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NumeroNo. 33- -September

settembre2014 - Registration
2014 - Registrazione Court
with the al tribunale
of ReggiodiEmilia
Reggio Emilia - Registro stampa 3 - 16/04/2012 - N° domanda 692/2012 R.G.V.G.
Press Registration 3 – 16/04/2012 – Registration No. 692/2012 R.G.V.G.


Research & Development:

joins BPE
Marco Resca
of Werther Campaldi
We at BFP: the example
“Putting people

“Forthcoming future”
at the centre”


SUMMARY Growing is possible!

Solutions of the Brevini
People placed “at the centre”
Group for Jekko in the
movie “Transformers 4” The challenge that every Italian
The Brevini Group did not only business faces is really complex
supplied winches and wheel engines and in order to stay competitive,
mounted on the crane used in several
scenes of the movie, it also included continue to produce and sell, clear
pumps, gears, mid-pressure axial and decisive decisions are required
motors and mini hydraulic stations.
A proportional levelling system is aimed at discontinuity with the past,
also being studied and requires even with what is recent.
electronic components.(Page 10)
The margin of tolerance that were
allowed to companies for many years
The new improvement
in terms of inefficiency and waste
groups are ready to take off
(which were evident) grows thinner
The purpose of creating temporary
workgroups is to regain efficiency everyday.
and effectiveness in order to provide We will never get tired of saying that 15 branches in Italy, Europe, Asia
a better service to the customer by Better said, “inexistent”. change is a “great opportunity” and and America.
following the Kaizen method, namely Today, the opportunity to grow
through a gradual changing process, this changing phase is a great one We shall talk about changes already
but with continuity. (Page 5) further remains a strong belief of for all the people of Brevini Fluid made, those being made and those
shareholders and the management Power, to get better and improve to be made.
of the Brevini Group; however this the company together, creating more
Ready for Eima We shall speak out and emphasize
depends more on the ability of synergies between all the members
and Bauma China, that “growing is possible”. We can
each person to deal with changes of the Group: Fluid Power, Power
@ Apex 2014 say that we “must grow” because
that the global market imposes, Transmission and the subsidiaries,
The fair calendar for 2014 concludes maintaining our position is not
with the Bologna Fair with a major regardless of the position in the like BPE, OT and VPS must find a way
edition of EIMA which will give much enough. Maintaining the company’s
organisation. Today, change is not to engage in mutual dialogue with
emphasis to components and then the “status” creates obvious defensive
Bauma China fair in Shanghai. Good “recommended” or “proposed”, but the branches and with those working
feedback was received from the fair risks for the group while growing
it is essential, otherwise a setback with the branches and production
APEX 2014 held in the RAI Convention opens the door to the future.
Centre in Amsterdam. (Page 10) is inevitable, even for those well- units throughout the world on a
organised businesses present in Therefore, the Future comes first,
TECHNICAL daily basis. the willingness to make it and the
the market for more than 40 years.
News: SH11C It is too easy to just write down commitment to be “open to changes”
This is why we have chosen to focus
pumps and motors the changes that Brevini intends made to satisfy the external customer,
The development of innovative
more on people. Some may say that
to pursue in order to enhance our main focus, but also the internal
components for pumps and motors Brevini companies’ main focus have
allows the achievement of significant
always been “people”. This is true, all potential capabilities that are customer, namely corporate
benefits highly appreciated by technical available and those that the market divisions.
magazines worldwide. (Page 7) but the changing competitive market
requires decisions that to some offers. In reality, any change We must guarantee high quality
may seem difficult to understand. requires time, big or small, and products to our external customers,
Enhance people’s abilities over the very active involvement in sharing products that are technologically in
next years means to give space to and participation to the changing line with times, punctual deliveries,
new organisational and operational process is needed. competitive prices and an effective
models, in some cases, concluding We will discuss this in depth in the pre and post sales service.
even long-term collaborations next Branches Sales & Marketing We ensure our internal customer and
and in others, opening doors to Meeting that will be held on 3 and 4 colleagues the absence of obstacles
people capable of bringing different of December. A large number of staff in the pursuit of the common goal:
experiences and innovation. will meet in Reggio Emilia from our GROWTH!


