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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Hari / Tanggal : Rabu, 28 Maret 2018

Kelas : IX (Sembilan) Waktu : 12.30 – 14.30

1. Berdoalah sebelum mengerjakan soal
2. Tulislah nomor pesertamu pada Lembar Jawaban Komputer ( LJK ) yang tersedia.
3. Silanglah huruf A, B, C atau D pada Lembar Jawab Komputer ( LJK) yang tersedia.
4. Gunakan pensil 2B untuk mengerjakan soal ujian ini.
5. Dahulukan mengerjakan soal-soal yang kamu anggap mudah.
6. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
7. Hapuslah sebersih mugkin jika kamu hendak memperbaiki jawaban
Contoh : Pilihan semula A B C D
Pilihan menjadi A B C D
8. Periksalah kembali hasil pekerjaanmu sebelum kamu serahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
9. Akhiri ujianmu dengan berdoa.

Pilihlah jawaban yang paling benar dengan memberi tanda silang ( X ) pada huruf A, B, C atau D pada
lembar jawaban yang tersedia!

The following text is for or number 1-2 d. Sending the message to others.
Hi, Andri
Don’t forget to come to the English Club meeting The following text this for number 3-5
this afternoon. We’re going to discuss our plan to
celebrate our school anniversary. ANNOUNCEMENT
Please forward this message to the others.
Thank you. The school drama is going to organize “Mega-Mega”
drama cast audition. For those who are interested in
Yoga joining the audition, please come to our office on
Monday, 4 August, at 2 p.m. to register.
The requirements are as follows:
1. What is the writer’s intention to write the
- Your latest photograph of post card size (2)
- The registration form (get it at the office)
a. To celebrate the school anniversary.
The audition will be held on Sunday, 10 August at 9
b. To forward the message to others.
a.m. The list of the selected candidates will be
c. To discuss the school anniversary.
announced in a week.
d. To remind of the meeting
We appreciate your participation. Thank you.
2. What should the receiver do after getting the
The Committee
P.s. : No charge for the registration form
a. Attending the conference.
b. Delaying the English quiz.
c. Making the quiz schedule.

1 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1

3. What is the purpose of the text? The following text is for number 8-10
a. To inform that all the students have to
register the audition. ANNOUNCEMENT
b. To remind about the requirements of the In accordance with the international security
audition. regulations, the following items are never allowed
c. To announce the students about the drama to be taken onto a plane by passenger, either in
their carry-on bags or in their checked luggage:
cast audition.
weapons, including knives and guns; explosives,
d. To persuade the students to join the including dynamite and fireworks.
audition. The following items may be placed in checked
luggage but non on carry-on bags. Tools,
4. Whom is the text addressed to? including hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches;
a. All of the students. sports equipment such as golf clubs, baseball
b. The members of the drama club. bats, skis, ski poles.
c. The students who are interested in. When you pass through the security line, all bags
d. The students who fulfil the requirements. will go through our X ray machines and some
bags will manually checked by personnel, as well.
Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe and
5. The word “requirements” has the closest
pleasant flight.
meaning with …….
a. formations
b. qualifications 8. Where do you probably find such a text?
c. attachments a. in a plane
d. achievements b. in an airport
c. in a harbour
The following text is for number 6-7 d. in a newspaper

Hi, Bianca 9. What will the readers do after reading the

I am sorry, dear. I can’t pick you up from school a. put their baseball bats in their luggage
this afternoon and regretfully I have to cancel our b. put the fireworks in their carry-on bags.
appointment to have lunch together. I have an c. put their tools on their carry-on bags
overtime job in the garage today. I’ll call your d. never put their tools in their luggage.
mother to pick you up. Just wait her in Uncle Joni’s
house next to your school! Her class will be over at 10. Based on the text, the passengers ………..
2 p.m.
take any weapon onto the plane.
Dad a. must
b. must not
6. What is likely the writer of the text? c. should
a. Mechanic d. should not
b. Teacher
c. Student The following text is for number 11-12
d. Gardener
Mr. Joni is turning 80,
though it may seem absurd!
7. What will the reader do after reading the We’re having a party, but don’t breathe a word!
a. go straight home Please join us for
b. pick her mother A Surprise Birthday Party
c. have lunch by herself
Sunday, June 20th
d. go to Uncle Joni’s house 2.00 p.m.

