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Commented [1]: Will you include that it is a HOPE

Social Circle High School eligible course?

United States History

2019-2020 Syllabus
Mr. Dawkins

Teacher Communication: The best way to contact me is via email. I will respond within 24 hours. Students
may schedule an appointment to meet with me before or after school or during certain Redskin Period times.
Course Description: United States History
The high school United States history course provides students with a survey of major events and themes in
United States history.
The course begins with English settlement and concludes with significant developments in the early 21st

*This is a HOPE eligible course

Course Curriculum Content

Unit 1: Colonization Unit 9: Imperialism and WWI
Unit 2: American Revolution Unit 10: The Roaring 20s
Unit 3: Early Government Unit 11: The Great Depression
Unit 4: Jeffersonian/Jacksonian Democracy Unit 12: World War II
Unit 5: Manifest Destiny Unit 13: The Cold War
Unit 6: Civil War Unit 14: Civil Rights & the 1960s
Unit 7: Progressive Era Unit 15: Vietnam
MIDTERM Cumulative Review of Course Material
End of Course Exam (EOC)

Instructional Materials:
Textbook: United States History (McGraw-Hill) – replacement cost for lost test - $89.00
Class Website: https://dawkinshistory.weebly.com Parents/ Guardians and students are encouraged to
consistently check teacher websites for daily assignments, homework assignments, and ongoing course
related information.
Instructional Supplies:
You will need the following items EVERYDAY – 5 subject spiral bound notebook, pencil/pens, glue sticks,
Other items you will need for this class – colored pencil or markers, notecards, scissors
Grading Categories Grading Percentages Grading Scale
Formative (classwork, quizzes, daily work) 40% A – 90-100
Summative (Writing, projects, tests) 30% B – 80-89
Midterm Exam cumulative 1st semester) 10% C – 70-79
EOC/Final Exam (cumulative both semesters) 20% F – 0-69

Exemption Policy: All students will be required to take a midterm at the end of the fall semester. Final
Exams/EOCs will be given at the end of the spring semester. Students who take an EOC or Advanced
Placement course and exam will not be required to take a teacher created exam during the spring exam
period. Seniors who have an A and less than 10 absences/tardies in class will also be exempt from their exams.
SCHS will send home an exemption form in early May which must be signed by the teacher and parent.
Accessing Information About Grades:
● Progress Reports – Printed progress reports will be sent home with students every 9 weeks.
● Report Cards - Students may pick up an official report card from the front office in June.
● Parent Portal - Parents/guardians, and students are encouraged to consistently check the parent portal
(Infinite Campus) on a regular basis for updated grade information. This information is available 24/7.
In addition, the portal can be used to email and communicate with teachers. BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD

Attendance/Make Up Policy:
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were gone and to make up
any missed work, quizzes, or tests. Make sure you make arrangements to borrow Mr. Dawkins’ notebook to
fill in notes/get other assignments or get the missing notes from the Google Classroom/Weebly page. You
have two days to make up your missed work for full credit. All make-up work must be made up in this time
range. All assignments that are not turned in on time will receive a deduction in credit for every day that it is
late, or you will receive a zero if it is never turned in. Please make arrangements with me to make up tests or
quizzes if you are absent. All late work can be turned in for deducted credit but it must be turned in by the end
of the unit!!
Reconciliation Dates:
Students have the opportunity to turn in missing and/or late work for partial credit. SCHS will have reconciliation day the last
school day of each month. After reconciliation day, students will not be able to make up missing assignments.

Student Expectations:
● Follow ALL school rules and policies. See the Social Circle High School Student Handbook.
● Cell Phones and electronic devices –It is the policy of SCHS to collect cell phone devices at the beginning of
class to serve as an official first warning. If a student’s phone is visible during the class period, teachers will
● 1st offense: Warning
● 2nd offense: Teacher will take up the phone, students can get it from admin at 3:00 pm.
● 3rd offense: Teacher will take up the phone, parents can pick it up from admin at 3:00 pm.
● Tardies: Students are expected to be in class and in their seat when the bell rings.
● Students who are tardy will go to the rotunda to get Tardy Pass - scan your ID
● Consequences
● 1 - 3 Warning #3 - parent phone call
● 4 - Silent Lunch
● Each student MUST have a 5-subject spiral notebook and it must be brought to class EACH day**
● File all papers accordingly in your notebook. Organization is a key to good study habits.
● Be respectful to everyone at all times.
● Academic dishonesty: Awaiting central office approval for policy on academic dishonesty.
● Always try your best! Your effort is very important. It is great to want to be thorough and complete, but it
is even more important to work as hard as you can to try to finish your class assignments, tests, and quizzes.
Work hard, and you will see your hard work pay off!
● Remember: Your grade is up to you! You are the only person who has complete control over your grade.
● It is expected of all students to follow Social Circle High School’s expectations. Student will demonstrate
Courtesy, Respect, and Leadership.
● Verbal Warning
● Call Home/Email Notification
● Parent Conference
● In-school Detention
● Administrative Referral

Late Assignments: Assignments that are turned in late will receive a deduction in credit. Students will receive
a zero for any work that is not turned in. Late assignments
will NOT be accepted once we have completed the unit.
Tardy Policy: Students must be inside of the classroom Google Classroom:
and fully prepared by the time the bell rings. Google Classroom is an online platform we will use
throughout the year. During the year, you will have
Test Corrections: Students will have the option to some assignments that will be completed through
complete test corrections for an exam up to a week after Schoology.
the exam has been given. You will complete the test Our Google Classroom page will include notes, study
corrections outside of class. Late test corrections will NOT guides, calendars, discussions, and other helpful items
be accepted. for this class. It is imperative that you keep up with
the Schoology page to help be successful in class!
To sign up for Remind by text
Text @dawkinsush to the number 81010 For more information go to:
Remind 101: https://dawkinshistory.weebly.com/syllabus--
Throughout the semester I will send home reminders for
homework, upcoming test/quizzes, assignments etc. via
Remind 101. Remind 101 is a great tool to help students,
as well as parents, stay up to date on the latest classroom assignments. You may register to receive messages
via text or email by doing the following:

**The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the year**