BPE ELECTRONICS/ Marco Resca is the new General Manager

“We put all of our efforts in creating synergies within the Group”
BPE speeds up the process for utmost team on electronics. We can be a true
Only in this way, the first 40 years integration in Brevini Fluid Power and Lab, a binding force to help foster vast
strives on creating “group synergies” to collaborations. “For the development of
of business of the companies that
grow and stay competitive. Marco Resca BPE productions we certainly need to start
are now part of Brevini Fluid Power will be responsible for leading the new from consolidated competencies, hence
will be “years well spent”. development phase of the company of from components dedicated to lifting
In this issue of You BFP, you will see Novellara founded by Angelo Becchi machines; however, the ways to grow that
which is part of Brevini Fluid Power we have ahead of us are truly many”- added
signs of these “ongoing changes”.
since 2008. The new Managing Director Resca. Di Marco Resca believes in a solid
The results are forthcoming. Several reports directly to the managing director approach to open issues: growth before
indicators can be seen in the annual of Brevini Fluid Power, Vito Bonafede anything else.
report 2013 approved in June (a and shall deal frequently with Brevini “I believe we should all strive for growth,
Power Transmission to come up with think on how to progress the business
turnover increase of 1.1% compared
mechatronic solutions able to raise the opportunities that BPE can gain consists without taking anything for granted and
to 2012, EBITDA +47.2% compared electronic content in all of the productions in a new, more active relationship with aim at the potential that the entire Brevini
to 2012) and we shall talk about some and systems (core competence of BPE). the branches of Brevini Fluid Power in Group can guarantee thanks to its size.
“outstanding results” in the end-of- With 53 years of age, born in Ferrara the world” - added Resca. For now, the BPE alone can be of minor interest to
year meeting and others will come and extensive experience in the power most important foreign market is France; a technological multinational firm for
fluid sector, he joined the multinational however, with the help of the branches that a partnership, but if you think how we
if we are aware that accepting new
Sauer Danfoss where he stayed for more can ultimately enhance BPE products in the are presented as the Brevini Group, the
organisational, operating models than 10 years covering major roles in the offer of solutions, we can achieve much appeal certainly increases. We must
and relationships with customers electro-hydraulic area. more in the near future”. grow by maintaining the flexibility and
(internal and external) must be a BPE currently employs thirty workers (one Marco Resca strives for greater “contact” responsiveness of a small businesses
commitment for everyone. third in research and development) for a even with Brevini Power Transmission, while developing organisational and
total turnover heading towards Euro 5 hence seeking possible collaborations operational methods for the market which
It is proven that in the branches million (export at 40%). “Many growth based on the competence of the BPE we must safeguard and expand”.
where synergies of the group are
created more sales are achieved.
Convincing customers requires Brevini Power Transmission D
more than a single product, but
rather a whole “package”, as well
Giuliano Spaggiari is the new Managing Director
as continued training for the entire Focus will be emphasized on operations of Vice President, Strategy & Business
life. This is a preliminary condition and on sales. This is a major strategic Development - MD and Board Member.
needed to better deal with changes. role for the overall growth of the Brevini He Speaks English, French, Spanish and
Group. Giuliano Spaggiari, 57 years of Portuguese. He was board member of
The Branches Sales & Marketing
age, born in Correggio (RE). Assiot (Italian Association of Mechanical
Meeting, starting with people that are After graduating and completing a Masters Transmissions Manufacturers) and of the
part of the branches, aims to involve degree in mechanical engineering from the Board of Directors of Bonfiglioli Consulting
the entire Brevini Fluid Power, at all University of Bologna, Giuliano Spaggiari of Bologna (company specialised in
levels, because the challenge is the led the GS of Correggio (from 1983 until the development of lean programmes
1999). Later from 2000 to 2006 after the for industries). He has gained vast
same for everyone, including our
Brevini Power Transmission appointed introduction of GS in the group Snap experience in production, engineering
current and potential customers: Giuliano Spaggiari Managing Director and ON (quoted in the New York Exchange), and international sales channels, with
GROW! Board Member. Giuliano Spaggiari reports
he took on the role of Vice President of emphasis in the development of new
Equipment Europe. products, restructuring operations,
directly to Chairman Renato Brevini.
He then left the American group and implementation of lean manufacturing,
Vito Bonafede He was assigned major improvement joined Comer Industries of Reggiolo M&A, growth of sales and improvement of
C.E.O. Brevini Fluid Power projects to increase competitiveness. where he stayed until 2014 with the role operating income and brand positioning.

