2 Type of Project – Hospitality

3 Synopsis –

 Introduction & need of the project

A Socio-cultural centre is a space that promotes culture and arts. It is a building which
mixes work, commercial and social spaces. These are an institution which unifies all
cultural activities under one roof. Socio-Cultural Centre also displays the cultures
around the globe, through various forms. It is a platform for both Performing and Visual

Also, such places include spaces for meetings, seminars, exhibitions. To gather these all
phenomenal diversities at one place and to spread the essence of our rich Indian Culture,
Cultural Centres at various regions in which through arts, exhibitions, dramas, theatres
we describe different cultures of India. To undertake such programs as seminars,
workshops etc. with a view to encouraging and involving the youth of the country
among themselves and with those of the rest of the country in creative cultural



It is an idea embracing every aspect of the performing arts: the creative, the educational,
the political and the economic. It is an idea giving bold concrete expression to
confidence in man's survival, to the enduring value of art as a true measure of
civilization. It is an idea rooted in the belief that the role of the arts, is to give more than
pleasure: the music, the drama and dance enrichment beyond understanding. Though
these arts we encounter qualities of perfection, nobility and splendour which engage the
heart, the spirit and the intellect.

To extend this enrichment provided; we create more civilized communities not only
locally but nationally and internationally as well. The enormously complex task of
realizing Socio-Cultural Centre idea has been self- imposed responsibility of devoted
men and women from all segments of our society. The Socio-Cultural Centre exists
because leaders in the art, education, business, labour, the professionals, philanthropy
and government do in fact believe that the arts are true measure of civilization. The
Cultural centre is rising because we believe deeply enough in the importance of the arts
given generously of our time and resource to create it.

 Aim –

The basic aim behind this centre is derived from the environment it will create. And that
will preserve and promote various forms of arts allowing it to grow and proving shelter
from the mechanization that has crept through our life. An environment that will enable
man to feel, experiment and live with art. It will serve as a resource centre of art.

 To establish a national centre for the preservation and promotion of classical,

traditional and contemporary performing and visual arts.
 The ideology behind this design is to create an active cultural hub where people
can enjoy, recreate and learn. Relatibility of the spaces is an important part as it
is lost generally in huge complexes. This would help not only showcasing
culture and art but also to generate a well sewed social fabric of that area.
 The centre would act as a binding agent between the societies. Its history and
cultural heritage also would provide a better understanding and appreciation for
a particular art form or cultural diversity.
 It would act as a venue for city to organize various performing and visual arts
events which may eventually result in art festival.
 It would provide platform for people to know more about cultural heritage and


 Objectives –

 Preserve, challenge and invent community identity and traditions.

 Bringing together various groups in society.
 Gives an idea about the style, culture and lifestyle of various sections of society.
 To preserve and enhance the arts and culture of the place.
 To accommodate a larger number of people that are interested in various art
forms and further spread awareness.
 Acting as a binding agent between the society and its history and cultural
 Providing a better understanding and appreciation for a particular art form or
cultural diversity.
 To provide an important venue to the city or region to organize various
performing and visual art events this may eventually result in art festivals.

 Scope –

 Providing cultural enrichment to the community focuses attention on the role

arts play in education, community outreach is an avenue toward arts advocacy
and cultural heritage.
 The public spaces of the cultural centre provide a sense of place for local,
regional, national and international arts presentation.
 As a destination for visitors to the region, the facility also plays a significant role
in stimulating regional economic activity. Events showcasing the arts as both
entertainment and enrichment of primary importance during peak tourist season.

 Limitation –

 No structure and electric calculations.

 Less focus on services part such as plumbing and sanitation.
 I will not deal with any air conditioning load calculations.
 Main focus will be on designing the building with aesthetic elements for ease
and comfort of people also depicting creativity and power

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