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by Rick Heizman
Throughout the Muslim World - the Muslim majority countries, as well as the many countries
with Muslim minorities - the Muslim media is grotesque, manipulative and supremacist in its
portrayal of Buddhists, Buddhism, and the various conflicts with Muslims that Buddhists are
enduring in Arakan (Rakhine State, Myanmar), Sri Lanka, southern Thailand, Chittagong Hills
of Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Muslims are always depicted as the poor
innocent victims, being preyed upon by the ultra-evil, despicable, heartless, satanic
Buddhists, for no logical reason at all. And, Buddhism is maliciously described as an ‘idol-
worshipping’ primitive cult, which does not even worship a ‘God’, and those are two of the
most cardinal sins in the eyes of Allah, and he commands, again and again, in the Quran, that
those who follow such a cult or religion should be, and must be, destroyed completely and forever.
The Muslim media consists of: television and radio -
news shows, talk shows, Islamic preaching; social
media - Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube;
print media - newspapers, magazines; school material -
textbooks, teaching plans; photos and videos, etc.
In each of these the primary language would be Arabic,
Farsi, Urdu, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Bangla,
or others, and some may also be translated into English
or French. Translations may easily and connivingly be
softened, distorted, or worse.
Satellite TV has a huge role in the power and reach of the Muslim Media. The Arab view, and
especially the Arab supremacism, has dictated to and influenced Muslims at the far edges of
the Muslim world - Indonesians, Malays, west African countries, as well as the Muslim
minority in Europe and the USA.

Consider the fact that most Muslims in the world grow up without knowing, interacting with, or
learning about Buddhists (and others), Buddhism, and other faiths. The schools don’t teach
anything about non-Islamic religions, the bookstores don’t
carry books about other religions (unless they are
condemning and ridiculing them). What people learn, from
the mosques, the Quran, and the culture is that all other
religions are perverted and evil, especially Buddhism and
Hinduism, because they don’t believe in a singular
supreme God, and they are idol-worshippers. And,
believers are taught again and again by their Imams and
Mullahs in the mosques that Allah commands that the
proper action for a Muslim to do is to destroy them.


• "The genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar is ostensibly being carried
out by the Buddhists, but we are certain that Judaism and Global
Zionism are [behind] the massacre and the genocide against the
Muslims... The tenets of Buddhism are derived from Judaism. The
Buddhists are a tool [in the hands] of the Jews, and 'Buddhism' is a
name behind which [hides] the hand of Judaism and Global Zionism.
Since the Jew knows that he is an [object of] derision throughout the
world, he hides behind a pseudonym like 'Buddhism.' Lecturers at
seminaries and universities, as well as the media, must [speak up] in
various languages and in eloquent terms... and explain to the people
and to our dear youth that behind [the term] 'Buddhism' there [hides] the Jew.” 
Declared by Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi, head of the Imam Mahdi seminary in Tehran, in an interview
titled ‘The Cruel Genocide Against The Muslim People In Myanmar’ with the Rasa news agency, on
August 8, 2012.


• "Every year, ahead of Qods Day (an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan that was
initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose
Zionism and Israel's right to exist), the Zionists perpetrate a crime somewhere in the world in order
to draw global attention away from the issue of Jerusalem and their evil actions [there].
America and the Zionists are the main culprits [responsible for] the genocide of Muslims in
Myanmar. Our nation is aware of [their] plots. Global Zionism and Freemasonry (a worldwide
fraternal organization whose members are joined together by shared ideals of both a moral and
metaphysical nature) are the planners of all crimes against the Muslims. The international
community encourages oppression and human rights violations throughout the world by allowing
these crimes. The media, and the governments of global Western arrogance, protest when the
government of a certain country [i.e., Syria] has even the smallest clash with its opponents, if this
country opposes their policy. But they remain silent in the case of Myanmar, which indicates that they
themselves have designed these atrocities and supported these measures. The first and most important
step towards [attaining] freedom and justice for Muslims worldwide is annihilating the Zionist regime.”
Stated by Basij (an Iranian volunteer force, operating under the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
with duties involving internal security, moral policing, etc.) commander General Mohammad Reza
Naqdi, on August 6, 2012, on the website yjc.ir.