Since September, Paolo Martinelli is the new Sales
Manager Italy for Brevini Fluid Power
The “Italy Project”
is getting on
“If letter “I” which stands for internationalisation Network. Brevini Fluid Power Distribution has times and will be key for success in the future”.
is important for the future growth of Brevini Fluid its headquarters in Monza. It started in 2013 In Italy and in the world, Brevini Fluid Power
Power, there is another letter “I” which stands for offering a better service to customers who need aims at consolidating or creating branches in
Italy, the national market, which must be watched small quantities of products and fast deliveries. major markets to guarantee a worldwide presence.
closely to get a balanced growth”. With this customer-oriented perspective, Brevini Functional facilities with own technical office,
Fluid Power Distribution has enough stock and a warehouse where to make modifications and
a smooth flowing facility making it extremely assemble products in order to provide the best
efficient. possible service to customers. “We are heading
SAMHydraulik Lombardia with headquarters in towards this direction because we are convinced
Bergamo, plays a major role in supplying axial that the future of businesses that are truly able to
and orbital SAMHydraulik products and Brevini stay in the market will be inextricably linked with
Hydraulics proportional distributors. The Branch is the quality of the service- concluded Cattani.
able to make product transformations, assemblies
and testing, offering a top quality service to all
Brevini Fluid Power Veneto just inaugurated its Below some benefits that Brevini
new branch in Padua. It is a fast growing business Fluid Power intends to offer
The observation was made by Fabrizio Cattani as
operating in the Triveneto area capable of offering through its own branches:
Sales Manager of Brevini Fluid Power, with an
customers not only fluid power products, but also
idea to follow in order to foster and continue to
mechatronic packages and systems.
foster the “Italy Project”. “Yes it is true, we are
given a new boost to our presence in the Italian Brevini Centro Sud has its offices in Rome. This
market and we do it in many ways with clear goals Brevini Branch can supply
in mind” added Cattani. “The Italian market is very products throughout the
i v e r y t imes
important for Brevini Fluid Power and in 2014 we entire South Central Italian
r e du ced del ouses
expect to represent 30% of our global turnover”. region.
local wareh is ation
s t o m
edy cu n customers’
Paolo Martinelli was appointed the new Sales Paolo Martinelli will also
n d s p e
easy a ucts based o
Manager for Italy as of the first of September, as coordinate the business activities

of prod
Claudio Vaccari leaves the Brevini group. of specialist sellers for the product
lines Aron, Hydrapp, BH and SAM,
This is a major decision based on the knowledge
of competences and management style, proven as well as several Agents.
c a l a s s istance
even on the latest role assigned to Paolo Martinelli, “The completion and expansion of it mely t c u s t o mers
as Branch Manager of Brevini Fluid Power the Branch Network is a fundamental
close t o
f o r c e
Distribution, since July 2013. Paolo Martinelli
is 46 years old and has been with Brevini since
factor for Brevini Fluid Power’s
sales strategy” - commented Fabrizio
2002. In the past, he worked for major companies Cattani. Response time and flexibility
in the fluid power sector. Paolo Martinelli will be are two major factors of the market that
the Group Sales Manager of the Italian Branch we are dealing with in these difficult


