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J. J. Barry
International President
.. ~

Carrying the Torch

0' Brotherhood
ur l~nlOIl i, more thun .~U~I a col- Iht' Parelll-Chi lo enter. :1 loc:11 men-
O h,-:...:.(",n vt 11l~lnber'" - 1I1!\ a BrOlh-
crhuod , The \VOl d brotherhood ho,
tal · health facility L{)Cill 1-126. Grand
ForJ.. .... 'unh DakOia. 1I1C:ll1bcr~ Donald
unique mCill1l1lg II uc\crihe~ men and Rettig. Gonion Limncy and SIeve 01-
women dedic;ucd to Ihe labor mo\.e - o;on ha\c recently heen volunTeenng .heir
Illellt reachlllg OUI to one another. time 10 rc\\ ire home.., for the homeles..;
rcachillg out to th\! communi ty in which in thl!lr communit) lember .. from all
the) Ihe . It " memOcr... helping mem - aero ...... Nonh Amenca h:ne re,ponded
ber!!. touching the lhe ... 01 Iho~c arou'1d \~ ilh dll ferellt gellcruu, gc..,ture, of aid
Lhem . Brotherhood j,,, 'plri!. a feeling. for the victllll' 01 Hurricane Hugo and
pa~..,et.l from onL' pcr"rOn to the nt=xt l i~e the Sa n Franci,co eOirthf.luake . And
a (()rch carrying rhe prumi\c of light member ... l1lade b"it mo nth', \Valk -
;lnd heat dnd wanmh , Ame rica Tcalll\V:tI~ for the March of di.,ea<:;e in the L' nllcu SI,ltc, Blmdnes\.
J BE\V member ... n.:ach out e\'ery day Dime, one 0 1 the moM ",uccc"i,fu l fu nd- ..;troke lind hCHn 1:1I1U1C arc "II ~ ...:-,oci-
to help ther' , Local 1359, Chicago. ra i...cn~ in lha t urg •.Ill i/u tioll·:" h i ~ tor}. att:u with I h ~ dl~ca!'le
member:, Mark Shubert. Cha rle~ Bas.ek Ju ne i, a 'pecia l mOnl h for IBE \V For the 1:.1"1 thrC't~ year .... the IB \ V.
and Jerry rvlertCl . . pe nd much of thei r volul1 l ~cr' . It i . . th~ month of DAD's in conju llctilln wil l! H number of o ther
free li me :,crving thei r com n"luni lY a<; Day - when orga ni led labor inlenl ati oll:tl 1I ll ion:-- amlllu.' AFL-C J O'~
vnl l1 ll l r{~ r filL'tm:lI , I .llca l ]1.1 . \Ve:-.l wor k:-- to ge l her [0 collect Buildi ng and "' nll~tru": t ion Tr"de" De-
Palm Be",h, Flo rida, ll1ont'Y tn fig ht di abetes. partme nt. has nrgHll i/ctJ \,o lulI (l.!cr:-. \0
COl1lirlUC to vO hJn ICCl' ",,,.,--, .., ., Ap proxil11" tdy JOO ,OOO Ameri- collect over 'S:! .J m illion . T hi ~ ye ar we
tu help the child ren of cam. die or d iahl.!lc", c:lch yea r. II is. expect more th UI1 2n.DOO people to vol·
their ,,:olnmu nity at Ihe th ird leadi ng Ctlu ... c o f death by unteer in 200 corn lllunil ic ... in thc L'nitcd
State ... and C~IT1f1d.'l to rai...L' .11., much a:-.
S~ mli lIol1
II it., ,au to ,ray , but rC\\ thi ng ... these
days bri ng u, logel h!!r. orth America
i< d"er,e. m" ~ c lip f group, of people
who rarely ~e~ eye to e)'c . Too many
of U~ luc~ 11 'cl1,e of c(lInmltnit)'. a
",en.;;c of common purpoo;;c . \Vc o ften
BROTI-ffiRHOOD are ~o concerned \\·jth luo ~lng ,Il lhe
world in lerm, of competi tion thtll \\e
IS A SPIRIT, A rarel) look b.u: ~ alit.! ...C"~ 110\\ \\1; call
FEELING JPASSED help tho"tC for whnm competition l1lean~
figh ting to lind "'()Incplace to ... Ieep and
FROM ONE JPERSON omethlOg to e,11.
TO THE NEXT LIKE A Organi7eu labor in gcncnll. and the
IBE\V In panK'ular . ha, always been
TORCH CARRYING THE cOlllmitted to the idea that people." a
\II hole cannot improve their Wl.I) of life
PROMISE OF LIGHT umilthc livc ... of the lea~t fortunate. the
AND HEAT AND most oppres>ed and the least able to
hel p thelTI>che, ha\c been helped .
WARMTII. Union are making a difference To-
get her. the ISEW and organiled labor
arc carrying the torch of brotherhood ,
lig hting the comlllon name of huma nity
in all of LIS.
;; , The Union of Hearts and Minds
lmemilllOrtM PrMiMm ImIm80nM S«£etary
11~1.5m St.. N W UZ5-ISCh 51., N.W.
W~on. D.C. 2000S W8stllngI0f1. D.C. 2CIO.:I5
IntemaDOtlIM Treasurer
158-11 Harry Yan Atsdale Jr. Avenue
A UShl11!J, N Y. 11365

Vice ....... idenb

SeV'flnth Df!tncl
J o u R N A L
"'" Dootnc1
KENJ. WOODS ORVILU A. T.ATE J R. ~w PvblItO!>Ql\ of !he intetftClhono' Bt~ of EIeanwI VI, eo
4SS~"'~. East oWOO W,U RogeB PaiIo!way Vol~ 89 ~rnbet 5 Iv,.." 1990
SuM"" Sulle 309
Cdy 01 North y"" 00ah0rna Qty, Oklahoma
WlflowdaJe, Ontaoo M2N 73108
eghrh Drs/ncr
Second District JONF, WALTERS
JOHN e. FLYNN 330 ShouP Avenue, 5\,11'9 204
BanerymarCh Pal1c P.O . 601(5 1216
CMncy, MassadlllS8tts Idaho Falls, Idaho 83405
Third Dtstnct

~~ WlQet Lane 38 D1Stnd ImemauonaJ
WahJI CreeIil. Caifoma Reofesentatlve Tctn eoo.... NI
_ "'mer
AI:Iany. New Yen 12205 94596-2491

EducatIOn Program ,nstrvc1Df _
~rs "us DI~tallOn
The Eo~1IOo Program IS

nl0 Reading Road
Cn::rnnab., OtllO 45.237
Fffrn Dlsmcl
10400 W HiggIns RoacI
Suite 110
Bevenrrt D;sMcr
celetJrallng ItS t.st anmversary


No.2 Me!ropiell Orille 300 South JeH8fson. Suite 300
Sl.JIIe304 Sprlnglleld. Mtssooo 65806
8kmmg ham. A~
35ro9-6899 Twelrth Orstrlct
SWhD,mct Fran B!Miq. SuIte 515
JAMES P. CONWAY Chattanooga Tennessee
2200 South M.., Streel 374"
LombafcI.1IInOrs 60148
Intemational Eaecutiw. Council
Fourtfl Dtsllicr
2 High Tee'- 14 Canadian Labour Report
5818 N 7th Sireet
PhoenIX, Anrons 85014
2253 BannaI/II Court, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
IBEW Made 21 Local Une.
FIrst tA.smct F/frh £)s",el
JOtfNJ. McNULTY ROBERT MISSEY 6 Future Belongs To 31 Memben in the News
431 Wyom!nsj AvEnlt 213t -59th Street
Scramoo, Pei'ln$~anla SL L.ous, MIs80un 6J110-2885 The Prepared
18503 _<>mer
ConstnJction and Maintenance 34 Tech Talk
Second Dfsmct
JAMES F. MULLOHEY '475 N. L.ocp West Conference 38 Educatio.. Updote
6 Deacon Benham Onve Houston. TIWI$ 77OQ8
Stow, Massachusetts
01ns Sewnm OI:sma
9 $effing the Pace 41 NewsRail
ThrrrJ Drstm;f
19 1B M artI'l Luther KInO Way
Qa)!,1anc1. Cal!!Ofma 94Eh2
For the '90s
325() Euclid Avanue Build ing Trade:, Conference 42 Safety ond H_Hh Tip.
Cleveland, Ohio 441 '4 ~'2~r~J"~:r:AVOY
2750 Cuadra Street, Room 12 44 Resea rch and Economics
Vietor!&. BnlistI COlumbia 10 Labor Striking Back
Canada VBT 4E8
47 In M emoriam
16 The Third Revolution
IIEW Joumtll De.,..tment Hi' lOry of .he I BEW
J. J . Barry, EditOr 33 Members Are L.ocaI 498. Trav8fS8 CIty_ MICfl.gan. member Betty
De Lofme wires a comrol pS1'Ie1 IfI an AGV He:t work IS an
Joomll Depattmlfflr ()~f.OI"
M.t)' Ann V.n M41ter Lifesavers ellamp\e 01 the higMech uloclronlCS rndlJ$lry leading !he
way In an Am9llCan manuiactunng comeback.
Carol A. Clpo l811 40 NJATC Annual
SIaN Writei'$"
M.t;.ret M. BamlMlr Meeting
Thorn Polen
40 New Director Named
C 1990 InIen'IaIO'lal
46 Staff Members
Brochetf1ood or E)ednc:aI Moumed
Wofl«!f&. AI ngttts reserved.
Change of address cards ot\ Form 3579 SfIOuICl be sene to
imemaoonal &ocherhood of Electrical Wooers. 1125 Fif·
leenth SIJeet, N.W , Washington, D.C. 20005. Pubdtleo
monthly. eKCeP( Januruy-February which Is a oomlll'1od 9
tSSUe;and mailed third-Class ~Iage In the U.S. end Canada. Intemahonal PresK,len1
Subscnptioo pnoes Unhed Stales and Canada, $4 per year
10 advance, Printed In U.S.A. ThIs JOURNAl. ...", oot be ileld J,J BArry Sits on l he daIS
responsible tor VI8WS 9q:11essed by c:ormspondents. The <1;' ,rae AF l-CIO BuIlding
hrst 01 each month 1$ dcsng date. AI ~ must be In QU' Trade9 leg6lalMl
nands 0tI or before Ihts tme. Paid adYerosIng not acoept9d..
T hC Ma rch 1990 IBEW JOl/f//a/
featured Ih c siory "Ame rica
Fight s Back. " abo ul the prom ise
CEC planl,. At Ihe Pell slon Pla nl
IB EW members insla ll a ll the e lec-
trical a nd elec tronic con l ro l SY"i-
new com pul cr!ol. computer nel ~ lem, for Ihe AGV, . The mac hines
works and high~definition television arc programmed to run along path~
lec hn ology hold for I he ciCCI ronic, marked by elec troni wi re ~ Irip ... on
indu:o.lr} and the American manu- the Hoor amJ can recei\ c in\truc-
facluring ector. In Pelbton. Mich- tion ... over FM rad io waves and from
igan. IBEW membe" arc fulfilli ng a n on-board ke) pad 1\ hile en route.
Ihal promi,,, hy producing slale-of- Each AG V "'Y!'lotem i... cll~lom de-
Ihe-art aUlomatic gUl\Jed vehicle, ,igncd for cach individual cUSlomer
(AGV,)-combin ing high lec h \\ ilh 10 fil their need,.
high-performance. durable proLl- "AGV!'! aren' t a new arrivetl on
tJCI ~ lIsed to autonullically move (I the ,cenc.·· ,,'y' Loca l 4\1R Sieward
wille array of materials for a va rie ty Tim Ohler! . " nu l new appli~a l i" n ,
or indu~lrics. arc being designed alil he time . . .for
A t h o~pitab al:ro!'!~ the country, ollr customers' spec ific need!'!."
Ihere i, " , hortage of qualified Righi now AGV, arc being ",cd 10
healthcare provider,. Today. Ihanb carTY m crchandi~(: and suppl ic ...
10 113 EW em ft _man,hip. AGV, arc around wa re house!'!. tran~porl
be ing programmed 10 pick up med- ro lb of paper in printing
ical upplie, and food from hospital operat ion ... from !>lOragc
-,torc room:-t. drive through a maLe facilities 10 Ihe
of hallway,. ride up and down in
dcv<.IlOrs to di:"lpC lhl: t.heir cargo al
s[a lion~ throughout hU"ipital co m ~
plcxc~-frcc ing nurse:; and int crn~
to te nd It) mu re ~c ri()lI ,\ problem,_
T he,e AGV, arc madc in nort h-
ern Mic higan by Local 498. Tm-
ver~c City. member;.. \vurJ..ing ror
Control Engineering Company.
There. Ihe robotic machine,
are con ... tructcu from the
ground up al ~cvcr(jl
move toob a nd eq uipmen t in fac- chlllcs. But aUlomat ion ha-, hrn llghl Idcv i."inn syslcm~. amJ inlegrate d
lorie arou nd the world. wilh il opporluni ty- opport un ity to service digital nClwork,-repre-
CE is a worldwide supplier of free worker~ from the mo:-,, \-mun- se nts a major growth are a ro r the
AGVs and a world leuder in their dane and least-challengi ng t>ls ks . IBEW.
sale and dislribu tio n. At a time allowing {he m time 10 conc..:ntn:ll c lB EW members arc making Ihe
w hen many American com panies on hig her-ski lled wo rk. Automa lion dilTe rence in keeping America o n
lak ing it UII the chill flolll foreign
f.ll C therefo re raises the ' kill level re- the comehack trail. AI Pell ston ,
competition , IB EW members at qui red fo r even low-level jobs. Au- Bro lher Ohler! cite s the working
EC a re wi nn ing. " We ha ve a hard tomation abo underscore. the need relalion, hip he has with CEC man-
road ahead of u•. " ,,' ys Local 49H for cont inu ing educa tion ror wurk- agclHclIl allu the 4ua li ly CI af'hlllan-
member Bobbi lear. "Quali ty e" and beller initial education for s hip o f j BE W wo rke rs a" rea ons
i ... o ur member> o. I coo- young people e men ng the work fo r the ompan 's s u ccc~:,. in th e
ccm .. . . a nd it' , keepi ng us a head lorce-bot h a rc top priorities of global market. C C ha established
o f the compet ition ." International Pre 'idem J .J . Ba ITY . ibelf against great odds. Ohlert ,ay>=
AU lomation has always been a And manufacturing the mac hines a nd Ihey've done il wilh the I BEW.
thorny issue for workingpco pic. II whic h drive auto malion- AGVs. In the electron ics , telecommun i-
can' t be de nied that jobs in many computers. robotics. adv" n ed tcle- cations and high-tec h inou,trie "
iodu. tries have becn 10 I to ma- communicat ion and high-definition A merican man uracturi ng i corning

Local 498 member

Pat taCosf checks the
electronic sysroms
of a new AGV.

Slsrer Chris Metching wires a door

for a unit panel with a spagheUi-ioad
o f wlro.


back again~t foreign compclition a" III th e high-tech .fie/d. th ere are
well as dome,tic fo rces fighting to lIrallY stories likl' thllt oj the AGV.
ship American prod uction over- Ill./illllre issll es of th e IBEW Jo ur-
seas. The IB E W-made automa tic nal. we h'iI/ be feli lU rinf{ them-
gui ued vc hic les are ju st one exam- showing !rOI\' tile IB EW is leading
ple of how it all works- Ame rican the h'lIy in America 's mallufacwr-
worker; building American-de- illg ('omebtw/....
signcd products-state-of-thc-art
machincr) taki ng on the best from
a round the \\orld . Hazen Dodd gets ready
to paint a newly
assembled AGV.

From leN, CEC General Manager Richard Vokes, P/anf Manager

Carl McCreef)l, IBEW Shop Sleward Tim Ohlert and Local 4gB
Business Manager Barry Andrews stand behind a finished AGV.



The ~uture Belongs

.- I

T he Iwo bann er, 011 Ihe ,ide wa ll s

of Ihe Washington. D.C.. Hyall
Regency hall room read. " The Fu -
convinced than ever tha! Ihe key 10
survi val in our compelitive inliu,IrY
will rC>i in our abilil y to adju,I."
lure Belong' To Those Who Pre he said . " T he equipmenl we in,lall
pare For It." On Mareh 30 and 31. i.., changing, wi ring mClhod~ arc
"boul 00 lielegale, 10 Ihe 1990 changing. the structures we 011-
o n (rut: liu ll auu MailH(:o a nce IIllot arc hangi ng .. ' he wenl on
'onferenee we re huW ll1 a~ ing Ihal 10 ,"y _ "" nd Ihe Irend i ' for more
fut ure their own . of Ihe ,arne in Ihe yea" ahead. "
Local 32. Lima. Ohio. member I're,ilient Barry , Ire>sed Ihe im-
Lau ra Simon . a fir'\t-limc delegate. porta n -e of tr..ining and education.
,aid righl before Ihe conference Ihat He said. " We mu,1 con incc Ou r
, he sees Ihe nmu re of lhe con, lruc- journeymen Iha l Ihe addillonal
lion indu.try changing rapid ly. he Iraining our indu'try offers ,erve
.aid she remain, " hopeful for Ihe their own be,1 inte resls." He poinled
fUl ure." I nlel1laliom~ Pre,> ilicnl J.J . oul how Ihe l B ' W is leading Ihe
Barry. in hi, remarks 10 Ihe deie- way in educal io n with .he e\
gales. also poinled 10 Ihe changing Bu, inc" h lllagers School. tew-
Director Fisher speaks at the conference. nalUre of the indLl~ t ry, .. ) am morc ard Tra ining Progmms. J ATe I n-
structor Training Scmimlr'\ and
Teachi ng Tec hniq ue, l"" 1"'>Cl> he
has in ilialed .


"In city after city," Prco;iucnl ., A key i""uc thi, year j" reap-
Barry said. a hopeful for the future portionment ," ,aid ecrclary Outside Construdion
a:-, Sisler Simon. "all ac.:rO~~ orlh Muore. And because new congrc,- Conference
America , Ollr locab arc mllving in "ional nOulltlaric .... ba,cd Ull the re-
the righ t direction. The no-growth sults of thi ' year ' cnsu,. wi ll be The Fourt h Annual Outside
mcnlalil y which wa~ :-.t rangling llUr drawn by !-Ila te govcrnmcnt!-" :-,Ia tc- Construction Lo aJ Union Con-
union has been replacC(1 wit h a wide election, will he extremcf y ference wa, held the day before
progre"ive joi nt marketing elTort imponant in 1990. The I13EW! 01'10 this yea"-s Construct ion and
wi th ou r employe" . 'The Quality program cllj()yed remarkable ",uc- Mai ntena nce Conference. Fol-
onncction' extol, the virtue, of cc'\"i over the 1:-1'\1 Iwo year, . "up- lowing Ihe opening, the delegates
using our highly trained. highly poning ,ix Ollt of eight winners in were addressed by lnternational
skilled people .. . . We have gai ned recent Hou ~c ~pcc ia l election . . and President J.J. Barry and I nLe r-
more wo r k. more members: and the both 'llccessfu l gllbern"lori,,1 elec- nat ional ecrctary Jack Moore .
future louk:-, mu ch bright er. ,. lion, last year. I-I e ",keel for con- President Barry highlighted the
Intern ati onal Sec ret,-I!'Y Jack tinued COPE ' '' ppmt to elcct can- increase in the IBEW ' s share ot·
Mu ure we lco med t he del egates to didate s who will address issue s like the line construction work,
Was hington with good news. De- unemployment. foreign trade. prob· achieved in good part Ihro ug h
spite some difficult ti mes. the " A" lellls wilh Ihe Socia l Securil y Tn"t the lI SC of the OULside Utili ty
membership posted nn increase over Fund anti kl.!cping th e cnpit:l l·gai ns Construction National Project
the I'''t year: and the I BEW in- tax . Agreement. e rCLary Moore
ves tments over w hi ch he has au- Co nlo)lrtl ct iol1 and Mainlcnancc , tressed the importance of re-
lhorit y experienced illlprc:--~ivc maining active in (he politi cal
growth . arena,
Con ·truclion and Mainte-
Local 701, Wheaton , Illinois, BusIness nance Department DirecLor Bud
Manager-Financial Secretary Stanley
Fi ' her spoke to the delegation

W. Perry (center) hands over a generous
about the need for new and con-
p (righl) and Secletary10Moore (le ft).
Presidenr Barry tinued training in the industry.
And Inlelllational Representa-
tive Hob Fagotti talked about the
new U,S. Department of Trans-
portation regulation; implement-
ing commercial-licensing and
drug-te ting programs.
A.J. Pear. n. director of the
ational Joint Apprenticeship and
Training ommillee. spoke on
linc apprenti eship and also pa r-
ticipated in a meeting outlining
the new Li ne Clearance Appren-
ticesh ip Program . Most of the
delegates we nl on to participate
in the Construction and Mainle-
nance Confere nce Ihe next twO


" W e must co nvince our

iourneymen that the

additiona l training our

President Barry
addresses the
industry offers serves their
Depanment Director Bud Fisher
spoke to the delegation about which
di rect ion he thought the depa rtmen t own best inte rests ."
wa, headed and out lined priorities
as lhe members see them. He we l-
comed the delega te,. extending a
special welcome to those who trav-
eled from anada . International
T ren,urer Thorn,,, Van Ar,dale. In-
ternational Executive Council
Chairman Clyde Bowden and 10
Internatio nal Vice Presidents also
participated in the conference . work on wa~l , to "itop ··wod.. rrom opening ,e"ion. Worhhop' fo-
Local 13 16. Macon . Georgia. going nonun ion: ' and SlOp "union, ct.... ed on organi/ing.: the Gcncnll
Delegate Morgan Bowen. who has from fighting among them,elvc,:' President', Agrccment.jun"\uic..:tiull
attended Const ruc tion Confere nces He think, conference, ,uch '" this and drug abu\e: the ationa l Main-
sin e 1961. ,aid he arne to this are a good "ay for member, to tenance Agreemenl and bylaw : in-
year-, conference to look at 'olu- share informal ion and ideas. ve (menl"); and innovation~.
tion to some problems union, arc To further raci li.ate Ihe sharing Before the conference adjourned
fac.ng in Georgia a nd around orth of ideas. the de legate, ,eparatcd 'aturday "ftern 011. delegate, reo
America . He saill he would like to into works h p group' aner the convened to talk wit h each other

Sister Simon.
a IIrsf·tlme
delegate to the

Brother Bowen
came to the
conference as
a delegate from
Local 1316.

Interna tional Represen tative DaJe Dun 'op gives a p/Bsentarion du ring a worJc shop discussion ,

. OEW J Ol' R N"LlJUN~ I9'JO

/I A key issue this year IS

reapportionment. /I

Beca use new congressional

SecretaI)' Moore
boundaries, based on this ta'ks to 'he
delegates. Ind ustry L'lbor-· Managc rncnl 1990s
Committee which quotes Robert A.
Georgine. pres iden t of the A FL-
year's Census, will be drawn by state CIO', Bui lding and Construction
Trades Department. Georgine's
word, spca~ to the focus of t his
governments, statewide elections year', conference . He said. " If we
u>c the p",t to judge the fu ture. it
i, c lear th m there wi ll be man y
cha nges . . . in I he co nst ru ctio n
will be extremely important In 1990. ind u 'try .. , . T he skilled uni o n
craft,man of tuday i, heller tra ined
a nd more knowledgeab le about the
and the Internatio nal OfIker, and clw,:-.it-icalions. the I ational Con- needs of his or her cran a nd his or
stalT on hand. Direc tor Fi,her ,trllction StabiliLation Agreement her industry than worker, in the
thoug.h t (he fina l sc:-, ion was an and healthcare-Fir,t Di,trict In- past ; and the union workers of to-
imporlant \\Iay 10 :-.harc conchl"ion:-. ternalional Vice Presidenl Ken morrow will have to be even bell er
and new ideas. a, wel l :...; :111 op- \VooLl'i gave an overvjc\\ of Ci.lna- trained and beller educated th an
portunity to a k que,tion, which da', national hcalthcarc y,tcm . the craft I11cn of today for us to
may have ari!!lcn d uring rhe confer- In hi, remarks. Director Fisher mcet the hanges we know w ill
ence . Some (If the t pics disclissed referreu to a neW!'lo release is:iucd Icon tinucltotakc place wit hin t hei r
were: apprenticc,hir and trai ning. late last yea r by the Construction industry." [jJ


M ore than 3.000 bui lding trddes
wo rkers from across the na-
tion (including many attend ing the
ernmcnt official. to di c us iss ues
vital to bui ldi ng trades worke rs and
their fami lies.
IBEW Construction and Mainte- Important poli tical and labor
Legislative nance Conference) gathered at the leaders ad d ressed the conference,
Conference Wash ingto n Hilton Ho tel in Wash-
ington. D.C .. for the 1990 AFL-
including SpeHker of the House
T ho mas Foley (O- Was h ,). Senate
C IO Building a nd Construction Maj rit y Leader Geo rge Mitchell
Trades Depart ment Legislati ve to- Me.) and A FL- 10 President
onference. Lane Kirkla nd. Workshops pro-
"The Challenges of the 19908" vided valuable informat io n On leg-
wa, the theme fo r the four-day islative. construct ion safety a nd
meeting in April, which afforded health. Davi -Da, n. legal, pen ion
delegates the opportunity to meet inves tment. organizing. NCC M P,
personall y wit h their senators . rep- apprentice,hip and tmi ning. and tax
resentatives and other federa l gov- iss ues. among other topics.


T he right 10 wit hhold o ne's labo r
is the most funda mentaltcnct of
the labor movement. The st rike has
been the method of last resort fo r
wo rkers 10 settle labor di sputes,
protest unfair wages and unsafe
working conditions, and demand
Ihe attenlion of hostile managc-
menl. In recent years a 52-year-old,
antilabor Supreme Court decis ion
has resurfaced and today calls thai
fundame nlal right into queslion.
In 1935 Congress passed the Na-
tional Labor Relations Act which
once and for all recognized orga-
nized labor's right to sl rike. Three
years lal ert he U. . upremc Court,
in its NLRB vs. Mackay Radio and
Telegraph Company decisio n, sa id
IBEW members Involved In last year's NYNEX strike carrying the coffin of cost shifting.
although an employer can nol nrc Th ey vowed to "Hold 'he Une In '89," and Ihey won .
an employee for engaging in legiti-
mate union activities, incl uding
strikes, he or she can permanenlly thou 'ands at Ln ternational Paper ing the threat of permanenljob loss
replace that employee duri ng a strike Com pany, Continental Airline" Colt and the possibility of violence over
or lockout. Firearm and TWA , slrikes have Lhe heads of Ihe unio n workers as
For the most pan, however. em- been broken by hiring permanent a means to break a strike before it
ployers were reluctant 10 li se Ihe scab workers. even begi ns.
strike-breaking tool of Ihe Mackay As recenlly as Ihis year's Grey- The AFL-CIO, lBEW and a broad
Radio decision for fear of consume r hound bus strike and the continuing array of prolabor groups are fig hting
relaliation, publ ic outcry and pos- strike (II Eastern Airline s, perma- to reVe rse this trend of hiring per-
sible government action. Time have nenl replacement workers have becn manent replacement workers by
changed. Staning with former Pres- hired. Atthe Nell' York Da ily Neil'S, making hiring them duri ng a strike
ident Ronald Reagan's permanent o nc of the largest newspapers in or lockout illcgal. " obody li kes a
replacement of L2,OOO striking air the cou ntry, management has gone strike." says lBEW Internalional
traffic controllers in 1981 (one of as far a to hi re armed. riot -con lrol President 1.J. Barry , " bul when Ihe
his first official act a president), troops ; set up moek newsrooms to collective bargaining process breaks
and continuing thro ugh the 1983 give scab recruits a crash course in down, and there are no a lternative
permanent replacement of I ,300 newspaper production; and startcd available, such as arbitration or me-
unio n Magic Chef workers ; 2,400 10 hirc replacement workers even diation 10 bring a dispute to a fa ir
Phelps Douge ",eel worker ; and the before a strike ha been called . The am.! I:yuitaule cOllclusion, worke rs
1986 permanent replacemenl of new 'paper' management is hold- are left wilh no option but to COn-
, .-
THEN - Troops escort a train during 'h e 1894 Pullman strike .

sider strike action . ... As unscru- right to collecti vely ex press thei r
pulous as hiring scab workers duro view - a nd to promote productive
ing a trike i. . t he practice is c hange if collective bargaining ne-
neverthele legal under present law. got iations shou ld fail to do so .
O ur intent i. to have the Congress " The righ t to strike is critical 10
pas , legislati on which wi ll defi ne Ihe ,ueeess or o ur collective bar-
Ihese practices as co ntrary to public gail1 ing system ," said Congressman
policy and a viola tio n of th e Na- Clay when his bill was introd uced .
lional Labor Relatio ns Ac t '-· "The e ffe ctive right of wor kers to
Such legis lation \Va inlroduced wit hh o ld the ir labor as le venlge dur-
in Congress earlier this ycar. A bill ing ncgoliations is a n essent ial cle·
(H . R. 3936) in troduced by William ment of bargaining." he went on to
L. C lay (D-Mo. ) and ils companion say ... As worker. have rclt increas-
in the Senate (S. 2 112). introduced ingly unab le to ·Irike. faith in col-
by Howa rd M. MelLenbaum (0- lective bargaining has been seri-
Oh io). are wrillen ;15 a mendme nt ously underm ined . H .R. 3936 i,
to the National Labor Rela ti o ns Ac t needed to reslore co nfidcnce in col-
an d outlaw the practice or hiri ng lectivc bargain ing. the process which
perman ent rcpla cmenl workers . underlies all o f labor law. "
The I B EW Legi.lative Dcpart - Workers do fcelless able to -t rike.
ment believes there arc a nu mber According to the Bureau of Labor
of sections of th e N LRA which Statisti cs. Burcau of ational Af-
need to be revised: a ban on scabs rairs and th e Congressional Re -
is only one. The bills before n- search e rvic c. bolh the number o r NOW- Prwate armed guards like this
one offer Ihelr services to management
gress represent a first step. a step workers involved in major work during labor negotiations even If talks
toward guaranteeing workers the stoppages (involv ing over 1.000 or haffen" broken down.


A UMWA member, in "aUgues, being ",'olfmtly wrestled to 'he ground by state troopers
during the slrlke against the PIHston Coal Company.

more worke rs) and the number I' A noted in "The Third Revolu- it may be some time berore Ihe
work stoppages themsclve have ti n." this month ', .ection or the pending anti-s trik cr-replace me nt
decreased dramatically d uring the IB EW hislury series [sec page 161. legislat io n is passed by Congress:
19 Os. Ma ny. in luding Gail Mc- management coercion during strike ~ and it faces an un cerlain ruture in
Callion or the Congressiu nal Re- i not a new rhe nomcnon. Thro ugh- the hands of the Bu sh admini»tra-
searc h Se rvice in her repo rl "St rike ou t labor' hi story manageme nt ha s tion . But with its in troduction in
Act ivity: Recent T rends," link the used intimidation , "cab workers and Con~ress. urgani1-cd labor's fight to
reduction in the number ur st rike ouliight violence to suppress unions. prot ect worke rs' right to strik e has
to. amo ng other thi ngs. "t he less- Armed tr o p, ha ve been sent in 10 made a big step forward . " We've
ravordble political cli mate as re- put down strikes since large strike, got these'lb, o n the run, " Pre,ident
Heeted in event ue h '" the. fir,t began. And ,cabs have been Barry said recentl y. " Let 's keep it
{firing] or the air traffic controller called in time and lime again . Ihat way. " \jJ
trike[r, 1 in 198 1. " According to polilical ob"iervers.