Tareq Al-Suwaidan, one of the most popular TV personalities in the Arab world, and, a leader of the
Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait is using a technique borrowed from Muhammad, who demoted and
delegitimized Jesus, Abraham, Moses, and other prophets by declaring that they were messengers
of Allah in a line leading to Muhammad, who is the final prophet, and supersedes all other prophets.
Al-Suwaidan is preaching that Buddha was also a prophet and messenger of Allah, and therefore
Buddhists should simply give up their perverse worship of the idol of Buddha and enter Islam,
because Buddha was actually leading them ultimately to Islam.
• “The myth of the Holocaust is becoming a reality among the Muslims in Myanmar”
From the Iranian Student Basij website, Daneshjoo, July 27, 2012. They accused the ‘global arrogance’
(all non-Muslim countries) of looting Muslim property and perpetrating genocide in Myanmar.


The Iranian cartoon website irancartoon.ir posted an exhibition of cartoons on the "genocide against
Muslims in Myanmar" on September 6, 2012. Several of them are pictured here.


• "Myanmar is the site of recurring brutal acts against Muslims. [When] I visited [Myanmar] 19 years
ago, I met [its] people, who had been hostages of Marxism and of radical Maoists for 80 years.
Having extracted themselves from the bloody talons of those hangmen, they were eager to meet
new people. But most of the visitors to the country during those first happy days of freedom were
Zionists, who came to buy land and put down roots in Myanmar, which had been stagnant for 80
years [and was therefore selling land] for cheap. None of [the people] thought that the Zionists who
had recently arrived [in Myanmar] would plunge the country into a new bloodbath with Buddhists
killing Muslims.”

• “The Jewish project of exploiting the Eastern religions is not limited to Myanmar. The Jews forged
ties between their small global population and the large population of Buddhists and Hindus, and
took roots among them by exploiting their own economic power and the poverty [of the Buddhists
and Hindus]. They even set up Jewish figures as spiritual leaders of some Buddhist and Hindu
sects, and built centers and temples in India and other countries in its vicinity.”

• "Today the Jewish hand emerges from the sleeve of the Buddhists in
Myanmar, [trying to] retaliate against the seekers of freedom in Muslim
lands by harming the poverty-stricken Muslims of Myanmar. Thus they
punish the oppressed Muslims of Myanmar for the anti-Zionist movement
[that has emerged] in Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Syria,
Bahrain and the Hejaz.”

• "It is no surprise, [then], that the media and international community have
remained silent [over the events in Myanmar], for they are controlled by
the political and economic power of the Zionists, and, unless faced with no
other choice, they would never take any steps against the Zionists or in
favor of the Muslims…”

• "Today the Muslims must inform the world about the situation of the oppressed Muslims in
Myanmar, and force the media and the communities that are controlled by the Zionists to break
their silence. All the global communities and media networks that remain silent in the face of these
crimes are responsible for the innocent blood that is being mercilessly spilled in Myanmar…”           
Said by Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani, a member of the Supreme Council of the Global Ahl Al-Bayt
Foundation and president of the Ravaq Hekmat Cultural Institution, in a letter published in July 2012,
by the Iranian news agency Mehr.
A picture is worth 1000 words. False and manipulative use of photos is a very powerful force
for inciting intolerance, hate and violence.

Captioned: A Burmese Buddhist

Photos like this are used to depict a Buddhist. Captioned: Praying for genocide
It is highly likely that the gun is photoshopped Most of the Muslim world will believe that is what
into the photo, or it is a toy gun that a kid may they are doing, and it corresponds to everything
play with (and this monk is obviously a kid) else they hear about Buddhists.

It is claimed that this shows Burmese monks with the

bodies of Rohingya Muslims that they killed. It is very
easy to see that these are Tibetan monks with the
bodies of victims of a huge earthquake. It says Rohingya Muslims being
tortured by Buddhists, but it is
actually a publicity stunt in India.