Orchid Bay Estates

Rinjani street no.35A

RSVP by June 10th

To Daniel

2 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1

11. After reading the text what will the receivers The following text is for number 15-16
b. Give birthday wishes to Mr. Joni YOUR BLOG?
immediately Do you want your blog to look different from
c. Confirm their attendance to Daniel others?
d. Come to Orchid Bay Estates JUST COME AND JOINT US AT
12. “Please join us for….” enjoy our unique system of BLOG TRAINING
What is the closest meaning of the underlined FOR THE BEGINERS BLOG has become an
word? important tool to communicate. Having your
a. enrol own blog is important nowadays. Hurry Up!
b. come Register Now! Junior and Senior High School
c. get in students are the priority. Seats are available
d. take a part only for 30 Bloggers, Free registration for ten
first registration!
The following text is for number 13-14

15. What does the advertisement focus on?

a. A course on how to design a blog
b. A course on how to operate the computer
c. A problem solution for bloggers
d. A service of making a blog

16. “Free registration for ten first registations!

The closest meaning of the underlined word
a. enrolment
b. payment
c. entrance
d. opening

The following text is for number 17-19

I have a best friend named Ubay. He is my
classmate. We go to school together. Ubay comes
from an educated family. His father is a school
principal and his mother is a teacher.
He is punctual, well-educated, and has good
manners. He is really hard working. He always
13. Based on the text, we know that ……. does his homework. He is also well-dressed and
a. it opens only in the afternoon
well-behaved. All teachers have a high opinion of
b. we can order the food by fax
c. the bagels are delivered once a week him.
d. we are not allowed to take the food out Ubay has a well-built body. He is gentle but
fearless. He takes part in all sports, scout, trekking
14. “Fresh Baked Rolls” and mountaineering activities. He is a kind person.
What does the underlined word mean? He is truthful, honest and obedient.
a. Cooked under or over direct heat. Ubay is a talented student. He can play the
b. Cooked in boiling water.
guitar beautifully. He also secures good marks in
c. Cooked in hot oil.
d. Cooked in an oven. his class. He makes his parents proud of him. He
inspires me a lot. I am happy to have such a friend.

3 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1

d. at night along the cave

17. What is the writer’s intention in writing the 22. What will the readers probably do after
text? reading the text?
a. To talk about the activities of his best a. want to have a visit to Natural Bridge
friend. National Park
b. To explain how his best friend behaves. b. persuade their friend to preserve the rain
c. To describe about his best friend. forest
d. To show his best friend’s proudness toward c. have a night camp at the Natural Bridge
him. National Park
18. According to the writer’s opinion, Ubay is d. learn more about the Natural Bridge
an….. National Park
a. honest and well behaved boy
b. educated and disobedient boy 23. “It is located 110 kilometres from south of
c. uneducated and obedient boy Brisbane and ……”.
d. obedient and dishonest boy What does the word “it” refer to?
a. Natural Bridge National Park
19. “He is punctual, well-educated, and has good b. tropical rain forest
manners.” c. Pacific Highway
What is the same meaning of underlined d. Brisbane
a. quick The following text is for number 24-27
b. on time
c. calm Last December, my classmates and I went to
d. overdue Karimunjawa for holiday.
We left our school at 7 a.m. and arrived at
The following text is for number 20-23 Kartini beach at 9 a.m.. The ferry was busy and
crowded so we had to wait for a couple of hours to
Natural Bridge National Park is luscious cross the strait of Karimunjawa. Finally, we could
tropical rain forest. It is located 110 kilometres reach Karimunjawa after 30 minutes of the sea.
from south of Brisbane and is reached by following On the first day, we visited “Suku Pedalaman”
the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by before we checked in a hotel. In “Suku
travelling through the Numinbah Valley. This Pedalaman” we watched a lot of snakes. People
scenic roadway lies in the shadow of Lamington there thought that the snakes were holy. A guide
National Park. showed us the snakes. He used a flashlight to make
The phenomenon of the rock formed into a them easy to watch.
natural ‘arch’ and the cave through which a From “Suku Pedalaman” we went to the hotel.
waterfall cascades is a short one-kilometre walk After we did some washing, we enjoyed our first
below a dense rainforest canopy from the main lunch at the hotel. Then we went to Karimunjawa
picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock Beach and snorkelling.
pools. Night-time visitors to the cave will discover On the second day, we visited “Sentra
the unique feature of the glow worms. Picnic areas Keramba”. we spent almost the whole day studying
offer toilets, barbeque, shelter sheds, water and how to look after sharks in “Sentra Keramba”.
fireplaces; however, overnight camping is not Some of our friends tried to fish sharks. Then, we
permitted. left the Karimunjawa island for home.
Although we felt tired, we were happy and
20. What is the text about? satisfied.
a. Tropical rain forest
b. Numinbah Valley 24. What is the text about?
c. Natural Bridge National Park a. The writer’s trip to “Suku Pedalaman”.
d. Lamington National Park b. The writer’s holiday in Karimunjawa.
c. The writer’s experience in “Sentra
21. When will the visitors see the glow worms? Keramba”.
a. when they walk over the cave d. The writer’s tiredness after going to
b. when they camp over picnic areas Karimunjawa.
c. anytime at the cave