12 IlI EW JO UR ALiJ U E 1990

or the second ),clr in
F a row, the International
Office of the ll3EW re ceived
the nited Way's pre~tig­
ious Platinum Award for
its generous per capita
contributions. The lUEW
staff and employe es in Wash- Fru m left, l'cretary j\IOOfC. 1.0 . Din:Cl tlf o f
ingtun gave on av<.:rag<.: Personn el Pella Keen:m.Jr and Pr<:sic.knt U;lrry
ho ld thi .. y car '~ I nirco \\; '3> Pl:ui nlllll A WMd .
over S I 00 eac h
to the 11nited Way, which will benefit the many
needy programs the organization serves.
International President Barry and n.
International Secretary Jack Moore gave
their thanks to all those involved for
continuing to make "The Union of
Hearts and Minds" a positive fo rce in
the community. Whet her it's Wash -
ington' D.C.. or eattle, Washington,
tIle lBEW is making a dilference,
helping people bring a better way
of life to [heir commllnif)'.
---- - - - - - --


Continuation of the 26th Annual Review, Economic 1I1g 10\\ immigration of about 60.000.
The next ~cnario. de-pi ling low
Council of Canada, excerpted from Au Cou rant. growth. showed fcn ility rate~ declin-
Aging and the Future ing ru rther. The high-growlh ,ce-
naria outlined fertility rale\ ri~ing to
Work Force replacemen t leve ls and ln1nllgralion
doubling to 120.000 per,on, per year.
"mlda '') . . acial and economic By the year 200n thl' lange berween
C agendiJ de pen ds 011 demo -
graphic Irend,. And one of the 1110"
older Illore th,n doub led since
192I - from 5 pe rcen t to I I percent
of the: popu lat ion a~ ;1 whole. Young
the high and low !)cenario!) would be
approxima tely two million people.
visib le trend, in the 1990s will be peo ple 19 years and under nre pro- l3y 2U40 the po pulation in the high-
that Ca nada', popu lati on. like lha t o f portionately fewe r now than they growth case might be 15 million more
its neig hbor. the Uni ted States. is we re 60 or 70 yea rs ag . To analyse Ihan in the low-growth ca~c,
grow ing older. Th is "gray ing" of the this: phenomenon, th e Eco!, mi c Figu res li ke these have importan t
population p l ace~ increasing r~pon­ Council of Canada con~ lr uc t c d l\CV- im p li cation~ for Iho~c rc~pol1 sib l c for
sibilities on the shoulders of fttture eral !\ccnari :-.. human- resou rce> plan ning. Regard-
workcr:-.. T he bar;;e-case scenario tIS,\U1l1CU less of the project ion used. be tween
The proponion of peo ple 65 and constant fe rtili[y rates and cOIlIinu - 10 million and I I mi llio n anadians
wi ll be 65 and older in :!().lQ-in 198
this group numbered Ju~t under three
million . In the low-growth ca;,e. lhe
number of people under age 20 de-
creuses from 7 A million in 1988 to
6.7 million in 2000 and to 3.9 million
in 2040. In the high-g ro\\ th case. th is
populat ion group incrc",,,-, to 11.6
million in 2040. The cou ncil says Ih i
development will be the major ~wing
factor in C(lnada·!<. economic futu re.
For example. 20-lo-64-year-olds
will be th e grou p Illos t ruc tal to th e
cohe" ion of Canad ian soc iety. They
will be the prod ucer, o r the good,
and services used by all age group s.
And they wi ll be the caregive rs to
bo th the elderly and hildre n. But im-
provements in the liv ing standards of
working Canad ian... ;Uld thei r off-
spring may prove l11or~ difficul t 10
achieve given the increasing r:1Ilo of
retirees (wilh their need~) tQ workers,
The counci l explored the," >cen.r-
io 10 hel p determine th e risk of
clashes in priorities between future
workers and retirees and to Idelllify
pol icy oplions available to head o ff
Ihi, crisis. One key faclOr could be
proom.:Liv ily grow th. CUlllillU ..ttiulI ur
the projecled rates of less Iha n I
percent might mean lrouble, whereas
~Inincrease of 1 perce", a year would
perm it more-openhanded ~o lut ion ,!) .

14 m llW JOURNAL/JUNE 1990

Threat To
An Endangered
hen compi li ng it... Ann ual Re -
W port. Ihe Economic Council of
Canada didn '[ , to p with report ing ...0-
cial and economic >; Iali .. tic.... Envi -
rOll melllal and rc"ource lcgacic:-. arc
inextricably woven illlo any ",tullle..,
of the i111plir;tt\oll~ of curre m I;ocial
dcvclopmellh fUf future g!;nl.!ral iolll\,
The outlook iS lI ' t encou ragi ng: but
th ere' s li me ror appropriate long-
term managemellt 10 prese rve. alld
even enhance. the v'l lue of the rCIlI!W-
ab le-resource ba ...c.
Prob lem~ of rc ... ourcc manag.ement
are evident in man} inou.,tric:-.: ~uch
a)'} forc\try amI fan11ing. For c~a mpl c.
a~ a resu lt of year~ of in:ldequme
long-term manageme nt. the orgunic
content of ~o il ... ha»' decl ined hy be-
rween 36 percent and 49 percent in
the Prui r ie:-. and by 50 percent in
Onlario and Quebec. A Senale sl:1nd-
in g committee re port c'itirnu lcd "011-
(kgradJt ion CO'iI ... S I hill ioll a year in
(ost im: ume. In additi oll. ;umda
lo~e" practically (Wl ce a ... much pro- council nntc ... al'\!a"> 01 com:c rn ~ Iill Ihe 1990,.
duclJ\lc forc ~ t land through fire' and renHlin . Vt'r;.lge ground ·leve l Olonc Environmcmal respo n:-.i bility re-
pe~lC; i.t.,. il doc:-- through plullned har- COncentration ... in urban area.., pcr:-.i~ t qUire... ack.nowledging and meeting
ve:-'Iing. Only aoout 70 perce nt 01 the :11 level:-. well ahovc "ITHl '(1 111 11111 ac- man ('omplex rc ~pon ... ib ilitie~ . How
annual l o~~ is recouped through ceptabl..·"· On a per t'Olp iw ba ... I.... rar ,hould we go in tighteni ng ou r
planting. ~cedillg ,md l1aturul regen - Cnnmt"·,, cilrbt )ll ~d i(\ \ic.J1!' I.:'l l 1 i :-.~iun~ hell s In order to fin;1Ilce Ihe i nvest-
eralion . arc among Ihe highc..: \t in Ihe wor ld. menl:-. JlI.:c.:c ~sary for our de:-.cendants
T he cou ncil re poned Illounling dif- And ac id rain n: pre... c nt ~ a cUl11in uing \0 weather the year ... when the baby
lic ult ics in meeting the incre asi llg rc- !'!I!'riou:-. prnbl crn- lhc L'oUl1ci l ':-, n:~ boomers hav e retired'! The potential
C[ui rc menb of waste managemcil t. POI't plIirll cd In llll: l:o."tly damage it im pw..:t or
the slowe r prod uctivit y
About 2S percelll of Ihe populal ion in ha o.:; caused 10 fi ... hcri c~. l ore ... I:... agl·i· growlh witnc:-.sed in rece nt years.
large cOll1lllullitic~ i~Il'l :-.crvcd by cu lture.: and wi ld li fe. moullting demographi c preswrcs and
waste-watcr treatment facili l ic:-.. And It i:-. c. . timml.'(1 :In in vc ... lrn "n t of distu rbi ng environmental lrcnd:-, pro-
tlnding su itable loca tions ( 0 !!Ilore or :1>50 bi llion \\ ill he reqUIred (lvcr Ihe vide:.. a co mpe lling. argument for
di,po,. of ull I pc, of munici p,,1 and nexl ucr:'lde to ,lcllIC\e ... nme re~hO Il ­ r~orie nl ing governmen t policy 10
ind uMrial waste ... is becoming lIIore able ha ... eli llc ... taTllJard:-- of air and place much gre.ler imporlance on
and more difficult. waler qutllily. T herefore, cnviron ~ the on!\C'4uences f current a lions
\Vhile ambient air quality im- menial cleanup will make major ror ruturc generalions.
proved bel wecn 1975 and 1985 . Ihe demand, 011 Ihe economy throughoul (Tn He emlli"lIl,d)

IIlEW JO URNAL/J U E 1990 15

Thi.v is t!ll' fO/lr/il article ill 1111 I 'pa rl series all tlt e hislory of til e /DEW .

magnilude neve r before imagi·

;:90c'f-;;914 nable . II LOok a Ihird revolution
to build the fo undal ions of so·
The Third c ial ju ·tice. job safety and hU'
mane worki ng nd il ions 10 the
Revolution wo rk ingpeo ple of Norlh Amer·
ka-a nd it LOok orga nized la·
/fiJ fte n a po litical revo lut ion . bor to bring Ihat third revolu·
{7 however violent. altcrs the tio n abou t .
live ' of workingpeople very lit · During the fi r I decade of
tie. Despite the mdieal change the 20l h century, bccau e of
in the form of governme nt a ftc r bot h work by labor· backed pol·
1789. life fo r most in America iticians . artists , write r and SO~
barely changed . Not un lil the cial \V rkers known" Pop u ~
Ind ust rial Revo lulion made il 10 lisls. a nd because of tragedies
Non h America di d life begin 10 s uch a New York' s 1913 Tri·
.ubstanliall y c hange fo r work· angle hin Wais t om pany
ing Ameri a n and Canadian • . fi re. the consciolls ncs, of the
But wi th Ihe adv~lIl ces o f the nation began 10 wake up 10 the
industrial age ca me wo rker ' horri blc plight working people
greatest hardships. Progress sutTered. The Triangle fire
promise bro ugh t terrible claimed 147 li ves, 010 tly you ng
oppression to workers at a sea mstresses who were Irapped

Loe.I 6" , Albuquerque,

NflW Medeo r member
T.O. Drummond (center)
olands willi f.llow
Albuquerque Public
S.".1ce linemen In '908.

,... Some Canadian unIOns begIn 10 U.S NatlOflul Molders organizes

allllla19 With U S organizations; first moklers : Amerk;an M ~ners AsSOCtaiioo IS
labor orgamzallon pension plan sel lou!ltJ~. U S CI..,H War begms
liP by the Amalgamated Society or . . .2 First use 01 prevailing wage In U S (federal . 865 ewrl war ends: the Thirtesl"lth
Engmeers (members In Canada and U.S,) Amendment atXl-li$hes 1
During the Reid-Murphy
Split, those ,BEW members
who rem ained loyal to
the McNulty-Coflins leader
ship held a convention In
R QC#le.sler, New York , In
1911. The Reid-Murphy
group also held their
convention in Rochester
th at year. Brother T.O.
Drummond Is seated In
the third ro w, fifth from
the left, directly behind
Secretary Collins.

An 'SEW member works

the lines in 1913.

behind l o~~cd exit>. mall Y Ihe country. MallY "I' Ihe law,
jum pi ng 10 Iheir ucal h fro m lacked enforcement rrov i"" ioll";;
v.l indows bCCil U:'C proper nrc and ll1any were IWI .,lCll around
c:-,c a pc~ were nOl1cxj~lcn l . uno u:"!ccl agail1:-,1 organi/cd la-
For Ihe Arsl lime pho logra- hor. ;;t' \\:1"; the C\i";C wit h thl.!
pher, like .I:lcob A. Rii, cal'- Sherman Acl. BUI Ihe legi,I,,-
lured 011 film Ihe cruel living lIO n 11OllC lhclc\\ 1CrIC\c ntc(,j a
and working ondit iorll, or im- lurning p01n1 in Ih e I' rogre" or
Illigran t and poor work!.:r .... ;lnd workingpeoplc in Amcrica .
publ ished Ihose pholograph, in America', Ihird revo lUlion
books avail able to a widl! puh- \Va, n{ll wilhou l bk'"lhhcd .
lic . A nd writer ... '-I lich a ... Upton Stl'i"-c ... and lahol' organi,illg A nd mo')t of tha i ..;tee l W;.IS
Sillclair pub lished books point- brollgh l oul Ihe ab \ ohl{c wor.,t m"dc aro un d Pill sburgh by Ihe
ing ou t tia ngcr:-. to wor ~ l!I':-' :11')(.1 in fCll'lory. minc o rni ll. ;'1I1d co m- CHnlcgie mill s,
CO Il ~ lI IT\C r'\ li ke hi~ TIre JtIllU/e pany {)wn c r~ and manager'. lI enry . Frik. Ihe manager
exposing Ihe horr rs of Ihe MallY IHEW empl(lycr' we re of Carnegie' , H0l11e,le,,,1 pla nl.
meal-pack ing indu'lry. Al Ihe ,,1'0 I""li ic l<l Ihe Ldca of c\- cio,cd Ihe mill when Ihe work-
'lame tllllC . politicians, "001(, pandell un ion act ivity. 111 1 ~~2 er, len Iheir jobs . He Iried 10
more radical than other .... began members ul' Ihe Amalgamalc(1 reopen it a few dH Y~ la ler wilh
10 'peak to Ihe problem, A"ocialion of Imn a nd Sleel ,cah lahul' hroughl by barge
cau,ed hy induslrialization . Wor"'cr.,. \'\l ho \\ cn.; heing raid dow n Ihe Mono ngahe la River.
Evenluall y pro labor leg"la- unhearab ly low \\'agc~ and ,ub- The scub wor ker,. led by a
lion silc h a"i the crea tio ll of the je,led 10 harsh . dange rou, gro" p of armed. union-bus ling
Departmenl of La bor. Ihe Sher- work ing cundition:--. went II I Pin kcnon "de lec lives," were
man An lill'l,,1 Acl. Ihe Hep- Oil \Irike again",, 1 th e f'or..:.rullncr mel 011 Ihe river ,hore by ang ry
bu rn Acl. Ihe Adam'on Acl. of Ihe Uniled Sia le, Sleel COIll- \ If' iking Carnegie employees,
and constitulional nmendmCnl"i pany. arn egic Sleei. A,cord- Shol s were fired. an d aflcr il
a llow ing 1'01' Ihe direci ci ccl ion in!! III Willi,,,,, ahl1 ·, lIi.\lOI',I' wa, ove r 10 un ion men and
of senalors and Ihe colleclion oj'Aml'ricClfI Lo/wl', Ihe United Ihree Pinkerlon, we re dc"d.
of a prog.ressive income ta x. Slale, al Ihal lim" produced Eighl Ihousand Slme Iroapcrs
were pas:-:.cd by ongrc . . ..,. And abOU I ha lf of Ihe wo rld ', COI- were called in and ,urrounded
'Iale laws 10 limil hours of Ion. corn oil and copper: ahout Ihe workel'> . Afler sla rvalio n
\"lork and comba t ch ild-labo r a Ihird of ih ,ilver. pig irlll1 al1ll began 10 SCI in. Ihe worker,
expioila liu ll we re pal\scd <-Icros"i sh.:cl; iHld milc h 01' it !!. coa l. were forceJ 10 give "r.

Ontstlo. Quebec. Nova Scotia anti New ~Q\I\l\Ce 01 kM' a 54·
B ns 'ck (DominIOn ot hour at 510 weekty
ru WI . 1'" Fust U.S nalienal black labor group, Ihe Colored 111' Toronto Trades Assembly IOtm9CI; BnfiSh and 2S cants an hour
Nalional labor Union. meets In Wast1!I'IQIOn, 0 C , (;Olumt.al"'"' confederBIJOn , British Trade overtIme
I! lfrst stale (0 1 I
Nor1hwcsl Manitoba Brltl$h
Terr itor ies Sh ield Shield Columbia Shield

In 1894. a l the Pullman rail- di graceful place it would be if

road car company outside of not for o rganized labor.
Chicago. management again fC- AI the same time the IBEW
sorlcd 10 vio lence to squa ' h an was involved in it own fig ht. It
un til-then peacefu l strike. After never turned violent. but it was
wo rkers walked off the job to inlen,cly divisive and rc,ultcd
protest low wages and danger- in a faction of a ngry and dis,al -
ous working condition, . U.S . isfied members breaking aWaY
Allomey Ge neral Ric hard B. from the Brotherhood. Lcd by
Olney, over the objection of il- J. J . Reid a nd J.W . Murphy , Ihe
linois Governu r John P. AII - breakaway group initiated a le-
geld. called in 3.600 troops to ga l ballic and vied for legiti-
ISEW linemen. This photo .... Chicago. Troop intimidation led mac y for five years until mo"
tat", M.rch 10, 1914. to senseles, violence . wh ic h of the deserters me rged back
combined with heavy-handed . inlo the recogni zed. original
ant ilabo r Dun decisions to end Un! n .
the strike. Prior to the Reid-Murphy
Previously. in Hayma rket Split . a, the event was later 10
Square , Chicago , and la ler in be called. the IBEW was pros-
Ludlow. Culorauu. th~ lU I n of peri ng . Under thc strong. full-
the century aw manageme nl- time leadership of Gmnd Presi-
backed . antilab r troops openly dent Fmnk J. Mc ulty and
gun dow n defenseless workers. Gmnd Secretary Peter W. Col-
Many \ ere killed. many morc li n . the Brotherhood had ex-
\ ere injured ; but the labor panded it. mcmber.hip and
movement continued . If any- con,olidated and centralilcd it.
thing. the,e managemcOI-spo n- s tructure. But lingering prob-
,orcd massacres only ,trength- lem, temmi ng from the grow-
Some of the 3,600 federal troop. cned labor's reso lve and ing rift between inside wiremen
NIII by U.S. Allomer General
pointed out to the world what a and outside linemen . combined
RIch.ttI OIMy to the Chtc.go
the ""'ght of the
PuUm.n slrlk. of 1894.
with " er anal differcn c,. Icd
to a call in 1908 fo r a 'peci,"
convention . Rumors . specula-
( (/I//;I/lled 01/ Page 10)
' .. ~.
• l

J • II
Canadian Red Ens ign New York North Carol ina Rhode Island
(1924 -1 965) Became State , 1788 Became State, 17B9 Became State, 1190

E Pluribus was on legislation; its fo remost

commillee deal t with legislation; and
Unum-The Birth that commi ttee's chainnan was
Sam uel Gompers of the Cigar Mak·
Of a United Labor ers Union.
Allhough this federation wasn't
Movement quite as effective as it wanled to be.
it de finitely knew the most impor'
s readers have probably noted in
A this history series, the timeline
has been tracing labor and North
tant matters affecting America's
working class_ For example, its lead·
ers passed a resolution asserting
American history from as far back that "eight hours shall constitute a
as the 15th century. From as early leg al day's labor fro m and after May
as 1648, trade unions in th e United I , t 886," and encouraged its affil·
Slates and Canada have been ad- the Knights of labor in 1869. Main· iates to direct their organizations to
vocates for workingpeople-Lrying taining strict secrecy until 1878, the sup port th is goal. Another principle
to improve wages, worki ng condi- Knigh ts was com prised of skilled which demonstrated the astuteness
tions and the slandard of living. and u n skilled workers_ I n fact. of FOTLU's leaders was the need to
In the first quarter of the 19th membership was open to ali- fann- abolish the " m en only" philosophy
century, several unions cam paign- ers and small-business people in- of organized labor prevalent at Lhat
ing to reduce the workday from 12 cluded-except lawyers, bankers, lime. In 1882 the federati on wel-
hours to 10 considered Da nding sto ck.broke rs. professional gam- comed "all wo men's labor organi-
together for the purpose o f pro - blers and persons involved in the zations .. .on an equal fool ing." In
moting common goals for working- sale of alcoho lic beverages. Suc- rather unreserved language Ihe AFL
people. cessfu l railroad stri kes againsl the Convenlion in l 894 adop ted this
While the number of loca l union Gould lines contributed to the pop - resoluti on: "Women should be or-
organizations grew at a steady pace ularity o f this organization, which ganJzed in to trade unions lo the end
during the m id· 19th century, sev· clai med nearly 750, 000 members they may scien tifica lly and perma·
eral unions in different trades con- in its heyday. But the skilled and nently abolish the terrible evil s ac·
solidated into citywide federa ti ons. unskilled workers in its ranks be- companying Lheir weakened. unor-
In 1834 workers in five cities met came disillusioned with th e group's ganized state; and we demand they
in New York Ci ty to form the Nalional vague structure, the o fficers' dislike receive equal compensa tion wilh
Trades' Union, the United Slates's for strikes, and the relia nce on fu - men for equa l services performed."
fi rst attempt at countrywide un in- ture social progress rather than But slill many trade unionists-
cation. This organization, however, building and running a union or· Gompers, for one, and Peter J .
was shortlived; the nnancial panic ganization. McGuire of the Brolherhood of Car-
of 1837 wiped it out. But attempts Thus, th e scene was prepared for penters, for anolher-believed the
at unifying the American trade union the birth of a down·to·earth, prag- time was ripe for reorganizing the
movement continued. matic trade·union federation . One g rou p and maki ng it more effective.
The National labor Union arose which wou ld lead the Datue for long· On Decem ber 8, t886, they and
in Ballimore in 1866 as a confed - range working-class objectives as well some other delegates gathered in
eration of several national trades' as the everyday functions of unions. Columbus, Ohio, 10 begin the trans-
assemblies-printers, machinists, Delegates from the carpenters, formation of the federalion in to the
stone cutters, to name a few- rather cigar makers, printers, merchant new American Federation of labor_
than na tional craft organi zations. seamen and steel workers, among The AFL's 300,000 members in 2 5
However, this group tended toward other lrades' and Industries' repre- unions faced a disturbing period of
social refonn rather than trade-union sentatives, met in Pittsburgh on No- discord and struggle. But the new
objectives and eventually lost the vember 15, 1881, to create the Fed· labor group was determined to sur-
support of the craftsmen_ The death eration of Organized Trades and mo unt the challenges facing it rrom
blow was dealt by Ihe economic labor Un ions. II based its consti - a ll side&-lhe public. the police, the
depression of 1873_ tulion on that of the al ready- well· militia a nd the employers-in order
Philadelphia was the location of eslablished British Trades Unio n to furlher U,e goals of American
the founding o f the Noble Order of Congress. FOTLU's principal focus workingpeople.

IN' United Brothemood of Carpenters and Joiners ' . .2 BdcJdayers organl2.e m Han-ulton ..... ~illS Act creates lirsl U.S. redefal 1alXH'
organIZes in HamlilOn. Toronto and St bureau.
Catharines: Federatlon 01 Organized Trades al"od ,NJ Toronto Trades and Labour Counctl welcomes
Labor Unions is organized (forerunner of the firsl women delegates . members of the Female
Amerk:an Federation 01 Laoorl. Shoe·Fihers.
, ,

Vermonl Kentucky Tenne ssee Ohio

Became Slate, 1791 Became Siale . 1192 Became Stale , 1796 Became Siale, 1803

rColI/il/lled [rom PII!i" 18)

tion and olltright lie, were
printeo in letler> circulated
around the I BEW by dissident
Wit hout following proced ures
set out in the IBEW Cons titu-
tio n, the,e tii" ide nt force>
called a ,pec ial co nve nt io n 10
be he ld in SI. LOlli s . Pre iden t
Me 1I ity reru.eti to recug niLo
this unconstitutional conve ntion
and called on me mbers no t to
Angry workers In Sayonne, New Jersey . in 1915 robel against hoavlfy aImed,
allend . A good number of brutally fOfce ful strikebreakers employed by antilabor management. The s"i/(e
members. however. did allend: breakers chased strikin g workers around the city. /ir;ng Indiscriminately. Three
and they ele ted J.J. Re id a workers were killed, and hundreds were shot and beaten.
president and J .W . Murphy as
ecretary . Both Pre ident Mc- 1911 and reelected a ll princ ipal the hearts and mtnd, of the
ulty and the Reid· I urp hy officer"," , Bllt the uivi"iion was peoplc . In thc 18th century Ihe
grollp followed by filing ,uit hurting both ide, very badly. American Revolution .•md
again t the OIher to prevent the Finall y. on March 21. 191!. again in the 19th centu ry the
taking of I BEW propeny and Judge Phillip in ruy;!ilOga Industrial Revolution. tr,lIls,
as et they both c1 .. imcd a County. Ohio. ourt decided for med the Ame rican political
their own. thc claim to IBEW a"el, in fa· and economic la nd, apc. l3 ut
Pre,ident Ie lilly appealed vor of Ihe AFL-rccogn iLed. nO I unti l the <oc ial revolution
amuel ompe," and the Mc ulty- Ied group. The j udge of the 20th ce ntur y did labor
American Federa tio n of L.abor. held tha t Ihe spc ial convention leader' a nd so ial reformers be-
which gave the original union ea ll d by the Reid- M urp hy rac- gin 10 win Ihe heart, (Inci mind<
it s ble sing a nd suppon. On tion wa::, lIncon~lil ul io n al. and of the American w rking public
scvcnal ccasion~ Prc"iuent therefore a ll ac lio n, take n by a nd begin the real fig ht for
Mc ully arra nged to have the that rival group were neit he r Ic· wurkcr~' rigll b am.! ~ucia l ju:,·
AFL sponsor mediation fo r the gitimate no r propcr. By the tice.
Brot herhood. But the Re id· 12th onvention held in Bus ton The 1I3EW . now known m.
Murp hy group refllsed to abide tn IYIJ. most of th e d isse nting " T he Union f Hearts and
by the ag reeme nt reac hed Reid- M urphy me mbe rs had re- Mind,," pu ll ed it elf throug h a
through arbitrat ion. And de· joined the Bro therhood. Prc.i· difficult and div i ive time. l3 y
pite the difficultie cau cd by dent Mc ulty wa ree lected; 1914 it wa, again a un ion whole
the Fa t th, t neither ,ide had a nd he worked wilh the newl y and prosperou. dam lived 10
aece» to the IBEW treasury . e lected ecrcI<Jry . C harle!> P. see the gains of hi> politi al
and therefore no operating Ford. to mend the wounds revo lut ion. Today, organiLcd
money. both side, tried to cau,ed by the .plil. labor is s till fighting Ihe social
carryon the normal runctions John dams ,,,id in order For revo lution begun 70 year aftcr
of the electrical uni n. Bolh a revolution to be suc cssful Adam,' dea th . America' - third
called thetr wn conventions in the rcvoiulionaric)' m ll~t win revolution i not over yet.

.!1IpICt bull.Ol:SHS for labour-law ~lOlallOn$; Trades .... Fitst u.s federal labor law enacted: applied only
and Labour Congress formed-fJrst oatJaoaJ IabouT to raltroads, It provided for arbitralJOn snd
organlzllien In U S. Hlymarw;.t prnldentJal boWs 01 investl9CltJOn
OCCUI'I dlmons.ltatJon
OFFICERS rind espeC iall y to D:in McQuaid who

ANNOUNCED LOCAL LINES headed up the cnlirc program at the

Charles Fox was the winnerofthe
L.U. 12 {1.u&rthJ. l' l1EULO. CO- Hrlwaii an holldny in the rome: (I mw-
An Electrical Workers' Adv~ncc· ing: the totnl monies cont ributcd dur-
men I Program WliS III'p rovcd ~md IlUI illS the momthon werc $1, 190.820
inlo action due 10 thc nonunion's (Ihe electrical contribut ion accou nt-
lough compclltion. It 's been rOllgl1 Ing for appro imll tdy SII.OOO of this
for our membtt~ Bnd 1heir fllmil i e~. amouiltl .
Many members hllVe traveled 10 other We're huplOg all of our members
jurisdic tio l \~ looking fur v.'orJi. We [Lre bllck to work ..0 we c&n put OLl I
Ihank our si~ler locals fur helping u., fl cu ll 1(1 (Jtlr sister locals fo r assisl-
in lime uf need . lUlCC '['he lt1clIl'~ fo urth job stewMd
The following arc Ihc resul ts from lmining, el M S was. schcduled for late
I~rc~. I1nnlcl TtlU~~UI[It,
our elect io n; /\ pril .
Vice Pres. Manon Stanich.llus, MGr,· The local's I\nnual picnic will be
Fin. Sec. Darwin McCurry. Ket. Sec. held tit the F,:(llle'!trian Ce nter In Up-
Victor Tenorio, Trca~. Ft.'lnklln per Mo.rlhoro. MD. on ALlg. 4.
Kinder. We Wish 11 h~lppy relire ment 10 Leo
With sorrow we rum()lIncc the r'C- nOmnl. Darliel De,monu and Ralph
lircment orour offki: 5etre_lary. Ellz· ·mllh.
abet h "Pal " O.,klcy. Pat was work- W~ ' re ~adde n eo 1(1 repol1 the pa ss-
in@ for thc local in 1960 when our 109 of Lester Cox. Kirk Sample and
I:lOOr temple burned c(llIl pJelcly. she e htlrle, Sulhya n, Oll r heartfelt coo-
served in five differe nt lociliions and dolences 10 their fami lies and friends.
World h... dqulr1er. or Ike u .s. FldelltV end Gua(lnl" L.1l. Inlurl nee Co. (Local 24 ,
WOl'ke~\ undcr f<Hlr diO'erC"1 bllsmcs" JOHN P. WtL)lINt::R ill. .. I1.M.
Baltimore, MD).
managers . Pat. on beh{IJf of the mem -
bers ilnd officers. we Wish ~'QU tne
be " in you r Ictll1:mC"L Cum e .,.i~11 FOREMAN PRAISES M .T . Heinbuch. 65 yC'ar~: f.e.
us: we: all will miss youl Fleisc her and W _f\ . Pnr~LJn , (,,0 rel!r';
L OR I Dl' I..I,;I-IAl·IC P.S.
WORKERS 1. H. Carey. E. Ely, R. Johnson. c.J.
Langlu!l. T C. M althcl\\ :moJ 'I .A.
L.U. 24 (I.~ p a,t-.'i&cal") . OAI.TI- Miller. 50 ycar\.
MORE • .''11 When general forem,m It '~ with ucc~,t s~wro ..... we PIlY
BIll 1.Al II!iinger ,aid. " T he men lIT1 11tH b:.t tribute of respect III the
this job life oU I ~t;mdHl8," his word~ memoql of Bros. J(Lme~ E. Moore
of prlli"c shoy,.ed 1m appreciat ion fo r illni Robert l)unninglol1 who pa .. ,cd
the line job done by our Brot hers away on Fe-b. 4 and Feb. 24. respcc-
working for Brl)wTl and Helm al Ihe til/el y. We c,\tcnd clJ ndlJlcncc' \('1
USF&G MOll nl W~l,hington Cent er. their fami lie, .lnd friend.,.
The world hcadqunn cr\ of the Fi- GA~ Y P. l>iHsrlI'lNN I , P.S.
delity and OUllnHll ee Life I n~urance
Co. will be occupying !he twin three-
'tory blJ ildms, lit the Ualt imorc \.OClit 42, Hart,ord. CT, :lS-y,u r mflm-
RETIREES ARE ~r. Ed May.n. tnd Oeorge Brede.
Count y .,ile. J:.1cct ric<!1 wark On the
job WIIS more than $7 million whid\ PRICELESS
Included m(ltQm:cd ~hadcs: '\.000 un- AWARDS NIGHT
der-carpe t receplacles: 3,000 Illy-in L. . 26 (I.l'!i&m!), WASIIIN(;TON,
L.ocal 12 , Pueblo, CO, (1IlIrlld 0,"1;11 flxlurc\; JIIl ~t Ihll u "n nl.l ~ of high-hal UC- T hc 10c:lI h:1~ hnu muny mil- A SUCCESS
aecretary Pat Oakle-y. IIllhh , Al ih l)enk the j ob employed standi ng people apply for the ~chol­
42elc.r:triclll workers who pUl in mnn~' tlrship !,\w(Lril, tlml we In.lOk them f(lr 1".U• ..a 2 (O,CI11,CJII'·,rlb&.ovt ), Ht\ RT-
Illllg UIIY' to complete the: job ill le,~ their p~rl icip:Llion. The: cummittee I"ORO. 1'- The loca l held its an nual
LOCALS JOIN thrln IS month.'!. Congralull\1I0n~ 10 hasn't made a seJc:ctil1n fo r thi s )'ea r'~ aw"rds night nnQ dinner-dunce in
Lill I' Srut her':. for Iljob well-done . aW~Hd-the winner will he li n- "'·IMCh. We ho.d a large tlirnOllt, and
FORCES In Februnr)' Bus. Mgr. Berni<: Eb- nounced in the Augu st issue (If the i t Wtl ~ II "relit opponunity to see old
bcn~ (lPJ'lOL01eO H ank HCl SC :1' an IBEW 10111'11111. lricnr.h lind meet new Onc~,
L.U. (g I ll), 1.0,1; /\ NGJ..tES. c}\ - ~l\si S l<lnt bllsine~s agl!nt. Bro. I-Icise The Ret irees lub hos been ex- We presented 100 service awurd s
Our local is gearing up for comract will in churge of llrgllTllz.IIl8 _ Eight t remci y bu,y vU!lInh::enn~ thell' ~l!rv· Iv member~ with 10, I ~ , 20 , 2S and
ncgoiiatiol1'l wjth foUl of Ollr cmploy- member, nttend ed :In organ izing ices helping wi lh the Lcukemia Ra- )(1 year~ of scrvice. The highlight of
erS--ftlil c:o nt ract~ with two ('If them ~cmi n ar conductc<l by Special PI'OJ - diothon . Our !·ctll·ee.. fire II 'PCClllt the cvcmng wn, the nward given to
IIno wflgc rCO(1enct'~ wl lh the othe r eelS D lr. Mike LUCit \ . group---alway rCfldy and wlll inH to Ollr members wllh ove r 3~ years of
IWO. The following f'C tlrecs wcre aWlIrclcd hdp OUI when they are needed O~II 'erv i cc ~ George Brede, Lewis Li n-
Drmn O' Arty i ~ vur new t'l 1I 'j.ir\ C~~ ~c r . . icl.\ pim : P Wynu, 70 )le;tr~; ~in~e re than ks 10 them fo r thei r hclp. qui~t. Edward Maycllc and Mel . . Yn
rcpn:senll.ltiYe . Brillrl had workeu for BIl llard . I'he local Wlt~ proLl(I to honor
Engineers and Scientim MEUA, 19 I'ct ircc!o lind present gl,llJ lI) EW
AFL-C IO. for 10 ),cap•. Wc",'c been W[ltches for their many YClirs of oed-
shoTt-handed for ~ix momhs. kntil) n ,Lnll ,crvice. We Were equally
Wc havc [l prublem fig hlmg the Ie. proud to \c(: ~o Innny apprentices
large investor-owncd utilities in Cal- in lIUCndltnCC whl) a,sure u.. thlu th i~
ifQrnm over Ihe 1~"lleS ofb~rT'chfl ndlng hiGhly re~pce l cd tmdition will con-
transmissiM vo lt a(!e~ find t'Ubbc r tllllle .
gloving.i n c~ce~~of7,500 \'1)1\ ,. Local ThIS hilS been II hecl ic ye ar for the
1 24 ~, Wnlmll reck:. CA, lind POE local With Il lmQ,l all of ('Iur contmets
hr....e negothucd II lent:\li\'c ngrel:- up for n:nc.wnl. We will be in nego-
ment concerni ng thc~c hsuc, .\nd fll'C tlli t i on~ ..... nlt Con necticut Public
!loi ng to jO intl y pelillon the sillte for Tel ev l ~ion. Vermont Public Tcle-
~ Vill;flncc to perform th e work. Lo~ vl'iion, Eill ptipar Mll nufacwr;ng and
cals 18: 47. Diamond Bar: und 46S, the l(,wn of W:\te rtown Police Dis-
Su n Dicl!o. oppo~c ttll ~ uud will C M ~ patcher:. . w e're 11150 add In,!!. mo re
1inuc It) fi~h t to prevent il fr{lm be- clane\ for our construction mcm·
~omlllg la .... in rllifornilt. her'! . tlt'preOliccs find Journeymen 011
The l ocill'~ f,lmily picnic wa~ held DOT lice nsing., transformers, pole
on May 12 at KnollS Ilerr)l rtlrm climbing , hut,tLck lind fir~t aid . We' re
wil h llpproxinmtcl y S.OOO peQplc 111 looking forward 10 the continued good
;)ul!nd[lnCc. Loc.1 26, W•• hlngton, DC, offlc~r' .nd \rHfltl'lallonal Repre •• nlatl .... po •• lithe- work lInti 0111' barbeclle on Aug. 18
EDwl'lltn L. BI'I KPM, (l .S. clIOtga Melny Cen!er after lin orgonlzlng class. JA M ~S D. F RASB R, P.S.

