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History Of Jet Engines

! The first jet engine was built by

Egyptian scientists during 100 B.C

! These device was know as Aeolipile.

! Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle

were the main developers.

• Jet engine is nothing but a Gas turbine.

• It works under the principle of Newton’s third law

• It states that “For every acting force there is an equal and

opposite force”.

• Gas turbine operates like toy balloon

Parts Of Jet Engine

How A Jet Engine Works ?
! Jet engines move the airplane forward with a great force that
is produced by a tremendous thrust and causes the plane to
fly very fast.

! Time scale of combustion

! Total temperature in combustion chamber
! Coupling the air frame to the engine
! Scramjet cannot operate below mach 4
Suggestion For Improvement

! Employ active cooling and geraed turbofans

UTC Chairman Louis Chênevert

Using composite ceramic and smart structures
Merits And Demerits

Merits of Jet engine over IC Demerits Of Jet Engines Over

engine IC engine
▪ Mechanical efficiency of jet
• Thermal efficiency of Jet engine is low
engine is high as compared compared to IC engine
to IC engine.
• Difficult to start
▪ Weight and speed of jet
engine per HP developed is • Turbine blades need a special cooling
better than IC engine. system due high temperature

▪ Ignition and lubricating

systems are much simpler in
jet engine than IC engine.
Jet Engine Uses

▪ The industry they’re most ▪ The General electric company

prominent in is in the transport used a “turboprop” jet engine to
industry, where they are used to run an electric generator.
propel aircraft, boats, and in some
one of creations such as a turbojet ▪ The jet engine is not only used
powered truck. on aircraft but on boats, where
water jets are used to propel the
▪ The first use of the jet engine was boat forward..
to power military aircraft.

▪ The Bell P-59A Airacomet was also

developed by the Americans. They
had a massive advantage over
propeller driven planes, in that they
were much faster

! Normal type of jet engine is used for domestic purpose i.e.

Traveling, carrying goods etc.

! Ram type of jet engines is used only in Defence sector. Because it

travels at supersonic speed and generally high level of training is

! Since it travels at such a high speed it cannot be used for traveling.

! That is why turbo-jet engines are very common in use.

Future Vision

Decreased gross lift – off weight

> Smaller facilities & easier handling
Leading to higher safety
Future Vision

Flights can be aborted, while the vehicle glides back to earth

Missions can be more flexible
Wider range of emergency landing sites for intact abort

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