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2.1 Problem Statement

The study aims to solve the following issues:

2.1.1 General Problem

There is a lack of usage of technology on promoting the restaurant. They could not increase

their marketing in technology using Facebook. There are a lot of competitors in the


2.1.2 Specific Problem

 There are people who don’t have their own Facebook account.

 Lack of website will lead to fewer sales.

 People who wanted to know a lot of information about the restaurant.

2.2 Proposed Research Project

This study aims to achieve the following goals:

2.2.1 General Objectives

To create an online information system for Tirona’s Grill & Restaurant, in order to increase

their promotions.

2.2.2 Specific Objectives

 To provide a website for people who don’t have Facebook.

 To provide people with knowledge about the restaurant.

 To provide a reliable information for the restaurant.

2.3 Scope and Limitations

Scope of the Study

 Home- This is the part of the website that will display the promotions and other

updates of the restaurant. They can also provide here the events that happened in the


 Menu- The menu part of the website will display the food and prices of the food. It

will include the Japanese and Asian Cuisine from the restaurant.

 About- This section displays the information about the restaurant. The information

provided will include the owner and manager.

 Contact-This section will display their contact numbers. It will include the display of

email of the restaurant and the store hours.


 Reservation- The website does not offer reservation. The users cannot book a reservation

through the website.

 Delivery-The website does not provide delivery options for the users.

 Online Transactions- There is no online transactions provided in the website

2.4 Theoretical Framework

Definition of Terms

 Optimization- an act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect.

 Credibility- the quality of being believed or accepted as true, real, or honest.

 Podcasts- a program that is like a radio or television show but that is downloaded over

the Internet.

 Queries- a question or a request for information about something.

2.5 Review of Related Studies and Literature

Review of Local Studies

Figure 1.0 Vikings Philippines

The figure above shows a website from a restaurant which allow customers to view a lot of
information about the restaurant. This shows the rates, promos, awards and recognition of the
restaurant, and a lot of information. The website also have a allow resevation in different
branches of the restaurant.

Vikings Philippines is one of the largest buffet area in the Philippines. They currently have 9
branches in the country with themed structure. They offer a wide variety of cuisines, form
European to Asian to American. A total of 400 dishes were served for the customers.

Figure 1.1 Aristocrat Restaurant

The picture above shows the website of Aristocrat Restaurant which shows the history, menu,
events, promos and other information of the restaurant which allows the customers to know
about the restaurant. They also offer reservations, easier and convenient.

Arisctocrat restaurant offers Filipino comfort food. They serve their famous adobo sandwich and
chicken barbeque. The restaurant started since 1936 until now, it was started by Lola Asiang
which knowned as the mother of cooking. In recognition of the Aristocrat’s contribution to
Philippine culture, a historical marker was installed on July 4, 2013 by the National Historical
Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

Figure 1.2 Ilustrado

The website shown above provides information about the restaurant. It gives idea to the people
who looks for a new place to eat. The website provides the services and menu. They also offer
reservation of a table for a certain date through this. They also give contact information here.
The restaurant was found by Rose and Boni Pimentel but now it was lead by Beatrice and Chef
Bernice. It was built since 1989 and offering Spanish Filipino and Global Cuisines. They have
branches in Makita and Bonifacio Global City. Some of it were named, Café Ilustrado, Solstice
Ilustrado, and Pasteleria Ilustrado.

Figure 1.3 Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant

The picture shown above is the Internet marketing strategy of the restaurant. It offers a lot of
information for the customers. It offers the story of the restaurant, services and products. They
also offer ordering online and payment online for the comfort of the customers.
They offer a wide variety of dishes, from appetizers to main courses. Their vision is to share joy
to their customers to offer and offer great food to customers. Their mission is to create good
food, enhance relationships, and maximize resources.

Figure 1.4 Kuya J Restaurant

The picture shown above is the website for Kuya J Restaurant which provide a great amount of
information for the customers. It offers customers about the latest update or news for their menu.
They also provide information about the franchising of the restaurant. They also shows their
menu and contact information.
Kuya J Restaurant was known as “Ang Kan-anan ni Kuya J”. It started from Cebu and loved by
the Cebuanos. Then it continues to offer Pinoy food to customers. The restaurant was endorsed
by Jericho Rosales.

Figure 1.5 Max’s Restaurant

The picture shown above is the website for Max’s Restaurant which helps for Internet marketing
of the restaurant. The website shows a lot of information about the restaurant. It shows about
franchising, menus and news about the restaurant. It also has a store locator which helps
customer to look for the nearest Max’s.