The new improvement groups,

ready to take off
Working groups experimented by large businesses any sort of waste (“Muda”). such as quality, production planning,
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. of every sector. Brevini Fluid Power The basis for change is apparently procurement, post-sales technical
is founded as a series of businesses assistance, industrialisation and ICT
“In ambito aziendale si ha la simple: encourage everyone to make
grown independently with different projects.
formazione di un gruppo di lavoro small changes everyday whose overall
work histories and methods.
quando persone appartenenti ad enti effect can progressively improve the The mix of competences is the basis of
“It is therefore essential to continue entire corporate organisation. The
diversi, o con professionalità diverse, the project which follows the logic of
with the daily perseverance in the
si riuniscono ed operano assieme in Managed Improvement Groups a creative thought and brainstorming.
commitment to develop a unique
maniera coordinata per affrontare e announced and illustrated in June The participants to the Group come
organisation while maintaining the
risolvere un problema che non sarebbe distinctive character of each of the and July, finally starts in September from numerous corporate divisions
risolvibile singolarmente dai singoli seven product lines and different with training sessions for participants with different skills, even unrelated to
componenti o dalle loro funzioni production facilities”. Explains Emilio to the Managed Improvement Groups the subject that the group will discuss.
aziendali di appartenenza”. Acerbi. Those who wish to pursue on subjects such as: Kaizen, Lean
It is often proven that the farther you
A working group is an ad hoc group continuous improvement can certainly Production, “fight against waste”,
are from a problem the more you can
of subject-matter experts working find an answer in Kaizen methods. Management of Projects and Problem
see without filters and bias. A strategy
together to achieve specified goals. The word Kaizen is the union of Solving. The lecturer will be consultant
that can help find winning ideas and
The term sometimes refers more two Japanese terms: KAI (chance, Engineer Bertuzzi of the Firm Base.
innovative solutions. Another certainty
specifically to an interdisciplinary improvement) Later in autumn, the actual works of
collaboration of researchers working is participation. Each person of the
and ZEN (good, better), which the Improvement Group will be set
on new research activities that would team is called to play an active role
translates into Continuous off to pursue efficiency and resolve
be difficult to develop under traditional within the entire course.
Improvement. This term has been used special corporate interests. Each team
funding mechanisms. The skills gained by each participant
often in the past 25 years, not only in will focus on one issue organising
Dealing with economic and industrial Japan, but progressively in Western periodic meetings to come up with will allow for the replication of the
changes ever more evident globally, countries. It refers to a practice organisation solutions to be presented methods that can later be extended to
requires a re-evaluation of the logics aimed at the constant improvement after a few months. other sectors of the company.
that were effective not to long ago. of manufacturing processes that
There will be 48 participants, 6 The purpose is to disseminate Kaizen’s
Industries and businesses cannot be have recently found a wide range of
applications in industries and even in workgroups made up of 8 persons continuous improvement concept
immune and protected with respect to
the health sector, banking institute, etc. each from all the corporate areas. to the entire organisation, so as to
competitors from emerging countries,
including the crisis that has affected The vision of Kaizen’s philosophy is The work of the groups will be led regain efficiency and effectiveness
everyone. to make changes in small steps, but and supervised by the consultancy. in all corporate processes, striving
with continuity while fighting against The teams will focus on subjects, for customer satisfaction.
Brevini Fluid Power has asked
a question to understand what
instruments and what methods must
be used to implement positive actions
aimed at regaining efficiency and
CAD 3D drawings are now available to users
effectiveness, giving customers a
From June, Brevini Fluid Power has added a new feature to its website. Authorised
better service.
users can now search and download 3D drawings from thousands of BFP articles.
One of the instruments chosen by
Customer can download drawings in 4 different formats (igs, jpg, step, x_b). Currently
Human Resource Management
this feature is available only to companies of the BFP Company, but after a brief
led by Emilia Acerbi to set off the
new organisational development period of adjustment, it will be available to customers who make such request in
phase is the creation of temporary addition to other services. The service allows users to search for drawings simply
workgroups. It is a widely used strategy by entering the description or code of the file, even partial.


