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System Orientation

I commit to
so that patients
and members

1 (844)-41-PLACE

Day 1: Claim User ID and Password

Sites to Visit
 Instructions on the Back
NEXT mypeopleplace.com
Access Your Email
 office.com > sign in with UserID@bswhealth.org
Day 2: Report to Training or Your Department
 Receive Instructions from Your Manager

Enter Direct Deposit & W4 Information

 mypeopleplace.com > Payroll > Direct Deposit or W-4 Tax Info
 mypeopleplace.com > About Me > Verify Home Mailing Address

Enroll in Benefits (within first 30 days if eligible)

 mypeopleplace.com > Benefit Details > Benefits Enrollment

Complete Assigned Learning (within due dates)

 mypeopleplace.com > Learning > Active Transcript

Submit Your Commitment Statement

 bswconnect.com > Make a Commitment
 Receive Pin from Your Manager

Check out the New Hire Site

AccessOne: Claiming User ID & Password

1. For account activation, go to: https://accessone.bswhealth.com

2. Click New User Account Activation.
3. Enter Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY), and press Tab.
4. Enter SSN (with no dashes: 123456789), press Tab, 2
and wait for the remaining fields to auto populate.
NOTE: If the remaining fields do not auto populate,
contact the IS Help Desk for assistance (number 3 4
below). Be sure to state you are a new hire having
trouble claiming your account. 5
5. Write down Network Account Name. This is your
User ID for all software systems.
6. Click Continue.
7. Enter a new Password, and Confirm Password.
NOTE: Be sure your new password meets the
Password Criteria shown.
8. Click Submit.
9. The BSWH Confidentiality and Security Agreement
will display. Read the agreement and click Accept.
10. To confirm your password has been setup, click Login.

SecureAuth Security Questions

1. Go to: https://saml.baylorhealth.com/registration 6

2. Enter your User ID, and click Submit.

3. Enter the Password you selected in
AccessOne, and click Submit. 4
4. Enter your Mobile Phone number. This
information will only be used to text you a
one-time passcode when needed.
5. Select and answer the three Knowledge
Based Questions.
6. Click Update. 5

Questions on your User ID and Password?

For assistance, please contact the IS Help Desk at (CTX) 254-724-2501 / (NTX) 214-820-4646