Max’s Restaurant started since 1945. This was started by Maximo Gimenez an educated teacher.
The café initially served chicken, steak, and drinks. Maximo’s niece created a special recipe for
the chicken which made the restaurant famous for the recipe. That’s why it is also known as “the
house that fried chicken built”.
Figure 1.6 Shakey’s Pizza

The website shown above is the website created for Shakey’s Pizza to improve their Internet
Marketing. This shows a lot of information about the restaurant. They also have here an option to
book a party and news about them.

The restaurant also offers to have an online ordering through their website. They also feature the
“send to a friend” delivery. The website is displaying complete menus and right prices. There are
a lot of choices for the customers.
Figure 1.7 Pancake House

The figure above shows the website for Pancake House. Their website helps them connect to
their customers. They inform them about their history. The customers will be also informed
about their menus and services. The website also features store locator and delivery.

Pancake House was built since 1974, serving different types of fluffy pancakes. The first
branches were from Magallanes and Ayala Arcade with bright orange and pink booths, with old
movie posters on the walls. And today there were a hundred of franchise all over the country
and overseas.
Figure 1.9 Razon’s

The website above shows different information for the convenience of the customers. The
features of the website are the information about the restaurant, store locator, menus, and their
contact information.

The first razon’s was built since 2003 in a food court. it offers Pampanga’s famous halo-halo,
pancit luglug and ensaymadas, along with assorted tarts, chicharon and taba ng talangka. And
now there are over 66 branches of the restaurant all over the country.
Figure 1.10 Mang Inasal

The picture shown above is the website made for the restaurant, Mang Inasal. It offers news and
update about their promos. It also offers menus, their history, franchising information and their
contacts. It’s convenient for businessmen who will be franchising the restaurant.

The restaurant started with Edgar “Injap” Sia, at the age of 26. He tried to grab the opportunity
on opening the restaurant on a car park of a mall last 2003. By having the famous chicken inasal
and unlimited rice the restaurant became successful. They earned a lot of awards, Outstanding
Fast Growing Local Food Company from the 19th Annual National Consumers Awards in 2008,
the Most Outstanding Quick Service Restaurant and Most Outstanding Chicken Inasal restaurant
from the 2010 Dangal ng Bayan Awards, and the Outstanding Filipino Franchise Award from the
2015 Franchise Excellence Awards.
Figure 1.11 Gerry’s Grill

The figure above shows the website of the restaurant named, Gerry’s Grill. It provides features
such as providing information about the restaurant, menus, and their services. The website also
offers store locator. There is also delivery feature for the customer’s convenience.

From opening its first store in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, the restaurant had their branches all
over the country and other countries. The restaurant was supposed to offer drinks to customers
but eventually became a family restaurant. They offer food Filipino favorites – Sisig, Inihaw na
Pusit, Crispy Pata, Beef Kare-kare, Adobo Shreds to exotic cuisines.
Figure 1.12 Chowking

The picture shown above is the website for the Chowking. The website has a lot to offer for their
customers. The website shows their advertisements and promos. The website offers information
and history about the restaurant, information about the menus they offer, store locator, and
delivery services. It’s a faster transaction for the customers.

The first store opened last 1985 with the lead of Robert F. Kuan. It was in Rotary Arcade,
Makati. As times goes by, more and more branches opened all over the country and overseas.
The restaurant offers more of Chinese cuisines. Chowking is still successful until now.
Figure 1.13 KFC

The website shown above is the website for the restaurant. The restaurant offers a lot of features
which will help the customers to find the best promos. The restaurant has a lot of menus and
deals; this will help customers to find a deal or a meal to fit on their want and need. They also
have the delivery service.

The website also offers order tracker for your delivery. It also offers store locator to find the
nearest store to you. The website also has an option of creating an account so you they’ll know
who you are and have a faster services once you’ve ordered already.
Figure 1.14 Jollibee

The figure above shows the website for a well-known fast food chain named, Jollibee. It shows a
lot of features. The website provides a lot of information, the history, achievement, menus,
franchising, and even investors. They also offer store locator and other services.

Jollibee was found by Tony Tan. It began as an Ice Cream Parlor and grew to and emerging
brand. It offers a lot of delicious dishes today like the famous Fried Chicken, Burger, and
Spaghetti. It has over 750 stores from the Philippines and over the world.
Figure 1.8 Army Navy

The figure shown above is the website that helps in the marketing of the restaurant named, Army
Navy. It offers the latest news or updates about the restaurant. It offers menus, store locator and
contact information. It also provides delivery services and account information.

The birth of Army Navy was last March 23, 2009 on a concept store in Tagaytay City. It offers a
diversified menu of fresh-made premium quality burgers and burritos. Their architectural design
was based from military. They have a lot of branches to choose from.

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