Growing is possible:
The response of Brevini Fluid Power
Two full days on the 3rd and 4th of December to set off new development plans
The date has been set and expectations decisions, projects and targets that of the adopted operating solutions. and operations (Mirko Campaldi) with
are high. An intense day of work will be the common subject of work The first day of the talk show will new solutions aimed at improving
dedicated to discussing future for the entire Brevini Fluid Power. The conclude with the open conversation punctuality in delivery times. The plan
strategies of Brevini Fluid Power has preliminary plan fine-tuned by the “Growing is possible” that based on includes four dedicated workgroups
been set for the 3rd and 4th of December Managing Director of Brevini Fluid the solid and successful experience, that will be used to gather the first
at the Meeting Centre in Via Balla in Power, Vito Bonafede in agreement good management practices in the reactions on what will become the
Reggio Emilia. “These are strategies with the Board of Directors, sets out branches and in applications, the work agenda for 2015.The first day of
based on the willingness to pursue precise steps and marks the times contributions of Renato Brevini, Vito the meeting will be concluded “Italian-
growth goals which can be achieved for a “double work session” which Bonafede, Giuliano Spaggiari (new style” with an event at the restaurant
if we learn how to work together and is expected to be quite intense. The managing director of Brevini Power “La Perla” a few kilometres away from
strengthen synergies within the Brevini works will be set off with introductory Transmission) and the Firm Studio the branch of Via Balla, with speciality
analysis by Renato Brevini, President Base of Modena will be possible. The foods from Reggio Emilia. On the 4th
Group”. A presentation - invitation, is
of Brevini Fluid Power and Managing final plan is being defined and there are of December (Thursday) the works of
that of President Renato Brevini who
Director, Vito Bonafede. other figures that can contribute to the the meeting will resume with sessions
sums up the goals of the Sales and
meeting. Economist journalist, Stefano dedicated to the marketing plans, to the
Marketing Meeting 2014 which will The common thread of the meeting
Catellani, will be the host. The Sales support that will be given to sales even
bring together Italian branches, as is growth: “Growing is possible” The
Manager, Fabrizio Cattani, will analyse
well as European branches and those response of Brevini Fluid Power”. thanks to the activities of the network
the trend of sales in the context of
from Asia and America, to discuss the The reports and history case videos business Brevini Network and to
future plans and the business plan up
work agenda for next year. Priorities, will provide an in-depth description products. Later on the same morning,
to 2016. Later, there will be discussion
the products of BPE Electronics, VPS
on more technical issues associated
and Ot Oil Technology and partner Lotti
with innovation on the product range
Hydraulic Cylinders for 2015 will be
with a word by Maurizio Brevini who
presented, along with the axial line,
will open new scenarios based on the
new information system (ERP) which orbital line, valve, control panel and
will be made operative by Brevini Fluid proportional valve lines, supported
Power over the next months. The by video cards.

GROWING sessions of the first day of the meeting

will also cover the following specific
In the afternoon after the award
ceremony, the Sales Award 2014
IS areas: Human resources and the new will be granted and then Managing
POSSIBLE operating organisation (Emilio Acerbi),
finance management (Giorgio Borghi)
Director, Vito Bonafede will summarise
the conclusions of the meeting.




New components for pumps and
motors have been fine-tuned

new X ray features
The challenge that Brevini Fluid remarks from specific applications,
Power has decided to face by inve- situations have been analysed, inclu-
sting in developing new solutions ding CFD studies and calculations
for the axial product range SH11C is that have revealed a structural limit
quite ambitious. provide the market of the SH11C system used as pump,
pumps and high power density long linked with the configuration of the
lasting fixed-displacement motors passage areas of the fluid between
and operation reliability, in addition
the lid, cylinder block and distributor
to being able to operate continuously
which is critical in the transient (A)
up to 420 bar.
inversion phases between high and
The goals have been fully accompli-
low pressure and vice versa. (B)
shed. The previous version H1C75
had 5 kW/kg while the new version The study has also allowed us to
SH11C 75 reached 10.5kW/kg ascertain that by using a single
(+106%). It is just an example to distributor for motor-pumps, similar
give a parameter for displacement to H1C, there is a non-optimal opera-
75cc. Brevini Fluid Power has in- tion due to the instant pressure peaks
vested on major resources with firm generated in the transients. Brevini
(A) Distributors
New left and right pump dedicated
belief in order to launch the 8 new Fluid Power has opted to apply new
distributors have been defined making
displacements, now available in components for use only on SH11C a niche of specific compensation. The
the market as: SH11C 55-63-75- PUMPS, in particular distributors cam pin was taken back to the centre
90-108-125-160-180 cc. Moreo- and lids. The solution applied to the with stamping of the displacement.
ver there are 2 other displacement range SH11C operated by a pump, (Below an example for distributor
versions 20-30cc coming soon. 108 cc - right)
allows for the control of the transients
The products are expected to be
between high and low pressure with
launched in 2015. The new products
patterns directly proportional to the
are now described in detail in two
separate technical catalogues: one
direction of rotation and with wider (B) Covers
for the pumps and one for motors passage areas with respect to what
which can be downloaded from the was originally planned; basically,
website www.brevinifluidpower. an optimal solution with dedicated
com. The new range SH11C was components. Today, the product is
widely tested in R&D and the bench considered highly performing and
results are consistent with those of competitive mainly thanks to the
major competitors. Considering the new components used. Double drill bit (except for version 108) and right and left stamping.

