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The main purpose of the project ³


 ´ is aimed at the automation of salary details. The project is
implemented byRehabilitation Plantation Ltd., Punalur. The project automates
the existing system. The existing system of ³ 
   ´ is not fully computerized. All the data
processing is done manually and hence the system is very slow. The data are
stored in different types of registers. Getting a particular data is difficult. In the
existing system the calculations needs a lot of time and resources and also
calculations are very much prone to errors. This system causes very much
difficulty both to the employees and to the customers.

In order to avoid the above-mentioned disadvantages we decide to

develop the software ³ ´

The project is developed using Asp.Net as designing tool and SQL Server as

database. Asp.Net is a powerful tool for web programming From Microsoft and is the

front end of this project with SQL Server as back end on Windows XP platform.


The major activities in the system study are studying the ways an
organization currently retrieving and processing data to produce information. It
involves the study of various operation performed by the system and their
relationship within and outside the system. The system study is usually done on
the basic approaches of understanding the problem or user requirements. To
understand the user requirements the analyst communicates with the user or
customer and studies the basic requirements of the customer. The study of the
existing system was necessary to carry out the preliminary investigation.

The existing system is a semi manual system, less user friendly and time
taken for processing data is very large. In the existing system of Payroll the
information is stored in registers. It is very time consuming and tedious task.


The software ³
# $c c c    c   ´ is an integration of various
activities in the organization. The proposed system is designed to eliminate all
the disadvantages of the existing one. It is designed keeping in mind all the
drawbacks of the present system and to provide a permanent solution to the
existing problems. The objective is to determine whether the request is valid
and feasible. The processing speed and accuracy of the new system is
remarkable. The new system is almost error free and guides the user in every
stage of data inputs to avoid mistakes.

The system is menu driven therefore no software-based training is

required to operate the system. All these features make the software an ideal

The main modules in this project is

1.Employee details

2.Salary details

3.Salary Calculation


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CPU -------------------------------------- Pentium IV
CPU CLOCK --------------------------- 1.5 GHz
RAM -------------------------------------- 128 MB
HARD DISK ---------------------------- 40 GB
DISPLAY TYPE ----------------------- VGA
MOUSE ---------------------------------- 3 Button
KEYBOARD ---------------------------- 109 Keys
PRINTERS ------------------------------ Inkjet
DISKETTEDRIVE --------------------- 44 MB FDD

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BACK END : Microsoft SQL Server