The bodies are said to be Rohingya Muslims killed

by Buddhists, when actually these are Nigerian
Africans killed in a oil pipeline explosion.

Al Jazeera is one the largest television network and channel broadcasters in the Middle East, and for
that matter, in the world. It is in Qatar, a small wealthy Arab country, on an island near Saudi Arabia
and funded largely by the Qatari ruling family. It broadcasts now in many languages besides Arabic.

Al Jazeera was launched in 1996, as a new Arab news channel, with a difference - Al Jazeera
shocked viewers and created controversies by broadcasting dissenting views, for example on call-in
shows. However, Al Jazeera has been perceived - by many, including many former workers and
reporters - of being a propaganda outlet for the Qatari government, with strong Islamist perspectives,
having a pro-Sunni and anti-Shia bias, and an overall anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, and anti-Western bias.
Not surprising - the dictates of Islam are strong, and can influence even a very moderate Muslim.

After the explosion of violence, in June 2012, Al Jazeera was one of the main media which defined
the outbreak as a ‘planned’ and ‘deliberate’ attack perpetrated by the Rakhine Buddhists against the
‘helpless’ and ‘innocent’ Rohingya Muslims, whom have ‘lived in Arakan for centuries’, and ‘have
never done anything to deserve any such actions.’

The following is how Al Jazeera swayed the Muslim world, the Western world, and the Asian world
opinion to put the cause and the blame squarely onto the Rakhine Buddhists, and the Burmese
Buddhists. And, primarily in the Muslim world this would set the tone to castigate all Buddhists as
violent, intolerant extremists, following a religion that Allah says is false, evil, and should be destroyed.

On October 3, 2013, in a special news, analysis, and interview show, Al Jazeera, masterfully did a
classic Orwellian double-speak to fool people in the first 4 seconds of the show.

The show begins with the announcer

saying, “There is renewed violence in
western Myanmar, where Buddhist rioters
stand accused of attacking Muslims in
Rakhine state.” At the exact moment the
words Buddhist rioters is said, the first
piece of video is shown for 2 seconds,

then at the exact moment the words

attacking Muslims is said, the second
piece of video is shown.

This is absolutely opposite of

reality, indisputable, conniving,
manipulative, and reprehensible.

The first clip show mobs of Muslims, with

their white skull caps, pouring out of the
central mosque in Maungdaw. The second
clip show them throwing rocks through the
windows of a trapped Buddhist family.

After that opening, the viewer is more

easily manipulated to believe anything
said. And, this was one of many tricks.

• “When George Bush was in office, he was sitting with Tony Blair next to him – may Allah unite them
in Hell, along with anyone who loves them – George Bush said to journalists: 'I've decided to kill 20
million Muslims, and one Christian doctor.' All the journalists jumped and asked: 'Mr. President...
One question... Who is the Christian doctor you want to kill?!' Bush said [to Blair]: 'What did I tell
you?! I told you that nobody would ask about the 20 million Muslims I want to kill.' They would
ask about the Christian because he has blue eyes. He has a Western face. He's a superman...
 Their lives are different from ours...  You want proof? Nobody is talking about the Rohingya

Uttered by exiled Egyptian cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, an ISIS sympathizer, in the aftermath of the
November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris.


• "My brothers and sisters, I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow
Muslim Brothers and Sisters being killed and tortured
EVERYWHERE. Seeing my fellow Muslims being tortured, raped
and killed in Burma led to a boiling point. I can't take it anymore.
America stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim
Ummah...If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks,
then make peace with 'Dawla [ISIS] in al sham [Syria]. Make a pact
or a treaty with them where you promise to leave them alone, you
and your fellow apostate allies. By Allah, we will not let you sleep
unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or
enjoy any holiday. Stop the killing of Muslims in Burma…”

Proclaimed and posted on Facebook, by Ohio State University student

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who carried out a stabbing and vehicular attack
which wounded 11 people, on November 28, 2016.