Maurizio Brevini “The new unified organisation is operational and investments

are being made to strengthen the activities of the team”
Research & Development: “Forthcoming future”

Research and development

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia.
Research and development (R&D, also called
research and technical development or research
and technological development, RTD in Europe)
is a specific group of activities within a business. The
activities that are classified as R&D differ from company
to company, but there are two primary models. In one
model, the primary function of an R&D group is to
develop new products; in the other model, the primary
function of an R&D group is to discover and create new
knowledge about scientific and technological topics for
the purpose of uncovering and enabling development
of valuable new products, processes, and services.

“This definition would be enough to reaffirm that operating and functional re-structuring process be used for tests lasting 24 hours a day divided by
in a fast changing market, the ability to innovate is took eighteen months, but the results are already low and high power, 82 kW and 250 kW, respectively.
destined to be more and more important everyday”- evident and are very positive”. The other six were divided by power and type of
added Maurizio Brevini - Vice President of Brevini product even if they can be re-converted in any
Alessandro Sassi is the R&D Manager of Brevini
Fluid Power and leads the Executive Board Technical type of test if necessary according to a functional
Fluid Power and outlines the advantages of
The research and development sector (R&D) in diagram”.
the new organisation: “The new research and
Brevini Fluid Power will play a major role and is an
development facility is equipped with six additional Systems chamber (350 kW) where the axial motor
investment fully in line with our business strategy”.
sound proof chambers in addition to two already lines, proportional and traditional distributors will
The work programme set off in 2013 led to the
installed chambers in via Denti, giving us an total be made in addition to the systems.
creation of the Research and Development Plant in
sound-proof area of nearly 350 square meters.
via Denti 3 Reggio Emilia and is based on this line Closed chamber circuits (180 kW) where all the
All cabins will be equipped with control and
of development involving a significant investment. production pumps will be made (from 6cc up to
remote acquisition systems manageable from the
An investment is not a cost. It is a decision to stay 226cc)
outside in order to guarantee utmost safety, even
in line with innovation. A decision which translates
with high power testing. The traditional machine Mid power chamber (105 kW) prepared for the
into concrete facts and improvement that customers
division was kept as it guarantees flexibility and development of the entire orbital unit, including
of Brevini Fluid Power can see everyday.
quickness in the realisation of equipment of the distributors and solenoid valves
“We have created just a team of eight people R&D. The construction of a metrological station
Low power chamber (25 kW) for the
dedicated to research and development who work has been scheduled to test the size and control
characterisation of gear pumps and electric motors
in two facilities which will be unified progressively the maintenance of metrological chains of various
for control units.
in a years time.” - explains Maurizio Brevini. In the measurement instruments. Moreover, the simulation
past, the research and development area was divided capacity has been boosted in order to reduce Central chamber with dedicated benches used
between former Aron in via Natta, SAM Hydraulik dispersion of tests and increase experimental test to test and prepare prototypes of mini hydraulic
in Via Denti and Hydr App in Via Moscova 6. The productivity and sensibility. Two of the cabins will stations.

