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Junior High School School: Central Azucarera de Tarlac High School Grade Level: 9

Teaching Dates and Time: January 7-11, 2019 Quarter: THIRD (3)

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

I. OBJECTIVES The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/ her understanding of literature and other texts types for a deeper appreciation of Philippine Culture and
those of other countries.

A. Content Standards:
The learner demonstrates understanding of how Anglo-American literature and other text types serve as means of connecting to the world; also how to
use ways of analyzing one-act play and different forms of verbal for him/her to skillfully perform in a one-act play.

B. Performance Standards:
The learner skilfully performs in one-act play through utilizing effective verbal and non-verbal strategies and ICT resources based on the following
criteria: Focus, Voice, Delivery, and Dramatic Conventions.

C. Learning Competencies/Objectives:
Write the LC Code for each EN9LT-IIIh-16: Analyze literature as
Appreciating New Year, New Life Appreciating New Year, New Life EN9V-IIIh-29: Get familiar with the a means of connecting to the world
technical vocabulary for drama and EN9LT-IIIh-3: Explain how a
theatre (like stage directions) selection may be influenced by
culture, history, environment, or
other factors


Lists the materials to be used in different days. Varied sources of materials sustain children’s interest in the lesson and in learning. Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and manipulative
III. LEARNING RESOURCES materials as well as paper-based materials. Hands-on learning promotes concept development.
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages P 372 - 373 P 375 - 390
2. Learner’s Materials Pages P 372 - 373 P 375 - 390
3. Textbook Pages
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR) portal
5. Other learning resources
textbook Textbook Textbook and teacher-made activity Textbook
A. Reviewing Previous Lesson or Presenting
the New Lesson Review different cultural How do you celebrate new year in Work on Task 1, Task 2
celebration of new year the family? Vocabulary enrichment

Task 3 Setting the mood for the story/ play

“Driving Miss Daisy”

B. Establishing a Purpose for the Lesson

Appreciate cultural differences on Appreciate family tradition on Work on Task 3. Understand the culture
celebrating new year celebrating new year through the play.
Discuss the important job of a driver, or
family driver.

C.Presenting Examples/Instances of the

Lesson Present different cultural Solicit answers Family drivers are hired for a very Go over the story of the
celebration of new year important reason. play.
Can you name some reason for hiring a Study the characters in the
family driver? play.
Work on task 5 Character

D.Discussing New Concepts and Practicing

New Skills #1 Enumerate different cultural groups Group sharing of family tradition of On the other hand, what are common Connect the play to the
celebrating new year complaints of an employer about his culture and race of the
driver? characters in the play.

E.Discussing New Concepts and Practicing

New Skills #2 What are the cultural celebrations Composition writing
of new year for each group? What about benefits a driver gets when he What can you say about the
is employed as a family driver? culture as reflected in the
Can friendship be part of that?
Is there racial discrimination
happening with Hoke?
F.Developing Mastery
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3) Students describe the celebration Review organization of ideas in Work on Task 3 B – Dyadic work Work on Task 4 Sequencing
of each group composition writing events
Work with a partner and discuss the
meaning of the quote, “A friend in need is
a friend indeed.”

G.Finding Practical Applications of Concepts

and Skills in Daily Living Friendship can be developed in a any
situation or occasion, only when it is Do we have here in our
allowed to happen. community a kind of racial
discrimination against
someone you know?
Cultural? Religious?

H.Making Generalizations and Abstractions

about the Lesson Why is new year celebration Is family tradition on celebrating I can just imagine friendship to develop Today, the play “Driving
important? new year still observable in Filipino between a driver and his master could be Miss Daisy, reminds me of
families? _____________________ _____________________
_____________________. _____________________.

I.Evaluating Learning
1 whole sheet of paper: 1 whole sheet of paper What do you expect the story to be about ½ Crosswise
Pick two cultural celebrations, Write a composition on how your between Hoke, the driver, and Miss Daisy,
show comparison and contrast family celebrate new year his employer? How do you feel towards the
characters, Hoke and Miss
Daisy? Mention parts of the
story to prove your point.

J.Additional Activities for Application or


Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your student’s progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the students learn?
V.REFLECTION Identify what help your instructional supervisors can provide for you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.

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Rose Ann L. Espiritu Jocel B. Cayanan Manuel B. Balbido Jr. Aphrodite Editha O. Dizon
Teacher I Master Teacher I Head Teacher I Principal II