IBEW .I0URNMjJ UN 1990 21

betS back to worL.
WORK FORECAST MClfopolimn Airport has major
LOOKS GREAT work schcduled "'nn Do new lerminaJ
and possiblYa ~t.'rvice hangar. Grear
I..ll. 46 (l,tln ,rl b ,rts&sll.ll), S.:/\ 1'· Lakes Sleel h;llf a new coke ba uery
TLf.. WA-There's a window of op· planned. and Detroit Welslt.' Trellt·
portun lt y open rorour local. We have: 1111:111 hiil~ all aJ ..Mio,)ll plallncd , Sllmc
a chance to t'tvitali7.l: oursclvel and hlgh·rises, Ihe I·h ne, BUIlding and
becorne the $trong anoJ po.....erful or- Riverfront Apartments should help
iuniu llon y.e need to be 10 enh;lI1ce OUI 1be commerCIal sc(;ment of our
our job conwtioM and standard of industry.
livma. There i ~ more! work in our There seems 10 be a 101 of small
conslructlon and marine units, and v.ork-mo~tly ml I Jxhe\e Ihal w ith
~e -rc dOing s large share urlhis wutk our-membershIp' e\pcrienc:e and ex.·
Ourmcmbtrship isgrowina , ..... Ith Ihls pertlse:, we ("W
,1n have Itn Impacl on
growth comes hnancaal health . Ihat ponion of Ihe morket . If our
We hllVC organized new s hop~ IImJ local conuactor acti",elYPUf"5ut Ihis
workel'1 . Thi ....ill bring ne ....' 1iIrcnillh I>mall work . <:oupled with Ihe lHEW' s
10 our local Our ne ..... l) orgnmlcd orp.nili ni drive, the goal or increas-
mcmbc", wiU kno\\. Ihc adv8nlaacS Ing our share will be realized ,
of ~I", a umon because they !ut\'c Wnte In Bro Brucr: Woolndge 10 tribtJte to their me:1nOf)' b) e\prcs.sma:
~pericnccd me other side. We ~el·
lei hIm know Ihe .....ork he'~ doin& l'lo 10 Ihelr families our hean(elt wm·
come our new mcmben. The new ~ cll 'RPrrec""te:d If)'oo don't koo\\'- pa'h~ .
bops ha\c ,""ork In pro~rtll ~. and him. }IOU cOIn .sk :Ul) nonunion con·
Ihc)" feci thc advanUl.8c of h"vml a GOOD TURNOUT t(lelor or eicclncian; for bC"s inlrl>-
R, W MII~Ht!.Il. . P.
bl.rae J)CIOI of qualified v.orke~
If Ihc (eaDomic ro~asl! are cor·
AT MIlliNG duc.:ed Ihem all 10 ItIc local You eM
let Bro. Woolridge know that )'00 THE APPRENTICE·
rect, OlIr area Will have pro~pen\y I~•• 60 (1)1 SAl' ANTO:"lIO. TX- suppon him b)' ufTenn~ your aSSist .
for. couple more yean. Lcl ' ~ IJ~C On Feb. 1.5 al the retirees meellng, ance . RATIO CHALUNGE
wjvanlB~ Oflhls opJX>nlJnlly imd aet 50- and 5~ -ycar plR~ ~erc presented , Congmtuhillon 10 our nev.-eM
our aCI IOicther so v.e can ~calhtr FiOr·year pini ..... c~ prestn1ed to mem~l'!.; Ronald Gnn~a:'l . Marl to . 90 II&fl1l). ,SE\\ II VEN.CT-
lhe: nUl ,,10"" penod . If ~c all ~orl.. \: a1ler Gerlach and Geof1e Wi«:h· Bennlen, f\h chael r1otia. MJ('hael Work in the area conllnue~ to be
at II. VIC can be a stron, unIon kin. ilnJ 55·)cII. rlU~ v.crc Illc'locnlcd Campbell. Dnid PelT) . Jolin Kaup- \Iow. bUl lhankfully our sislcr locals
P'ERJII LH \lI LI Lit . PS 100ay Richn:" . HO'oloaru Lewis, GiI- pine, We 1lI~ congratul:ue our new· tu"c bc:en able 10 help u ~
benKri:. hande 0 Rcc\e.!. . Agood e,l JUUrne)'men Ron Jdfer), . Jeff Wc're con\incina thc Connetlk.:ut
lurnout wu, on hand to (Iljoy the: Broda-en. Ronald Grin~, lkentcc 1c&,!.Ii~tors o[ the supenontY of the
DRUG1UTING pr('~nta l lOn~ and Ihc e'(cdlcnl fes- " M :lt" M it;. 0) 19EW's o.pprenllce pm&fUm Onte
b\1Ues. We IIrc c~tremely prood of Our SCH:nlh Annual ·Fall Plemc a8mn the eller- trenllhentn, non-
IN EFFECT Ihest fine Brother; und UICnd our will be held on Sept 22- union element In the ,Iutc I' trylhg
c::ongnuulation~ 10 lhem. Tbc: officeI'!. Imd members e .~lend to change the presenl rauo jlhrce
I.. V• .UJ fI .rls.nn&rtb). IJQR11~ I\NU. CongrnHll rlllQn~ {1I~o to IDc finc
OR-We have rec:ei"ed I ne~ . four· Ihclr hcanfell rmpalh)' 10 Ihe fam· jOumc}m.afJ Wlfli:mCQ to onC' u"preo-
)'ear c onlnet from 1M CI R. The jir;;1
classoffoul'lh ' }ie,u appre:nllCe5. Spe· Ihe':md fnend 'IC ofSms. w.e.
"Re(l " uee I 10 one journeyman\\. Ireman 10
dal recogmlJon aoc~ to Raul Calde· pcars lind W.C , CaC'l"t\way ( ret\l'~d). three Il pprenUce ~ The \I~"e Q( Can-
year mcludt~ Ii \\'t\gc incrt.. 'IoC of 9~ ron as the OUI,t!1oI1dlng Al'lprc:nllCe or Remcmber 001'" ~huHns. and I 'U ee nccticul's lUI for Journe) ....... n ....1R-
!;C'nl ~. 1. 10 thesceond, and the third
the Year. rc:pre\enllng the local 10 you at Ihe ntxl unIOn meellng rn;m pro"es liIal beller- lhan 90 rer-
and rourth )-aJ"S an: open lhe Slate c:omfICUilon.
All or our members ~orklni under RA Y M£\·I;.Il:> . .. ctnl ul18EW -Inuned 8 rprenlM:~ Ire
\Vorl. IS I>lill ~Io~ m Ihls area ~ pa sina lhe stale tCSI. \10 hlle Ib!lo ,tun
Ille In... de Agreemenl v. III ta ke a you at the ne)[1 meeting
nund.lIof') drus le:.1. Our caollo'1l'"l 30 peKenl of open-shop apprentl I!.:!o
Commltlet; bas been ~orkmJl hfU'd Ro'oj LEE. P.S, BRO. REDDY arc rOb mg.
00 the: l"n£u~ to be u~d Thc (,,,' Tht t\\ H &" en BllIl.Jlllf TIiU1c!o .
te,! """,11 probably be: In JI.II)' . There
SALInID Stale AFL-CIO and Ctnlml Lnoor
ure a 101 orchange.-. 10 ollr Heuhh RESOLUTION Council have Bolten togelher ~ilh
lInd Welfare Fund and a fe~ t'n pen. L,ti. 86 II.m.fern '.!ipal. ROCII E • the IB E \ local .. m the ~IOIC: 10 com-
~ ion l.C. 6-1 (I). \'0 l\G~TOW~. 0 11- n OR. \Y ·[)unng Ihe COD tn trltOn b:u thi§, uantt~!IosiU')' change J81:,W
It' with deeJ'C!!.1 regrct Ilk Qfficcr$ of IrondeqUOlI Mall • .d Iife·lhTCdlen - Journeymen wiremen arc far uperior
Wc 'rr: gelling H:r') inH)l\ell '" the::
and membcB n:pon 110M recOl"d Ihe inS aCC;lIknl occurred lO\lol\'1ns a rel- In man) 'w ay s 10 open-'lihOPJoomcy-
1'190 elecllOns Ihrough our rAC. The:
death of Earl Wyldm , "true and loyal 10.... \II!)r"CJ and membeJ of the men, and 1oI.e: must con!lotanll) , Im 'e
PAC mcmbers are Inlcrc-..ed '" lhe:
member. DunnA hu, lI(cllme he made Plumbc", and Finers; local 13. Pelcr 10 l,;omlllCC and pro\e thl'"1 10 the
f1C!l1ple "'-no an: runnlni ror cle don
m ,m~ friend .. "'" !x,wlll not (ol'le( hIm. Tlk:c"'rdlo Hm Tucc~lIo fell from many indlvjdual:.OUllhcR .. ho don 't
in our ,Iatc Our P.A.C mane)' 1\ ~CITt.
We eXlend fO h" famil) uur he.lrtfelt 11 l4Klder nnd utTered 3 M!rloU.!l he.td kflll .... thiS.
'fpcnlon friends of labor In Ihe :'lillie
ICIJ\lalll~ and gm'emor's "",c. Wc're
symp:lth) 1l\J llry . he ~" .. b&c:edmg and "ubsc· uppon ~our unK,n .... hcnc\·er tlnd
WIt..lt""1 Ln>l:.'II, S.M .-F,S. qucnll) went InIO :.hock. Allhls pOInt tlQwe\icr)'ou can. It·, yourli"ellhooll
prepared 10 spend as much mo ney
•Lnd time 3 5 poSSlblC 10 gel resulu,
UU I mCl1lhl!l . Sru . Ronald Rcddy who ,1\ Slake .
'A'a' 'Aorl..1n8 on the .!Iccond \C!vC!l ,
Our dues checkoff i~ geuHlll ~mc
.....Ol ~ ~·"lIed loadmmlsle rfirsl aid. Oro.
good rt'..\ult~ , but v. e Wish ~'e could STAND BY YOUR R~d)· Ireilled f'eter for ~ hock and
JCI more rncmbc:rs In\'ohcd Ple<l~
\uflPUn ,;our PAGLOPL Wilt!. IlrM CREDIT UNION \Iablliu d him unul lhe 3mbul<lllCe LOCAL REUSHES
.lfn'l!d Bro. TucClan::1l0 ......, In II
IUld moRCy . ",hich I~ 10 )our advlln-
L.U. 80 (i,u.rb &.spa), \ORFOLK, eorna for sc'en days and in I~ h'h - SUCCESS
Tht work here i ~ good, and ""'II.! VA-The: 20th Annual Credit Union Pltut f!)re lghl .... ech li e IS rec:o'cnn,
Dmner M C'ehllJl; .... ll' held I>n "hrett at home \\i1h d,ul}, ompaltenl "'I'lolb lo\l. 112 (I), KEXNE.WICt{ , W
enlllcJ use orne htlp mllnnlna the
lJ al lhe Diamond Club In M~t Pari::. 10 ne:uro rehllb We Illi wisb tum I.Iocll tn Mark el Rec:o\ler)! Pr08ram IS
Job"i v.e runc , If }I1U pl.1n IU V I ~ II.
There .... 11<; a good turnout 10 (lUoy UrI) Rcdd~ • .l~ }iC;I ~ of .Igl!, I'" \1 bc£IIIUlng to be u~cd . We: were .\u •
flle;lse bnng a good a llitude : nnd
thi: fC5 livi li C:5 and the MtcHIf1H. 20-}cur H'lcmn uf the Ridge Cu lver I.e,,\ru lm wmlllng tI <;Ilenble comrv.ct
remember Ihe rules Qf Ihe "'Ad
A petilion ..... II~ cll'Cuhued to lei our Fire Dep;inm~nI olnd :.ervc:!o II ~ 11\ - IIglllnSI three of our lOp compelilors
S. GI ST f~ . II,S, k};;~ll1lul:!O in W.s,llIlIiIUIl knuw u ur ~1'iII"1 ducf. JIt- hilS around 20.000 In Ull ..rea wc've lo .. t w nanunlon
feelings aboul any nl:'\Io· l" ..... 5 Ihnt nrc \OIUnlCCf hour!> .!hd I~ hIghly Iralned ~hop~ . W~'re using Ihe ElgIn I and
de\rimc1'I\a\ \() the nah~n ' " credit In fit\lllio . Wc' re thankful for ROil' .!. 11 "\;10. which Sl'cm~ t !iuit our
WORK SCENE UHlQns. Thl." banklnS Industr)' would a\."'ln ~ Imd h i.:> dcdlClil ioll 10 hc1 r ln¥ necds. I[' t; hopc:lI thai our mcmbers'
IMPROVED IIkc !'rell it umlln'IC to b,u llhem 0111 of o l her~ We .alute aU of our union l.:onfidence in the pro;ram and Ihe
It!i self' lnfUc tcd problems lis repre· Rr(ll he l' Ilnll S I~te:T"' ..... ho \'OIUnleer admlnisleri ng of 1\ \\111 gro ..... "' we
l .U. 58 li.fDl.spa&rtbl . Df.TROIT. scnl;uives nrc loh b~'lng 10 tll"\ our counties.. hours In \'ilTiOU:'l org:\nwl expenence: more succes .
MI- This .... mlerwru. one or ille slov.· (red" unio ns Itnd to Incorporale our Ilon ~ Whe:re ..... ould .... e be V.lthoul On Memorial DBY ~e remembered
c~, we 've seen in a w hile . Our l.Iut fcderal ere"h! union In~UJ'U fice mlO Ihem" Iho~ who roughl for Ihe bounl )! we
of·work h"t "tllye.d \wolmd 100 F'",.. \hcir Fedef'o\\ I.X~I\ Insurance. . If \I't; With dccj'les\ sorrow and !'tRr!:t cruey todiJ.~, We hn"c 1(l~1 gr(lu nd In
lU II.lIel)' . Ihere 3rc \Ome blR projects you didn't sign I III ~ putillOlI. plell~e WI; rccord Ihe: denth of Bro~. D"v/d uur ~tnndll rd of liVing In Ihe last rew
comms up lhal should put our mern· do so or wrlle your leglslalors. Koren [lml Fn:d K :l ~e nliin We 1"(1)' yenr . BUI if we ctln re vive Ihe vnlUl.!s


FrDn'l ten. l oc"r 150. Waukegan, 1L, pickelers Steve Vore, C.J. Freeman, Sob P.sul
l(K:.l11 12, Kennew!ck. WA , IPllrlntlc••. ./1110 Bu". Mgr. Btll Yuknll

and solidarity of our beginninJl,\. we disc ipllncs of hUn\:l nit ies and phy ~ i· On March 31 th.:: local h"ld j tlt fi r~ I ' OperatinG l2~in eers' Local ISO and
can regll.in our rlghtftl l place a, '.'lII Ct: \: aJ li nd wein l ~c ic ne c , Ou r npl)rCIl- I!'.'cr iJllltxJ dnve-H nH!mher... their Local 1711 hnve Pecn picketlllg t he
of thc workingpeoph: and regain loS! lice~, upon eomplcl ion or fOll r yC;tr~ .. pouse, .1IId lr.lYc!Cfo; participul ed j plant si nce Decemhe.. 1989. Since
ground. m Ihc H: .A, I , Pn)gmlll, will be ((ltd allot her :!,l l11!1dc <lon l lti o !l ~ III the Ihi,:n thc: plan' hll~ bC'en litemlly closc..'d
The ~c h oo l )'crll' is at ,ItI e nd fo .. awtlrd cll S2 cl'c,llt hOIll~. The H:· hlood b.lnk duri ng lilt: week . II WiI:. down. The nonunion Contr.'l CtOni htJve
our apprentices who will be jo med mu intl'll! 16 ercdlt hou rs mu ~ t be tlikel1 lIJob well-dont' "y BrllIn Fndny find len, :tn.:llhc: lJuilding Trades Council
Ih l ~ 1'.. 11 h)' a n(:w fi r~l,ycli r Chl'~. ill sped lk MtbJech 1(1 cOlllr)ly with the P;WI Jt: ~~ ~Hl(f of UIlI It!u BI()ud h m~ellllg with Loncstar. The ulllon:..
This is Ihc firM lime in severnl years the requ irements of MVCC M well Service",. ~e n! tI \olid message to Lonestar thaI
we' ve: had a clll.s~ in ull fOll r yea r... u.. the 1 1l i 1t 1l1~ Board 01 Higher hl Ll- For the thlnl con..ectl tl"' C: ycur, llur ..lilY. We thllnk all the Brolhers and
The local nlOllrn ~ th e death of Ihe cntion . loeOl I punicirmted in the Mrlrc h of Sislers who marc hed . We also Ihank
foHowmg members Hnd cxprcs~e.s T he I \I1U':. effort lind mllney ~ll\'ei.l D If"e~ WI1 I1.. Amcru,:11 on A['Irll :!9, the Picke l Commin ce for tiS hurd
sy m p;l.l h!· It~ IlH.:ir families and rl1en~!' : hy Ihl\ new pr'l)gr:1I1l (::\11 make Ihe Je l ry Wolmlllh !r.l!.rvcd r" chflin m'l n wl)rk " h l~ ne wl), r,)t"fllcd comm ittee
Malco lm Commct (a.eti'.'e) , OJ. Mus- difl'cn:nce. Our thnnks lin: cXlendcl.l fur Ihh wonhwhil c: ,· hllrit y. ha~ been moS! cfl'cctive.
singill. Clurcnec Singu la... John 10 the npp retlti ce trLI'itec\ foT' 'h ~i r At II gene ral meellllg UI O. '1'0111 Cllngrmtl l:l t\On~ 10 the Dinner·
Rodgers. Joh n MeC:lmenl , Cyrus pcrsi ..lence In dct\ling wilh lU I IE lind Curley pn:~cntl!d n talk conctmlnG Danc e 'omminec fo r another job
Grand lind t-Itlrv cy H;I II Iret ired). coming (Iut on ttlp with II ~c n efit uo r precll utilln ~ flllrcnh ~h(lul\1 tuke 11,1 wt.:l l-done , rhe locul 'S gOlfo uting will
WC·fl!. thrmkfu ] fl)( havi ng kno wlllne~ Ilh!mbers 01:1)' eJ1jn)' fo .. y!!:ar" 'rhet'c rnillimll.c vaccln~ drlm,llje to thc:ir be held Au~ . ~ al Green Gardt.:n
fine Brothers. are ongoing se mina ~ whert 'iWdenh ch ildren , The Inlk focll ~ed o n the Counlry Cili b. M orc detail s. will be
GRI::O M c: MuRI'HY , P.S. CUll receIve mforl1mtiun :lIlll .. Inrt Ihe r crl u~:,,, yw.:cm c 11111.1 I llc po ,~i bl e given:'1 the umun meeting and in the
proce ~lo. For fLlnhcrin formntiol1 eno- Crippli ng side crfecl!> of Ihc pcnu~s i s L'\oor Record. Do n't get inrormalion
UIC I Neil Coyle. Jerry Howell 0 1 Bl.lb component. The book, IJIrr_1 ShrHJI ~ccQ nd huIIIJ:
,mend union meetings..
AAS DEGREE FOR M d)~)n[jl~! at the Ap ple1l1kl!.,hip mIll" /)lIr~ . (11. 1~. CC)UItc!1 rUld U. L. I hc IIlIIon JIIc t: !i nK~ are held the ~ee ­
Sc hool 011 17081 ~89- 13 40 from 8 n.m, IhllTl'" Will be \'cry hclpl\11 tn pl1r- {lOd Thursday of the monlh.
GRADUATES to 4 p.m, en" . Oth el \IIfol m:Hl(IlI Clut be ob· lJlwn: R, BII. EAULT. 1'.5.
Ilull M (DONA I IJ . P.S. wined from I PT . 128 Dmm:lt Road.
L .U, 134 ( J.:l,)\'t , l ,e lll.l j rl~&~lllt) , C HI- Vlcllna, VA 22lHIl , thc I1 hone numher
AGO. II..-Artcr 18 mOlllh ~ of l1 e- h 170J) 93&·373K.
got i atlon~ with the IIlinoi~ Goard of Wllh ,ummer IIJl1..IIt 1I~, ~o arc Ihe
I-ligher Edw.:al lon. lhe ElettJ'iclll /\ p- STAND UP; BE FIRMI f,\i r!r., cntniwll .. and !)icnies. Don' t A STORM!
prent iceshlp Program Ilt Morui ne: IH"t \lIIcttd-'.'ohlnl ~ r! Your union
Valley Commlllll ly College: IS nflen ng L.U. 150 (l .clII,rt~& :'I )JI ),
WAUKE- and 1111 1I1l10m nced to be VI:.. lblc til LV. lOll (II ), ( [OAR HoM'IOS, IA-
an ailsoci:ue in applied science de- GAN . I For :-.cycml month:-. we Ihe pllt-.lic:. So pIli em your union h1ll . It will be r~mcmbered as the icc Slorm
gree. ThiS Iwu.ycar degree for cun- lmyc beell matUlIng 1111 mfurtn lltlllrltl i ,Iml , j nc-kef lIlld btJ!tuu ; lind hel p " r 11}1JO-it ~ tane<l Wednesda y, March
slruc lio n elect ricians not only knd s pickel at Six A ns~ Greut Amer'iell In you r (.:ornmun ity lind your uniun. 7. The ccntrol nnd west dislric ls were
credence 10 the qltahlYof lile cu rric- Gu rn ee. rhe IIlcm bcr~ nrc a ~k;n l! ~I J[ JOHN R. K OLAR. P. hil e~ t'Cdall y hurd. rhe Hooll c. J ef -
uilim taught 10 our ~lJ'l prerlti ee" blll or (Jur I3rol h c ~ and S i<\lcr~ for their ferson and Perry "tta~ called for
enables our :sllldcnts to pur,uc their W['Ipon by 1.x,ycollinG Ihe ,111111'4: e Xlni hei r'; lt nd 1111ion members from
edlll,:aliormi goal!> a~ t h i rd -Y~ltr ell 1- n)t:1lI PMK find by writi ng to Ih e j)M].: all Ilver Ihe company r eSpOnded .
lege students instclid of slnnmg OUI nlll.nugemen, eX ['lrc~~ tn g I heir fc c l lllg ~
PROTECTING Crew~ cume from Marshalltown. llnu.
a:. fre:.hmcn . ,lI1d Ci.i I1 CC fll~ , 1-'01' IhO-le With yOlt l \~ OUR RIGHTS Man e hc ~tcr. Belmo nd . I)eterson.
Right now the AAS will be olTered chIld ren. it will be Ii difficu lt choke; Lone Tree . Cedar Rapids , Fairfield.
to Emyonc who graduated frum the bu l 11 ':-. you r llllillil d,)II J lJ'~ )'ou wil l t .U. 176 n ,rb &511a), JOUfo:T. IL- Arm:.trong. I(Irm Lnkc , Ame/lo, Rol fe .
Residential Appre ntice Training Pro- be spending to help puy for II ral On Mnrch ;\ over 2.500 ulllon InIlJ CS- SlblC::y. Spirit L:.ke and many more.
grarn (f rom R A.T . I to the pre~cnt). co nlractor. P !c"~c Write to: Jilll Will ' pCllplc Ilmn.:heJ \11 O&h:~h)'. IL . III Su b ~l nllt)U, Gus :tnd ~'h!t t:r Oepts.
A t M VCC :my slud":n1 curnin& Ihis IrOOe. Presi dctll. Si;"\ Fllig~ GrC'nt prOlt:.l ov\!r Lo n c~tnr Cement hirirl[l alSQ pitc hed in: and by Sunday most
degree must l ak e 68 credit hours wil h Amenea. P.O. Box 1776,G ul'IIcc, IL 11t11l11OIOn c(llltmclurs HI II~ plnnl tel of lhe Job ~"'!lS done
a certa in llU moor of h Ull !" In I he core (,O())I. do over $14 million wOl1 h of wlJrlo; , I'e:oplc were §aying they had never

Locat 134, Chicago, II., apprenticeshIp Ichoo! Ioc:;"ed In WOl1h, tl. Somt 01 l ocal 17&, Jolt,t, tl . mctmber. 11 1M; reUy.