4 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1

d. To persuade the readers to use a photocopy
25. How long did they have to wait for the ferry properly.
to come? 29. To make a colored copy, we should ....
a. An hour a. press color button
b. Two hours b. switch “Black and White” button
c. Three hours c. select the number of copies
d. Many hours d. choose the appropriate size paper

26. What did the writer do in “Sentra Keramba”? 30. “It is usually on the top of the photocopy
a. enjoy a special lunch machine,….” (first step). The underlined word
b. watch many kinds of sharks refers to ....
c. learn how to look after shark a. the machine
d. enjoy a beautiful scenery b. the “ON” button
c. the photocopy machine
27. “People thought that the snakes were d. the control panel
holy”(Paragraph 3). The underlined word can
be replaced by .... The following text is for number 31-34
a. poisonous
b. sacred A man had to go on a long travel. He hid his money
c. dangerous in a pot and put butter over it. So nobody could see what
d. wild was there under the butter in the pot.
Then he took the pot to his neighbour and said,
The following text is for number 28-30 “Please keep this pot of butter for me till I come back.”
How to operate a photocopy He did not say anything about the money in the pot.
a. Turn on the machine by pressing the “ON” A month passed. Two months passed. But the
button. It is usually on the top of the traveller did not come back. His neighbour thought, “I’m
photocopy machine, on the control panel. afraid the butter in the pot is bad.” And he took all the
Some machines have a power switch on the butter out of the pot and saw money there.
side. He took the money for himself and put many small
b. Open the cover of the photocopy machine stones into the pot in the place of money. When the
and put your sheets on the glass surface traveller came back, he asked his neighbour for the pot.
underneath. He carried it home and took out all the butter. He wanted
c. Pay attention to put the paper properly. to take the money. But he found only many small stones
d. Select the number of copies at the display at under the butter. He was very angry.
the control panel of the photocopier. The next day he went to his neighbour and say,
e. Press the color button or “Black and white”. “Please let your son come with me to the market. He can
Some of the photocopy machines are color help me to carry food from the market.”
photocopy. The neighbour sent his son to the man. But they
f. Choose the accurate size paper on the did not go to the market. The man went home with the
control panel. neighbour’s son and locked the boy in his house.
g. Reset the original image, larger or smaller if Then he went to his neighbour with a monkey and
necessary. say, “Here is your son.” The neighbour was very angry.
h. For your pleasure, you can get other image “Take the monkey away and bring back my son!” he
editing features or functions on the said. ”Why, this is your son! If money can turn into
photocopier. stones then a boy can turn into a monkey.”
i. Press “Start” or “Copy” button; it is usually The neighbour understood everything. He brought
the largest button on the control panel. the money and the man let the boy go back to his father.

28. What is the writer’s intention of writing the 31. What does the text mostly talk about?
text above? a. The story of a butter pot
a. To show how to turn on a photocopy. b. The story of a man and his neighbour
b. To tell how to operate a photocopy c. The story of a son and a monkey
properly. d. The story of a neighbour’s son
c. To explain how to make a coloured
photocopy. 32. What was the man’s problem?
a. He lost his butter’s pot.
b. The neighbour took his money.
5 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1
c. The butter is his pot was bad. d. in contact with cloud and rain
d. His son became a monkey.
33. What did the man do to repay his neighbour’s 37. This such kind of text will be useful for ....
mistake? a. People who want to observe the earth
a. He took his neighbour’s son and replaced b. People who want to report an annual event
him with a monkey. c. People who want to avoid natural disaster
b. He changed the bad butter with some d. People who want to recite natural
stones. phenomenon
c. He sent his neighbour’s son to the market.
d. He took away his money. Text following text is for number 38-40