Valve chamber with built-in modular

electronics that will allow for the characterisation
and fine tuning of electronic controls on hydraulic

The plan to unify the all research and development
roles strives to draw concrete and growing
advantages over time thanks to a greater sharing
of knowledge gained in the various experimental
divisions. In fact, the level of efficiency and value
has increased thanks to the creation of an actual
team with increasing points of view thanks to
a daily dialogue, hence increasing the time to
find the fastest possible solution. Moreover, the
new organisation has consistently improved the
availability of instruments and hence the potential
of the division, primarily overlapping roles in the
various companies.
The creation of the new team guarantees Brevini
Fluid Power a vision of the system resulting in
a considerable advantage with respect to single
component companies that only offer a single part
of a system. In fact, Brevini Fluid Power is heading
towards this direction by becoming a market leader,
making its systems the strength for the company”.
The team consists of: Felice Fornaciari, Stefano
Corradi, Brizio Epifani, Roberto Minozzi, Alessandro
Sassi, Luca Zanichelli, Federica Franzoni and
Alessandro Giliberti.
“The use of new technologies, like the numeric
simulation allows us to assess sustainable costs,
even solutions that would otherwise be difficult to
bring to completion.
The unification brings together the R&TD divisions
of production brands of the Group under one “roof”
whose primary goal is investing on all product lines
and obviously boost the availability of equipment and
qualified persons for testing, resulting in an increase
of efficiency and effectiveness of the division and
the quality of the end product”.- added Maurizio
Brevini We intend to continue heading towards this
direction by making considerable investments in
R&D to improve the product range”.

Brevini and Ormet with Jekko Apex: positive the progress and improvement
of machines and equipment for
results for the
in the Transformers movie Brevini team
the agricultural sector. Plenty
of room was given to integrated
components thanks to the synergy
between mechanics, hydraulics
and electronics that play a decisive
role in innovation of products in
terms of reliability, performance,
energy savings, respect for the
The RAI Convention Center of environment and safety. Date from
Amsteram hosted the 2014 edition 12 to 16 November Bologna Fiere.
of Apex at the end of June. Three
Brevini Fluid Power and Brevini
days for the Brevini Fluid Power
Network will be at Pavilion 18 stand
team in ten meetings at the stand A41.
where the entire range of products
Brevini Group has supplied complete beams for industrial maintenance,
offered by the group for the sector
winches and transmission units for agriculture and large quantities of
Jekko “Mini Cranes” used in the
was displayed. There were about Bauma China 2014
materials for transportation where
fifty thousand visitors, one hundred
Transformers 4 movie. It is a made the space available is confined. The with the “Dragon”
for each exhibitor, so many were
in Italy success. A showcase that hydraulic winches of the series WHL stand
the opportunities to get to know
unites Ormet of Colel Umberto in the 015 of Brevini Power Transmission customers directly. All of Brevini
province of Treviso, engaged in the
on the mini cranes Jekko SPD 360 Fluid Power product lines were of
lifting and handling sector for over 40
in the lifting system, as well as the great interest thanks to a complete
years, Brevini Power Transmission
motorwheels of the series CTM range and high quality solutions.
and Brevini Fluid Power of Reggio
of Brevini Fluid Power are used
Emilia. In fact, the two companies
to lift loading belts that move the Ready for EIMA 2014 The last fair scheduled for 2014
supply winches to Ormet for
product range Jekko. “The range will be Bauma China in Shanghai
many years and recently even
of components is vast thanks to from 25-28 of November. With
wheel gearmotors. A consolidated
the possible synergies with our 2,718 exhibitors from 38 countries
partnership making Brevini Power
and about 180,000 professional
Transmission a global supplier of group and is able to meet the most
visitors from 141 countries, once
winches for the many applications of innovative demands”. - concludes
again breaking a new record in
Ormet. “A relationship that is been Stefano Brevini Seeing them work “Production of components is a 2014. This international industrial
consolidating progressively thanks in the movie “Transformers 4: Age key factor in innovation for the event is not just convincing for its
to our ability to create synergies of Extinction” with great success in agricultural mechanic sector and great turnout, but also because of
on complex and innovative projects movie theatres worldwide is certainly the presence of Brevini Group will the quality of the exhibitors and
making customisable solutions” - a reason to be proud”. “We are often be more evident in the context of visitors who are just as impressive.
explains Stefano Brevini of Brevini Eima Componenti, specialised All major international operators
protagonists of great events, we were
Power Transmission. The product line fair dedicated to components, exhibit their machinery and
at sea in the Island of Giglio involved
Jekko deals with planning activities an original character of the fair products in the Bauma China Fair.
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Costa Concordia, we are now part
decision to use mini cranes Jekko even for “business to business”. powers and are seeking specific
SPD 360 for several action scenes of this spectacular movie that relies
Manufacturers from around new solutions: CEOs, managers,
have made Ormet machines visible on market winning applications; the world display an unlimited investors and buyers from around
outside the circuit of most frequent constructors choose Brevini because variety of products, including the world and mainly from major
applications such as: construction, is a quality guarantee”.- added spare parts and accessories, all growing Asian markets. The Brevini
glass-facade applications, lifting of Maurizio Brevini, Vice President of of which constitute a technology Group will be present with a large
construction materials, panels and Brevini Fluid Power. core of mechanization and define stand in Pavilion No. 5 Stand 250.