~c(:n anything hk(: It It Wi lt be re- WELCOME,
membered as the year the 34.5 line.
which wn5. never upPQscd to go MEMBERS!
dOwn. went down. and 72 structures
be nt over It ""as Ihe ~torm for new t.u. 170 (i&o). O,\K RIDGE, TN-
linemen coming 1010 Ihel r tlwn and Work in the jurisdiction has slowed
for veteran linemen to do their usual \0 Ib 10..... e ..1 point in man}' years.
best After a <;torm M.e this, thmgs Hopefull} wotk will increase whe n
will never be the same; and we don't OOE awa rd ~ the new contract in
Ju.'>t mean structurally. Good lImes, October.
iood friends and goodjob. Local ~04. Greg Ful\\'iler, KeVin Drown and
JEUV SUERT. P.S. Thomas Nance completed lhelf ap-
prentice hip requirements and be ·
The men who donated lime to the Matlll.". Cent., ...., Irom lett, kAMllng. OaY6d came member.. on Feb . 26. Bros.
Donahue (Horwllill Eleclnc Co. marke. deve l opel~ Ronald Seccn~ Robert McCallum, Manin Aslinger and WarTen Rodgcrs
ACHIEVERS Slmot'1 Mills; standing, Jost9h Marehe.. St.. Owen Mehle, RUIH! Geitt, Joa&ph were Inllll1led on March 12.
RECOGNIZED ..... rchese Jr. and Henry Rob ldu (local 208, NOfWalk, CT). We'n: ~ad 10 rcpor1 the dearh of
Bro. Chllrles " PmkY" Dayan
L.U.l08 (I), 'l(OR\\'ALK , CT-Work Feb . 16. Our !.ym pathy and prayer!>
in the are3 I gellini slower: many
miLlee fOr '<ening up the event Tom COMMITTED TO GO out 10 his family.
Harris. Joe Rogers , Denms DlmRlte.
thank<; 10 our OCIghbonng locals whu:h Tom Rilchie and MItch M3'>On EXCELUNCE Remember to buy union a nd sup-
arc helping us lind work. pon U.S. and Canadian products,
A~ I M ASO~ Jit PS
At !he )ATe's .nnual D"''ardS din- L . 258 (o&u1, \'A....COIJ'TF,.R.. 8.C.- J IM BUSKE/IISHIP. P.S.
ner. four 100 awards for the hlg.hhl Tmmmi!ioslOn line CT(:"'S from Van-
5CO'h acrue\ed \\ere pR'SCoted. Prts. cou\-er ""ere: called on to rc.mo\'e ice:
Ron Schlack pre~nted lhe Vmeent NEW LOCAL HOLDS
Sollicil0 Award to Tom Brcuel of the
from one ofOlir 500-KV hnes dUring ORGANIZE!
firsl-)'eaT cia, ... Tlu.. ll'WDru I" funded
FIRST EUCTION hed\)" !>1lO"" arK! ice condition~ . The
hne had faulted and reclosed approx- LU. 278 lI.o. u.f:m&:go\'1.I. COR.PUS
by the local in honor of th(: late Mr. L_U. i l l to}. GAJNESVILLE, f L- Imdlel)' 15 tnl'l~. but lAoe::ither made CHRIS f'! . T X-Work In our jurisdic-
Solhel!o \\ ho was an officer In Ihe On ~I arch 24 the first ~MraI meeting lion is .slow with 110 on Book. and
I1lmpctsslble to fty in "'ith heltcopten
l1nion and acti\-e in the community. of Local 211 was held in Ihe auditOo 10 patrol tbe Ime. Faull-Iocati~ thc "'·ork ptcture look slow for rUlure
Joseph Marche.sc. Jr. p~sented the nurn of Local 606. Orland" The months
Swilzerrela) pve: the cre~'S an idea
Joe Sherr}' A¥oaro 10 [);md NK'OOla'.i meeting \\<lB 'A'cll-illlended by Bmlh· Times in our jurisdiction ha\'e
.... here the faults "''ere; but slllI. Be·
of the second· year claM:. Standard en and SIsters IhroughoUllbc nOlle. cc .. ~ibilit) madt it tough to find 001 c ha nged drastically Smce the earl)
Electnc 0, donates IhlS a""Cl.rd In Local 1:!2 was gtanled a e!laner '8Ch, \\-hcn the oil palch \\cnt down .
.... hal was cau 109 the rauhs. kma on
honor ofia former OWntr. Mike Vini by Inl. Pres. I.J. Barry on No\'. I. 'A'ork has $Ieadlly dropped . former
msulalors \1.'llS suspected, but the
represenled Westport Ekclne Co. In 1989, and has been gro""'"g ~I/:adll) [ov.en were in the mOOntalDS: and mtmben ",'enl lOla bu incs:ll as rat
pre5enhng an award 10 [}(onms WII- in membtr~hlp !>ince Ihen. Our work contracton. taking their education
O\'cr 10 fUI of <;no\\' on the access
liamsoftAc tnird-yearcJa . Richard has been Improvmg graduRII)', \\llh from our apprenhceship pmgmm. The
roads made il a tongjoumey into the
Bartoh prescmed Ine Frank Bartoh most of our Boo.. One membel"§ comractors ha\-e had the upperhand
Sr. A"'ard 10 Simon Mills of the working. Our jurisdIction cov(:rs the Soowe:u50 .... ere u~ed to U2n:llpor1 10 our neg(lIL3llon·_
founh-yearelass. This 3\\'anl honors enlne Slate. WIth the e\:ceptlon of 12 Ihe cre ....'s to the to\\ers: and after There is only one \\a> v.e can
the founder of 8al1oli Electric Co. oumie.s in Ihe Panlundle. t i well <IS btxome stfOniC:r-orpnizc:! If ....·c put
' .... 0 long da)s of packing dov.n a
Bro. Mills was also gIVen the Ray the Canbbean I laoos for all oUlslde forth the effort. ",c can bring In the
sno\\-co\ered road. the Crt\o\'S made
We:rme A",,1trd for high marts li~ con~truction work shop and dectrkians. We can on e
1110 IOe tov.ers. When the}' gQlthere.
Ihrooghout his four )'QJ'S. Bob We:rmc Wc anticipale some ~ork In the thc:}' had to chip awa) icc: 10 climb agam control our f~1T share of the
rl'eSC'nted the award: in 1919 Ra) Vngm I <;land~. If ~·oo·re IOlere<;ted Ihe lo\\eo: and then climb 00101] the eleclrical \\oeL. III our JllnsdictJOn.
We:rme fouRded \\flatl" n~ called in bein,. placed on OtJr out-o(-wort In"ulator "ilnngs 10 clUJ' a.....ay Itt Our wage ma)' nOi be fair and work
Norwalk EI«lric Co. I'''"t, CQme til the local union offic~ rna) be slo .... , but we can cha~e thai
from bc:I¥oeen Ihe bells. This cleaned
After the cerc.mon). InL Rep or ha\t' )our bu~iJ\C.'>s manager ""rile b) making a conccned efron 10 or·
up the insulators and pre\enled fur-
Richard Pan~grossi addresscd lhe: [omcaJ151~ N. W. Sl'tbSt"Galne3' ther tl.lsho\-c:rs. gam1.C' our nonUrlIQIl ""ork Orgarllz,
group 8ro PanagrtKSI pnused the \11J.e, FLJ2609 Indicale)nU ' re~ek ­ ing isn'ljust Ihe responsibility or the
II''' dedltaliOn and commitment
appre:nlices for their po~iti~e work ing \\od m our jurisdicuon. your bu~lOes .. Illanag(:r or the o~nizer:
which comp~lejob~ like thi.s in lough
allnudc.. and their ~'iUmgness 10 adapt classllica.llon. IBE\\ card number, ""e're all re:spon!>ible ror organizing.
conditions. We sa)' lhanL: you to all
in 3 rapidly changmg industry the: statu!! of your mc.mt'OCrship (ho .... We mourn the: death or Bro~. Fran-
lhe Brothers who IDalDtaJO our dec-
Our members donated 86 boon o( currenll) your due:t are paid), nnd a lriC s}'stem and k«p it reliable. ei~ 8onav.ltz.. C .O MOrToy" WallaC1!
(:ltttncal ",or" 10 Nor""'alL '" Man- phooe number where )·011 can be Br" Malcolm .. mLlll" Smith Fairclolh. George Wood. George
umeCenter, Nev. OUlI I and lighling reached. Your name: ",,"ill be placed ~'hlhcan, Clem Cormlcle. Jerry Ole·
pa.'>~da\\'fI) on13o . :!6. Smiu)jolned
v.ere provided for a meellng hall. and on our list far the penod ofllme )our gcl Jr. and R,M . Wimton.
Ihe local In 1969 and ....orked across
outlets v.ere inSlalled for Ilquarium , dues are paid as indlcaled In Ihe letter Can:tda aJ'Id tile United Slale... during JAME..."i "SATCH GARDIN'ER, P.S.
There WI!') an artlde "'nHen m the orunul you find emplo)ment. If)ou· ..... nls career. He gamed many friends
local new paper. which did a 101 for only interested in the Caribbean work. olod always reached out to hl<; co-
our Imuge IOdicate Ihl" 10 Ihe leiter
IMON MIL. !..'>, P.$. Our first elc [ions ""'ill be: held June
""orkers 10 lend a hclping hand . He WHEN DUJY
WIll be m1551.-d by all y, ho t..ne\\ him
16 by mall-m 00\101. WlIh the enlhu-
Roo B"R'l:.LL, P.S. CA..LL5 •••
siasm aoo ambition already iho,",n
RETIREES HONORED by our membership. I'm confidenl of LX, 292 CI .t m.rlb.ca h ,rt.s&:sp;ll),
a bright .md proml~i nB fulure . \lI N"N~~ I'OLIS. o\1:'1.' _Wnh Ihe an·
L. U.1 IO (u l. AT~'Tl CC ln', NJ­ tiunion ABC plann ing to upand On
JAMF-'i M. BELL. 8.M.-F. S,
The local honored .\<even (ormer reo lI'ielTons 10 mfiltrate:ou r mari..et over
lJred union officers With 1-'0 yean o f the next fe\\o )'e.ll"., ""e mu~1 Slay
dedicated ~rvlce Tom Murscheno. RETIREE HONORED aell"e . become more Involved In our
Tom Perroni. Tom Kinsell. Han k communilie!'>, uppade our s k lll~ and
Blo~. Ed Crowne and Ed Ritchie. conllnue 10 do a super-crafted job.
Mao}' fricnds. former ()ffic(:rs. co- By attendmg ollr unIOn meell ngs, ..... e
",orke,... famil) membcro; and hon· can ... oice ou r concerns and ideas and
ored guestS "'ere in 8l1endance. keep Informed ofongOLRg unIOn busl'
The highhgtu o f Ihe e\'enlO8 wus a ness. We can show s uppon for OUr
speech and presentatIOn Itller read leadership and volunteer fat com ·
by Int. Rep , Phil Robinson from Inl. millees. We cnn org3lllze. salt, Pickd,
Pre~. J.J . 8urry. The retirees ",ere hund OU I leaftets fo r labor-c.ndorsed
p~sen ted a history or
their company ca ndidates Rnd do chanty .... ork.
and union serv;ceand an IBEW walch We have o"er 100 member!> on the
T he many benelitS our forme r and Loc.l 246. St.ubenvl l1., OH, reU," bem:h with calls commg in slowly,
present officen. huvc negotia!cd for E. Deane Tall(lngton nteelvell retire- Hopcfully we'll have fu ll employ-
are appreciated, especially early rc- mlllni w'lCh from Pr ••. ElnMf Lout 258, V.nc:ouver. B,C.. member on ment soon. and we'lI be ablc ttl refer
tiremenl. Special Ihank:. to the com· Swearinogen, • IInowcal. lr<lVeJCN .


Club provided refres h ~
SUPPORT COPE! meDIS. ID Irlbute Central Labor
CouncIl c:c.-Treas. Steve Roberll
LU.3OO lI,u& go\,,). MO~'Tl'E.UE R . spoke about pasl and present mem-
\'T-Thc: NLRB General Counsel in ber~ .... ho::.e efforts ha'<e conlributed
Washmglon, DC. has ~ustlilned our
to our local . He mlroduced speakers
.d.ppc:al of the Cappadonna Electric Inl. Rep. John Hun1t:rand Bus. Mgr
C'a~ . Last year IWO members worked
Warne Whitehun.t. Int. Vice Pn=:s •
•h t.alt:<. fo!' Cappadonn.... nd ~ere Jad. IcCtum was unable 10 allend
lilld (lIT aPer the companY foond oot bul senl best Wishes . Bro. Hunter
they "cre umon membcl"'i . We filed .. poke of the C\'enlo;; thai are a pan of
unfair labor pmclice cha'1lcs WIth the otlr history. and Bro . Whilehurst
Bos.ton I"cgion office .... hich deter-
spoke of pilins for our new bU1ldmg
mined there was no basis for the and local.
charge ... Afler'ie-ven mOl'llh'i the-Gen-
The hall .....as decorated WIth ac-
eral Coun~c1 ordered thai a complaint coutrement .. of our lr:tde : pnnl plan~,
Ix is~ued (lnd It selllerncnt be reached , wire reels_ too!s_ old COlieralls, etc.
The: local i.. in negotiation,> With A ver\' ~pc('mllhank-you to Ihe many
l OCllI 292, MlnMapolls, MN, AD-year pin reelplanla: John Llllqulsl, IlIel1 Green, Ar1 the Morrisliill<: Water and Light Dept '. membc:r:<. who helped with this terrific
Hog.llltl. Georg8o Therulli. Vermont Ga~ Sy~tcm~ a nd the Umt
event. ce you al lht" next mceiing.
7 Construction Division. Negatia·
lions wllh Enmburg Waler and Light B ~TH HAsnr-os. P.S.
The companie ... whic h make the million papermlll expansion in Inl er·
national Fal b, MN , "II of Ihe work MId Ihe lown of En o~b\lrg will start
AFL-C IO Bo)'cotl L I~t :IrC bcslo~cd
.. honly,
this di sl,:;race because of these com·
IXlnics' union·busling t..'lclics and lhelr
In the main plant is being done non-
umon b) BE&K We're losing a 101 Local onion eI~ct lO ns will be held CONSTRUCtiON
blatant disregard for !.heir workers' of work . We h:lVc members picketing by mail ballots Ihls month.. If you WORK BLEAK
dldn ', receive <II ballot. contact the
rights and welfarc. Please don't triv- the BoiseJobsitc . An~one .... ho wanl ..
10 help Ihose on Ihe ptckc! IJfle~ cOIn union office: ballots arc mailed 10
iahze thi~ list b~ PUrchaslOg their L.U. 304 10&u). TOPEKA . KS--Clln-
youriasl I.nQ.... n address. We ' re no\\.
producls or by using their services. do so by sendmg donations 10: trike struction work .seem to be @:n nding
.::Ieclin~ fOlir delcgale~ 10 Ihe Inter-
By purcha~mg boycolled products. Relief Fund. P.O_ 80' 8&. Ranier. to a halt In our area wllhoUI thc
natIOnal COn\'enlron . Our member· promise of a brighter future. With
you' II be supporting lheirunion-bust· MN 56668. If you want to donate 10
help lhose: a!TeSted in Intcmalion::ll ship has ::.cen a lot of gro ....1h in the Ihe exponing of more job~ and Ihe
IIlg tactics.
We 31'>0 have II re~poDsibilll)' 10 be Fall~ on Sept. 9. 3 fund hns been
last three years. and the officers wel- impon.ing of mo~ 9;000:<.. I ~ee .:1
Involved on current union affairs. We eSlabhshed wblch c~n co... er bo!il and come all nc" members. ste.. d~ dechne of work ellentually
howe a dUI} to kno .... a nd uphold lhe legal fee~. Please I>end ~ou,don3tlon~ COPE tickets arc 3\'ai lablc from affecting our uti lit} worker~ .
your bBoard representatl\'e . Sup' We ha\'e been 10 negotIations WIth
IBEW Consti1Ulion. our bylaws and 10 Minnesotil Labor for Pre\Cf"llIiOn
agreemenl. The Ixller mformed y.{': of Umon Pnnciples In care of Lmon pon COPE! ' ECA, DS&O , NCK and e MS We
a re , the beller union people we will Bank and Trust, 311 Central A\cnue, BEnY AlA. R.S. will be: in ncgotiations with the city
be. Please promote brOlherhood and Minneapolis, MN 55414 of O~awatoml(, and D&Z Army Am-
safety on and ofT the job. Brottu:rsand Sislers. we need )'our munition Plan!.
Our picnic will be held on Aug. 15
at Wabum Pari.:.
parud pallon in our meetings. If you
have ,I complaint or ~ugge!otion. this PLANS sn FOR II's not too early to slim thmklng
about helpi ng I ho ...e less fortunate th l:<'
J IM T AUI.!R. P.S , is where you come. Our main local NEW HALL hoi ida}' season, We app reciate and
umt meel~ the fOUl1h "J'hur ~ d :j y of the tha nk those who hclpl!d duri ng lhe
month al 7:30 p.m. at 303 Eas! 16t h L.U. 302 (i,o,rts&..,pa), PLEASANi 1989 Toy Drive.
Slreet. Hibbing, MN _ Our 294-2 Unit HI LI.. CA-Severn.1 year .. I1go l he We mourn the passing of the fol ·
TO NO END meets Ihe Ihird Thursday of the month local purch:L,>ed undt:vc:loptd prop-- lowing Brothers. and we extend con·
(It 7 rem. in Ihe Carpc nlcrs Hall In ert)· In Manincz as Ihe future site of dolence .. to their fa milies anu fnends :
L. . 29" (i,u.mI, n b,ru&spa). mB- Bemidji, MN . Bu,> Mgr. Roben Jen· our hall. We·re moving Forwanl wilh f..1elvin Stowell, Charles Mathews.
8rSG. M N-Work in our jurisdichon sen can be called al (218) 163-1iS95. conSlruetion plans for the new fadl· loweU DeGroff. Al Raymond. Ro~'
is slill slow. Many of our membrrs LeI's make a ~pecial effort to attend II ~' Wilhite, Le. Ro~ Qartlett, Alley Ad-
are working across the Umled tale ... these meetings. Our Community Sen'ice:S Commil· ams and I\,an Proclor.
We thank: Ihe many local~ which h:ne Look for Itlc umon label . be union tee sponsored a fw-ewell e"\-C'nlIO our CHARLES D. YOL,N(j. P.S.
PUI our membc~ 10 work, and buy union old hall-an afiemoon O~[I hous.c
We are still pickt'tmg the s~m-· E. LERov u'HDF . P.S, and an e\'enlng Ilghts-out dance. Our
Brothers and Sisters , we
want you (0 have your
ADDRESS CHANGE? L.X . 312 (i.o.u.em&go\I ). C ,\ Sl'E R.
WY-" l tried to join the union once_
They told me to get lost; they laug.hed
JOURNAL! When you have in my face." Thc members of our
a change of address, p lease Organizing Committee are hal.lnled
NAME b}' this ~tatemen!. The.y hear it aver
let us know . Be s ure to in·
and over "gai n Two of these men
elude you r o ld add ress a nd NEW AD DRESS tned one more time. and Ihi!> time
please don 't forget to fi ll in succceded. The local wekomesjour-
L, U, and Card No. T h is In- CITY SlATE ZIP CODE neyman wiremen Terry Danie ls and
formation will be helpful in Mark Seeley. Congratu lations, gLlys~
PRESENT LOCAL UN ION NUMBER _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ An aSSOCiat ion of men llnd women
c hecking and keeping o ur
with common goals or brotherhood .
reco rds straight. Where doc .. it come from ? Does
eve1)'one haH: a ceMain amount of
If you have changed local this .. cn~e 10 bcgm ~llh'l I ~ II learned
unions, we mus t have CURRENTLY ON PENSION 0 by t:"lamplc" Can il be trengthcRcd?
numbers of both _ Can it be .,..;eakened" Tht" ans\\:cr IS
yes to all of these questions. 'believe
OLD ADDRESS elleryone has wme '>en ...e of broth-
Mail To: Address
erhood _ Howt"ver. individuals' sense
Change Department C>TV ST ATE ZIP CODE ofbrolhcrhood dc"\-elopmcnl has had
International Brotherhood a lot 10 do with what a person sees
of E lectrical Worke rs FORMER lOCAL UNION N~BER _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ __ and hears on the Job. in school and
In union meetings_ Brotherhood can
1125-151h Street, N.W . Suite 903 be e~t ended too, bu! II can never be
Washington, D. C. 20005 Don 't lorget to reg is te r to vote at your new address _ forced o n anyone without some kind
of barrier. 8aniers are Ihe lasl things


we need bel ween our mcmbco or way. and O1te l mg..~ were held with
pro1>pCclivt: members Ihc mtmbers to get thclr IOPUI, The
Our M:u1h!l Recovery Program j!, I·M!~ljng ... were ",ellllllended Hope
accomphshlQ' lIS Intended ,oW. We fully Ihc company will bargain in
3rt: ... Hu1l1lg 10 pick lip more uf Ine. goOl! faith ~C'IU~ Ihc aCII\'C nlCm'
jobs IhRI used 10 go to the nonunion bcrshlp continues 10 arow IR lnese:
... hop ... , lind .... c.·re enJQvmg Ii growing UI1II'>. NonuRlon employec!> or u.s .
p(rccnl"ie o(tt.<: markel Thi nas arc Cable TV of Indiana tutve vOled 10
sllu1ul,g 10 look II 101 righter JOIO our bargnlllmg unll . Wclcome '
We wish e\'eryone aarcal liummer. AT&T conhnlles 10 CUI II .. work
CHARLES KHAM, P,S. fon:e whIle 'ubculllmcllng work our
mCOlbcrb 9re c.ar.).ble of liolll8. Ke-
location and rcas i~mcnl arc the
w;ltchwonh, A:) AT&l continues 10
LEI'S GET INVOLVED ask its supervisors 10 do more work
Wllh I cs~ people, we 11111'>1 be olert to
L..U. JJ2 (1&::0), SAN JOS":, CA- At th. check p, esenL8Uon are K. ...ln JOlganHn, Joe. Hancock, But . Mgr. MIIIM .• fld
Ihl!! proce~:'i . I(yollareawafe oflhese
ThlOb.ing aboul ignorma COPE~n. K.m ancl Ru lon Gardne, (L.oeaJ 3S4. Sill u k. City, UT).
;j~·liville~. pleu~e ooll(y Ihe union of·
do"ed carnhdrlle .. ~ Plea~e \I.'nle I~I fice .
candidates you imcnd 10 ,"Olt (or Hllnols Bell membcr:s are adjusuni:: UCl to rCCCI'l'C (a'oorublc commcnt~ crctc, 100lcai ')Icp.), The CI)UrsC nbo
aboUI baSIC labor 1~5t1e~ Sen. I'eu: 10 the m:lOilgement force redlSlnbu· from uur conlmCfQr'\ lind compo"!"u:" hclf'Cd 1m pun some SCO'\C ufdlrtClion
Wibon (R,CIlIi(.), ",ho I~ runll1na (or lion after nearly 1.000 :supervisors emplo),ing our mcmbcn.. Through t~ ol'hc:t" lind (c.lfTirm .. the pur-
III lilt
go~·ernor. v. rotc our membcn to sa)' rcllred Many or the replaceme nt s apprt'nllc:t~hlP Inunmg we all leam pose o(lhclr m\oolv(mc:nlm the local
he think'i doubll: brtilstllll (emplu}er Canw. from ~larr jOb.. ",\"11.1 'ot.1'e \InCa· IU I,ll..e pride 11'0 au~elye!> ;\00 ",-If \lnnu\
ean Iu~(" a UUlUU &.II,d 1.1 IIUIIUUIIli1 nullar ""Jlh our comract, The n:ahgn- abililY 10 do " good Job, Wilh Ihls
shop) l'i gooU becau~ 11 provwt-\ menl of man.ll!cmcnl h:t.'!. gent-raled 1.IOd of altitude ..... e C3Jl rnllke (tlll
competition. This was in response. 10 several picvancc§ Ihrough Ihe Bell umon the strongu vOIce over tbe
lellers a .. klQ~ him to support leJl • nomlOlon threat In QUr area AbdiIY.
lalion (nrbijldine Ihi~ (If"I' ltcl"
atluude And producl~ looah
ALlIlRl J t-IIA.,," Ll.N. K _ ~ .· I11.1 A.!>
The OPE endorsement rroce~s comblfl1n10n to beat MEMBERS!
"'"rtenli candld.ite~. 0100 If )UU .lJ"e Ine ongomg need for blood donol"
'Olng to IgnoR these t'«ommcnda· continue: Ihrooghoul our art:;! LU. ~JOII), KACI'\E. \ \ I-Thc:k>cal
hon\. plc:~ wreen Ih~ I.:Kudldlllt$ RECOVERY PLAN Rrt)ltk.·1"'i ami )\I'itt'r\, il '" ,url'l)" 11 \lIddcllCd b)' tlK pM!.IDg or for·
.... U\
yourselr. For nampk. \b~ n\05.\ con· GENERATES WORK comfortillil reeling to know lhe supplY mer nu'!. Mgr Jerry Heldtng. Bro
~rvall\ e nnul;toor \t"l~ \Cnator In l'i lhere I( needed becllU~ .....·c "". Ih:ldtng .....lU bu)tnc"s managu for 14
Cahfornia .... a~1-I R Rlctl:in.hoo ..... ho l.t. . .\54 Il.cm,ml.rts&.'!.pa) . S~\l.T ........ ded the call. Co-Chmn AI Bul )~"''"' . He ...... ~ rreo;ldent Qrlhc lDEW
I al'tQ a publi her of. gun publica.
LA I\.!!: ITY . lrr-We Ibanl. Ihe fol· .... ano~kl a nd Carmine R3i\Jcel and Slate Conference. rresiJem of the
teon HI.!i opJ)O'illlUn and WII(lflals 1o"" ing tncmher .. .... ho iMlalled hghlo; Ihelrcomnullee conllnue 10 dO :18~,11 M.\clne Otlnt}· ButldmS Tl"lldcs. sec·
OPPOSing Tom Bradl~)'. ""ho WlU It and oUllet at Ihc:Chlldrcn'1 Museum job; however. Ihe)' need neryone's rtI3tj'·nc...... urerorlht: Racine Count)
prolaoor eanJldBle ...... crt p<lMly re- o( UI"h Juc Reilly. Ed Wagstaff, suppan and eoopemuon Suppon ytMlr 8ulldmg Tl"ldc\ and wu on a com·
sponsible in defealing RraJle), and Larry M::mano. Mikc Millcr and Paul blood bank--donatl!! millee (or Ihe Nllllnn.t.I Elcclncal
elecllng DeukmeJlan as ,ovemur Qurmon. Ttll:'tC' mcmbcf)i put IO::!OO Our linnulI! dlnner·dance wus held Code. He "",III be misM:d. our con·
Otuk-mejian IS anlllJ.OOr I~) Ihe: pOint hoUf,) or v.orl. on Ihb p(*\:1 311he Undm.1.rk lnnon M.J) (;.! "U~ dolence, 10 tm (amll} _I\\J (nends .
of chmlRauRi our Siale sarel)' pro. The .... (.Irk PIr."IUI't: ....'Us .. Iu....' all WIR' Mgr. Callahan. Prc!dollcphJcnmnl' W"rk 10 our ~ru IY~ ~en good:
aram, dnd ()rsanlud I"bur had 10 ter :md hot!!n'l plcl.cd up. Ho..... t\~r . and Chmn Emesl t'rs,c:1 dul an out· 11100lL\ like II 'WIll "'(Cft IOlnl through
s pend IU rC50Urce on. ~talewkte .... t do c~p«t • benc!" )'e:ar Ihan 1"1 :m mdlngjob . 19§1O. We tu\'c Ihe rk:.tSun:o(hcJplnf!
IRihilll\C 10 reg."un II Huwc,·er. ~car; f,{ll .... e .... un·1 rt3ch (ull em- Our ~Ifll.:ere corw.lnlef\('.~ go OUt to some '11' I('r localt. ..... ith work. MlUl)'
Dtuk.meJ~n ,~ drua&tn. hl~ fcci on ploymcnl lhe (ami!)· of retired Bro. MIr."h"eI loco'" h.ne helped oor mcmbel"S ID
makJna" fullv orerallOOlll No memo KcnnJorgen\CnandJoe Hancocli . Mlue\ "" no passedav.ll)' Uro . Malt-y Ihe lasl re~ )'c"r,.. and iI fech good
ber .... ho I kno"" .... ho \'olcd for him
e\'u a '-cd him hi ""md on labor
W~.lilern Stale... Electr"h:. and 9us \Vu .... a4()-}ear mcmbu lu relum the rU\Or
"St , Lc<. ~hller pre~nttd the first EH. R. (.lUI", PS Our fornng dtnner-tl.afK:e W.b hdd
i U~ . and fur 'ie;u:n ),e.n'!. he htu of 1.... 0 m.1rkel~~~O\er)· dk.-ck .. II> Feb Ill, 1..a1T) .and L)'k dJd anolher
veloed lcllslalfOn ",hlch benefiled K.c:m GanJm:r and RukJCI Gardner- of oulst~ndlt\ajab '" Itb lo~ ofhc.lp (rom
.... orklngpcoplc: H R Hlch.uu'>On the!: Bener Co for lhelr ,l.....ard or the their ~lVc' ServICe: PIRS were pre·
no one questioned him or knew him . MEETING DA'rU ~nltd 10 M.IM)' (..ulbrandson, j)
electriCaJ contr.lCI o( 201 Soulh Main
cllhtr 10 We)tc:m Siale .. Electnc. Tnl" :!4- CHANGED )cars; Wall)' Schult. 'lO lears; Jim
Our annuaJ pi I\i, ",.11 be held at tOrl office lo.....cr IS "Ilallo rede\;el· !lUI kin. LaVelle Sch<M:~sow. Tom
CO)'OIC Rancn on July 14 opment pliln'\. or lhe do ....~lo..... n area L.• ~2J
Il.o.u .rT.nlO,nb.ru.f-f:S,ri. 1~.I'\On .Ind Jim Han. !O )t:a~
RKHI'I.I(ll R Co,,"w,\\,. P.S II Will pl\)"'lde "tl.OOCl hflUr,. or .... or.. em ,~"'l, [OMn,vrOS. '\ 1 T A. - lnc ..... n~ Ihm.~ htl\'c been I!!oin& in
(or our member.. for 1:5 months. The regular Unll I meetings a.rc: nov. the !.:on~lnH.: tlon IndU~lr)·the la~1 nlOC:
JULIl. LLRoy. Assr 8.M al IJ a.m on the f~unn SaturJ<l.Y of )'ell~. membch should attend their
each month. Thl!> wa~ Lh.lnged (nun uOlun mcellng.. (lnd gcl Involve\l '"
NEGOTIATIONS W~ne"'Qay c-\·crunc. bec-au~t)o man)' Ihc labor movemenl. 11', bcen lough.
UNDERWAY BLOOD DONORS or our member ... art' v.~rklllg onl or ullI.l v.(, hB\'e 10 gCllogcther and fight
lown and can'l gel 10 thc me~lings to rtgall1 t~1Il Rlilrkcl Wllh Ihe !>up-
L.U. JJ(i II 'cal"J. CIlICAG O. II ...... AREVI'AL Oarney Murmy. ..,. ho (or ..C'ven.! pon from our membef,) .....·e can do
Central Tt-Ie.phone CQ ''i ":onlrnct C:l- )oCllrs was doin. double dUlY as Unit it. Gel m~'ol"'edt
pires Aug. J I A nrbHlmt ellorl lor t.u. J.58 (1&0), l't:1< rtl A,\IHu .... I chaIrman and lrea urer. ha ~ reo W,.,y,,-!::. F MOl iTOR. 8M
nalion",1 negoWlllonli c(lllCemIR8 ben· NJ-The ConlmuJRg trend In pmise signed as chairnutn. Ken Ma Kende
efits is undel way. II ~.IS (elt thaI lhe .... orlmmn~hip und abill l )' of our has 1I't'tumed his dllilt . Our thanks
p~'i couklbcmildebybnrglu nmg members was e\ldent wilh Ihe leuer 10 Bro MUffiI)' for a JOb "'cll·done
IU "jOlnl Wble with Ccnl el on com· :.cnl b)' SChoono. . er EleCtric Co. of (wcr the yetlr'S. He .....,,11 continue II
mon Issues. The ftfi;t session brol:r Mountal1l!>kle. NJ.lo Bus, Mar. Jame~ Irea.... urer The change m meellng dal(\
urr due 10 CCl1tcl\ mullllille of a Callahafl rcgamlnB. Bro. William 51· allows Cbmn. Ma KenZIe Or Vice
comnbulory hcahhcare rlan The manek. Anlhon> InlraVKI . a!!sisl.mt Chmn Norman Kleman 10 be- on
!teC()nd ~""Ion wa-. IR Apnl ..... e holX' mlltlilger of FI\t'iIrIICS En&inecnne; III nand for the Saturday mcelma!l.
the company Will abandon h!! con- AT&T. Somh Bl'lInS\\ick. IJ. praJ'>t:d Hopefully Ihe membtn> \10'111 come
ce5!>lOnary bargIlJRlllg drort.. Oro Imallek 's UIlitude . workman· out and upport Ihe hange.
A panel of FUjitsu Busmcb om· 1>hlp "nd abl ht} to perform and com· Inl Rep Warne Bmzcflu (Qn'
mUIlICAIIon SY"lem~ ..Ie.... uroos mCI In plete projects ilt AT&T uAder Ihe dueled a leadcnhip eOU I'M~ ror Ihe
March to dJ cuss Ihc PO$SlbIC n:\'I- lI'O~t Itynlg co ndll lOn~ whI le kecpmg OII1CC:N (If the locnl. It was mlercSI·
<;Ion or Iheir medical lilld deni al pro- hl5 cooperative pInt and congenial ingly pre enled and wa.!> 8 !ref\, 11000
grams. Additional job ~Icwllrd Imm- nllitude. change from previous form.tts . The
ing and gnevnnce.rtlalcd problemll On bchalfofthc rncmbcnhip. Bus. thcm~ of the cour.)c wa~ "Goal ScI'
were also on the !lgendu . Mar. Cnlluhun co n~mtlllflled nnd !lnll (I~ II Group .. 11 showed how 10
Jone" IntefClIbic fllIll U. Cubic Ihunked Bro , Siml1nck for ujob well· bring Q \lague. indistinct target lOll) 1.0c. 1'30, Raalne. WI, dK e",fd Bro.
TV comrnc\ Otiotiullons arc under done. I3ro, Callahan .said he COnlin ' definite focu~ u~mg u .. enc:~ (I( COl!' Held lng.