Muslim Countries Surrounding Burma Should Use Their Armies To Fight

•"Burma. Burma is surrounded by Muslim countries.
It's surrounded by Bangladesh. It's surrounded by
Indonesia, Malaysia. It's surrounded by these
countries, who have armies. But these armies...
 We've got to ask a question: What is the role of the
army in Islam, and what is the role of these armies in
the current situation that we have today? Why do you
not fight in the cause of Allah?”

The British branch of the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir

posted on its YouTube channel, on December 3,
2016, a video which features a member named Abu
Yusuf calling on Southeast Asian governments to Rescue the Muslims in Myanmar.

In December 2016, this story exploded
across media worldwide, and rather
quickly was deterred to be false and
purposely used to incite hatred against the
Burmese Buddhists. It was actually a cruel
situation in Cambodia.

Below: The first photo claims to be of a

Rohingya Muslim severely wounded in a
machete attack. He actually is a Rakhine
Buddhist, and he survived the brutal attack
by Rohingya Muslims.

Vilification and Demonization of Aung San Suu Kyi
• "Terrorist lady of Myanmar. This woman,- if she still deserves to be
called that - is the epitome of our vile enemy of democracy promoted
by the West. Israel loves this bitch, excuse the language... May Allah
bring justice in that land and may he strengthen those who are making
jihad against them there in Burma.”

Asserted Saifullah Al-Maslul in a Facebook posting on a pro ISIS site, on November 30, 2016.

Invoking Absolute Hate and Violence

• "If the weak Muslims of Burma previously faced dangers of
murder, torture, being burnt alive and properties being looted
however this time around the criminal government of Burma
has launched a campaign of carrying out a genocide against
the minority Muslims and completely ridding the country of
them. They are systematically burning the homes and villages
of Muslims, usurping their property, beheading their children,
martyring their men in the most horrific ways, raping their womenfolk and carrying out sadistic
savagery beyond any human imagination.

• The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns these cruel barbaric actions of the Burmese rulers
and calls upon all the entire Muslim Ummah to utilize every means at their disposal to safeguard
and protect the oppressed Muslims of Burma.

•The Islamic Emirate considers the genocide of the over one

million minority Muslims of Burma as one of the biggest crimes
against humanity and condemns it with the strongest of terms. It
similarly considers the silence of the world in face of this crime
as an insult which cannot be justified under any excuse."

From an official Taliban ‘Statement of Islamic Emirate

concerning genocide against the weak Muslims of Burma,’ which
was circulated in English on the Taliban's Telegram channel
Alemarah English.

Incongruous and Preposterous History - Will Become Indisputable

(but Farcical and Derisive) Facts - To Many Generations
From a speech titled ‘A Lost Nation’ by Abu Zar Azzam, also known as Abu Dhar al-Burmi.

• “Before we enter the topic we should know this region and its history and politics. Burma is an
‘Indian’ state and Islam entered Burma through the Arab traders during the first half of the seventh
century after Hijra (the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to
Medina, in the year 622). The Muslims in this land are of Arab, Maghrebi, Persian, Turkish and
Bengali origin. The Muslims of Arakan are called ‘Rohingya’.” (They never called themselves
‘Rohingya’, nor did anyone else.) “The first Islamic kingdom in Arakan was established by
Suleiman Shah in 1382, they continued to rule Arakan for four centuries before the Buddhist
Burmese occupied the kingdom in 1866.” (Arakan was never ruled by Muslims, in any manner).
• “Muslim brothers, in June 2012, a great massacre occurred in Burma in
the province of Arakan but only a few Muslims realize the extent of this
tragedy that occurred to the Muslims. Killings, displacement, bloodshed,
violations of honors and destruction. So we say to them and to all
Muslims that the only solution for this tragedy is jihad.”

