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d. Health products
1. The right to work in a healthy environment
12. Programs we avail from various
which permits dignity and well-being
providers such as physicians, nurses,
2. The right to adequate food, clothing, shelter,
therapists, health workers, hospitals, clinics,
health care, education and satisfaction.
3. The right to be protected from misleading
the government.
and advertising and labeling.
4. To express consumer's rights and interest a. Health services
5. The right to be compensated for b. Healthcare facilities
misrepresentation or unsatisfactory services.
6. The right to acquire knowledge and skills c. Health information
necessary to be an informed consumer. d. Health products
7. The right to be protected against products 13. Sources of information
and services hazardous to health and products are those from people who are
not experts in this field.
_____basic needs ____consumer education a. Medical
b. Naturopathic
______healthy environment
c. Covered
______representation ____information d. unreliable
14. Hospitals handle a particular disease or
_----------- redress _____safety condition or deal with only one type of
a. teaching
8. It is an institution where people undergo
medical diagnosis, b. outpatient
care and treatment. c. specialty
1. teaching d. Nutrition
2. content
i. True/False questions
3. hospital
15. Cater to a specific population
4. voluntary with various health needs. → health center
9. First major characteristic of health quackery
True False
a. it is a big business 1. 16. Care refers to care given to individuals who need
b. the right to choose to stay inside the hospital to receive proper
treatment, monitoring and care. → Inpatient
c. health insurance
True False
d. healthcare providers 2. 17. Third major characteristic of health
10. Provides financing for members who meet accidents quackery → it is a big business
or suffer from illnesses.
True False
a. Health information 3. 18. Does not use needles but
b. Disability insurance hands to apply pressure on certain points of
the body → acupressure
c. the right to redress
True False
d. health insurance 4. 19. Bodily-kinesthetic in nature and
11. Medicine views diseases as a manifestation are concerned with movement
of an alteration in therapy. → biologically-based practices
the processes by which the body naturally
heals itself True False
5. 20.Public hospital is being run by the state and the
a. outpatient treatment
b. Naturopathic fees are subsidized. → voluntary
c. Nutrition True False