To ov( tCo me the growi ng pro ble m land. This trade union leader's im-
NLRB ISSUES of increasing nonmember employees portanl civil and worke rs' rights driVe
on Feb. 13. In 1946 he joined Local
108. Tampa; he subsequently tmns-
SmLEMENT ac ross our local. Pres. Robert Gaines has be nefited the cause of working- ferred his membership to our local in
appeals to us to ta ke time and assure people. What impact can oue pel1ion 1948. He served on the Executive
L.. . 49K (i,r lb,em &cal Y), T RA VERSE 1hat all n~w members are properly have? An estimated one-third of tht Board for seyeral years: his son Bun
CITY. Ml-The membership wd- initilioled. TQ promote u[JIomsm o n U.S . Senate sealS, nearly all Ho use is a member of our local.
comes Sieve Bachelor to the local. another level, plan to ;lUend [he 10- sealS. most sovemorships and state T hese Brolhers w ill be missed .
SIe.ye was swom In at t he February c-a1's ilnnual sio-pi1Ch or golf ,our- legj lators' seats will be up for gnlbs . United we stand; d ivided we fall.
regular meeti ng. We had a ppro:d· namenl. or organize a picnic for your If we develop a rractiOn of the com· CHill$ M A1THEWSO~. P.S.
mately 60 members in attendance al uni t. 1bcse event s offer gR:at opper- mitment this Doe m''ln has, our sttc:ngth
the meeting. 1( 5 good 10 sec the tumties to meel new Brothers and and purpose Will be dear.
interest and paniclp3lion orthe rank- SiSler and ~hare the union pirit. D"vE lENKIl'-s. P.S.
and· file. members. Tnvol vement on PATlUCK VLANt CH . P.S.
Ihe local level is what II wilt take to
tum things around for labor.
Negotiations have ~gun with Mill-
town Electric . Bus. ~'1gr. Barry An- REAPPOIN1ID
drews rcpon s continued progress to-
wards reaching an agreemt:nl. A L.U_ 676 (I,n b&ol . PL" SA.COLA .
seniemcm agreemenl has been issued Fl.-I have reponed about t~ free·
by Lhe NLRB in the Grand Trnver.>e dom being enjoyed in Europe. and
Electric campaign. The employer Ila.\ there i some freedom being shared
agreed 10 a rerun election. It will also in communisl countries. The time has
po::.1 a nOtice stating it \\on', discrim- come for this eOJoyment, and people
inate 19a1RSI members of Ihe local in are: organizing together for unity.
ib hiring procroure. Additionally. 8ro. Bro. Gene Jernigan was rea~
MattheW Vajda will be p laced 00 a Local 636, Toronto, Ont.. S!~.r Unda pointed to the florida Stale Job
preferential hlnng list, and the com- campeau and Steve Ward pose at a L.oul 668., Ma nlfield, OH, decNNd
T raining Council to re present orga·
pany will offer him employment as Ii ,.bout t ally In Windsor. nized labor. B,o. Plftter.
Journeyman elecuician beforeil hires Our inside and outside negotiatio ns
any new ones. ha~'e been completed. and a contract
We th.ank Bros. Mark Griner and COMMITMENT was voted on by the members. Our MCV GIVES PRAISE
Dave. Bellum rOr their help in drafting inside work is :;Iow. but o ur outside
the local's current policy on residen- L.U. 640 (i,u,em,rtb,rts&spa), PItOE- work i al full employment with some: L.U. 6'2 (i&spa l, BAY CIT Y, MI-
tial wireman upgrade into inside wirt- NIX, AZ-As another class o f new tra ~'c1ers working. We have grown from 29 members in
man slatus. journeymen cRier the ne,;t phase o f Wit h deepesl ~ym pal hy r regrel- 1937 10 almoSI 400 me mbers. As we
BOB SCHRAMSKI, P.S. their careers, we offer our congrat- fully inform the members of the-death celebrate our 53rd year, we still have
ulations to them o n selecting the of Bros. Doyle D. Freem an . Feb. 12. four chaner me mbers. all rctirc:d :
mEW and for finishi ns school. When and LT. Pugh. Fe b. 17. Tony Dodick: , Donald Johnson . Aloy-
A FUTURE PLEDGE we cRier the tmde. we com mit our- JULF_" POOUiON. P.S.
sius Lewicki and Kermiu Trapp. We
selves to several years of technical have about 115 retirees. Bro. Joe
schools and a Union way of life. We Essex anno unced his retire ment ef-
fec tive Ju ne I. We wi sh him a long
are faced with three challenges : ed- THREE GREATS and h:l. ppy one.
ucation, o rganiz.ing and politics .
Sho p steward and office r training. MOURNED The work picture for the summer
and J AT C cla~se:. art~ things till of u ~ should have everyone working. There
can do to improve ourselves. With L,U, 688 (I.o,u&fl, MA NSFlELD , are a num ber of j obs started, includ-
the ra pid pace of lechnology loday. O n - Tragedy has sim ek our local ing a neW l00-5tore mall in Bay City.
we can all do some outsidc read ing wlln Ihe death of three Brot he rs. a renovation. and an addition to the
Derrick 11000 W08I'tdI, Children of I..ocal to improve ourskills !,ind unde rstand- While walking from the parki ng 101 waste-water treat ment pla nt in Mid-
520, Austin, TX, Registrar Ed Bedwell, ing of our trade . WI! can abo lea rn 10 IhejQbsile. Bro. Paul Gallant suf- land . The work at Ihe air base: in
Oscoda and the cement planl in Al-
led tlM! PII8dg8 of Allegiance .t the
Texas AFl-CIO Convention, They
a lso the grandchildren 01 Bro. Jack
.r. from veteran journeymen by as king
key quesllons ; wc can gain a wealth
of insishl on our history or o n a
fered a massive hean anack; he passed
away on Feb. 4. Pau l had att ended
rerrigeration and programmable con·
pe na have helped to kee p most oflhe
members who Ih'c in Zone 2 working.
techmcal PQint . Volunteering for a troller schools and was on Ihe Pro- T~ Sta nd is.h Maxi mum-Security
commjllee pos ition with the local is motional Committee. Corrections Facility is completed. The
another positive Step forward . Roben "Bobby" Pifher fell 20 feel r..lidland Cogeneration Venrure staned
TACKLlN' THE It·s good 10 kno,"" $Omelhing aboUl through an uncovered o pening in the: produ~Lng electricilY by late March.

g.l'8llng. Due (0 severe head iqjuries. In a meeting with Bus. MgT. Bob
ISSUES youropponent-tt.e nonunion person
rna)' be inlercsled 1[1 the IMtmC thing:. he passed away on Feb. 20. Bobby RaJcw!)k:i and the 1hdlarn:i Cogener.
loU . 636 tu.as,s pa& rr l, TORO!'o!'TO, you arc- reaS()nablc wages, heiiJth· joined me loc.al on Jrm. 10, 1967, and ation Ve nture Group_ Bob was told
O;o..T .-Ali summer approaches, many care. safe workmE condiLions, af- scn'ed 3S a~ t e\\"ard. His brother J ohn that the work was completed SIX
or our unil~ win suspend regular fordable housing, elc. and nephew Jack: are members Qfthe months ahead of schedule and 522
meetings until raJl. However. the full We all applaud Lech Walesa and hx:al. million under budget, With the name
staff and ReV. Iy elected officers will ttIe landmark advances mad~ in Po- RetIree Waller Kelle)' passed away of the contractOr being flUOr Daniel.
~onlinue 10 tackle the tough issues
it's not necessary to tell you anything
facing our members. more about the MeV project. We
Alth.ough tbe contract calendar is congratulate and thank everyone who
won.:ed on it. The MeV is the o nly
lig,hter than lasl YeM'", m::gOliators
from Amhenotburg 10 Peterborough fossil-fueled plant in Ihe world pro-
ducing c1cctricllY and team.
arc: chaUel18ed by a troubled ecoo-
om)' and the unc:enam financi1l1 im- We thank In truCtors Paul Le-
pact of the GST. Still. fewu labour Vasseur and f red Schrrudt woo ta.Ugtll
disputes are ant icipau~d this fear. classes on motors and transrormers
which may al low us to bcgi n offic~ to the ne ...... members and to the jour.
renovauons and purchase a much· neymcn v. ho wanted a refresher
need~ (;OmpUier ),stem.
course .
In an ongoing QrganiLing cam- Pension, heaUh ms umnceand port-
paign , Bus. Mgr. R~ Wacheski and ability are issues which will aITcct
Bus. Rep. H. Vance have mel with every member; why 001 stop in for
representatives from H amihon.
a union meetmg this. summer. and get
an updalc on these important issues
Brantford lind Oakville to d iscuss Ihe
possibililY ora merger with o ur local. and more.
These were o nly pre hminary discus· The Retire menl and Annivcrsar-v
Part y v.ill be held at Jac k Re veu's
sions. and amalgamation could lead
Regal Ho use in 8 ay City o n Oct. 6.
to the hiri ng of an additional business
represe ntative. Loca, 640. Phoenix. .t.2, J1e W lourne.ymen. TOM O SLUND, P. S.

LOQI 702. W . .1 Ft. nkfort, IL, .stew.lltd'!. At tha LoeaJ 760, KnoEYHIe, TN, training school ere Int. Reps. Run, klft, end ly nch.

STEWARD CLASSES haH: Imeslcd In theJr retirement tbrift

be a leader for creating a umon en-
vironment on the jobsite-alway:s
AnENDED To borTQy" Tl1Qney, emplo~ees must promotrng the goals and welfare of FUTURE
be in a pay status: and their in ... est· the union. To make a union strong.
L.U. 702 (I,Q, u ,uow.em ,rLS,r1Il ,spa , ments and in terest must be at least lhe steward is a key person. How the L.U. 9 10 ti&rls), WATERTOW N.
l&calV), WEST FRA N" Io.'FORT. IL- SI.OOO. The loan may be used to buy union is perceived, comes ba ck 10 NY-On Ma rch 23 we ratifi ed Our
Our s!ewards who work for GT E of a home . pay educational or medical !:he steward. He or she is the exten· lhree-year contract which wenl into
Illinois and Penn Aluminum Inl i. at- expenses , or for a fina ncial hardsh ip. sion of the business manager effect April I.
tended training classes at thc hall. Repa yment of the loan must be spread The local thanks Int. Reps. Ruff Plans are under way by Chmn.
The classes \\en! laught by Inl. Rep. over at leaS'! o ne year but nOt to and Lynch for leachmg thi~ \ery Tom La v. lee. Jeanie Martin and Dick:
Alan Goddard: additional classes will exceed four ~ear!io except "'hen buy· informative program. E"er) member Senecal for the sum mer familY picmc.
be scheduled soon al Mt. Vernon and tng a bome: then the loan ciln be for hould Ill""ay~ promote the goals and The local'!io golf league was organized
Olney.lL. a 15-}ear period . The mlmmum IClan v.elfare of the. ellilre IBE W eyet)' by Chmn. John O'Connor.
DAVID E . MCl'EF..LY. P,S. must be 1,000, while the maxJmum dar-both on and oIT the job. One The graduatmg class of apprentICes
IS based on !ie\ eral formulas tied to ....-al to acc.ompJ ish thi.5 is to attend for 1990 held its dinner on April 27:
the amount in an emplo)'ec's ac- lo.::al union meetings regularly. The there \\-cre 19 graduates, Congrntu~
count The interest mt~ is fixed Ill> inSide meeting is Ihe !In.t ~'Ionday , lations and good luck! We accepted
UNION the rate of interest paid by the thrift and the regular mceting is the fourth 11 new apprentices to stan the next
CONTRACTOR plan 'S government ~ecurity accounts Fnday of each month. five· year apprenticeship progrtlm in
on the date the loan applicatio n was lh e fall.
PREVAILED received.
Nomination s for officers we re held
The Office of Per!ioonne! ~bnage~ at tbe May meeting . and the resul lS
L.t;. 728 (o . I.~m,rts&s pa l, FORT o f our June election will be published
men! bas proposed ..vidcnmg the scope
LAUDERDALE, I'L --WC had to es- of appeals (or proballOnaf) employ- AWARENESS PAYS! in a future ankle.
tablis.h a local pre\'ailing·wasc ordi· ees who are figh tmg dismissaJs . It We purchased the bUi lding and
nance in Broward CountY 10 provide no ~ defines as improper a dismissal LU. 768 (i,o.C'&u), KA Ll PELL, property next door and are planning
U!io btner y"ork oppt'tnunities do\\-n based on disc.rimination for a "hand- ~rr-S ome of our mem'bcrs received to renovate 1he structure into our
the road. Thouih it has been a long icappmg condItion." TMc old term checks from tbc go\emmcnt for m· apprenticeship trdJnlRg fatilil} . Thi~
road. the fruits of our polilit:allaoors ph}.$ic.aI handicap ",-as cOMidered tOO terest accrued on 3 back-pay seule- will house our classrooms. welding
are n=ady to be harvested. The first narm .... . menl. A liuJe-knQwn pro\'ision of tile faciliti~ and increase our parking
phase of the. Browarrl Count) Con- Unless the clean-air legislation in- Back·Pay Act pro\'ides for mterest area.
vention Center, at an estimated COSt cludes a realistic timetable for eeo-- on improper personnel actions. Al- Work looks good for the summer
0(550 million. is being manned unde r nomic growth, any imroedi,ue aClion though the dollar am un1S were low, mon1hs wit h a wide ...ariety of differ-
our pre ... ailing wage by a union con- could be detrimental to the mainle- the proces.!.:ing W3.!o time consuming ent projects fonhcoming.
tractor. The se.;:ond phase, w hich mince of employment opportuni tie s for the government, and this should Remember 10 buy U.S. and Ca·
includes a hotel , office bUilding lind in America's construct ion, ind ustrial be an inducement far management to nadian and build union-it 's our fu·
shopping complex. should top S}()() and min.ing base, Ho ......e ...er. clean air pay aucntion when it comes to pay. lu re .
million. is In the nalion's best interest ; and checks . M ICHAEL J. O",\ltS . P.S.
The Broward County Trash Bum- the attainment of this goal can be The Honorary Citizenship Ccnifi·
ers. botb north and south. are bemg met . Contact rour represent3tj\'es. cate wa.s awarded to eigh.t-year old
manoed under our pre\ailing-wa@e handi Hayen b~ the go\oernor's 0(·
ordinance at our best wages. The
and urge them to enact dean-air leg-
islafion. fice for her work and time spent with
trash burner'" hould approal:h 5.500
million in union .::onstruetion \l,hen
Our power is m people. not mone}. the handicapped. Shandl IS the RECOGNIZED
We do ha\'e the right (O communicate daughter of Bra , Stew Hayen. How
completed In 1991. ou r concern!> WIth our elected offi· about thiS umon-made kid l L.U. 986 (I&em) . ~O R WA l K . OH-
The south end, fi ...e· year Leon· cials. Help your union to maintain a STEW HAVE .... P .S. On Jan . 26 former Pres. Ed Blachuta
Ir-lct with florida Power and LIght good fight to preser...e our concerns was guest of honl'r at a. retirement
Co. has been awarded to a union and rights. Don't forset 10 vote in Ilincheon Bro. Blachllla also ser ... ed
contractor. This contract dews mainly the Novembe r ejections. lhe local <i!> vice president, EXecuti\'c
with the mega overhauls on the fossil
SA ...,L I:.L L. W ILI. I" M !;.. ]).S.
WHO'S WHO? Soard member. chief steward and
power plants and should enhance our steward . A plaque wa~ pre!ienled to
work oppon unities in the future . L.U. 814 (I~. TAl\'lPA . Fl .--We \\.-ere him commcmoratmg his oUlStandi nll
We extend our s)'mpathies to the very busy dunng the begmmng.oflhe
families and fnends of journe)'man MEMBERS AnEND }ear planning for Ihe Shareholders'
5en,jr;:e and 20 years of members hi p
In the local. AJI the officers and memo
uireman Dennis Carroll. retired jour- STEWARD SCHOOL Meeting in Stanford and aJso prepar- bers extend best Wishes to Ed and
ne~' man wIreman Donald Curci and ing for the GTECC negOltrillons . We his uife. Vi ...ian. for a long and happy
apprentice wireman Seth Larsen who L.t;, 760 (i,o,u,rts&spa), K"\OX- \0\;11 begin negotiations for Ihc regu· retirement. Thanks. Ed . for all you've
pa$5ed away. VILLE. TN-On Feb. 24, 15 officen lated Side ofthe company m Augu t. done ror U!io.
M ICHA t; L FORTIro-. P.S. and ste .... ards attended an eight-hour The reorganization of the local is The local has engaged 10 a project
con5.lruc tion steward training pro- almost finished. and we're trring to WI th GTE 10 ueate a pan iclpat i ... e
gram conducted by Int. R.eps. Gene be more prOgressive , Through se ...• management climate through the uti·
Ruff and Lto~'d L ync h. Our local is eral o f tbe telepbone cou ncils, we 're
NEW BENEFIT t he first in the 12t h. Oistrict tQ panic- hoping all un ion s paOlilel some o f the
lization of the employee·i n ...ol ... emcnl
process. Local 642. Minerva, OB.
ANNOUNCED ipate in thi ~ new program . moves thai General Telephone is doing and CWA ha\'e been equal panners
T he school' s maID goal was to across the countT)'. in this effort. Three pioneers of this
L.U, 73-1 (go,·t), :"O RFOLK. VA- prO... lde the slewards ",;Ih the tools We tha nk our Brothers and S i~lers employee Involvement efron were
The Federal RetJrcment Thrift In· and the dctemunation needed to serve In Locals 723. Fort Wayne, IN : 1106.
recO@nil.ed during the GTE Manage-
vestment Board has issued mtenm the taEW and ils members elTec:· Mason. MI: and BS7. Honolulu. for ment Rollout Mccting 00 Jan. 18:
regulluions tcgarding u 'ben and under lively. The course explillf'l(d the many their coopernuQn . We wish lots of Glenn Sanderson . pn!<;ident of Local
whal condilion!> federal and ~tal roles and re~pOn $ lbihtles of the I>te~· Iud in negotiations for alliocab . 642: ister Lmda Hov.1lrd. treasurer
employees can borro ..... money they ani. For e~ample , [h~ ~teward should GLY A . UI"'OLAJs. ASST. n.M. of our locOlL ;and Jim BlevlOS. CWA .


untlra!U I :llion~ ;tnd Ihank:. 10 Ihe' numbcr aline union hall is (6 14) 837-
Phone Center Negot iation Commit· 1008. T he hours a re 7:30 a.m. to ·DO
te-c. p.m .: Mary's lunch i!> I I :30 a.m 10
A major agreemenl belween QUI' 12:30 p.m.
local; LQcal !iI, Spnngficld; a nd l1Ii+ Have a ~afeanl1 enjoyable summer
noi:. Po>wcr cOflccmin8 Clinton Power LAull./\ S. M LMFOIlD, P.S .
srallon's new Fltnc!>s for Duty drug
.md alcohol leming has been re ..ehll!d.
The umons were able to f('duce Ilh-
nOI:. 11('"(:(1> unll::uc:raHy irnpO:.ed
san~~{JOns and agreed {Q Implement ANNOUNCED
severd.! I.:hange-1>. a Ihrec'btrike pro--
gram rulher Ihnn t"O s trikc~: refusal L.U. 1484 (uo",), SYRACU E. SY-
to le..1 ,.:nuntmg as a po.. iti\C~ rather Hopefully Systcm Council U·II and
GTE North Inc. Pres. Paul Nol.n. B.o. S&ndefS. Sister Howard. Adrian Sei1.rt aOtj thao di:.chargc: iI. ont·~earcleansla,e Niagara ft.'1ohawk Power Corp. have
JIm B....,ln.$ (local _ , Norwalk, OH). for alcohlll infn:lccion ...: volunlc('r ad· rcached an agreement on Ihtir con·
millance into ~n employee <aSsistance lr..tCt, Since Feb. 2 ystem Coundl
prQgrnm nOI countll1g as fI [lOslli\e and managemenl repJ1:!>t!ntatn ~ Ita\ c
Thc)' ",cre InslrumcnHtI m I:t.~ mg the m('t dunng tbe ~aLmn.aJ A.!i5rOCi:nton d"lg I~M ; .md 1>c"tral other items.
foundation for thc iluccc:.sful em· of 8roodcltsltrs' COn\~nIIOn belli m mCI regularly. Thc n:commendatlons
CoogrnlUlallQns 10 the commlitee for b) Ihe B}lllWS Committee were ... p-
[lloyee·in~·oh. emenl elTort "11h GTE ApnL negotiallon:. v.tll ixgJn kUer. II ... lIard "OTt... The 1(lCd1 dbo Ih.. .mks
11'1 Ohio. The man\ hoor:. of lime When all produclion was done by pro\cd at the monthly me-eting on
l...arr} Uro:.he3rs and -- Buck.y" Caner Marrh 11.
thellc dedlcau:d act;\'i~ts rnl\.<: spent lele:vlsion ~ lalluns. "e bad union COil· for (hclr cooperalion
m their lIUpport of thl'> program are 1r'...CI.:. for all of our people. Wilh Ihc EllI!ctiom far 1484 1 Unit officers
The local has been working hard .... ere :scheduled III the monthly mee!·
deeply appreciated cxplo",oo In IhelclcVlsion production ITying II) Imprtl\'e Otlr "ofi( ing CQn·
area. m ... n} (;ump;lnJ!:!> are fanned 109 00 June~: election~ for the local
JOHt>. E. Alu:aOOA...., . lL\I.·F.S. dltlon~ and quality of life. The work
officers and delegllles 10 the 1991
rumosl o\'cmigh, and Jon', emplo} b difficult: bUI through our uniOn.
lechmclan\ on a regular or full·lime I nternational Convenl.lon are sched·
when one member gam.. "e aU pin. uled for June 14. PIe&sC"cxercisc your
BEST WISHES, KATY basis. II ' s difficull to bring these peo- LeI':; <:onlinu~ 10 wOTk together to
ple 10 Ihc bargainmg table. Our loc~ 1 privilege 10 \'ole in thc'iie ('Iecllon,.
benefit e\cryone. t\ uend your meet· Ro~ind BUl"@in was awoime:d c hief
AND KEP is seeking \\a}'!l- 10 bring inhl Ihe II1g~ and become Involved
s.lcward for CU!.lomcr Se....'ice DepIS.;
main.)Ircctm mnn) of <-,ur membe"
"ho arc "or... iog nn])' paJ1· time and
KFVIN R. BFN--':ETT. P.S. Mana FroiO wa:. appomted as a ne\\!
L.U. 9'98 teml, VE.HMIlIO:-:, 0 11-
Two longtime member5 of oor local ~poradically and w ho arcn ' l ghen
wor-k 011 Ihe ba<;i" of scni(lrity, cven The local mourns the death of
retired after serving a combined 59
\cars at H I·TEK.lLilhonia Down· under umon contract:.. Th\!:.c mcm- Conme: i\\'Crs'l nnd eX1II!nds .lIympa·
iighting. Catherine " K3ty" Keirn. who bcr~ don'J hi.l\'c job sccuruy , f\lan)'
Ihy 10 her family and friends
wa .. hi red on June 16, 1966. wall gue:.1 conlJ••cts 111 recent yean. have pC~. l'l ope 10 ~ee: )IOU rlt Ihe mcnlhly
of hunQr 31 a retirCmenl dinner on milted Ihis. and the rise In Ilnpro- meclmp.
Fcb. 21. Irvmg "Kcp" Kczm(tI'Skl. tcc!Cd mcmbcr~ I:' causing problems. C HARLES BORELL. PRes
Whll was hired 011 Dec . ~. 1955, and W(! h:l\lc ,Jcci:lrcd T rio Video and
who held every union po:iition during F&F Proouciions adverse ~lIId deln·
his tenu re, wa~ hom.lI'ed on Ma rch 2. men lnl 10 l.. bl.lr ;!nd h~lve rC~l)h'cd LARGE TURNOUT
We wish thcm Ihe be:.!. thaI members of o u r local wilt n~lI
JA/IlJ..::S C. JAN I K. P.S . wl)rli for Ihc-..<! ptildllctiol'l compal'lic:. AT WORKSHOP
until we' re able to obtam :l nUT «(Ill,
Imel with them. L.U. 1576 (u" LOWER AltOWAY
CBS NEGOTIATIONS ROfl~ItT KASTI G ~R . P,S. Local 1306. Doc atur, IL, Bus. Mgr. CREE K. "J-PJ(If1S for our annual
R!chud " D!ck" Andlllfson. picnic iJr!: 111 full ~wlng. This event
FORTHCOMING will be held al Capps Day Camp on
Aug. ~ . InfurnmllOn will be po~ted
L.U. 1120 (r ib). CIII CAGO, Il...-Wc AGREEMENT HEARTS AND MINDS throughoul thc island on our bulletin
parliclp.ul!J in a Sle .... anls· Training OOanjo;. The local I" runmn& \'llriou!>
Workshop along with Local 7 J5. Mil· REACHED AT WORK fund·rai~er~ to help deft":ly the cost.
waukee. :.pon... ored by Ihe Inlerna~ Anyone i[1tere~tcd In helping wil h
tkmal Offi<:~. Thi:-. was an ~.\trcme l } t.u. UOti fUll";. DECATUR, 11..--1\ L.U. 1426 H,o,u&Spa}. GRAND fund+rai~l!f'I. or if you httvl: some: ideas.
~:lluablc ...c!.... lOn dnd v..l!o lb~ Ii!"!.! ce:I'Itr:l.lizClI Phone Center Agreemenl FORKS. !'liD-The Lighthouse: of comae! Stc\'e Spicse In Hope: Creek.
formal tfatn1Tl8 :-.esslon mltny of our between 001" local and IIllOol~ l:tov.e r Fargu· Moorhead Inc. c);tcndeJ ils Fin te . Ru) l'l uber I!> ~1l11 home
s!e\\.ard~ llucnded : l>C\cral officer ... h.il:o. been n:.II:he:d \.\ hi(;h line:. OUllhc mosl hcanfelt thanks to Bros. Donald recuperating from surgC:r). Ray h
v.~re al...,o In J.ltcndance. staffing. and rl'1oC;d1n& or our mcm~ Retlig. Gordon Zimney and SlI!\C coming wong "cll. and v.e v.I!l-h him
The nC:'I:t big comrnCI v.e baH! 10 ben. lnl!> agreement cont :un~ e4rh Obon for Iheir positive: suppo" for well. We wish Bill Aver}' a speedy
negl')lltllc In\'a)hi!: ~ Ihe CBS nelwork. retircment at age 57. mOl'lOgJreloca· lhe bomele,, ~ In Lhe commumlY by recovcr} and hope 10 ~e him b;:lcI;.
Our local will Join InJOlnl bargammg tionc"pcnses ... emonl~ tr.in~fIl!Ts .job n:.\\,iring Ihe: r~ciht~ at 324 $c:\'enlh on the job real soon.
"ilh locals from Ne\!o York. Wru-.h· cJas!>ification quotas. shift hours tlnd Street onh . Furgl,l. ND. The !ncal At lhe laSI E.·u~(,ulJ ... e Board meet·
ington and Lo Angde:-.. These local~ smffing. and sc\ ernl other Item~ -.alute:. lhe~c Brothen. fDr th!:u' un- ing. a ",ork~hop 'Was beld for shop
sdfish deeds. sleward~ and union officen-o There
WE.SLE' L'I' ...... l:s. 8. M "<C. 1J laI'iC IlImout. and the local
was pleased ",ilh the rtsulls. System
Council L·2 PrI!.S Charles Wolfe and
Bro. Chip Gerrity ~ere in attendance
Local 1466.
and prc!>idcd O'er I.he meeling. ,\·11In)
CoIumbul-. OH, tie .... .snop stewards receiHd lRSlruc·
fleW so<:rel.ry, uon III the work"hop
Mary Hoorsdig. The local's softball learn has ~"'"en
ol'iUntzed. and Dee Robinson IS hop--
109 for another :.uccessful :.c.ason.
Please suppon the learn
L .t'. 1..t66 ( II), COLUl\·I8US. 0 11-
We're: proud and hapPYlo have Mary RECORD STRAIGHT
Some of the members and officer5 woo plr1iclpale<l In 1M Loc:tI1220, Chicago, IL., Hoers(hg. the \t)C3.1's new .. ccrel:lf).
steward" training: trom lett. John Kuceta, LeUlnl Shute, Sieve Stabile, JoAnne on board. We wis.h her n long and l.U. 110:1 ( u). i\' IAGARA FALLS,
Reece , 8us. Mg t, Robert Janney, Vice Pre&. Jell l Klimovltz and Pr••. Alan Sklef' happy association with Bu~ Mgt. nill I'l '-We hear so much about the
kiewlcz. Kibbey a nd withOUT local. T he phone SlIptr worker<;; of J apan and Ger·

IB EW ,IOURNA LiJU E 1990 29

ees as the "company's greatest a~· where our member!;: bUIld PBX s.Y$·
sets:' H.is greatest assets are now lem s. has begun implementing the
drivlll& down ew England roods leam concept. Teams have been
watching lhelr work deCimated by formed in al least one area, and a
Incompetent contractors which have plan for selecting and training tcam
become the backbone or New En· leaders is be.ing developed. The com·
gland Telephone's budget. These im· pany didn', OIltify the union of its
postors have removed quality (rom plans. and managemenlsel up a meet·
the telephone diclionary and have ing 10 discuss team concepr only aner
put working conditions and safety a union Inquiry.
into itn e'(tmCI calegor)' which may We feel if.!> vilal lhat officers. stew-
nc\'cr be used again. The onl). plus ards a nd rank a nd file become edu·
produced rrom thiS charade has been caled about the negative a.s.peets of
e asier maintenance rorour members. team concept. It threatens jobs! n
Whene \'cr lhere h a major cable can be used to force assembly line
problem . the first qUC5tion is. "Where worker~ to s~ed up the line. In many
are the conlractors working·· .. 1\'" ractones it has ~n used to pil worker
.~ad with Japan breathing down our ngairu,l v.-orker and department against
Local :2104, NIagara Falla, NY, 8rM, Art Lie, Doug MQItn.r and Pre-$.·Bus. ~r. necks and buying half the. country depanment. We will be using the
Ed Lewis display appreciation plaque glv8n to lhe loc.al by Poeno Rican ISEW whkh corporate America won't re· ulbor No/t's . "Choosi ng Sides:
worker .. for their help In the Hurricane Hugo devastation. move: the bottom· line concepl and Unions and the Team COlICept" as:i
replace il with the dlgflily-and-re· resource.
many. and how we don', measure up spect concept. The local IS aJ!>O chaUengmg
10 them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor
SCHOLARSHIP f',IY LfS CALVEY. 8.M , AT&T's policy of disciplining memo
Sialistic5 has figures I(} refule thai . ANNOUNCED bers for absences .... hen Ihev were
According '0 Ille bureau the average hospltaJized. The company is-violat-
German worker produced 86 percent L.U. 2218 (uow). PO G HK E ..: PSI E. TEAM CONCEPT 109 a contractual protection against
discipline which was obtained in 1914
as much as the: tYPlCaJ U.S. worker NY-The local's nl051 recent hal· IMP~EN'ftD
dunng 1988. The Japanese worker 3rshlp wmner is SlephaRJi:'!' WCl")key, ....·Ith wfueh the c{lmpany h41SD't com-
produced 72 percent. daughter of Veronk:a Rel)ca. are· L.U. 2300 (em ). XORnI GLE ~'N. plied ,),ccording to its inlent .
The report also Slined Ihill nO' onl) cord control ckrk and member or the OB- \Ianagement of the AT&T plant. RICHr\fH) MYERS, P.S.
are ..... ~ producII' c:, oot labor cos~ local since 1970. Stephante is In her
arc <Jecreasin@ while ocher countries junior year al BuffaJo State College.
ha've increa:.ing costs. In the United She IS majOring 10 graphic deSign and
States from 1985 10 1986. each item is interot!>ted in pholograph) . Con·
dropped OJ percen!. J apanese and gralulnuons. Slcphame: b.ecp up the
German CO!.I~ rw.t. is
pen:i:!nl at the good ","or" .
same little , The new!> isn', all good Our annual scholarship winner is
The bureau mdkated lhal rmm 1985 selected by a random drawlOg held
to 19'88. the t)'Pical Amcncan ~orker a' a general mecting during the !lum ·
gamw 10 perctnt in ....oagtS and ben- mer momh~ . Members" chikJren or
efits. The rise was!3 percent in Great legal dependents are eligible ror the
Ontain and 13 percent in Japan and drawlRi If Ihe)' are gom$ 10 attend
Germany. During this time. Americ.m college rull time. For more infonna·
ttutnu(aClunDg workers lost .O~ per· tion regarding this program. contact
cent m bU),ing power. In German) your shop ~[ewltrd
and Japan it w·enr up 12 percent. Our general ntcelillgb are nO\\ being
O\er the past decade Japanese man+ held al 5:30 p .m . on t~ s«ond
ufacwnng \\-ork~rs' buying p<)\Wr rose Thun.da), of each month <lllhe Amer-
ZI percent_1R ollr country 0.5 per. ican Legion Hilll in Highland. NY.
~nt. 1lte lime change \\Ia!> iii l"CSult of our
We're sullthe: best worker.r; In the one·to-one membership survey. We
....'orld. but we're being t~:ued like urge all members to attend as often
'iCCoM·rale ......orkers. A naHanaJ pol. as possible.
ic~'underthe hands of RonaJd Reagan HELGA IRI.ZARR,\,. P.S .
turned this nation mto the ~.'orkrs
largestdeblor. Ifthere's a debt 10 be
paid. it's owed to our workers. 0- UNDER FALSE
OOdy's better than Ihe IBEW
WIL LIAM .M . P.ATER50~ . P .$ .
L. • 2222 (I), 80ST0:-i', MA-" Whcn
OFFICERS did we accept the mistaken notion
that we can ask more and morc of
ANNOUNCED people while lAoe treat them with 1CliS
dignity anti n'!>pect :t .. ThOSl: con-
L.U, 2166 (i&cah'1 . f"REIl ERICTQI . struclh'c words were spoken by for-
N.B.-Our officers arc Bus. Mgr. ml:f AT&T Chmn James Olson
Dave Bmwn Jr. , Pres, KIm Mc Rae. nfonllnalcly with mrtior corpo-
Vice Pres. Rob<:rt Steen. Trefl!>. Ger· rations like I\T&T lind Nynex. they
aid McCun:ly and Re<: . Sec . Greg remain ~, on:ls . A once·hi~tonc .ll!r~e·
King. The E·Board membc~a~ Ken mcru wilh AT&T in olle year has
JCJrdan . Mike Mclaughlin. Rolttnu bec.ome a rec reanl corpomtc rldn
Vienne.,\u, Che!ller Anglehart and Lu( which ttaS made stockholders blithe
Chasst. .md employees mourn. Since the 1'111·
We're eKpcrieocmg more work than ification of lhis a lleged agreement
ever. Ove r 300 tra\'C!lers from all o\'er (which ha~ produced a 1,,1 of illler·
Canada have come 10 wor k In our prctation~ by manage.ment), AT&T
junsdktion. mainly on the A·2 p.'lper
machine al Rcpap. lI' s the second
ha., put all of ils effort s into e.uuing
Union job:. and increasing mnnage·
Every kid with diabetes
major expansion then!: in four years.
The A·3 is on the drnwing boards.
The future l ook~ vcry bright for us
meoL A c.om pany whleh produced
lhe greatest Invention of Ihe com·
puter agC.lhe transiSlOr. can no longer
gets a boost from D.AD.
with the 4SO-megawau power plan! dc •.d with a CliSlomer who wanlS a
being built in BelJedune. We 're ex- phone moved. D.A.D.'s Day. Saturday, June 16, 1990
peCtmg crews in laiC fnll.
Luc CHA!).... t. P.•
The pre~idc:nt of New England Tel-
ephone unce referred to his employ·

Visits 1.0.
Mr. Geoff Lee, left, vlslls the J8fW Ar·
chives wIth International Secretary Jack
Moore. Mr. Lee previously served as ex·
ecu tive chairman of Elec' rical Equip-
ment L.td. wIth ~ JO-year career In th e
electrIcal contracting and engineering
indus'try in Austrafla. Mr, Lee and Secre·
tary Moore serve on th e Board of Dirf~c·
tors of Ramrron In ternatIonal based In
Colorado SprIngs. Colorado.

