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#start GUI


#report max transition constaints

icc_shell> report_constraint -max_transition -verbose

#report timing with transition with pins (through that pin)

icc_shell> report_timing -thr <instance_name>/<pin_name>

#report timing from register clk to d of next flipflop

icc_shell> report_timing -to <instance1_name>/<pin_name> -from <instance2_name>/clk

#see complete clock path

icc_shell>report_timing -to <pin_name> -path_type full_clock_expanded -delay max

#high light path in GUI

icc_shell>change_selection [get_timing_paths -to <instace_name>/<pin>]

#see clock tree information


#shows the worst path timing with the given clock

icc_shell>report_timing -group <group_name>

#prints only end points

icc_shell>report_timing -to readary -path_type short -max_paths 5

#summary of all

#insert buffer
icc_shell>insert_buffer <instance_name>/d -lib_cell <lib_name>

#insert clock inverters

icc_shell>insert_buffer <instance_name>/<clk pin> -lib_cell <lib inverter>

#legalize placement incrementally

icc_shell>legalize_placement -incremental

#list the lib cells


#set false path

icc_shell>set_false_path -from <instance1_name>/<pin_name> -to

#list of all cells matching with instance name and also sequencial elements
>get_cells *<name>* -filter "is_sequential==true"

#finding sizeof of collection

>sizeof_collections [get_cells *<name>* -filter "is_sequential==true"]

#show the terminal names

>get_terminals *<name>*

#check the direction of port

>get_attribute [get_ports <port_name>] direction

#check if constant value is driven on any pin

>get_attribute [get_pins <instance_name>/<pin>] constant_value

#get any standardcells with xnor in the clock path

>filter_collection [all_fanout -clock_tree -only_cells -flat -levels 1000000 ]

#list of all cells from previous flipflop

>lsort -uniq [get_attribute [all_fanin -to <instance_name> -flat -only_cells]

#get exceptions
>get_exceptions -from <instance_name>

#report exceptions

#possible list of command with given string

icc2_shell> help *except*
all_exceptions # Create a collection of exceptions in a mode
ctm::get_exceptions # Returns ctmesh stopping cells/nets/pins collection
ctm::is_exception # Check if -pin|-net|-cell is in ctmesh stopping
get_exception_groups # Create a collection of exception groups
get_exceptions # Create a collection of timing exceptions
remove_supernet_exceptions # Removes supernet transparent pins
report_exceptions # Report timing exceptions
report_supernet_exceptions # Report supernet transparent pins
set_supernet_exceptions # Mark supernet transparent pins

#lists all the attibutes related to net

>list_attributes -class net -application

#filter collections based on the attribute

>filter_collection [get_flat_cells *] "size_only==true && full_name=~*<name>*"
>filter_collection [all_fanout -from <instance_name>/pin ] "full_name=~*<name1>* ||

#set don't touch attribute on all nets except nets connected to matching pin1 and
>set_dont_touch [get_nets -of_objects [get_pins -of_objects [get_cells
*<instance_name>*] -filter "name!=<pin1> && name!=<pin2"] -filter
"full_name=~*<net_name1>* || full_name=~*<net_name2>*]
>set_attribute [get_nets -of_objects [get_pins -of_objects [get_flat_cells
*<instance_name>* -filter "full_name!~*<match_name>*"] -filter "name!=<pin1> &&
name!=<pin2>"]] dont_touch true

#report name rules


#define the rule if not there, Lower case only + numbers and _
>define_name_rules LC_ONLY -allowed "a-z 0-9"

#define renaming rule and then apply rules

>define_name_rules my_map_rule -map {{"first","second_renamed"}}
>change_names -rules my_map_rule

#rename instances
>set_attribute -objects [get_cells {{instance[1]_abcd}}] -name name -value

#stop propogating clock

>set_clock_sense -logical_stop_propagation <instance_name>/clk

#report clock gating checks


#reports all the violations

>report_constraints -min_delay -all_violators -scenarios <scenario name>

#reports if clock property is on the pin

>get_attribute [get_selection] clocks or get_attribute [get_pins
<instance_name>/<pin_name>] clocks

#replace a cell with different size or refname, sometime helps to resolve shorts
>change_link [get_cell <instance_name>] <lib_cell_to_be_replaced.

#unfix objects(if only fixed) so that it can be moved on legalize placements

>set_fixed_objects [get_cells <instance_name>*] -unfix

#getting the lower left x for bbox, similarly upper right x(bbox_urx) and upper
right y(bbox_ury)
>get_attribute [gs] bbox_llx

#get app options

>get_app_options *hold*

#hold fixing in icc2, run this after cts

>set_app_options -name clock_opt.hold.effort -value high
>set_app_options -name refine_opt.hold.effort -value high

#finding the proc source

>get_proc_source <proc_name>

#max transition report

>report_constraints -all_violators -max_transition > transition.txt

#reports pvt etc about each corner


#reports derate setting for current corner


#choose layer for a net

>set_routing_rule -min_routing_layer <min_metal> -max_routing_layer <max_metal>
{net_name1 net_name2}
#set clock balance points
>set_clock_balance_points -consider_for_balancing true -balance_points
"instance1/clk_pin instance2/clk_pin"