• “As for the number of Muslims in Burma they are between 7 to 10 million
Muslims.” (recent census shows 2.2 million - about 4% of the total
population.) “The Muslims here suffered from brutal acts and oppression
by the government of Burma which has committed mass expulsion,
displacement and torture against the Muslims. In Burma, the campaigns
to kill and displace the Muslims, ransack their property and transgress
against their honor is never ending. The infidel Buddhists do that. They
have killed tens of thousands, displaced millions, demolished mosques,
closed schools, raped Muslima and aborted pregnant woman. In April of
1978, 8000 Muslims were killed in the city of Akyab.” (old name for Sittwe, aka Sitetway). “On April
5, 1991 two hundred Muslims were killed in just one mosque while praying during Eid-ul-Fitr. And in
February of 2001, 800 were killed and 700 were lost including women and girls. As you have
known in this year – 2012 – more than 50,000 Muslim and Muslima were killed, and more than 1.5
million Muslims were without home or shelter after fires ignited by the Buddhists burned all that
they owned.” (Incidents and numbers are completely and wildly made up to incite the Muslim world
and invoke absolute hatred of Buddhists.) “So help your brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah.

• “The main cause of this massacre was the rape of a woman from the Buddhists who converted to
Islam, the Buddhist monks raped this Muslim woman and killed her and then accused the Muslims
of that. And the infidel Buddhists found a way to please their hatred, when in just two weeks they
killed more than 20,000 Muslims and injured more than 58,000, while 1500 families were displaced
from their homes and around 500 cities and villages were burned.” (A Buddhist women was brutally
raped and slaughtered by Muslim men, and that happens far too frequently. Turning those facts
around and blaming the Buddhist monks is disgusting and despicable. And, the ensuing violence at
that time was planned and instigated by the Bengali ‘Rohingya’ Muslims. Most real estimates of the
casualties were several hundred people total for both Buddhists and Muslims.)

• “O’ Muslims, this is the land of Muslims and it was

conquered by our fathers and forefathers by their good
manners and beautiful characteristics, they were the
first to inhabit it and ruled with what Allah has revealed.
These Muslims are the sons of the mujahideen and
traders from Arabia, Turkey, Persian, Afghanistan, and
India, who came to this land to spread the light of
Islam, and the people of the region were influenced by
their good behavior and intentions, and their respect for
women, and their honesty in trade, and the people
entered the religion of Allah in crowds.”

All of this, and more become facts in the Muslim World,

and easily stir up the call for jihad to annihilate the
Rakhine Buddhists, the Burmese Buddhists, and all

This Comment to the Above Shows the Evil Intent and Success

• “1.7 billion Muslims are worthless. Muslims should get united

and destroy Myanmar's terrorist state. They are devils. Bomb
them, kill those criminals terrorists. This is jihad in self
defense and it is obligatory upon Muslims. The only reason
America, India, and Russia are not bombing them is because
Myanmar is not a Muslim country, but Myanmar is as much
terrorists as ISIS, perhaps worse. Go save humanity, don’t be
hypocrites, don’t be cowards. Myanmar now is a very evil
dangerous terrorist state, period. They are enemy of
Humanity. How can they just wipe out, and kill an entire
ethnicity, and the world does nothing about it? You know they
are evil, please stop these devils. They say some Muslims
raped some women, this is bullshit propaganda to kill
innocent people. They all are like Hitler Nazis. Nazis tried to
kill an entire Jewish ethnicity they were evil, so is Myanmar

From American Bangladeshi Muslim Faisal Fahim


The basic reality is that the Bengali Muslims of Rakhine
State, Myanmar, have been trying again and again to
eliminate all other peoples and faiths, and seize the land
from the majority indigenous Rakhine Buddhist culture.
They also have launched a media war, as you can see,
with the help of the deceptive and manipulative
worldwide Muslim Media, as well as the Western Media
outlets under Muslim control (BBC, CNN, Reuters and
others). The Bengalis are NOT advocating living
harmoniously with other, and they are NOT training and
preparing for peaceful co-existence. But, they ARE
preparing to kill and destroy everything non-Muslim - the
people, the ancient ruins, and even the history of the land of Arakan.

Hoping for peace and harmony, in diversity, 

with metta (loving kindness)

By Rick Heizman, 2017 / 2019

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