Profile of Success

Middlesex County Voca-

tlonsl and Technical
Schools have honored Lo-
cal 358, Perth Amboy, New
Jersey. Business Manager
Jame5 J. Callahan by se-
lecting him for the'r " Pro-
files of Success" campaign.
Billboards throughout the
county dIsplay Brother Cal-
lahan's pIcture and Identify
his trade-union affJllation ,
Congratulations, Brother

mEW JOURNAI./JU NE 19911 31


Retired International
Vice President Receives Pin
He was ve ry a tive in the loca l and
I ntcmational ccretary Jack Moore
recemly had the pleasure of pre-
senti ng a 50-yc:.r membersh ip pin
wa. elected to the Executive Board
prior to his eleel ion a, busine"
to former ixth Di,tnct Imerna- managcr/financial eeretary. In Jul y
tional Vi e Pre,ident T homa ' E. 1960 he was appoimed an Interna-
Malone. Brother Malone served as liona l Reprcsenlative wilh respon-
Vice Preside nt from May I. 1969. ,ibililY to ,ervice Ihe local ' in the
until hi. retirement on June I. 1979. i 'Ih Dislroe\. Brothe r Malone i. a
Brother Malone wa, initiated imo veleran or World War II and the
Local 17. Detroit. on May R. 1940. Korean War.
The officer, and mcmbe" con-
gratulale Tom on achievi ng Ihis
Secretary Moore, len , congratulates for·
mer Vice President Malone on hIs SO mile to ne III his dedicaled crviee
yea,. of ISEW service. 10 the Brotherhood .

Poster Child
Loca/141 , Wheeling , West Virginia . jour-
neyman wireman Patrick McDermott
proudly announces the selection o( his
4-year·old dltllghter, Emily , .. s poster
child of 'he Ohio Valley E8. ,e, Seal.
Telethon . Shown here with John Domen-
Ick. anchorman (or TV station WTRF,
Channe' 7, Emily Is the granddaughter
of Jlmes McDermott, now retired.


Members' Honors rove
Disaster Can Strike Anytime

S everal Local lOSS. Pensacola.

Florida . me mbe" received Ihe
IBEW' s hi ghest award. the Life
Saving AW'lI'd . at a dinner a ttended
by Fifth Dist ri ct Interm"ional Vice
President Dan Waters. FoJlowing
are bricf acco unt ~ of their heroic
ac tions:
+ Ja me, A. Barnes. a metcr-
man. inve\ligating a c rowd gath-
ered in a conve nience-store parking
lot in Milton . '''w a woman had
coJlapsed . Alt ho ugh a n ambulance
arrived al ab Ul th e same rime,
Brot her Barn c~ assumed first -aid
duties when one of the para medics
coJlapscd frolll a heart attac k. As-
sisted by a hys tande r. James per-
formed C PR on the paramedic unt il
a depu ty sheriff ,,,sullied the firs t-
aid task . T he paramedic was able Some 01 Local 1055's lifesaving mem 4

to resume hi, res ue duties follow- bers. officers and VIce Presldenf
Waters are shown following the
ing a quadruple-bypass operat ion. awards presenlaUon.
+ The Heimlich maneuver \ a
the technique used by lineman Roger
D. Swind le whe n a rnan in a res-
Laurant wa!-l choking. After several
attempt' the piece (If rood was ex - blows her airway WU"i cleared _ a n energized 7.200-voll prima ry
pelled. a nd the man wa; able to + The va lue l)i' pole-top resc ue while repairi ng u dow ned neutral.
breathe again. an d CPR Wa' dc mon,t ratcd on the The prompt action" or Ii [leman An -
+ - Ieclric 'e l'vicema n Jo hn G. job by li neman ene R. White a nd drew D. Kent saved 8mlher
Daugherty performed one-person appre nti ce li neman David M. Byrd. McCorvey', life . Altho ugh he ,,,1'-
CP R o n li n elderl y man who uf- They rescued line man Yulee Cook rered deep burn, o n hi hands from
fered a heilrf attack in a re~t a llranl. rrom a bucket - tru ck ' ~ bucket and la pping out the names on Brother
Twice the vic tim' s pu lse returned performed CPR for more than 10 McCorvey', clothe,. Andrew i.
and the n stopped. Brothe r Daugh- minutes berore Brother Cook re- comple lely healed and bac ~ to work .
erty continu ed PR alo ne until par- gained a pube a nd -tartcd breat h- Lineman McCorvey \Va ....... cvcrcly
amedi" arrived . when he cont in- ing. There', nO douht their prom pt burned and 10 t hi S len a rm below
ued giving compression,. For his act io ns saved Brol her Cook', life . the e lbow. He i. doing well fo r
liresaving effort s tha t day. Jo hn has + Another electri c se rvice man. suffering sli ch trauma, onlinuing
a lso received Ihe American Red Daniel M. Edwanh. was in c hurch 10 receive sk in gn.fi s and ph ys ical
e ra,s', highest awa rd and the Pres- wh cn (' n elderly lad y slIi'fcred a therapy.
identia l Lifesavi ng Award . heart attack. Aft'r chec king her These honored membe rs should
+ Erin GUllle r is alive today vital sign'. Brother Ed wa rd s ad- serve as examples to the ro>t or
becau.e her rat he r. utilityman Lee ministe red C PR . with a>, i; tance us-learn CPR and other first-aid
A. Gunter. knew how to perform rrom anot her wo man. until an am- techniques. The life or yo ur tool
the Heiml ic h maneuver on small bulance arrived . H ili act ions have buddy . c -wo rke r. friend or fa mil y
children . The n l -and-a-half. E rin in 'pired ot he" to learn thIS vital member could be a t stake. And
c hoked on a p iece of bologna . Lee first-aid tec hnique . wh ile you think about that. who
picked her up. tllrned her over and + Apprentice lineman Avery could perfonn firsl a id on you. should
gave her bac k blows. After three McCorvey ac ide mally contac ted you be stricken o ne da y?


I 1""P I


Wireless Communicatio n Part I:

The Creative Brilliance of Radio Broadcasting

A mong the lllallY invcll l ion s

which revolut ionized electronic
tech nology was Ihe discovery of elec-
availilb le
~ Irellglh~
d aul on lht relalive
of electrical and magne lic
forces. He calcu lated thaI the em -
scientisl lIeinrich lI em: ( 1857- 1894)
to fu rther cxperilll cn l wilh thi'\ the-
ory. Henz was the first to confirm
tromagnetism. affording mankind ploymen l of i.I l1 ernale electric and the ac tual ex i,tence of elec tromag-
the convenience of tile telegraph. magneti c fields. propagating through netic radiation by hi s u ~c of oscilla-
telephone, generator _ alternators. s pace at high velocity . wou ld c reatt:" lOry (pcriudic) radiating eire-uils 10
oscillalors. phonographs. elc. Whal cleclromagnclic wave lraveling at show thai elecLromagneli c wave
encouraged man' experiments il1lo 193.08 mile, per second. Maxwell"s lraveled Ihrough Ihe air al Ihe speed
these phenomena was. and is. his Iheory. ex pre..,:-.cd in Tl1athcm~uical of light. He atlcl1lpled 10 prove a cir-
quest for know ledge and accompli:..h- equarions. concluded that so me c uil containing inductance-C~lpaci­
men 1 and the tremendous. bencll l Irl:ln~ver~e (cro~~wise )wavelengths lance would produce iJ voltage which
derived Iherefrom . Early pioneers. within c icC I r ic anf! magnetic fields reversed :.11 leasl once when the c ir-
whose scientiri c curios it y made it all have certa in freque ncies and that cu it was exci ted.
possible, crealed for us an enhanced sim ilar waves h3v ing a varielY or Hertz tls:-.c m bled a battery-oper-
lifestyle and left a legacy for scien- different freque ncie' could be cre- ated induc tion co il connected to a
li fic continuity. NO! only must Ihese ated and manipulated. ~park gap. The spark gap consisted of
past discoveries be remembered. bUI The frequency of an electromag- LWO melal sphe re!>. connected to two
we must sti II face the challenge of a netic wave is equal lO (he number of parallel melal rods. each aboul 3 fee l
changing tomorrow- a IOmorrow cycles per second. Frequencic~ for a long, With a ~heet- metal reflec tor
which will require extensive penetra- radio wave may range from a low of be hind them. [he rods <.;ervcd as an
Lion into the untapped possibil iticli of aboul 15.000 cycle per second 10 a ante nna. Several quick voltage
electronic lechnology. high of aboul 300 billion cp'. pulse, per second produced by Ihe
Wilh Ihese Ihoughls in mind. we Maxwell" s Iheory also made il pos- induclion coil aused a spark dis·
look back into the his loric;'ll begin- si ble to calculme hmv radio waves ch.uge at the g ap. Th is discharge Wi.\:-.
nings of three of the many inven tion:, \vould diffrac t around the curvate respons ible for a d imin ished osci113-
di scove red by ima gi nat ive people: na ture of the Earth' s surface. to ry c: urrenL. as the lllux imum current
radjo. t.elevision and the phonograph. Maxwell's work inspired German output of the spheres and rods d is-
Prom inent American ilnd European
scienlists. experimenting wi lh elec-
Figure 1. Marconi's Spark Transmitter and Wireless Telegraphy Receiver
tromagnetic waves during the late
I 00 and well inlo Ihe 19005. in-
cluded such nOlab les as James Clerk
Maxwell. Heinrich Hem. Guglielmo
Marconi . Dr. Em I F.W. Alexander-
son. Lee De Forest and David

Tr.,n. mlt1111g
Electromagnetic Anli&nna

Experimental proof of the utility
of electromagneLic waves was ini-
tially conceived by James Clerk
Maxwell (1831- 1879). a Scollish ·A_
___ .. _If'~~

........ _ _ . _ .. _ _ 11'0
physici L al London UniversilY in
e-.. ~ <I- '>9"-""-"<1 0;="",
1864. Maxwell"s research and dis-
coveries centered around his use of


charged through the inductance of FIgure 2. Dr. Ernst F.W. AJexanderson w/fh his generator.
tin:. anten na un d spark gHp. Hertz 's
recei ver i ~ clell"cribed by the Encyclo-
pcdm Americana a~ "a lung. thin
mela l rod. belli lu furm a I ing wi th a
g<lp a fc\\ tho u andth s of an in ch
be twee n tht' cnd:"l of Ihe rod." The
appc aram;~ of spu rh acro'\s th e ga p
in the receiver ring. revealed electro-
magnetic wave radiation fmlll the
tran,mltter aero...... a ~.lI - IOOt ~pan _
li ert L'~WUI h. 011 elecl ro m,lgnctic
wavc~ insli gah..:d a ba~c for r<l dio .
wireless lelcgr::\phy and lclcvbioll. A
chronicle of Il crIL ' ~ di ,covc r ic~ and
procedure... W;I" recorded 10 18~4 by
Augu~ to Ri ghi . <I profe"",o r at the
University 01 Bologna.

Era of Radio Is Born

\'lI gl",irno Marcom ( IX74 -1937)
re;1L1 ;thOLI I I ll:rL'-'~ experimcnlo.; and
c()I1taclcd Rig hi .It th e university. Ih ..., larger till' all l ~ 'l1 W. the lowe r the obsolete Ihe spark -'ct gCllcril lO r ini -
Righi i.l~~i~lL"d M .u coni with U Iliodi- frequency. Thi~ th enry led In lower til..ltly u~ed . Dr. Alexi1 ndcrsQn parli c i ~
II ~d :J'\scllIbl . uf a lran'lnincr "park flcquencics tr;ln"mi llcd O\lcr longer paled in the desig n of vario lls ahcm u-
ci rc ui t and a rece ive r unit ba~ed on di:-,tnnce~- a I>o pulilr tre nd 01" db..tin- to,", and finolly. in 1907. developed
I-Ierlz', de,i gll' (Figure I I. Evcnlu- gu i... heu radlu tech nology from the an inimcn~cl)' improved model of an
:lIl y, Marcon i wa~ ~ u c("es~ ru lll' ::.cnu- earl y 1900, to the I1lld- lnOs. allcrna t'ing-clIrren t gc nerator. It be-
ing: me ~:-.agc.!~ morc than n m i le .Iwa . DC~ I) itl., prev inu" l!x peri mell l ~ con- came widel y known :.l:-, ';Alexander-
Il i~ worl.. on Ihe .:-.park 1r.II1!imiIlCr du ted by Dlher o.,clcnti"'L" on wire.!· son'~ Alternator." I-lih invenlion:-;,.
re"uhed in the hl rth of a ract10 trans- le~ ... Ielegraphy and electromagnetic gained eminence throu ghout the
nll lling <1 110 receivi ng :"llali ol1. ill iliOLt- wnvc.'\. lan.:uni Wi] .... cunsidcrcd Ihe world of wi reless communicatlon
Ill g Ihe er:J of radio. pio neer of wirl.! l c~ ... telegraphy. I-I b (Fi gure 2).
Marconi Wih re'pon . . ibJr fo r in- cxpl:rimc nls cOllt itl ueu to c.volvt; In \l)1 7 Dr. Al cx a lldcr~o n built a
:--talling the \\ orld ' firM commercial around wirc les", Iclcgraphy. Year, specially designed 50-kilowatt alter-
r'ldio service in I K98 . via the . . pa rk latcr. he es.tabli , hed the fir, 1 reg ular nator for Marcon i '~ \\ i rclc~:, slation
",,,ele,. telegraph . Through his com mercial lr.:Ubtllhll1li wirele ~ a[ ew Brunswi l . New Jer'licy.
ncw ly formed company. \Vireless Iclegr.:lphlc ~crV I CC between lrcl:lIld Rapi dly moving lechnology promp-
Telegraph an d Sig nal Cornp ~ln)' \ i n lind Nov a Scotia. A wirclc>.;.:-. !.HlIi oll lcd th e inf'. wllalion of a htrger. 100-
1896 Marconi acq uired his Ii " t cu,- W Ol :" al ...u ~e t up in New Brun:-.w ick. kw aitcrnalor. In 19 18 President
[omcr. Lloyd... or L ondon. Lloyd C \\ Jcr<;e~ . Woodrow \V ilson tnln~mi ll ed Ihe
tnstalled lfan; ll1t11e" on a" i,l,md 7.5 ramoul\ "Fourtee n Poi llt~·· ulti matulll
Illile:-; off the I ri~h I.-OUS[ ano Lllili zeJ di rectly to the Genn(ln people rrom
Using Alternators
til e M orse Code to tnlllS11Iil J1lc1'I.:-. ages the New Brunswi c\.. MUlion-rcsull-
to rece i v c r ~
n the mainl.md . Duri ng Ihe period of radio -wave i ng in Ihe Germans' reques t fo r an
R C~lli z in g Ihe opcmting frcq ucnc. rC!'lt::~lH: h
,wd the publ ici ty generated armi ~ t ice .
and the <':OIl(Jili"l1 uf the iUIII"pheric b} M arconi· :-- ~ uc cc,:-- with thl: wi re- A':!J chie r engineer of the nt!wly
(:.mnosphcnc) layer affec t the 'i UC- Ie ...... leleg raph. a II ~\~ i dc<l-II~i n g
the formed Radio Corporation ur Amcr 4

cess of lon g~di st ance co ml11unic:l- (\lI e rnHlor-wa ~ di scovered by Dr. ica, Dr. AJexa ndcr:-;un coordinated
lion. Marcon i adj usted tile Slle and ~ rn~ t Frederik Werner Alcxa ndcn:on the ins wlla tio n of radi o lransmilli ng
height of h i~ anlenna. He discovered (I R7R- 1975). Thi, method rendered and receivi ng lations worldwide. I-Ie

Figure 3.
Lee De Forest
De Forest created a tl/be which col/ld
perform as 01/ amplifier, a detector of
radio waves or a gellerator of carrier
waves, leading the lVay to electrollic
devices such as televisioll, radar alld

PflotO Courtt" 01
G CI1("~d rlo;lric Compan) ;
appeared 111 III\"'n '~ lIull
(If IIl11mr, Electronic ..
DI'~).i Ptruxiit:al ... lnc .

Figure 4. The RCA Radio/a. circa 1925, which sirs In the 18EW Archives.

wa~ 31,0 rc'pon\ible for the re\carch { de\'icc~ ..,uch d' Ie levi·
electronic lea equipped" tlh J radiO IIlU';C box
and dcvelopmelll "ark which pro- ~ion. radar and computer,\. IIe also and ,imu ltulleoll,ly tuned in 10 ne\ '-I.
duced the fi", T V broadcasl over invenled the lin~1 practical radi mete- Inform ati on and cn tCrt;lHHl1enl 1.11 Ihe
sialion Way in Schenectady. cw phone Bnd electri c MllIllci 011 iii Ill. l1i c ~ of a ,WilCh. In 19_0 Sarnoff.
York. In 1930. which made "wl~ lII g" 111011110 pic- \\-bu wa' then cOlllmcrciu l manager
ture, po"iblc. of RCA. over",m the manufactu re
Thl: orlginul COli ept nl public- and ,ale, of rudio IIlU" bo\e, (fig-
.,erVlce broadc""' li ng wa., credited \.0 ure 4). The .. Departllleni nf Corn-
Improvements Brigadier Genoml Da"," 'arnoff merce licen"ie I ~2 radio-broadcast-
clelllbi Lee De Fore I (1873- ( 1891-1971). who ,en cd '" ""i'' 1111 n
ing , Ial;on, in I I: and b Ihe end of
19611 Inlroduced Ihe three-demel1l truffi lIlanager of Ihe \~arconl Wire- 1l}~4. the numhcr had gro\\ 11 to -lB.
vacuum rudio tube In 1906. Hi ., lube. Ie" Tclegmph Compan} of America. In 19~6 Sarnoff organl7cd Ihe 1'\,,-
called "The Audion:' wa, Ihe lo re- Sarnort propo,cd lhe I;onccpt of l.1 tional Brullc.ll:a~ting ompany (0
ru nner uf the modern red io lube receive r. which he described a., a ex pand the u. .cfulne,,, of. anti public
(Figure .JI. De Fore" crealed n lube "radio mu:,ic bo,\. ~upplicd wllh Interest In. broadca,ung . lie Imer
which could perform a' an ampltlier. amplifYll1g lull,,, and a l oud,pea~er played 3 majur role 111 Ihe develop-
a detector of melio wave!) or a genera· lelepltone mounted In one box : ' He me nt of TV ,
tor of carrie r wavc~. [euding the way cnvi:-.i ncd cuch homf acro~\ Amer- The technolog) of radto Iransmi~ -

, Ion focuo,eo, ri~t o n ground -wave
lran'mi ...... lon along the urr:.Jce or the
F' tnh: Ih" occu r, JI frequenc Ies be- IBEW Keeps Pace The Broade. ling an d Reco rd-
lo\', 30 IIlcgaheru. \ here the wav e~ With Advancing Ing De partment wa.> fUllned in
195 1. One o f Ihe importnnl ,ervices
are di re cted ho ri7ol1 1all y \l nd tend 1 Technol ogy lhis departmcnl perfOmlCd Ihen land
fo llow the c,,,vaou re or ~l e Earth.
Second . Icclonnlogy I"" developed Du ring Ihe tre mendou, e~ pan ­ perform s now) " lite monlloring of
"') W.IIvC:\. \\ ave~ \\ hi h are d irec ted sion of r:.d io brolldclIl>I ing. Ihe proposed eongrc,"ional legislalion
dowIJ\!I ard from the lono, phcre 10 U IR E\ h,,\ mamta incd pace wi lh and the regu lalions affecllng Ihe
di,talll rr" I' lvin r :tn ICll na. Th ird. <.IJ- Ihe cUll1mull i (lI ion1<. i no u~ l ry . broadeasling induslry .cl down b)

rec t-line tr mh ll ll :-.~ i o n from the InUh - I BE W ' \ invol vem cn t in broadcast- the Federal Com m unicaliUlI ' Com-
millcr 10 thc n.=cl!i ve r w ~.... uc\.clo pcd. ing goe' bac k to Ihe lTIld- I920 . n1i~sio n .
Rad iO \\ ~\'c ... In the " hne of . . ighl'· The Rrol he rhood organi zed Ihe From 1960 10 1973 the IREW en-
lenu to lollm\ o,tralghl P Jl h~ I Fig ure mduslry', employee' nnllonally lO le red the cable-Iele\'islo n field. ap-
S}. 1Il1\\ ~ \ cr. vaned J tnlo,phcn c >e ure fai r and equi table compen- pliance services. and the ta ping and
condi ti n, cau,e r;lndol11 change, in sal ion ror Ihe worL e ~. In 1940 live broadea'lmg of T program s.
IhC' \ t" Ilm'(' r "nc ra l i / a l i o n ~-~l ~ i lll ­ lBE W "'cc!rici"", manned more broadeaslmg and reco rdi ng lech-
allon wI1l(,:11 call ... fo r a more -.;ophi <>;l1 - tha n 2CX) rudio "tul ioJ1'<. and net- nology progresses. Ihe IR EW . Ia nds
ra ted "') 'tcm 01 Ir;]I1"'I11 I',lOn. work" one o f whi ch was the CQ- firs t in servici ng onh Am erica' s
Rad iolelephon) ledonolng) ul1l - lumbia Rroadcasling )·slem. advanced electrical requircmenb.
17ed ('Icc lrom agnetlc \"':tve ... on a l'a r ·
rie r nin C. 1\ ca rrier wave b van ed
by an electri ca l 'ilg l1 al- lhc infonlHl -
II n If) h(' Inln:-.m il1r:d . Td egra phi
1Il100lUilOn I' , em and rl'cc l\ cd o\'~r
Figure 5. Typ es 0' Radio rrsnsmissions
electromagnetic \\ a\e, ulIlI lmg the o NOS P HER E
Mor...c Code ami \ olce me,,~ a gc\.
Tran ... .t tlanl lc wlrr lt.' ,:-. me~~ a gc . .
we re tx:ing dc, eloped aro ulld 190 I.
follO\' cd h) Ihe deve lnpmc nl of ' hip
com munH:i.tllon,. ~t .md dt oJ} 1"gi, ld-
lio n requ m ng a ~:4- ho u r rad io \\ lHCh
on cert,lI n cI ;.t~ ,C' of "hlP" followed
the tragic ,,1I, J.. ing or Ihl' ocean li ner
7i ronir' In 1912. B: 1lJ 1K morc Ihan
5.000 ,hi p, "c re c4uipped with "'lee-
Ie,,,, Idcgmphy. Tral1~ucc",nic radio-
te lephon) W i" a{'t'ol11 p ll'h~d b)
191 5. The lir",t .,tlO rl WUVC radiotele-
ph one li llc. u!<Ii ng ..I Ireyu(,!ncy of .:!O
NII-Il , \V a ... ope r ~tle d be twee n Londo n
and Bi nn ingh.II11 . l:nglnnd. in 1920.
Radiol!.! 1"'phon~ lechnulog) \\ U!l.
born Ihrough Ihe Imenll\C gcni u\ and
countln.. . r n l1 l nh lll l o n~ made b)
earl y III VCIl I or"i fro m milll~ nill i on ~.
T- Transmitti ng
l nese cHrl y achicvcmc lIl '" have had it Antenna
igni fic3 1l1 impa I on the com mul1I- R-Recelvlng
calion" Illllu Ir) and have facili laled Antenna
Ihe ... uen',' 01 'CICn llnC progreS:.....
/" Parr II . n Irdt,>,H mlllmm;nllloll "
1\'111 hr ft'lIfu I'(,(/ If1 CI j u!U I'C' 01'''('/("
The lee hll o/flgicnl-/II Y/ iHJ' .::t,Jr h ·s £'011-
Source I Americana, Vol 23 P 1
t;llue.\ 1/ ('_\1 II/onlh.j ~

IBE \~ JUL U:\ A L/JU C I9'X) 37


AYear Old and Just

~ e "fledgling" IB EW Education 10 continuo u,l y improve Iheir
• Progrnm is ce lebrating ib firsl ' kill s as wo rke rs and their knowl-
birthday-and the numbers lire in: edge of unioni ~ m. Most steward
51 Inte rnatio nal Re presentative; re- attend the Iraini ng progra m on
ceived instruction in Ihe Steward their free days. usually a Saturday
Training Program; they, in turn. or Sunday ; and fo r the most pari
have taughl more than 8,000 slew- Ihey would like the trdining to be
ard in Ihe Indu, trial and Construc- longer!
lion Branches or the Brotherhood. While the Education P rogram'
While the ; teward program i' ju ·t siaff has tried to present only top-
one of mo re than 14 different courses quality programs, as ma ndated by
developed in the 13; t yea r by the Internatio nal Preside nt J.J . Barry.
Education Program. il i the one the steward program' s succes is in
co urse which ha s reached the mo,t I. rge mea",re due to three factors :
members. the commitme nl of the In le rn a-
The I BEW is indeed fo rtunate tional Repre cntatives who leac h
10 have membe.rs who are it. the cooperation of the
not only competent, pro- bu ine s managers, and
fessional electrica l work- thee nthusia ' m a nd
er. , but who a ti ve ly dedication of the
participate in lhe
Sheth Dlstrlcr International Representa - coll ecti ve agree-
tive Pat Curley award.s the Certificate of
Complellon 10 WIllia m WrIght, • Local men t proce,;
1048, Indianapolis, Indiana , steward. anu arc will ing

Clockwise, members of the Industrial

Steward TraInIng Development Team.
whIch put together (he IIrst course the
program offered, 'he Industrial Steward
Tra ining Program: Marjorie Lucas, Edu -
cation Program secretary; Inrernatlonal
Representatives Doug Wiegand and Jon
Gardner; E.ec utlve Assistant to the In-
ternational President Tom Hickman; Ka-
r'e Flora, Research and Economlc.s De·
partment analyst; Educat/OI1 Coordinator
Marty Letsinger: In ternational Represen -
tatives Orler WeIkert Clarence Young
and Kerm it Dacusj and Janet Spinner,
Research and EconomIcs Department
secretaI)'. (Nol shown Is Angle Romano.)

Getting Startedl
lhe program will be train ing 30 more
Inlernalional Repre entalives in July
lo leach the steward program in
o rder to cope with the constant
reque,ts for the co "r~c frnm the
locals .
President Barry recently ex-
pressed hi s pleasure at the accom-
pli shment s of the year-old Educa-
tion Program : " [hi has had an
incredible year ' Maintaining a hec-
tic chedule and an enthusia,tic
determination . it has developed and
implemented several first -rale
courses. 1 am proud of the,e ac-
complishme nts, and I commend the
program 's stalf and all those who
have participated as in st ructors and From 'eN. Loclt' 1985 Chief Steward Dan Mareno, VIce President Steve Lemos, Steward
a, ,tudents. Education i, our fu- Daile BurnSide. President/Business Manager Jim Repace and Executive Board member
ture, and the enthusiasm wilh which Jay Wilhelm. Brorher Mareno: "I was looking forward to the progr-am and "new Ir would
be beneficia' to our srewards. The design of the program , as well as the presentation
this program ha. been embraced by Fout1h District International Representarille Thomas Coolr, exceeded all my expecta -
tells me our future looks bright 110ns."
Congratulations to the Education


ri""'- ~' ·
"~ -.
. !> . .... r" '.
.. ........ .

. .
Local 1985, North Can'on, Ohio. Stew-
ards Joe Chevraux, /ell, and Rich Riese.
Brother Chevraux: "Orlgln,lIy I begrudg-
ingly galle up my Saturday lor what I
assumed might be a long-drawn-out
meeting. , was vety pleasanrly surprised
at the presentaHon itself and .he amount
ot useful Information supplied to me."


NJATC Annual Meeting
J ATCs promole Ihe industry. Com-
T he indu!'Ilrywiuc instructor train-
ing in,lilule sched uled for Ihis
summer was one of Ihe major lopics
... eric:, of videotapes 0 11 instructor
tra ining and the new bookle t .. Basic
Idea, ror Eleclrica l Instruc to rs,"
millee dala sho, anol her reco rd
year IIhe third in a row) ror jour-
discussed duri ng Ihe 1990 meeling Another maj(lr lopic discussed neymen in training (approxima tely
or the ational Joint Apprentice- was using the new video "Occu- 21.000 in 1989). Cuurses available
ship and Training Com millce ror pation-Union Electncian" and the for use in local arcas now number
the Electrical Contracling Ind uslry four-color brochure 10 re ruit ap- mo re than 30.
III March. The commillee an- plicants . The,e maleriab arc pro-
nounced the a ailabililjl of the new vided to help locals. chapte r and

Attending the NJATC Annual Meeting were, seared. (rom left. Herb Prestidge, Anton Klingler, NJATC Secretary Robert W. Dunleavy,
'BEW International President and NJATC Co-Chairman J.J. Barry, NJATC Director A.J. Pearson, NJATC Co-Chairman Morton D.
Hoffman, NJATC Treasurer Geary M. Higgins, and NECA Executive Vice President John Grau. Standing. James L. Boyd. Fred J.
Smith, Kenneth Leech, Jack Zorn. Michael H. Reed, John Coleman. Jim Reeves. Robert Egizii, Andrew R. Dahlman , Richard W.
MacFarlane, Ken Edwards. Ronald E. Smalfwood, Don Herzog. B.J. Lowery, Thea W. Thomson, Bruce Bader, Robert M. Chessler
and Howard E. Schier Jr.

