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ct Visual Research Network » 2nd International Residency Conference, Manchester EXPLORING THE REPRESENTED, THE AESTHETIC AND THE HUMAN THROUGH CREATIVE VISUAL PRACTICE The 5 day long residency in the Peak District will offer the 18 participants an opportunity for the encounter of differing Dat backgrounds, life experiences, and geographic provenances. Cis The two-day conference will consist of a series of panels ae ee that discuss the experience of the residency but also TEFL) analyse, from a theoretical perspective, how ways of seeing, representing and reshaping “the real” are ea a conceived by different researchers. POE ELPA Abstracts for papers, films and visual proposals are welcome. Ce es BATE Stes B iverroo. apply now: www.visualresearchnetwork.co.uk Call for Papers and Audio-Visual ghd fe) EXPLORING THE REPRESENTED, THE AESTHETIC AND THE HUMAN THROUGH CREATIVE VISUAL PRACTICE The oim ofthis event is to channel and showcase new perspectives and approaches that visual pracitioners and researchers ore currently employing in their work. In order to enrich visual practices toward new disciplinary horizons, we advocote for visual, sonic, experimental, and mulisensory cross-disciplinary knowledge. In this manner, we oim to enhance dynamic interdsciplinary dialogue and forge rich and stimulating environment in which creative minds can cross-eriise and inspire one onother. The two-day conference will consis of o series of panels hat discuss the experience of the workshop but also analyse, from 0 theoretical perspective, how ways of seeing, representing and reshaping “the real” ore conceived by diferent researchers. Ths conference will be open to the wider public ond it wll count with the keynote speech of the filmmaker and anthropologist Catarina ‘Alves Costa. Abstiacis for papers, ims and visual proposals are welcome on the following themes Pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and the human in visual representation Representations of ived experience may be meticulous and articulated as in LéviSrauss wrlings and Hitchcock's films, or expressed os excessive, ambiguous, marginalized, and repressed as evident in Roeg's films and Lotman's semiotics. The unique woys in which everyday lf is oudio-visually represented highlights the multiple realties ond subjectivities that characterise our world. To understand the nuances of human experience, Deleuze and Guottari (1986} called forthe production of “assemblages of collecive enunciation’ whereby portcipatory engagement ‘with people and places operaies as a hosting device for 0 mulipliity of subaliem beings and stories. Tis implies “ioking seriously” the experiences of others (Viveiros de Casto, 2010) and realizing hat representation is dynamic and poliical ond thus, it creates new conditions of possibilty and room for alter-ontologies {Ingowani, 2013} Represeniations are not solely constucted through individual agency. Intesubjectve relaionshipsin collaborative practice, external entities in audio visual media, and the wider environment also shope the way that the world is perceived, represented, and lived in (see Harman, 2011; Spartow, 2014; Towren 2014) This conference aims at exploring hese ideas, and welcomes papers hat ctically engage with how audio-visual media con be used to expiess everyday lived experiences, ond how processes of creative representation ore influenced by socio-spotal interactions (Askins & Pain, 2OT]). It futher question how power hierarchies ore mainicined and negotiated through these interactive processes, and the ways in which dynamic representations empower or marginalize diverse people, abjecs, and places. Call for Papers and Audio-Visual ghd fe) We invite paper and audio-visual contibutions, which address these concerns. Papers might consider, but are not limited to, the following Individuol expressions of perception, emotion, and identity Cultural representations, memories, imoginings, and visions Sociospatiol encounters and understandings between ifferent people and places The polis ond ethics of representation in visual research The dynamic power relations at play in the construction ond dissemination of images The conference will be held at the University of Manchester and is open to any other UK or interna tional researchers, or students that undertake audio-visual research as part of their PhD. Pleose submit an application at htips:/ /wwwwivisuolresearchnetwork.co.uk/ by June 15th 2019, We welcome flms, interactive presentations, exhibitions, and traditional paper formats. Any further queries can be addressed to visual researchnet@gmoil com The application should include: Short bio (100 words} Short description of your work (150 words) ‘What will you be presenting in the conference and in which formot fm, exhibition, performance, paper presenta tion with visual elements). Include links to your work ‘Why are you interested lo toke past in he network's conference ond how will you contribute to the collaborative exchange with other presenters. Call for Papers and Audio-Visual ghd fe) ‘ORGANIZERS University of Manchester Royal Holloway, University of London University of Liverpool Victoria University of Wellington MIR Cinematogratica Tryton/U. Opole - Director /Lecturer Big Tree Collective ~ Director Dr. Lana Askari - Director/Researcher Eduard Vasile ~ PhD Student Paloma Yafiez Serrano - PhD Student ‘Anna Pozzali ~ PhD Student Alastair Lomas ~ PhD Student Eugenio Giorgianni — PhD Student lan Costabile ~ PhD Student ‘Amber Kale ~ PhD Student Stefania Villa - Producer lara Kleininger Benjamin Llorens Rocamora ~ Director KEYNOTE SPEAKER Filmmaker and researcher - Dr. Catarina Alves Costa Nova Lisboa University SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Dr. Rupert Cox - University of Manchester Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa - Chapman University, President of SVA Professor Andrew Irving - University of Manchester Dr.Jenny Holt - Manchester Metropolitan University Dr. Paul Stoller -West Chester University Dr. Rose Satiko Hikiji- University of S30 Paulo Professor David MacDougall - Australian National University Professor Trinh Minh-ha - UC Berkeley Dr. Itsushi Kawase - National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka Professor Sarah Pink - RMIT University Dr. José C. Lisn - Complutense University Dr. Metje Postma - Leiden University Ken Fero - Regent's University London Dr. Barbara Glowczewskl -James Cook University Dr. Lorenzo Ferrarini - University of Manchester Dr. Roger Canals Vilageliu - University of Barcelona Dr. Antonio Cadierno Parodi - Antropodocs, Autonomous University of Madrid Dr. Erik Knudsen - University of Salford apply now: https://www.visualresearchnetwork.co.uk/ watch our video: https://vimeo.com/335309505