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1 Complete the sentences with the words from the box. There are more words than
you need.
trial / deterrent / valuables / evidence / fine / firecracker / insult / suspicious


0 It was a long _____trial_____ because they had to call 25 witnesses.

1 We don’t have any _______________ so we can’t arrest him.

2 That man looks _______________. I think he’s going to try to steal that car.

3 They think that this sentence will act as a _______________ to other drunk drivers.

4 I didn’t mean to _______________ the shop assistant so I was amazed when she sued me.

5 My mother wants her boss to pay her some _______________ for the accident she had at
the office.

2 Complete the sentences with the missing words. The first letter in each word is given.
0 He was to spend 2 years in prison but they set him free___ after only 8 months.

1 People who c_______________ a crime don’t usually avoid punishment.

2 He only got a s_______________ sentence. He won’t have to go to prison unless he does

something illegal again.

3 The burglar had to do 80 hours of c_______________ service in the local children’s


4 Poor Martha. Last night she had an accident and suffered severe i_______________ to her

5 My neighbours were arrested for noise n_______________ last Saturday.

NM Studio
www.argyre.hu/b2 ..:: Angol távoktatás ::.. angol@argyre.hu

3 Circle the correct answer.

0 They arrested the cereal / serial killer in his own house at 3 o’clock in the morning.

1 I would / used to be a judge but now I work for an insurance company.

2 She’s a very good lawyer but last week she lost / would lose her case.

3 After they’d found him guilty of drink-driving, he was banned from / on driving for ten

4 The man knocked the boy down / out with his car and got away.

4 Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets: the Past
Simple, the Past Continuous or the Past Perfect.
0 They __came____ (come) to the bench and ___talked_ (talk) to the judge.

1 The boys _______________ (vandalise) 4 phone boxes before the police finally
_______________ (catch) them.

2 It was a strange sight: the elderly lady _______________ (hit) the mugger with her
umbrella again and again and he _______________ (scream) for help.

3 The man _______________ (drive) 120 kmph when the school crossing guard
_______________ (stop) him.


1 1 evidence / 2 suspicious / 3 deterrent / 4 insult / 5 compensation

2 1 commit / 2 suspended / 3 community / 4 injuries / 5 nuisance

3 1 used to / 2 lost / 3 from / 4 down

4 1 had vandalised, caught / 2 was hitting, was screaming / 3 was driving, stopped