Gilbert G. Bateman Appointed

Diredor of the Government
Employees Department

I nternational President J .L Barry

has appointed Internat ional Rep-
resentati c Gilbert G. Bateman to
man served as a delegate to the
Metal Trades Council of Cha rles-
ton ; a nd he continues to serve on
the position of Director of the Gov- both the Federal Prevailing Rate
ernment Employees De partmen t ef- Advisory Committ ee and the De-
fe tive Apri l I. 1990. Brolher Bate- partment o f Derense Wage Board.
man replaces George Knaly who e On August I. 1973. Bro ther Bate-
retirement became elrecti e on April man was appointed a n International
I. 1990. Repre e nlative and assig ned lO the
Born in Washinglon. D.C . , Gil International Office. where he as-
\Va ' iniliated into Local 9 16. sisted in va rious maile rs concerning
Charleslon. outh Carolina. in 1%8 government employees. Gil and hi
and was reinitia ted inlo Local 2301. wife. Rita . ha ve three daugh te rs and
Charle ton. in 1970. During the years one grandson . The Brotherhood ex-
1970 to 1973. he ,erved his local as tend the be t to Gil and , ishes
n fina ncial "\ccrctary and crved on him every su CC~~ as he as urnes
the Grievance and O rganizing Com- the dut ies or hi, new position . iii
mittees. In add itio n to his many
dut ie, with the local, Brothel' Bate-



Does It Pay To
Belong to A
o r an answer to the above question.
F read the follo\\ ing recent arbitm -
tion deci;;ions involving TBEW me-m-
be" in Ihe Tenlh Di >lricl. Then decide
whether it pays to be a union member.

t In a di:-,pULC \\ ilh the Chicago &

Konh \ e'\tern Tran l:ipOflalion
Compl.Iny. the uilion wa~ ::-.uccc~sful
in o;;ectJring an award in the amount
of 517 .377.98 for a member who
\\'a", required lamove from one work
localion lO another. The railroad
requC'!'Ited the Imerstate Commerce
Conllni"ion di ",lIo\\ S7.876A6 of
the award. claiming the board ex-
ceeded it. juri:)diclion in allowlIlg
mortgage iniereSl of 3.652.-l4~
mo\ ing expenses ofS 1.00 IS!: in-
Icr~:-.t pe",JIt~ of 1.32·l.0:!: and
real-f"o.;tale comnll"O;;10n fee of
lAOO. The ca,e wa, argued before direct imp.tCI on the reduction of 1 Anolher di'pUle wi lh C&NW re-
lhe ICC: the union pO"iition p re- earning ... ,uhed in Award 0 .709 by pecial
vailed . and the claimant \\'a~ paul in .l An award \\ a:-. ,cJ.:urcd on beha lf of Board of dju,lmenl No. 570.
full. a member employed b~ Portland \~ hich originally denied Ihe claim of
t AgJimi t Southern Rail\\ :'1)' the n- Temlinal Railroad Company pursu- three members. based on data and
ion Wa." !'tucce'tsful in securing ant 10 Appendix C-I Protective argul1lellt~ nOI :,ubmiHcd n the
Award I o. I J of Special Board of Condition~. Calie r-,to. I. in Lhe properl)' in accordance with Sec lion
Adjus llnent 10 . 597 III the amoun! illllount ofS8S.32 .:U. The mcmner 11 orthe ag reement. The union peti -
of 91.540.71 on behal f of II aho received a ... i x-year protective ti oned the .5 . Di 'ltrict Court 10
member~. They we re wrongfully guarantee due (0 hi ... being alivcr",clj revie\\ Award 709. Tn it~ review. lhe
furloughed at Cha ll :moog~L Tenne"i- affected a~ a re,,-uh of the di"coll- coun granted the union mOlion for
~ee. d ue 10 a " technologic<ll tinll;lI1ce of inner-ci ty rilil and pa~­ :-.ummarj j udgmen t to ha ve the
change": abo. Ih~ carrier failed to se nger ",crvice a ... defined in Public award se t ilsidc and direc ted the
PO~l. Ihe required nmice. ;\ 11 claim- La'~ 9 1-518. a~ amended by Public board to hear the Ci1"iC anew.
(lob were reGlllcd to the carrier" ... Law 92-;\ 16 (Seclion 71. Upo n rchcru-ing the case, the board
c;;ervlcc; and in addition 10 their l in a d i"putc with Chicago & N01'th reissued the award. wh ich was sus·
appropr iat e back pay. they receivcd WC~ ICn1 Tran"'porlalion Com pany. tained on beha lf of the memhers. for
I1vc-yea r protection guarantees. Special Board of Adju:-.lment 1\0. back pay and be nefit s including the ir
The --technological change" in th i" 570 rendered A \~ ard No. 9~ in protective gmmmcccs.
di~putc as found by the board wa~ favor of four IBEW member ... who TI,e .. e ct!.;;cs represent a ".ampli ng o f
Ihc in trodu ction of the on-board we rc adverse ly <JffeCIL"d by the d i ~p ule ~ involving IBE\V member..

microprocesso r comput er. whic h tr;m ... rerofLhc ir wo rk. The a wa rd 10- whic h have been fough t by. il nd won
was certai n ly the rc:o; ulL of ~cicn t ific tal ed $156.5J~ . 63 and five year< of by. the union . But we believe you gel
re~ earch and definite ly had a di rect protective gua ran tees. the idea. So. d o you lh ink it pays to be
impac t upon the work force and/o r a a union me mber? !jj

lIl EW .IO URI""L/JUI\CE; 1990 41


Racewalking: Stepping Up the Pace AAA A

/c'ditol"J Note : Sillce II'a/killK //(/.\
beuJfnl:' 1I preferred i!.\ erci.\'l! rfl!l·
'port: All you rea ll y need , be,id cs
clolh ing that sui ts (he weat her. is
Though you may not ex-
line, Ihe a/elY {I'll} fiea/lil De· a ll ;'IJC:4Ui:llc: pair uf .'Ihuc'l bec bux). pect to set an Olympic
presents Ihis reprinted {U'·
{J(IT/JlU! '" 1l ''1 fun to raccwalk alone or wil h
tide [or tile lIu!",bers' ill[(},nUllioll .' a friend , competitively I' just for record, racewalking of-
company , nd a o mpa nion can be
very ,",eful for checking yo ur po -
fers many benefits to
f you're one of the million, now
I wa lking (I bri ... k mile or lWO a day
\LIre and form for you \ hen you' re the walker who's gotten
learning lO raccwnl k .
for pleasure and healt h, you may into good shape and is
occa,ionally be left in the dust by
,omeonc ' peeding along like Road-
!he "Rushing ready for a challenge.
runner- hip !\winging and arms Chicken" Gait
pumpi ng and fect barely 'ki mming The object of ra ewalking i, 10
Racewalking can burn
the ground , A racewa lke r, by gosh: move your body ahead a, quickly as many calories per
and he cenainly did look funny Gust '" pO ' ' iblc (without running) and
a,joggers caused onlooker ' to laugh to avo id Ihe up/down motion, of hour as running, but
15 year ago), Walking isn ' t mere ly
locomotion, bul an aClivily wilh
regula r walk lllg. '1hal 's Ihe POlnl or
Ihe forward-Ihru ling hi p-,wivel.
with much Jess risk
,everal potenl ial variations. includ- which i, meant to propel YOll more of injury.
ing wa lking at the Olympi Icvel. efficiently than the normal side-to-
In 1983 Ihe world record for a mile ,ide wing of the hip" Here', how
walk \\ as el by American Ray to Ian :
harp: five minutes, 46 se onds, It - Think of racewalki ng as walk- .. Swing your
takes the average person abolll three ing a tight rope , In normal walk- hip forward as
lime ' a long to walk a mile, ing, YOll r feet m'lkc p;ulll lcilracks: yo u slep forwa rd-
Though you may no t e pect to bllt in r..cewalk ing. you mu t try ii', the hips and leg,
sc t an Olympic reco rd . raccwalki ng 10 put one fool down in fronl of Ihat act a s Ihe pl'OJlllhive
offers many bene fib to the walker the ot her, a lmo<t in a straight line , force,
who', gOllen into good shape and Because of anatomica l differ- - Kee p your feet lo,e to
i, ready for a challenge, Racewalk- ence, thi fo rm may not he com- the ground, with no \V",ted
ing can burn a!\ man calories pcr plete ly ach ievable for everyone, Illutiun, E,,<:h fot.1 ,hou ld ,trike
hour a, running, bUI wit h much les, bul come as close to it :b yOll the ground solidly on the hack
ri,k of injury , It 's not a n ex pensive can . of the heel wit h toc, pointed up
,Iighlly , Two rule, of competitive
rdcewalking are lhm ne fout mu, t
al way~ be On lhc gruund. and.
your legs mu,l be <traight alo ne
Wa lkillg poinl in Ihe cycle ,
- Use long !'II ri de . . . Yuur n1()lion
, hould be Ou id, efficient and
<mool h ,
- Keep you r tor'Ll , ,hLluldcrs
Racewalkillg and neck re laxed a nd y ur hcad
in line wit h your back , 1)0n'I bend
from the w"i,I-l hi , ran lead to
back siraill . orn e racewa lkcrs


angle their whole botly , lightl y Get into the Swing . 3. For hip flexibil ity walk a ~traight
forwa rd from the a n klc~ . line, practicing hip movement. Ex -
Sin ce technique j" importan t [n
- Bend your arm< a l a 90-degree aggera te the movement by walking
raccwalking . you will need prac-
angle. and keep your wrists cn..,:-,cro..,~ Ovcr the imaginary Iinc.
lice. If there',\ an expe rienced race-
«m ight. Wilh Ihe mol ion coming 4. Warm up and stre Ich before
wa..lker arou nd who can give you
rrom the shoulder. nol Ihe e lbow, raccwalking: cool down and ,tretch
pOlOter,. ,0 much the better. Start
pump your arms rhythmicall y with afterwa rd :-..
with leg movement fir. . . L bui ld up
your leg mol ion . Whe n yo u pump
,ome <reed and the n IOcorporate
back. your h:md s hou ld come
I he arm 1110Iion\. Sec wha t a dif-
aboul 6 inches behind the hip:
whi le on the ,wing forward the
ference it make:-. to have your arm, Sole Mates
in Ihe proper 90-degrec-anglc po-
wrist should be ncar the center If you a lready have running shoes
~~llon in"ttcmJ of hangi ng at your
or your c he,t. Keep your hands (or any pair orwalking shoes you
Side). YOllr pace ,hollid quicken
above YOllr hip<. The vigorous like). you can try racewalking in
automa tica ll y a~ you learn 10 U\C
arm pumping counterba lances them and ,ee how you do. Ide-
your arm:". Start :-.Iowly. walkin2
your leg/hip motion. allows for a ally . your racewalking shoe
quick pace and pro ide, a good for 20 to 30 min ute ... and incrca'ting
you r pace gradually . Try interv,,1 s hould have the qualitie, indio
wo rkout for yOllr upper cated below:
v. aJking-lhal b. racewalk for a fc\\
body. _ adequate cush.ioni ng to ab-
minute,. then do normal bri,k "a lk-
ing. Ir yo u·re concerned about get- sorb repeated ,hoch:
ling aerobic benefit:,. pnu~e ~cn­ _ a fl exible. round-edged <ole
sionally to check lo ur heart ra tc . to acco mmodate the rocking
motion or walking. a, opposed
Avoiding Injury to the flared-edged sok of run-
ning ~ hoc"\:
RucewH lking i:-- nOI as
_ a low hac k tab to reduce
hard on the body a,
pre ssure on heel te ndon" and
running: but} OUf shin
a re in rorced heel counter:
ll1u..,clcs gel much
- a perforated uppcr to cool
the ,arne kind of
the foot.
workout. and most
beginning raCe-
wa lkcr'i expcri-
cncesome shin "'orc-
lie ... !'!. To mi nimize
Ihi ... , try thc,e cxerc i..,c . .
I. To build "I' the mu~cles
in Ihe sh in'i . walk bm.;k amJ
forth across a room on your
2. In a ..,jlling po,ition or\t(:lnding
(balanced on one foot) , rolate your
ra i ~cd fOOl clockwi se and CQunter-
clockwise in large circles several Rf!Pllme<;l. pem'II$$JO(l 01
times . Thi ... wo rk'\ shi n an d calr 01 c.,lQrnllJ, Berlle/ey
WeUn6S5 Latrer, HealffJ L9l1et
Ill usc les. AssocImos, '9S9


A Critical Look at The onductOf in tlu !:a tf) ame abo ut

U.S. Electronics Industry lurgeJ) becau," of: I) the greed uf
.S. orporalio"\. \\ hich mo\ed
In the 1990s plmu, to ror~ l gn coumril.-:, 10 a\ oid
p:l: iny. Illcrican ",or!...cJ'\ i.l f~ ir wage
::Ind 10 ex pl oit foreig n workers
A strollg dom estic electrollic, illdll try i essential to a thro ugh 10\1; \\ uge . . and poor working
strong domestic economy; yet, th e J 990s do flot bode cOl1(lI llOn"l: 2) m i,<;di rcc lcd .5 . lax
well for Ollr cOl/sumer electrollics industry, lIor for J nd laril l polleie" ,ueh as the law
thai allow. payment of wriff onl) on
other vital industries so closely allied through the vulul! added in the io relg n plan!
electrollics. o n producl" re turned 10 thi " co unlry:
and ) opport uni l\111 and t:.l rgeli ng hy
j' re ign co unt r i c~, pri ncipa ll y Japan.
The Consumer U)o,C. 'I-hl:-O Amclicilll · horn il'ld u:o.t ry. In 1970 America n induwy had 89
cn.::I1cll b~ \\)O- pcrccllt-A lllcrkan pe rCel11 of the L.S. market for sel11i-
Electronics Industry
111\('11 11011\. re I. Il,tl i/ed Ame nc;}', c(lnd ucto,"" h) 19R7 Ih,lt ,hare had

T he paS! decade, for til. mo' t pan.

wrote an end 10 Amcrit.:an- rmm u-
indu, triul migh t .lIlll hutl)cJ Amc r-
lC~1 indu' lriu l Icaden,hip. The
dropped III 64 pe rcen l. Too,, ) Ihe
L.S.... emlconduClor marke t j" being
faC lUfcd. electronic cnn"iumcr good!'<,. Lnllcd 1.1((', \\a, the undl ... pulcd !;I!...en over b) the Jap[lIlc,c IJ" a rc"ul t
Foreign cou nt rie~ have become \U f - ,,,,)rld lem.1l'r in Ihl"o ledlllolo¥). uf LI,S. firm,, ' ... elli ng them the lcch-
pl u., exp0 rler, II) our nation. while rhl'fl' \\." lin fnrl.'ign COIll pt..'l II Io n: nolog). prod uc tion ..lnd I c~ t equi p-
. . -ba,=cd rn ullin:.IIiona l corpora - Ih ~rc Wa' no Olll"dc fnrct' compel - ment: the do,ed Japanc c domc"lic
lion" have rno\ ed their 1X'r.lllon ... 10 li ng the nW"cll1cnt or thi, IJldu . . tl) m;l d .. l't: J.lpane\c govcmmctl l!indu ... -
foreign co unlriC\. "a n.: ... ult. \H~ ha\(' trom d(lrne~ II C lex.'alltlll .... If) (ombllle:-. and ~ u b~ i d i c:-.. and tar-
htgh uncmplo) menl and underc.m- " orcign r mpetil100 In the . . emi- gctlllg of the U. S. uomc'lie market.
plo) ment in the nHed tat~.... Ihe
undcruti lization 0 1 d nmc,lic plall h
and cquipmcnl. ~I lack o f dornc,llc
uwe..,tmc nt. Ihe export of Atm: ri t:an
k.tw w- how and {cchnolog.y. rl'ori t
maxlmizmion by Inu lti mttl onal cor-
po r a li ol1~ . and l!vo..: r-i ncrcil,ing un fair
lrade prac tice , Ih al arl..' n..: vc r r~' Iv\!d
by our govern ment.
The Clln~ lI m c-r dcct n)nk~ indu\ ll'y
hi.p.; not ... utTered alone, Close ly aill cd
i l1d u ~ tri e ~. particularly the ..,e micon-
dll clor. telecomlTl llni t.: tll ion'o, J lld
IIDT V indu'trie" are follo\\oi ng In the
\Nuke of the con..,umc r clcclmnics
imJ u... t r~ o r are ,(' n ou ... l: th rcalcncd. NOT MADE IN THE

The Semiconductor
111c 'Iernl COnduclOf (,llIcon-chl p)
mdustr) in the Uni ted SI.lle, on..,i!.\h
of ap p ro~i rnatc J ) 100 fi nn", the larg-
e'l 20 of \\ hich prooucl.' XO percen l 01
the mdu..,try's output. ' omc of l he~e
tirm!' produce lurgel) ror thei r own

The STATES CANADA com puter com pctitive edge it once
Telecommunicotions CPI·W CPt hac! . \Vc ,.: ould face an annual trade
Monlh Year 11982·84 : 1001 11981:1001 de.fid t o f Jl10rc tha n $225 b illi on in
eleclrolll" (HDTV rece iver<. VCR,.
The lclet:o lll m U llit.:"lliun~ indu . . . lf). March 1990 127.1 156.3
1990 126.4 155.8 per:-.ona l COJl l p llt e r~. ~en li conduc t ors
which in co rpora l e~ Ihe l<.Il e,\1 \l1 elec- 120.8 148.5 and {IuLOJl1:ttecl manu factu ring l.:q uip-
March 1989
tron;..: lcch liOlogy . 1lll.lkc~ a In:!11cn- mcnq and lose more than two mi ll ion
dou... cOlltri bllli oll 10 IIUI' !,,!COIl OIll Y points Of
job:-. a yca r hy the year 20 IO.
and the \.·conomy of Ihe world. The Canada CPllocroased 0.5 Indt\'X potnlS dUring me last It j, c:-...;c ntial tha i ou r governmen t
iml u"tr) experienced rap id growlh in month cw 0,3..... The incfease dunng the past yoar was
7.8 indeK pOints Of 5_3%. take a Icader;-,h ip role in Ihe develo p-
the 19~{):": but hundred ... of thou . . and ... Scuces US Ocpar1mooc ol labof. Buruau olLabcw ment of' Ihi<; ind uMry to gumnntce
o f \\orkl.:r:-. ..:xpcricIlceLi la)off~. COIl - S,,""""
StatlstlCS Can{lde. tha i ;1 ;, Iken~ed and put into prod uc-
ln1e l; On and fea r. Job lu~:-.I.! ., impacted Prepared by ISEW Re search and Eoonomlcs
Oep anment. Apr il 1m tion in thi~ counl ry where it wi ll pro-
"dver~e l y on the U.S. economy . vide Joh..; for Amcrican wor1-.cr:-.. I I i~
The U.S. l..:kcomll1unic"lliom. ill- vilal thil t the gove m mcn l. I'lhor and
dU\lry h,,<..; been ,lIld COlli Illlle"l III be clition:-.. Il n relief and nu end to thc~e the bll ~inc~~ com munity work to -
un Ih(" Icadlllg edge of t.;:ch no)ogy, p rob l ell1~ are antH.:ipalcd 101' the
get her to cn..,ure Ih at th e IIDTV in-
but we arc ullilb le 10 d\:\clo p export 199(h. dustr) III America prOVide..; it ,tTOng
m'lrkcl "I for rhe equlJmlcllI we pro- ccunOI1l) and a :-.Irong defc nse.
duce . On Ihe olher hall(\. Ihe U.S. The HDTV Industry
m:lI'kCI i:-. tl pen In the rirm:-. Df foreign
countne-;: and irn port:-, havl: been Il ig h-d efinit ion leJevi"io n i:-. i1 Conclusion
incrca~i n g ~ ub:-'l:lntiiJlly. genertlt ion of TV se lS that pfllvitlc~
Jap:.l1'I i ... the hlrgc:-.I export!.!f of ima ge, '" sharp a nd detaIled lI, It i s pai nfully obvioll:-' Ihal th i ..
decade doe!' not hold prom i,e fo r
leh:com 11lu nica t ion~ eq uipment 10 lIIovie image..,. It i~ a fu nda lllcntal Il1cri c;I'~ c:ollsurl1(.'r elec troniCS in-
the n il cti S t ate~. E\(:n thoug h Ille technology that will have an ITll pacl
dustry, the ,cm iconctuctor intJu:o.tl) ' .
nited States ha~ an agreeme nt with on ;111 ~cy dcc lron ic~ and cOllll11uni-
the tclecommunicati ons indu ....try anti
Japan 10 upcn Ihe J a pa nc~l: marke t to c[ltion , Indu..,tries and can be the life-
Ihe HDTV induwy.
U.S. export') of telecol1ll11ulliclliom, bloud of t: um.!llt and futu re tcd ll10l - In o rd er to bring abou t ~I favor:lh lc
equipmen t. it i~ evide nt that the U.S. gie~ .
l.:hangc. Americil n I'inns need to make
i['l(Ju"try i ... I1nl hcillg afforded fair IIDTV cOlll d be " $25 -hillion in-
a commitment LO base all their pro-
and equitable mark et oprortunit1e~ d u,try by the turn ur Ihe cc ntury. For d uction fa ili lies in the United S t a l e~.
in Japa n. \\h ich ma in taine d a better- Amencan wor~er" il co u ld mean They abo ~ ho u ld have the opportu-
I h an - l0 - 1O~ I trade-now '.Id va nlagc i n mallv rnore Job!' In abe broadc:tMi ng, nilY to ,ell in all other CUll1 l tri c~ with
the 19XOs. \Vha! b true for Japan and man~l fa e lu ril1g . co nstruction an d wl;ic h we main tai n trade re lations.
it~ cl o~...:d cOIllJlllln i ca l ion ~ market is malntcnance . te lephone. cable. and just a:-. t l'lO~c cou ntries have OPPOflll -
a!'t~ocii\t e d ill d ll~ tr ie~. .S . dcv~lop­
also true for the countries Ill' wc:-.lern ni ti cs 10 ~cll \0 U~. T he ope ning or
Eurupe. men t of' thi~ i ndu~trj wuuld provide fore ign I'n arkets LO al! U.S. electron-
Whitt 'ihllulJ be done "u that work- an cxce llenl t.: hallce fo r our Il:Itiull to ics-related in J u.s trie~ must be ~lccom ­
er1:t cn n e njoy their fair share or the recapt u re pan of the clectronic .. mar-
pan ied 10 the tu ne of sa l e~:
cconornil:' benefi t\. accruing from Ihe ~et it Im\ lo'i!. Ho\\,.c\,t:r. our nation
>t< ~ale' th:1I will co ntr ibu te ~ t rung l y
c' rm\o th uf the telec ummunica ti ons h a~ nOt given HDTV the p riorit y il
to reducing ou r trade deficit and
~ld ll~try,!
The ..,;ol u tio n " threefol d : deserve:.. M eanwh ile. Jilpan ilnd Eu-
'" 'i~il es that mea n more job:-. fo r
II the \ urge of import:, 1ll11:-.t he rope have gotlt:n off to a hcad ';I<trt.
America n workc::rs.
curhcd by hri ng. ing rec iprocity tu which coul d I~ad to fo reign dom inil -
Olhcrwbc . the United S tales must
tnuit' in tclecomm u l1ication~ prod- lion 01" II,,· HDTV indu"ry . II" all of re . . . trict at.:ces~ III its market until ~L1c h
uch: 2) U.S . co rporalions !llllSt de lll - thc high tcdmo logy a:-.:-.ociatcu wi lh time as oth er cou ntries are willing l u
011<;lr:lle more loya ll ) to the U.S. I (DTV were 10 he domimil cd hy o th-
open their InMke t ~ in a mean i ng ful
economy il nd to U.S. wor~ers: and 3) er~. our ililtion co uld lose morc oj" i t ~
way. How man y bad expe riences
the U.S . govc rn men l mu~1 change il~ man ufact uring capabil it y and ilS J11u:-. t the Un ited S t ate~ have before
internationa l trade policy to reflec t ma rke t.., whik: further comp rombing deci di ng 10 do something abou t it?
the world as it i~. Give n current con- the telecol11 l11 unicat io n~ un d ~ u per-


IBEW Mourns Retired International Representatives

T hc IB EW announ e, with deep

regrel and sorrow the pas,ing of
retired International Re presenta-
di>lli t un til hi> retirement on March
31. 1976.
Frank enjoyed gardening and
tive Frank W. Adams on Mar h 25. home dccorating. Very active in
Brothc r Adams was born on Ja nu- civic aff"i r ~, hc belonged to the
a ry I . 19 13. in Woodson, Virgin ia, Marsha l Lodge No. 39 and Th oma~
mid ini tiated inl O LOClI I80, No rfolk, .I. Traylor Lodge No . 0348, Ma-
Virgin ia . on Fcbruary 26. 1942. sons; the colti sh Ri le; the Kazim
Fran k wa rein itiated illto Local Templc. Roa noke and Lynchburg
1340, Newport cw,. Virginia, S hrinc r.; and thc Retreads Motor-
where he crvcd a. busine ma n- cycle lub international. He served
ager. fi nancial 'c rctary, prc~ide nt a, a dea On at the Ri vermont Av-
and a member of the Executive e nue Baptist hurch and was chair-
Board. man of its Finance Commillce.
On April I. 19 I, Brother Ada m, H e i, survived by his wire, Myr-
was appoinlcd an Int ernat ional tle: nc on. Frank Jr.: one daugh-
Represenlative and as iencd 10 lhe ter. Shelby Jcan: and onc stcpson,
Fourlh Dislrict. A, an Intermiliona l Noel Simp,on. The entire Broth-
Rcpresentat ive, he worked o n nu- erhood extcnds its condolences to
me rous organizing campaign, a nd hi. family a nd rriends upon this
serviced the locals thro ughout the sorrowful occasion . f~

W it h . ympat hy and regl'cl Ihe

Brothc rhood ~nnounces Ihe
pa;,sing of re tired Inte rnational
o n Ihe Democratic Committce. Fol-
lowing his appointment as I nter-
national Represenlative on March
Representa live Haruld A. Bakeron 15, 1963, he was as igned to the
March 23. Eleventh Distri I staIT, "here he
Born on July 28, 1911. in De ,erviecd the locals and ,killfully
Moine. Iowa. Brother Bake r was performed hi" duties [0 Ihe I BEW.
initialed inlo Local 347. Des Moines , One of his mo,1 sali~fying Hccom-
on 0 tobe r 6. 1933. H arold was plbhmcnls was the establishment
appointed hu s incs~ manager-finan- of reciprocit y of hcalth-in,urance
cial secretary. se rving fr In 0 to- benefils throughOllt the Eleventh
be r 1952 to Marc h 15, 1963. During District. He retircd from the staIT
thi s time he ncgot imed one of Ih e in 1976 and received a 50-year mem-
first hea lth ·in 'Uf<lIlce plans in Ihe be rs hi p pin in 1983 .
nal ion for construct ion workers. He In hi s leisure lime Haro ld enjoyed
"ervcd sevcral lerms as a me mber gardening a nd was a member of the
of Ihe xccutive Board and the Masons: he i~ su rvived b his wife.
Ncgotiation Comm ittee. Zoln. The I B EW ex tends it;, sincere
Brothe r Bakcr \Va, prc 'idem of 'ympathy 10 Brother Baker' s fami ly
Ihe Des Moines Building and Con- and friend s.
'Iruction Trades Council and servcd