The facility PVD was dedicated to Werther Campaldi twenty years after his passing

“The Value of Work”

In 1974 along with Luciano, Corrado and Renato Brevini, he made a commitment to grow new activities in
the fluid power sector.
old. Ten years later, working closely of this company, respect, corporate
with Luciano Brevini, he followed the cohesion, willingness to work in a team
development of Hydr App step by step to achieve results collectively and not
(today Brevini Fluid Power) until 1994. individually, are irreplaceable values
“Those years lived by my father were and can be of great help to compete
years of growth and intense work”. - better, even in the large business that
commented Mirco Campaldi, son of the Brevini Group has become”. -
Werther, Operations Manager of Brevini added Loris Saccani, Vice President
Fluid Power. Years dedicated to the of Brevini Fluid Power.
development of a group that today is The voices and so many memories of
able to compete worldwide. Perhaps, workers of the past and present were
unrepeatable years in many ways, but united to remember Werther Campaldi
The facility of Brevini Fluid Power The factory that today produces perhaps a guide for our future. It is with (Werther Campaldi joined Brevini 50
“PVD” in Via Moscova was named valves and distributors is the result this in mind that Werther Campaldi years ago) and the so many students
after Werther Campaldi. “The values of a development project pursued with Student Project was created and from Reggio Emilia that are part of the
of making a business and work were courage and tenacity of a business idea will expand over the years, adapting Werther Campaldi Student Project that
and will remain the same: honesty, that in 1974 Luciano Brevini, along with more and more to new demands of were accompanied since 2001 a with a
commitment and vision. In one word, businesses that just like Brevini Fluid study grant from the diploma with ISS
brothers Renato and Corrado, proved
the devotion and certainly the efforts Power compete worldwide. We will Nobili to the degree in Engineering.
with Flli Bevini back then (today Brevini
of Werther Campaldi along with that address young people with high “Our future comes from a long story and
Power Transmission) whose purpose
of my brother Luciano to create a new educational profiles in order to enhance a strong bond between people who wish
was to diversify from the gear unit
business is part of this dimension”. talents”. Twenty years after the passing to built something that lasts over time”.
sector and power transmission entering
- added Renato Brevini They both of Werther Campaldi (20 July 1994, at - commented Vito Bonafede, Managing
into the power fluid sector which then
put great emphasis on young people only 46 years of age) a wall was built in Director of Brevini Fluid Power The
grew with mechatronics. This was the
and training which is the basis for the the operations facility in Via Moscova future must be built even today with
quality of products and the success of start of a “group logic” that today puts 6 in memory of Werther Campaldi. the same efforts of the past and this is
a business. They both love production Brevini among top world players. His commitment and devotion were the message that keeps the memory of
and the factory was, is and must be Werther Campaldi joined Flli. Brevini fundamental for the new business. Luciano Brevini (passed in 1982) and
a key factor for industrial growth”. in 1964 when he was just 16 years “Today, even more than the initial years of Werther Campaldi alive”.