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In this book:


Can I ...?

Yes, you can./No, you c a n ’t.

To be

A sk in g questions

There is .../There are ...

even when yon spea ff in EngUsW
Vocabulary also helps you to say son.
N u m b e rs
Now you can:
C olours • say "hello’’ a n d “goodbye ,
• count from I to io;
. ask if you can do things.
There are Iocs of other Helbling Young Readers:

Happy reading1.

Use this book in

Reading class
Can I Play?



Picture Dictionary
Picture Dictionary



When you see me

do the activity.

Can I Play?
Rick Sampedro

Illu strate d by Vale n tin a Mai

Play Station 1


© Listen and write.

© Listen. Say the poem.

H e llo , h e llo !
Hello, hello!
What’s your name?
My nam e’s Billy.
Pleased to meet you!

Hello, hello!
Who are you?
I’m Amita.

О Ask two friends.

What’s your My name is

Q Listen and match.


A Billy В Rashid С Amita D Kateryna E Pedro F Nabila G Lorenzo

Billy is at school in London
It’s playtime!
Billy is v ery happy.

Where are you?

I’m at ..................
Can I play
football w ith
Where is A m ita?
Write the number.
She is on number

Look at the picture. Find
• a kite • a k oala • a
D raw them below,
kite k oala
О Hi,
my n a m e ’s Billy
Can I colour
w ith you?

What colour are

the c ra y o n s?
Tell a friend.
Billy is sad. It’s playtim e but he
c a n ’t play w ith anyone.

How many
children are
with Billy in
the playground?
V _______ _________/
---------------------- — ....

W hat’s your nam e?

Can you spell it?

Ciao, mi chiam o Lorenzo.

Hello, my n a m e ’s Lorenzo
W hat’s your n am e?

Can I play?
Yes! Yes!
Yes, Д can!
* Can you play?

f Yes! Yes!
Yes, you can!
Can w e play?
Yes! Yes! t
Yes, w e can!
, Come! Corrie!
School is

j Put the sen ten ce in order.

is I happy I Billy / now.
О Listen and point.

t it

QQ О Look at exercise Q . Ask a friend.

Can I play

С skipping?

Q Listen. Say the chant.

Can I play?
Yes! Yes!
Yes, I can!
Can you play?
Yes! Yes!
Yes, you can!
Can we play?
Yes! Yes!
Yes, we can!
Come! Come!
School is fun!

О Look and match.

Q b m 7 is happy. Bi'ly is sad~~J

© Read and match.

A seven bricks
В two bricks
С nine bricks
D four bricks
E five bricks

________ Г )

m : ? • ( « '

I *

Q Listen and tick (✓).

Q Listen and colour.

a red kite an orange ball
a blue schoolbag a brown koala

(^ ) a yellow brick | a purple skipping rope

(^ a green crayorTj a pink key |

Listen and colour.

one two three four

Look at exercise ф . Think and colour.

* © + © =*
* 0 +0 = г
cQf O= 5
■ ® - 0 = 2.
■#- 0=4
Play Station Project
Flag Garland
Make a flag garland for your class.

Y ou need Draw rectangles

for each flag. Add
paper a space at the
a ruler top of each one.

a pencil
coloured crayons
Draw and
string flags of the
you know.

4 Fold the flag over

a piece of string.

Glue the white

space to the back
of the flag, holding
the string in place.

6 Hang your flag garland on the classroom w all.

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Can I Play?
Rick Sam pedro

It is Billy’s first day at school.

He is happy and he w a n t s to play with
the other children. But w h en Billy a s k s
if he can play, each child a n s w e r s him
in a different language. Billy is sad,
he c a n ’t play with anyone.
Then, Lore nz o b e c o m e s Billy’s friend
and so on everyone is playing together.

Cambridge Young
H elblin g Young R ead e rs Learners English
is an exciting new se rie s of
graded re a d e rs for P rim a ry Starters
S c h o o ls in 5 levels.

E n g a g in g sto rie s specially Starters

written to appeal to young
le a rn e rs of English, printed in Starters
an open type font devised to
help children with reading
difficulties. Movers

Recording in B ritish E n g lish Movers



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