46 IDE\\' JO R"ALIJ UNE 19')()

EWBA Death Claims Approved fo r Payment in Ma rch 1990
local Silrlllmi
'OU' SlIr-nimt
Ml Ollfll,,," Sur..me Amount ..... AM llnl SWIII188 Amownl
1 ..,.~,. Wl 1.400 00 Pe"s (3) Galldla, J. "- 1.400 00 Pens 157) atAef, A. J 2400 00 Peos (160) ' - . 0 1 400 00
3 BI"'. E. C 2,401J 00 Pens (31 Hayes, D. F 140000 Pens {57) Moon. G. E. 2'00 00 Pens (164) Rosslip. R G ~ 400 00
3 _ . M. A. 2.'00 00 Pens (3) Jull.no, M, A 2'00 00 Pens (57) SIC!WeII. R. H 140000 Pens (165) _ . R. E. 2 .00 00
3 leavy. A 2.400 00 Pen, (3) [Jw I 2 4no 00 Pen~ (~) OeYUleJ ?'II'I no PIf!":O; (175) ClII,e W R
11 HIIIRf, A. W. _ (1751 _ ? ' 11'111'1
2.'00 00 Pens (3) Magid. M. 2.00 00 Pens '58) ..... S.I 2,400 00 ... . W.L 2.00 00
26 Rlan!!', J R. 2.400 00 Pens (31 . ..... 1 G. 140000 Pens 158) S - ' E. B. 2.400 00 _ (1751 WOf1ty Jr., W C. 2400 00
38 - ' G. 2.400 00 PIns (31 _ .... 1 E. 2 .00 00 Pens 159) Ned, H. L 2.400 00 .... 1 2<0000
51 c.... IE. 2,400 00 Pens (3) Hy;ny. I A. 2400 00 Pens (Iili) 8 _. G F. 2.400 00 -Pens (In)
59 MeI_V. C. 2.400 00 Pens (3) _ .1 2 400 00 Pens (66) ..... RT 2.400 00 _ (183) Coot.L 2.400 00
13 Posey. C. V 2.400 00
M~ty. F. L 2,400 00 Pens 131 SdIwIrtz . ., 2400 00 !'tos (661 Miller. L A. 2.400 00 Pens (184) Hale f 8 2.40000
71 """"""". O. R. 2.'00 00 P'ns (3) SWeoun A. 2.00 00 Pens 168) RIdrr. R L 2400 00 Pens (202) 8Gpnjus. H L
71 _ . A. 2.'00 00
2.400 00 Pens (3) V _. P. 2 '00 00 Pens 168) Ro.s.C H. 2.<00 00 _ 12111 _ . ... G
110 8e""t A. 41661 -(3)
_ (5)
V_ CW 2'00 00 PeM 170) Cooper, r 1.400 00 ","S )213) O. ... E. M . 2.400 00
liD ""., I E. 2.'00 00 FIoIlpo. R. C. 2400 00 Pens (76) Kram, W H. 2 '00 00 -(213) ....... . l 2.'0000
12' Ganeo. W P 2 400 00 ","s (6) IkItIE J. •. 2.400 00 Pens (16) . ll 2'00 00 Pens (211) lei! U 2.'00 00
DlIesi•• O. I.
. . . ., I. T
2.00 00
1'00 00
","s (6)
Pen> (6)
tasoieggio. L
1.'00 00
1400 00
(11) ..... I. W
177) m""".1 P
2.'00 00
? 400 00
Pens 1229) H.""".
Pens (130) PeIrr. R
Cl 2.'00 00
134 &Iym.nllk. E. 1 400 00 Pens (6) Don. C. , 2.400 00 Pens an PeIrr. H I. 1 400 00 Pens (245) ellrd, A. L
I< • M. J .
2.<00 00
Pen. (6)
Pens (6)
1IoIImgft, C. G.
O'ConIlDf ok • M
1.400 00
(17) S""". , . E.
(191 Too* L D.
1'00 00
2400 00
Pens (245) hIT. CR H
2.400 00
Pens 1157) 2.40000
- ' F. V
MIllis C.
1400 00 Pens (6)
Pens (7)
Willlebauer, T T 2.400 00 Pens (80) CIon..,.. W. C. 2400 00 Pens 1158) foJ .... C. H. 1'<00 00
2.' 00 00 c...II",. R. R. 2.400 00 Peo. (82) Femer. P. M. 2 400 00 Pens 1263) CrNeal. A 0 2.'00 00
193 CasUn, Il T 1400 00 Pens (8) Bodell, V C 2.'00 00 Pens (86) wmart,F G 2400 00 Pens 1m) KJrthlm. J W. 1.400 00
292 Kimm, D J. 2,400 00 P,ns (8) IUnin;tOl. F. H. 1.400 00 P,ns (981 EMIs. I. H 2 400 00 Pens (270) Col, W A
292 Leonard, S. C, 2,400 00 2.'00 00
Pens (81 Weslew, R. f . 2,400 00 Pens (981 hOef, M. 2 400 00 P,ns (270) Day. C. L 2.'00 00
302 O'Brlen. J. S. 1.400 00 P,ns (9) BIs~ I. B. 2.400 00 POI. (98) Srnilh, G O. 2 400 00
CaIt$Oh, .... l.
Pen:> (278) Co<m"~. c, W. 1.400 00
343 1,01ili Iili Pens (9) Sam, ~ I. 2.'0000 Pen. (101) Ridmond. H. 1 400 00 Pens (278) Mllbtan, G. f
34. 2.400 00
tJVlgne. R. J. 1 400 00 Pens (10) WlIdeseli. J R. 2.'00 00 Pens (' 03) CaIn, W J. 2. 400 00 Pen. (280) 2.•00 00
353 Hiln. H L 2,400 00 KJo"'iy. I H.
Pens (1 1) liliiii. O. 1.200.00 Pens (103) Goldel!. L R, 1 400 00 Pens (280) lenervdle, J E. 2'00 00
319 1Iugi1... I W. 2 . 00 00 Pens (1 1) BrootoYtr. C L 2•• 00 00 P,.. (103) Travm, J W 2. 400 00 Pens 1292) Olnitlmn, f E. 240000
'2' Sdllosse,. "- 1.400 00 Pen. (1 1) Elzel, D. H. 2.'0000 Pen. (104) H.,;y, I. P. 2 400 00 Pens (292) Rustar.!. R. E.. 2.'0000
429 Funte. E M 2,400 00 Pens III) Gilrnore, R. S 2.'0000 Pens P05) lItlIm. iI., 1,' 00 00 Pens (294) Patnode. T J.
4., Farrell. V. 8. 2 400 00
2.400 00 P,n. (II) Goldsmith, C. J. 2.• 00 00 Pens (108) Wat1on1, L R 2,400 00 Pen. (295) Sloll Jr .• W. J 2 400 00
449 0.... O. R, 2.400 00 Pens (11) Hoke, N. II, 1.400 00 Puns (109) Collier, O. V. BOO 00 Pens 1302) Bell, E. D. 2 400 00
'66 Petry N., B. E. 2.400 00 Pen. (111 Mellot, ~ P. 1.40000 Pons 1110) Thompson. ~. R. 1.40000 Pens (302) Mosena. P. G.
.79 ....,,,. t 240000
Junge. D. H. 1,400 00 Pens (I II 2.400 00 Pons 111 1) Cris-wetl. K. W. 2.• 00 00 Pens (303) GOtIlalel. E. 2 400 00
'80 Pringle, R. B. 2,'0000 Pens (II) Renner. W. P. 1 '00 00 Pens 1113) PhIllips, R C 1400 00 Pens (304) Bartlett, l R 2 400 00
'81 RWI. G • . 2,'00 00 Pens (II) Sd"order. A. l. 2.40000 Pllns 016) Senton, W. l. 2.400 00 Pens (3D4) Oegnff, l. I 2 400 00
463 Swwon, H. 2,'00 00 Pens (11) finke. C. 1.40000 Pl!ns p 17) 5(:hnhi , R. S. 2.'00 00 Pen. (304 ) Harley, P. f . 2.400 00
494 Verg ~ll, G, G. .. .. 2.400.00 Pens (IB) Adana Jr .. O. W. 2.400 00 Pens (121) Mmitt, R. H. 2.400 00 Pons 1305) Meyer. W. K 1. 400 00
495 lombardo , J. l. 2.400 00 Pens (IB) Benton, C, A. 2,40000 Pens (124) Srown , J, ft. 2.400 00 P'ns (306) WitchB)'. F. W. 2, 400 00
501 Sbepl". I. S, 1.400 00 Pens (18) 8ewsher, N. f. 2.'0000 Pens (124) Cannon, H J 2.400 00 Pens (309) AIlams, W P. 800 00
501 Smhh k .. H, F, 2.400 00 Pens (18) Jelen. E. M. 1.600 00 Pens (124) Faley. W. F. 1.400 00 Pens (310) 8arn", K. F.
586 SimpSOQ, A. H
2 400 00
2. 400 00 Pen. (18) Pro5cfl. F A 2400 00 Pens (124) Gragg, L 8 2.400 00 Pens (313) Tieder Sf.. R. T. 2.400 00
641 GIIII~ A. Z. 1.'0000 Pens (18) l'lomu. A. A. 2400 00 Pens (124) Keltll. It. F 2.400 00 Pens (317) Gam, B. L 2400 00
676 PugO. U 2.400 00 Pens (18) Wltwn. J R. 1400 00 Pens (125) DeIiINY. V. A. 2.400 00 P,ns 1317) ~ • . I. t 2.400 00
116 WaH A. J I .00 no P,ns (18) 1_.1. 2 400 00 Pen! (125) "'11. T. , 2.400 00 Pens (313) RuhllTlin, N. E. 2.400 00
760 _ , PRo 1.'00 00 P",s (22) erapo, C, C. 1.400 00 Pens (115) Smilil. C. R. 2.400 00 Pens (331) Co..... I O. 2.<00 00
173 Mw ghan, C. T. 2.'00 00 Pens (24) DIIMinitOl , R l . 2 '00 00 Pens (125) Stitzel , F C. 2.'00 00 Pens (332) Cordi. C E 1.400 00
816 Ov,oty, I , O. 2.400.00 Pens 124) FIItI'IiII, H. R. 2 400 00 Pens (125) W". W. C. 2.400 00 Pens )332) Dawes. R L 2.400 00
898 CooIsry. G. 0 2,400 00 Pens (26) eo.. L W. 2400 00 Pe", (126) 81b6ef11mer. H J. 2.400 00 Pens 1331) Emr. R. I 240000
903 Iynt V. G. 1.400.00 I'1Ins (26) ..IIItJc:e .k.. l S. 2400 00 Pens (1lti) 1OI'Jft, k. ... l.4UO UO t'ens t~iJll wemr. l A. 2.400 00
915 W. • C E. 2,.00 00 Pens (31) tim, M l 2 400 00 Pen> (126)
1381 Dliry. O. I 1.400.00 Pens (32) RidellOll". C. A.. 2.40000 Pens -.
(126) PiI... l. B ~ 2.400 00
2400 00
Pens 1333)
Pens )340)
lmiII. F. C.
a.- H E
2.<00 00
2.400 00
1547 Alden. O. 0 2.400 00 Pens (32) Stllmllaugb, W R. 2.400 00 Pens (126) 1M". C W. 2400 00 Pens 1340) Joaon. E. R. 2.400 00
1638 n"l'I6otI. O. O. 1.400 00 Pens (34) ,..,.". H 2400 00 rcns (1301 Btoson. w s. 1 '00 00 Pens (343) leCIal/!:. R 0 2.'00 00
10 (3) " _. 1. 1. 1.400 00 Pens (35) WIG. S I 2400 00 Pens (130) ~. lr . 2.•00 00 Pens (343) O'Neil, E. E. 2.'00 00
10 (304) /IaymoId, .. G. 240000 Peo, (41) MISGI. A. 2.<00 00 Pens (134) _ . O J 2.400 00 Pens (343) RItftItr. I. J 2.400 00
) 0 (316) L.Ikn1ert. fl C. 240000 ","s (41) ScIiu9II«. l C. 2.400 00 Pens (134) _.G. L 2 .•00 00 Pens 1344) lldb"1 , P R. 2.400 00
I 0 (' 94) 2 400 00 _144) I..nmell, J. A. 1400 00 _ (134)
' ....... W p _ P. I. 1.400 00 -(347) 1oll1l. O. L 240000
Pens (I) ~"' . W. C. 2 400 00 Pens (45) _ . O. L 2.400 00 Pens (134) CIn. O. G. 2400 00 Pens (349) 8Isi1aI, l U 2400 00
_(I) _ , W F. 2.400 00 Pen. (45) CoHiIIs M H 2.-400 00 Pens (134) CuIo. W W 2.400 00 _ (349) ar-. S I 2 <00 00
Pen, (11 _ , I. 2.400 00 Pen. (45) _ _ • R. W. 2'00 00 Pens (1341 IIJrrusdl. R L 2 .00 00 Pen' (349) MarU.
__ 8 .W . E. 2 400 OIl
Pen. (I) Sod". I. ~. . 2.400 00 Pen. (46) _ . CH. 1.400 00 Pens 1134) _ . I R. 2 400 00 Pen. (351) 2 400 00
Pens (I ) S1roetktt. A. H. 2.400 00

Pens (46J _ . WR. 2.400 00 Pens (134) lruddeI. l F. 2400 00 ~n$ 13.:.3) D1mh~r. " D, l.40000
Pen. (I) Weber. F. E. 2.400 00 Pen. (.6) _ '. 0. 1. 2400 00 Pens (1341 _ - ' I. P. 2 '00 00 Pens (353) fill9rn~ . I. l 2 400 00
Pens (2)
","s (2)
0..".,. R
1.' 00 00
. W C. 2.'00 00
Pens (46)
Pens (48)
Tlytor. /II. /II
AI. C. l
2400 00
2.00 00
(134, _
(134) McHale. J. T.
. W. J 2.400 00
2.400 00
Pens (3S3)
Pens (353)
Reid. A J.
2400 00
2 .00 00
Pens (3) "_.t 2.400 00 Pt:'I~ (48) Rdi:ltd. A. W 2400 00 Pen! (1341 MI11mln,D 2,400 00 rc", (353) WM, R I. 2 400 00
Pens (3) Byme. D. J 450 00 Pens (51) Pel",. C. M. 2400 00 Pens (t341 MII1tI. A. 1,'00 00 Pens (353) Wood , W 1. 2400 00
Pen. (3) CoII.gI11n. M. T. 1.400.00 Pens (52) Coupa:r. J. 2'<00 00 P1:ns (13AJ PodI. O H 1,'00 00 Pens (354) 'MtIU, R. f. 2,'00 00

Pen, (3) l:llOOgIG. J Pens (52) Lowe, R. H,
P'n, (3)
Pens (3)
Collen. t. M,
Conoo-i. W M 2.400 00
2.'00 00
2.400 00 Pe",
FtnlOI, H
2.00 00
2 400 00
(134) Rtuter. M. A.
035) 8me,. F. E.
113G) AdkiItS, G. C
2.400 00
2.400 00
8urel, H B
Fee)". J ~
2 400 00
2.400 00
Thompsoo. A. 2.400 00
Pens (3) town. i. G. 2.'00 00 P"" (56) StNer, C M 2 ' 00 00 Pens (1 41 , KnegtJ. C H 2.400 00 Pens. (3581 COflllOlly, 0 J. 2.'00 00
P,n, (3) 2.400 00 Pens (51) ArdIel. D. G. 2.400 00 1'110$ (145) l"os1on, l. R. 2.400 00 Pens (363) Conklill, A. G. 2,'00 00
Pens (3) Emkro. A. I. 1.400 00 Pens (57) CIMI.... l P. 2, 400 00 P,ns (146) O'Brien, R. r. 2.400 00 Pens (363) RithanlS .... B 1.'0000
Pens (3) Eng.', I . R. 2.'00.00 P,ns 151) Hm en. M. E. 2,4110110 Pens ll-49) Mllter. E. L 2.40000 Pens (364) Schudetmele, G F. 2.400 00
Pen. (3) f8 mlndu , M, .. . 1.<00.00 Pons 157) HBrris. A. V. 2, 400 00 Pens (158) ChameskJ, E G. 2.'0000 p,", (365) Watson, W. W. 2.'0000
IlI E\\' J OURNA LlJ NE )99(1 47
lotll Sumlml Amounl L.", Sumilm, "mount loclt SII,",m. Amounl loul Sum,me Amounl

Pens. (369) fIIl1l. N. A. 2.400 00 Pens (611) AlKIre". J. A. 2.400 00 Pens (903) ~I"'. R. E. 2.400.00 Pens . (10 ) Erickson, ft W. 2.400 00
p, ",. (3C9) LoIvne-,ef, W. H. 2.4 00 00 Pen!. (Ii " ) l"I~n , o. 2 400 00 "'os 1903) Flsaclefiy. 8. C.
2.400.00 Pt:I I:' I' 0 ) Ewing, J, J. 2. 400.00
P",s. (369) McCrain. J. B... 2.400 00 Pens (613) Crocktr. J. H. 2 400 00 "'ns (914) Catterall, W. 2. 400.00 "'ns (10 ) Fabian , J. 1.200 .00
Pens. (369) Smitn, l. 8. 2.400 00 Pens (623) Bumgamer. V. 2.400 00 "'ns (9 1~) Shellltid. C. L.
2. 400 00 Pens (' 0 ) File. J. L 2.400.00
p",s . (369) Wt!ltrmorr. J. L 2.400 00 Pens (633) """". J. 2 400 00 "'ns 1917) Blddlt. W. H. 2.400 .00 Pens (I 0 ) fi1zJarrtct. 1 J 2.40000
Pens (391) Peak, J E 2.400 00 Pens (640) Nmt. C. J. 2 400 00 Pens (932) Bilsel, H. •. 2. 40000 Pens (10 ) Ftnt. E. S. 2 . ~00 00
Pens (4 13) Sd,.'1. J. M. 2400 00 Pens (640) Morten, v J. 2,400 00 Pens 1932) Ooojltl. C. J. 2.400 00 Pens (' 0) fII ••"",. M. 2. 400.00
Pens (425) Noe. O. 2.400 00 Pens (640) 1'I1i1. K. J. 60000 Pens (941) Kell!y, W l 2.400 00 Pens (I. O) m.ze. P. l. 2.400.00
Pens (426) Reid, J. D. 2.400 00 Pens (643) Williams, C. E, 2, 400 00 Pens (953) OInie/s. H. l. 2.400 00 Pens (1.0 ) O~r. E. l . 1.40000
Pens (428) lewis, C. T. 2.400 00 Pens !650~ Jonu. A. T. 2.40000 Pens (953) Sdr<~ . H C. 1.400 00 Pens (1 .0 ) Hall, G. H 2.400 00
Pens (430) W,irzInrj~. C. 2.400 00 Pens 655 Nuclols, R A. 2.40000 Pens. (966) McJ(et. H. S. 1.400 00 Pens (1. 0 I Hartms. J. H. 2.400 00
Pens (438) Smrlll. J. 2.400 00 Pens (6~9) ParI". t D. 2.40000 Pens (970) WiHiams. R. J. 2.40000 Pens (I 0 ) "' ...., . C l. 1.40000
Pens (441 ) _.FE. 2 400 00 Pens (663) - . ~P. 2.40000 Pens (99~) Picone, lot V 2.400 00 Pens (I.O ) "'rill.... G. t 2.400 00
Pens (441 ) ~. ~F. 2.400 00 Pens (WI) Eldtr, It 0 2.400 00 Pens (1001 ) llR11IIt'. ~ O.
2.400 00 Pens II 0) Hillbs, C J. 2.400 00
Pens (441) IIuiI$On ... ., L 2.400 00 Ptt1!:1 (668) Good",. F. a. 2.400 00 Pens (114 1) ~IWI , fI A. 2.400 00 Pens (1. 0 ) HltDmbntnd, k. 2.400 00
"'os (456) Miller. J. 2.400 00 Pens (673) Hannum, W. H 2.400 00 Pens (1151 ) Tomlin, J. H. 2.400 00 Pens (rO ) _ . l. D. 1.200.00
Pens (465) Granzow. w. E. 2.400 00 Pens (676) Frttmlll. O. D. 2 400 00 Pens ( 206) Peterman, C. f 2.400 00 Pens (1.0 ) .lamison, D. N ~ . 400 00
Pens (465) lulu. A. F. 2400 00 Pens (683) L1Sloft, 0 L 2.400 00 Pens (124S) (mIDI!. G. G. 2.400 00 Pens (10 ) JoIm$Qn. C E 2.400.00
Pens (477) ....... G. O. 2 400 00 Pens (669) Blld'lItIn, ~ . It 2.40000 Pens (1245) M:hi', H. F 2.400 00 ""OS (I 0 ) it". P. K. 2. 400 00
Pens. (461 ) AIIto. P. W. 2400 00 Pens (101) FIjM. E. G. 2.40000 Pens (1249) M<Me. S. F. 2.400 00 Pens (l0 ) _ . R. t 2.40000
Pens (462) ..IcNItsaI. H. W 2.400 00 Pens (702) IbtrP Jr.• P. 2. 400 00 Pens (12~) by",. J 2.400 00 Pens (1. 0 ) letntr$. ~ R 1.200 00
Pens (463) _ . G. E. 1.400 00 Pens {712} Fallen, J. W, 2.400.00 Pens (12~3) S","",. M A. 2.400 00 Pens (r O) l!'dl. W. t 2.400 00
Pens (494 ) ~eSr.. R. c. 2.40000 Pens (714) Bar1Z. H. 2.400 00 Pens (1316) 1Iona~ . P. R. 2.400 00 Pens (I 0 ) M.~"rd. t 0 2.400 00
Pens (494) Wo. A. F. 2.400 00 Pens (716) Jeter, P. l.. 2.400.00 Pens (13 17) Holloway. L F. 2.400 00 Pens (1. 0 ) Maybcny. M. 2.400 00
Pens (49~) Ken,..,. C. L 2.400 00 Pens (716)
00. t F. 2,400 00 Pens 11339) W_gIon. R. J. 2.400 00 Pens (I. 0 ) M..,... M F 2.400 00
Pens 1499} F_. O. 1.400 00 Pens (716)
MrrnI. F. L 1.400 00 Pens (1341) udd. W t 1.400 00 Pens (1. 0 ) M<.IJII.... H. J. 2.400 00
(~1) MOTiI. R. J.
(501) PIo..... W
2,400 00 Pens (716)
WiIIaI'l"lS. G..
PeIIS (724) "'1Ii.rtr. R. P.
1.400 00 Pens {1366} 1iI_.
Pens (1362) _ . F. M.
R. L 2.400 00 Pens
(I O ) Md;OIllIm, C. E. 2.400 00
(1.0 ) Md(1!ImI, J A.-
1.400 00 2.400 00 2.400 00 2. 400 00
Pens (~I ) T"'I. t C. 2.400 00 Pens (728) Curti. D. C. 2.400 00 Pens 11393) Indlty. R. V 2.400 00 Pens IIO } MeR R. t 2.400 00
Pens (~1) V _. F. 2.' 00 00 Pens (743) Mill. F. 2.400 00 Pens (1393) 0.""". 0 L 2.400 00 Pens (I O ) M,IOt. R L 2.400 00
Pens 1~20) MtN31t, J .... 2.400 00 Pens (746) _. ~J. 2.400 00 Pens (1393) Dam. R ! 2.400 00 Pens (1.0 ) MilwU ~ S. 2.400 00
Pen> (,20) Suunlil. G. W. 1.400 00 Pens (756) lyle, r. ol. 2.40000 Pens (l3!l3) M_II. 1. R. 2.400 00 Pens (I 0) M""" . R. C. 2.40000
Pens (527) _ . C R. 2.400 00 Pens (760) _ . W. R. 2.400 00 Pens (1491 ) "'''''. C. O. 2.400 00 Pens (l 0 ) _ . F G 2.400 00
Pens ( ~31) _ I, V. L 2.400 00 Pens (76(1) _ .... C. F. 2.400 00 Pens (I~I ) lmiI. W. L 2.400 00 Pens (' 0 ) Mme. W. S. 2.400 00
(032) 1:ImIe_ L B. 2.40000 Pens (760) PII•• R. t.
(~) U 1IIrIIy>ro. T. t. 2.400 00
(~~) _ L W. 2.40000
Pens (76(1) $Te-.
Pens (760) WallOl,R 0
O. J.
2.400 00
2400 00
Pens { 1 ~23} _. J C
Pens (1523) Wi.... H. C.
Pens (1~79) CIIII. C. 8.
2.400 00
2.400 00
(1 0 ) _
(l0 ) _
. G. 8
.J H
(' 0 ) N...... R. C
2 400 00
? 400 00
Pens {558} 1InIa:s, l J 2.40000 Pens (763) _ . LL 2,400 00 Pens (1662) _ . L L 2.400 00 Pens 11.0 ) N"",H;. ~ L 2.400 00
Pens (~66) LnII. ~ N. 2.400 00 Pens 1766) t:.nm11lVl, R J. 2.400 00 Pens (1 766) Pill. G. 2.400 00 "'ns II 0 ) HIIYOd!. J. C. 2.400 00
Pens {558} V _. C. t 2.400.00 Pens (769) a"",nt. S H. 2.400 00 Pens (1911 ) Ho""""". R 8 2.400 00 Pens (I 0 ) OI.... n R. 2.400 00
Pens 1561) u_J L 2.400 00 ..... { Iti~} JolIet, A. Jl 2.400 00 Pens ( 19~) Blot. J• •• 2. 400 00 Pens (IO ) I'1rirI.G. M. 1.400 00
Pens Pens (773) Pens (1966) EJIedte. N. P (I 0 ) l'isoo!. U
(Slil ) W.... W
(566) _ . F'
. 2,.110000
2.400 00 Pens (776) -.w.~S.
2.400 00
2.400 00 Pens (2056) 0viIy. t C.
2.400 00
Pens (1.0 ) PIIrI. F. G.
2.400 00
2. 400 00
Pens (Sli9) ......n . R.~ 2.400 00 Pens (776) MdloooQl. J. J 80000 Pens (22~) SmA. C. L 2.400 00 Pens (1 0 ) _ . C. L 2.40000
Pens 1569) GtaI, G. H 2.400 00 Pens (806) Cil. J. r. 2.400 00 Pens (2281 ) Tmet, •• H 2,400 00 Pens (I 0 I PNlautt, L O. 2.400 00
Pens (Sli9) H.nts. C. 2.400 00 Pens (817) Wilson, D. R. 2.400 00 Pens (229~) _ . R. W 2.400 00 Pens II 0 I Renshm. 8. G. 2.400 00
Pens (5691 une, J. E. 2.400 00 Pens (626) _ . D. G. 1.400 00 Pens (I 0 I Andet1Oll. H. W. 2.400 00 Pens (I 0 ) RI~ ... C a. 2.400 00
Pens (569) NelsOl.. C. H 2400 00 Pens {628} T",,". R l. 2.400 00 Pens (I 0) Bailey. J W 2 400 00 Pens (I O ) Robartl. M. V. 2.400 00
Caumer. c. W.
(570) ~ G. D.
(573) 1Inney. K. W
(5m oalloo. J. R.
(~82) I'IrW. F. L
2.400 00
2.400 00
2.400 00
(64\ )
0el0III. F. J.
SIOpJes, C. R.
M<CIwy. J. C.
2 400 00
2 400 00
2400 00
2400 00
Pens (IO) a_w F
Pens ('0) _Sr.
Peno!; (I n I hrbaw. R
1400 00
2 400 00
2400 00
Pens (10) ....... R H 2.400 00
(I 0 ) s.o.no. L D. 2.400 00
(10 ) _
(I 0 ) SmiUr. P G.
(I O ) Sloat. H. I
. W. 2.400 00
2.400 00
2.400 00
Pens (564) zm. J. J. 2.400 00 Pens (646) EftatllS. C S 2 400 00 Pens (10) _. ~F . 2400 00 Pens (10 ) S"","V. L 2.400 00
Pens (!XSb) f-edOst]m, P. 2.400 00 Pens (846) _ g. C. H. 2 400 00 Pens (10) ""'. w. ~ 2.400 00 Pens (I O) T""*'!. ~ J. 2.400 00
Pens (~92 ) _ . R. L 2.400 00 Pens (649) 1Jptoo. O. G. 2 . 00 00 Pens (I 0) CIIy. N. P. 2.400 00 Pens (I 0) , _ Jr.. W. 2.400 00
(592 ) _ . ~
( ~93) !Ji<boo. O.
2400 00
2.400 00
_n. J. ~
2 400 00
2 400 00
Pens (I 0) Condon. M. M.
Pens (I O) _ . J.
2 400 00
2.400 00
(I O) • .,.. S. ~
(IO) W....... ~
2.400 00
2.400 00
Pens (~95) ApI • • t. L 2 400 00 Pens (eGg) umm_. L A. 2.400 00 Pelb (10) Cct.1rn. W. R. 2 400 00 Pens (I 0) w*. E. C. 2.400 00
Pens (~95) _Ide<. C H. 2 400 00 Pens (Bn) VID. H. H. 2 . 00 00 Pens (I O) Dar. P. H 240000 Pens (I 0 ) W_. E. ! 2.400 00
Pens (~95) oom,. ~ J. 2 400 00 Pens (67~) lpn, A E. 2.400 00 Pens (I O ) 1lorogiIu. P. H. 2400 00 Pens (l0) _ . I . J. 2.400 00
Pens (595} W~jltS. It H. 2.400 00 Pens (669) W...... F. M. 2 400 00 Pens (' O ) EI'l . O. L 2 400 00 Pens (I 0) W..... R. T. 2.400 00
"""' (OO?) $mill 0 2 400 00 Pens (8941 j 000. 0 ~ 2,400 00 Pens (I 0 ) 10,,0'10\ M. C. 2.400 00 Total Amounl ... . .... $1 .333.133.33


... Io,nallonal
.,olh.,hooll Number admitted to pension las( month 453 394
of EI.ct,lcal
Work.,. Total number on pension 86,566 47 .313
Pension and Tota( pension payments last month S 4,957,829.47 $ 15,240 ,924.46
Dealh •• neflt
Pay• • nt Total penSion payments las( 12 months $ 58,967,496.86 $ 170,007,740.77
Reporl Death benefits paid last month 77,38791 $ 1.331,333.33
March 1990 Death benefits paid last 12 months


IBEW Journal Non· Profir Org.
11 2S- 15th Stree t , N.W.
Washin glOn . D.C. 20005
Address Correction Requested Depew, N.Y,
Permit No. 25

~;;';~~~~;.~~.~a,:. :'~9\l~:. deG rec ftl'lgle.

S[lCt:(tmg :llon g l ik e RUOldrunncr- hlp .. kecp your wrists straight. With thc
~w m gi ng
and ,Irm'i pumping dnd fec i ha re l} rnOl1on coming from the ~houldcr. not the
sklnlmmg the ground A raccwal kcf, by &o,h : .Iml elbo....·• pump your arms rhyt hm ically with
he 1:1!11.linly llioJ lonk fu n ny (j u ~t a.;; Jnggc rs C.Hl\Cll )'our!egmotion Wh e n youpunlpb~Io... }ou l
onlookcl'.. to l:lUgh I ~ yea r') ago) WoJ lking "n ' , nu::rel} hand .. hou ld come ;IOOU I 6 Inchcs behind Inc
locomOlio n, but an dCIIVi l ), w i th :>~\cr.:ll potential v,Iri.i- 11IP: \00 hllc ol'llhc sWing forwa rd the wnM shLluld
lions , Including wal king fit the O lympic leve l In 19R1 lhe be ncar thc ccnter of you r c hc ~t Kecp your
h :m(htlb{)~'c your h,I"I' The vlgtlrou":lrm PUI11!'"
world record for:1 mile wal k was l'.ct by A mcric&n R'I} S hilrp:
five mmutes, 46 ~ccond~. II ta kes the average Iltr~O n :lhoul mJ;ctJunlerb,Ilancc!> ylill r Icg/hiP nwlll) " , illl(lw$
th ree times a~ long to walk 3 mite . for tI (ll11ck pace and (HOVldc\i!l g(I()(] wor kouI for
Though you may nOI expect to sct an Olympic record. I':lccw:l l~i ng YOll l' uPI'C r hod y
offers 11I3ny benefi1s 10 the walker who's gOllen lOW GOoo !;hapc and Get Into _ Swing
" rcady for iI challenge . Racewlllkm,g can burn ilS many calorie~ per Since technique IS import ant III mcc\\.!llklng. ~Oll will need practice
h(lUr as ru nning. bul 'Jo'ith muc h kss risk of InJul) . II's not an txpcn .. i\ e the re'" an c:\pencllccu race .... ulk er around .... hi.leun glvc yOU pointe"," ,
sport AII }QU reall) need. bestdes dothing that sui t ~ Ihc .... c:lther. I~ MI llllu:. h the hetter. Star1 WI th leg rno' cmcnl fi'~(. bu ild up ~me :.pecd
an adequale pai r of ~ hocs (see 00.\) . II 's fun !() r.lccwalk alo ne or ,md then IIIcorpural(' the arm molllln ~. $1.,,(," hal a J.ITcrcncc 11 md ~ e~
wl l h a f rre nd. cQmpcllll\cI) . .If JU SI for comp;l ny, A nd II compamon hI h,l\oe ~Ilil l lim" In the propcrl}().(Jcjl.ree.angJe [lQ~1I10n Inst ead ~f
ca n be \'cry useful for c hcd:mg ~'our poSlIlrc <An d form for you t",,,.,.".,"),ollr !-lJc!. YOllrjl;ICC ~ hou ldqll lckcn allillmllllcall~ Ii~ )vO
.... hcn )'ou're Icarn ing In r.u:e ..... fll k IOUlIe },(lll r 3rm:-. , Start slv .... ,y. walkm~fur:'!1J1lI 3n mmule,;!n\!
The "'Ru"'ing Chicken" Galt inc reasing yo ur ptlce gr;uIlIOlll y _ Try IfIlcrVl11 wa lL.lng_l h,u I,.
The objeci of Nlccwalki lll:i is. to move )'our ho dy ahC;ld race ..... alk f.)r" fl!w nHml tc~, I hcn d. , nUTlm11 bmk walkinS Ir
as quickly as posll,iblc Iwilhollt you' re cl)nccrned :Ibollt .l:clIl ng aCIII IllC bCTlcfih . pau ..c Ill"'
run n ing) and 10 avoid Ihc up! , casionally 10 chcclo. ),.) l.I r heart .....Ie
down motions I)f n:glll.lr w;llk· Avoiding Iniury
ing. ThaI's the pOlOt of Ihc l{ace .... aI I.;JIl~ tS nut tiS hllrd ("'the bo«ir as runnln~ , hut
forv.anJ·lhnlsllng h lp-~wi\c1. ),otlr "'hm muscles b'C( much the 'lime kind of\l,orh)tll •
.... hICh I~ mCo.Int to propel lOU ;lIld mcr..1 IqInmng ntce~lll ~el) e1(pC'ne~ )\)(II( ,hm
mon: efficIently than the ,,(lre~ TomlDlmlle Ihl'i. try Ihese o:ercl'>Ci "'lCkl._ '1n:
IlOIllkd side·to·Mde !>.... mg of /8) I To bUild up the mll\{'!e~ in the ,hln~, .... alk baclo.
Ikrc·.. h"' .... IO .. t<u1; i ,IIIJ forth acm~sa fi)Ofl1l1ll your hech
• 11l1nk flf racewalkrng a.. 2. In u .lI1mg PO'>1II011 m ~l a n(h ng tbalnnced 011
W;tJk Hl~ ,I tight rope. In , unc foon . rotate YOllr la, ~c d fni.lt doc kwlS<: and
nflmul w:.lkllll;. your (c~t coun len::lixk .... lse In tlrge Clrclc~ ~e""" r:lll l mc~
make parallel tl'3cks, but ",Q'~IIIA' This WOI k'> shm ,lnd cal f mll..clc~
in rxewalkl ot; ,)'OIJ mu~I >. For hip f1e:l;lbl il l), .... alL.:1 ~Ir:ll];hl h~ . pmt;·
10 put one (001 down in (ronl of the othcr. tl(lllghlp movement . L,aggcr"o.I lc Ihe mO~Clnent
m " strtught Ime Ikc.ausc o f anatomICal hywd l kl nscri~~c-loo.,u\'cr lhe Illlac;m,U)' line
ddTcrcnces IhlS (onn may OOt be completely ~ Warm up and ~trelch t-.efon: mc:c .... ;II~ lI1g . c{lol
achievable for evcl)'ooC'. om «m1Cas d<»e 10 It
as rouc;ln
I .k,w,,,,.d,,,,,,' afterwM,h

S.... 'nil youthl p fOIW:lrd as you step forv.anJ_ II·, Sole M_.
the hlp;l\ and I cS~ thaI act a~ t he: proPUI<;lI'C force. If you alrcad)' have running ~ h\)C,> tOI ;'I II} pair of
• Keep ynUi fcct clo~c ICI thc. ground. wlI h no wlI~Icd wldking shoes you like}, YOII Ctln try rnccw;llklng In
mol ion . Each rool ~ h(Juld !!otnkc Ihc grolilld " Ilidly them ond see how ~·ou do. Ideally. yOlIrt':l.. ew"I ~lnll
0/'1 the back orth~ hc.eI ..... llh t o.:~ pomted up ,'ight 1)1 "hoe should h!i"c the qualillcs mdkatcd belo.... ;
I , •:lIlequal eo cushJoll1ng to ;Ibsorb repealed ~OOch:

, ..
• a f1exlhle, roond.edged sole 10 accommodate the

soleof runoing ~hoes:

a low h.lc:k t:lb (0 reduce prc~"\Jrc on heel
1endon!> and a reinforce,] hcel counter: