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An Expressive literary Critique on Marcel Navarra “Ang Hunsoy Sunsongan Usab by Maria

Nicole R. Lambojon”

This literary critic theories that “Ang Hunsoy Sungsongan Usab” by Marcel Navarra
depicts his struggles on providing foods for his family and also for the soldiers.

“Ang Hunsoy Sungsongan Usab” shows the life of Malta,who worries and having a
hardtime to find foods for the soldiers even though they also don’t have food for
themselves.Despite of that Malta still able to provide foods for the soldiers.

This work by Marcelino Navarra was supported by Expressive criticism treats a

literary work primarily in relation to the author.It define poetry as an expression,or
overflow,or utterance of feeling,or as the product of poet,s feelings.The theory tends tojudge
the work by its sincerity to the poets, vision or the state of mind.

Marcelino M. Navarra is known for his fictional stories about what happen over a
hundred years ago and also he is known as “The Father of Modern Short Story” for his use of
realism and depictions of of fictionalized version of his hometown,barrio Tuyom in
Carcar,Cebu.He spent most of his life writing almost 80 short stories which were published
in Cebuano magazines namely Bisaya. Tungod sa Kayagang,” his first story, appeared in
Nasud in 1931. His best-known story “Ug Gianod Ako” is a prizewinner of Bisaya’s literary
contest. During the war,Navarra came back to Tuyom,Cracar and in there he became husband
and a father of his nine children.

Base from the line “Mobaylo ba hinoun ako Mok,bisan usa laang ka paya nga
bugas?”,we can depict that their life in Worl War II is full of struggle,We can say that Marcel
Navarra wants to convey his experience during the time of the Japanese.He may experience
in having hard time in finding food for their family and for the soldiers.

“Kapait baya ning atong pagkabutang Malta,usa lang ka paya ha Malta?” this line was
said by Sepa,we can conclude that they have inadequate enough supply of food and they have
an unfortunate life.

“Ambi ako lang dad.on kay akong pakaon sa iro” this was Malta’s last line,we may
think that Malta will not give the leftover foods to the dogs instead she will bring it to her
family since they haven’t it anything and food for them is very important factors in their life.

Therefore, “Ang Hunsoy Sungsongan Usab” is a story about the traumatized

experience of Marcel Navarra and it may relaten to the happenings of World War II .This
story is also the way of author expressing his feelings on writing some poetry.