34. How was the neighbour based on the story? All turtles are reptiles. Scientists often refer to
a. cunning them as chelonians, because they are in the
b. arrogant taxonomic order called Chelonia (from the Greek
c. greedy word for tortoise). They all have scales, lay eggs,
d. miser and are ectothermic; they vary in size from fitting
in your hand to about 1.800 pounds (817
The following text is for number 35-37 kilograms). Chelonians live everywhere from
deserts to oceans to backyard creeks. So why are
TORNADO there different names? Those common names
A tornado is a violently rotating column of air usually refer to differences in where the species
which is incontact with both a cumulonimbus live and how they use their habitat.
cloud or, in rare cases, a cumulus cloud base and Turtle spends most of its life in the water.
the surface of the earth. Tornados come in many Turtles tend to have webbed feet for swimming.
sizes but are typically in the form of a visible Sea turtles (Chelonidae family) are specially
condensation funnel, whose narrow end touches adapted for an aquatic life, with long feet that form
the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of flippers and a streamlined body shape. They rarely
debris. leave the ocean, except when the females come
Most tornadoes have wind speeds of 110 mph ashore to lay their eggs, although some species,
(177 kph) or less, are about 250 feet (75 m) across, such as the green sea turtle, do come out on reefs
and travel a few miles (several kilometers) before and beaches to bask. Other turtles live in fresh
disappears. Some reach wind speeds of more than water, like ponds and lakes. They swim, but they
300 mph (480 kh), stretch more than a mile (1.6 m) also climb out onto banks, logs, or rocks to bask in
across, and stay on the ground for dozens of miles the sun. In cold weather, they may burrow into the
(more than 100 km). mud, where they go into torpor until spring brings
Although tornados have been observed on warm weather again.
every continent except Antarctica, most occur in
the United States. They also commonly occur in 38. What is the purpose of writing the text?
southern Canada, south central and eastern Asia, a. To talk about the activities of turtles.
east central South America, Southern Africa, north- b. To show the characteristic of turtles.
western and central Europe, Italy, western and c. To tell about the general description of
south-eastern Australia, and New Zealand. turtles.
d. To tell the common names of turtles.
35. What does the text mostly talk us about?
a. the places where Tornado happen 39. A turtle is described as …….. animal.
b. the identification of Tornado a. aquatic
c. the effects of Tornado b. land
d. the general information about Tornado c. wild
d. unique
36. A tornado is a violently rotating column of air
which is .... 40. What is the benefit of reading the text?
a. in contact with a cumulonimbus cloud and a. We get information about the activities of
the surface of the earth the turtles.
b. in contact with a cumulonimbus cloud and b. It can improve our knowledge about turtles
cumulus cloud base in general.
c. in contact with cloud and water c. It gives us information on how to keep a
6 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1
d. We know more about the turtle’s species. After that, when he gazed at his spindly legs,
his pride would swell. "In times of danger," he
The following text is for number 41-42 thought, "they serve me well."

Last holiday, my family and I had a tour to 43. What is the purpose of the writer to write the
Tana Toraja. It is a highland region in the province text?
of South Sulawesi. a. To amuse the reader with a story.
Since it is on a highland, the weather is really b. To tell about the use of stag’s legs.
cool. We were enjoying the beautiful panorama. c. To inform about the stag’s antlers.
We went to many interesting villages where we d. To tell how the stag protect itself.
saw traditional houses called Tongkonan.
Then, we visited a unique grave. It is on a cliff 44. What happened to the stag as he ran away
with a balcony where coffins of dead and skeletons from the hunter?
are laid. Unfortunately, there was no traditional a. His beautiful antlers caught and snagged
ceremony when we were there. Before we left, we on the branches.
bought souvenirs and special beverages, the b. His beautiful antlers were broken.
Arabica coffee. c. He stumbled on roots of a tree.
The tour was really fascinating because I d. The stag bounded into the woods.
could see the unique customs myself. For me, it is
the most memorable tour I have ever had.
45. “They serve me well (paragrah 3). The
41. Why did the writer feel her/his holiday underlined word refers to ....
fascinating? a. the branches of a low-growing tree
a. Because the weather in Tana Toraja was b. the beautiful antlers
cool. c. the hunter’s arrows
b. Because he/she bought the Arabica coffee. d. the spindly legs
c. Because Tana Toraja is very rich in culture
and customes. The following text is for number 46-48
d. Because he/she saw traditional ceremony
as he/she was there.

42. The weather in Tana Toraja is very cool .... It

is on a highland
The correct word to fill the blank is ....
a. although
b. when
c. and
d. because

The following text is for number 43-45

A handsome stag with majestic antlers
admired himself in a lake. As he looked at his
reflection he thought, "My antlers are beautiful!
But these spindly legs of mine are so skinny I wish
I could hide them in shame."
Just then a hunter's arrow whizzed by and the
stag bounded into the woods. As he ran, his
beautiful antlers caught and snagged on the
branches of a low-growing tree. Struggling, he
finally pulled himself free. If it weren't for the
exquisite speed of his legs, he would surely have 46. What is the benefit of reading the label above?
been captured. a. We know where to get the produt.
b. We get the detailed information about the

7 Bahasa Inggris Paket 1

c. We know how to make the product.
d. We know the effect of the product.

47. When should we consume the product?

a. While having a meal.
b. After having a meal.
c. Before having a meal.
d. Without having a meal.

48. This product contains no artificial colors.

The underlined word means ....
a. original
b. pure
c. unnatural
d. inexpensive

The following text is for number 49-50

Dear Cinta,
I’m really happy to hear that you pass
your final examination.
“Congratulation on your success”
We are really proud of you.

Your brother

49. Why does the writer send the card?

a. he is very happy
b. he wants to congratulate his sister
c. he passes the final examination
d. he is success

50. “I’m really happy to hear that you pass your

final examination”.
The underlined word is closest in meaning
to ....
a. glad
b. mad
c. gloomy
d. upset

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